Friday, November 20, 2009

Brainless Vixens And Promiscuous Ill-Educated Gold Diggers

Arianna and Brady are together in the pub. Arianna has a fit when she finds out Brady has posted Nicole's bail, "Did you tell Sami about this? Don't you think she ought to know you have helped the one person who has destroyed her life?" Brady finds himself in a familiar situation — clueless. Arianna fills him in, "Nicole switched the babies. Grace was Mia's and Sydney is Sami and EJ's."

Nicole strolls at the pier and remembers her intense discussion with Sami, "I can't leave without you Sydney." In pops Chad.

Roman, Caroline, Rafe and Sami are all at Sami's apartment with the kids. Will arrives and we have a screaming, yelling, cacophonous family moment. Laughter abounds. They all party like it's 1999, which it might as well be for all the movement we get in this show.


Stefano defends himself, "If I hadn't done those things, you would have run to that Brady bitch — you still love her."

EJ hyperventilates, "It's my life. You can't do this. I love you, but you can't do this."


Phillip and Melanie suck face. Melanie, who started it, calls it off. Phillip wants to know how she really feels about him. He moves back in.


Nathan finds Stephanie at the nurses' station. He says he has a personal favor to ask.

Back at the DiMera mansion...


Brady just can't believe the news about the switcheroo. Arianna takes him through the scenario step-by-step. He insists she is wrong. She tells him Rafe and Sami are celebrating right now. Brady has a rare moment of consciousness and finally gets it, "OMG, what have I done?" Whatever it was, it didn't involve his brain.

Chad thinks Nicole is gloating over the DNA results. He asks where Sydney is. Nicole stares.

Will realizes Sydney is his sister. It's just amazing how the kid can put two and two together. He zones and then hugs Sami. They remember Grace. "We'll always love Grace," says Sami, "but now we have our beautiful Sydney. It's kind of like getting a new dog when Fido dies."

Caroline thanks Rafe for bringing Sydney back to them, "In this economy, I need all the babysitting money I can get."

Roman takes Sami aside and tells her the hit man accused EJ. Sami can't believe it, "Come on. EJ didn't have anything to do with trying to kill Rafe."

Roman says, "I wouldn't be so sure about that."

EJ DiMera - Proof that the term "Criminal Lawyer" is redundant.

Back at the DiMera mansion...


Kate rushes in and stops EJ. EJ backs off but continues to rant. Meanwhile, Stefano's new hobby is breathing. Ross Perot was wrong. That sucking sound you hear is Stefano reacquainting himself with oxygen.

Phillip wants to know why Melanie slapped him. Melanie rants about the fact that she is attracted to him, "I'm screwed up."

Well, stop the presses, who'd a thought that!

"The only person more screwed up than me is you," says Melanie. Phillip moves in and things settle down. Melanie backs him off and asks him to leave her alone. She runs out. Phillip stares. He shakes his head, "Looks like it's going to be a Triple N*."

*NNN — No Nookie Night.

Nathan asks Stephanie to give blood. She agrees and Nathan bustles off. Stephanie watches him leave and nearly swoons. Is it the thought of giving blood or the view...

Rafe and Sami are so happy to have all the kids they send Johnny and Allie packing to the next room. Will worries about Mia.

Mia walks in on Chad and Nicole, "Why are you here, Nicole? Why are you out of jail?"

Nicole says, "Because I know the biggest idiot in town and his name is Brady Black."

Chad is out of the loop, "I'm sorry... jail?"

"Yeah," says Mia, "You know... a place they put criminals."

Mia says she's been looking for Chad to tell him the whole sordid story, "Nicole lied to me. She lied to everyone."

Brady wonders how he let Nicole pull one over on him. The irony is, you have to have a mind to figure out how someone put something over on a mindless person. He asks Arianna how long she has known. Arianna says she has known for a while. Brady is upset she never told him.

EJ tells Kate Stefano destroys everything he touches. He turns to Stefano, "You are dead to me."



Stefano tells Kate he remembers the last time those words were spoken, "I said them to Anthony and to my eternal regret they became a reality."

Brady and Arianna argue. Arianna reminds Brady he kept the secret about Nicole's miscarriage. Brady explodes, "Yes, and then she stole my sister's baby. I could have saved Sami from all that grief."

Mia fills Chad in, "Nicole lied to me and then I lied to you."

Chad gets a bit sarcastic, "YOU? LIED? No way. About what?"

"There was never any other guy than you," says Mia, "We wanted you to think you weren't the father of my baby." Chad doesn't get it. Mia tells him Sydney isn't their girl and that's why his DNA didn't match, "Nicole switched babies. Our baby is dead. Our little girl, Grace... she's in heaven now. Where there is no DOOL."

Sami says she hopes Mia finds comfort in the fact that she was able to know her baby. She wants Will to tell Mia thanks for the gift of Grace. Will tells her he and Mia aren't exactly on speaking terms.

EJ pounds down a drink. He says he understands why Tony disowned Stefano, "You are the reason Samantha didn't want her child living in this house. You caused it all. How does that make you feel? Proud?"

Stefano thinks EJ should take responsibility for his mistakes. EJ says he will reconcile those issues if it's the last thing he does.

Out in the audience, a Lumi fan stands up and shouts, "Let's hope it is!"

From the other side of the room a Safe fan yells, "You go, girl!"

Brady and Arianna sit at a table. Brady reconstructs the events of the night at the clinic.

Arianna tries to comfort him, "You were (say it with her) there for her."

"She begged me to let her tell EJ about losing the baby," says Brady, "But that never happened because she wanted to keep EJ, and she convinced me to keep the truth from her husband and now I find out it wasn't the truth at all."

Rafe thinks this Thanksgiving won't be the same as last year, "I won't have to endure any safehouse whining." Sami punches him in the gut. We all have happy Thanksgiving thoughts.

EJ announces, "I'm leaving... immediately. I can find my own home and family absent you."

Stefano asks, "Can you find your own money?" EJ leaves. Kate consoles Stefano.

Sami anticipates the happiest Thanksgiving ever. Nicole stands outside her door.

Arianna thinks Brady is blaming himself and her for the crazy things Nicole has done, "You wouldn't have done those things if you still didn't love her." Arianna's phone rings. Brady explodes and leaves. Arianna picks up. She tells Troy to give her five minutes and she will be there.

Victor sits at a table in the Java Café. He calls Brady and leaves a gruff message. Phillip finds him. Victor says he thinks Phillip looks a little flushed, "Who is it this time? Stephanie... Melanie... someone new?" Phillip decides to look for another table. Victor asks if he's closed the Gatson deal.


"Too busy trying to bed Melanie," asks Victor, "I mean, why should you date a woman with class when there are brainless vixens out there trying to get to you?" Phillip defends Melanie. "You will eventually drop her like a bad habit," growls Victor.

Melanie shows up at the hospital and tells Maxine she's there to see if she can help with the bus situation.

"No," says Maxine, "You really can't help. They already had the accident."

"Do you know where Dr. Horton is?"

"In the waiting room." Melanie heads for the waiting room. Maxine smirks.

Stephanie and Nathan share that ugly stuff you get after giving blood. In some places it resembles coffee and donuts. Suddenly, Stephanie gets flushed.

Unfortunately, the toilet can't take it and spits her back up.

Stephanie decides she needs a little air. I can't imagine why. Her dead brain cells certainly don't need to be fed. She stands up and immediately crashes down in a heap on top of Nathan. Of course, Melanie walks in.

Nicole stands outside Sami's door and gives herself a pep talk, "Just go in there. Sydney needs to know her mommy will always (say it with her) be there for her. I will always love her."

Inside, Sami says she hopes Will can make things right with Mia. Will says he will try. Sami's glad he is a forgiving person. She rants about how she will never forgive Nicole. Hugs. Will frees himself, hugs the rest of the clan, opens the door and leaves. Nicole lurks.

Stephanie and Nathan straighten up. Nathan tells Melanie Stephanie just gave blood and that's why she's weak. He asks Melanie to keep an eye on her and leaves. Stephanie tells her how she hurt her ankle.

Phillip thinks he can't win with Victor, You mock any woman I have ever liked."

"Well," grunts Victor, "If you ever run into one that isn't a promiscuous ill-educated gold digger let me know."

"What's wrong with promiscuous," asks Phillip, "I think you just don't like Melanie. You want me to end up a bitter old man — just like you." Vivian sits across the room.

Kate and Stefano play chess. She assures him EJ will come around, "Let me remind you I've been disowned by my children so many times I can't count them."

"Even I can count my children," says Stefano.

Kate says she realizes Stefano is devoted to his family. He thanks her for her support.

Chad and Mia stand at Grace's grave. Chad scratches out "Brady," scratches out "DiMera" and scratches in "Peterson-Woods."

"I think she's going to need a new headstone with more room," says Mia.
She says she is soooo sorry Chad never got to know their little girl. Hugs.

Arianna texts, "Nicole is out of jail. She would do anything to keep Sydney, so be careful."

Everyone leaves Sami's place. To Sami's great relief, Roman takes Johnny and Allie. During all the goodbyes, we pan in to Sami's buzzing phone. Rafe and Sami go back inside. Rafe works on getting the baby to say "Mommie."

The baby babbles, "Ma-ma." Sydney says it too.

Nicole stands outside. Just as she starts in, Brady grabs her, "How did I know I'd find you here?"

Melanie rambles about the date with Nathan that didn't happen. Stephanie says, "So, how are things otherwise. The last time I talked to you, you were conflicted."

"Oh, no," says Melanie, "I'm on track now. Nathan is the only guy for me."

Victor lectures and mocks, "Poor Phillip. He has a father who's only goal in life is to make him miserable. No wonder he's such an insolent little bastard and a colossal screw up." Phillip explodes and leaves.

Vivian replaces him, "Is this seat taken?"

Troy and Arianna do a drug deal at the Cheatin' Heart. "We have to talk," says Troy, "I don't like your attitude. Brushing me off won't fly. We've got a new boss now and he wants you to be productive."

"I will be."

"You damn well better." Troy leaves. Arianna gets up to go, but bumps into EJ on her way out.

Sami and Rafe watch Sydney sleep.

Brady asks Nicole what she is doing there. Nicole says she just wants to see her baby one more time. "Forget it," says Brady, "You're not going to see her or Sami. You're coming with me." He yanks her.

"Where are you taking me?" They zoom off.

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Anonymous Berg said...

You know in all that drama I forgot Nicole had the envelope with the 50k in her purse. Thank goodness Prevuze was able to capture that on film.

How is EJ going to live on his own? Don't tell me he is banking on his profit from drug sales.

I wonder if Philip was talking to his artificial hand when he said it was a Triple N night.

And we have to sit through yet another retell of the baby swap story. How many times are we going to have to listen to a storyline that not only jumped the shark but also was just so horribly written with such a HUGE buildup and for what?

I saw another person commented there is another Hernandez character coming. If this is the case, are they hiring all the Passions actors to come back as Hernandez's? You would think one of them could at least act. Seriously, Salem could lose the three it had right now without even skipping a beep or a blimp on ratings.

Oh - and when is Lucas coming back? Is the actor on permanent hiatus? Oh Lumi fans settle down. It wasn't a slam on Lucas or Bryan D. I would take Lucas over Rafe anyday so there. Neener, Neener.

Happy Friday everyone - we made it through another week.

Validation word Shizedd. I nearly shizedd my pants when another Hernandez character was revealed.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicole go away !
Go find a shrink, you are a crazzzzyyy ladyyyyyyy !!!

Rafe stop playing the daddy : YOU ARE NOT THEIR FATHER.
Ej and Lucas should be at this family party : they are the family Rafe is not !! Stop this bullshit.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"Don't you think she ought to know you have helped the one person who has destroyed her life?"

The only person who has destroyed Sami’s life is Sami.

"OMG, what have I done?" Whatever it was, it didn't involve his brain.

In Salem, brainlessness is an ongoing epidemic.

It's kind of like getting a new dog when Fido dies."

Prevuze is sent to a neutral corner for hitting below the belt.

EJ DiMera - Proof that the term "Criminal Lawyer" is redundant.

Sad but true - sigh.

Will worries about Mia.

Thank goodness someone in the Brady Bunch plus Rafe spares a thought for poor little Mia.

Brady is upset she never told him.

Get used to it Brady. The Hernandez family motto is Secrets R Us.

She wants Will to tell Mia thanks for the gift of Grace.

Sami shouldn’t be sending a messenger. She’s the one that ought to be thanking and comforting Mia. For gosh sakes, Mia was Sami’s free babysitting service. Sami owes the kid some face-to-face time.

Sami anticipates the happiest Thanksgiving ever. Nicole stands outside her door.

Hopefully Sami has changed the locks and has found a new place to hide the extra key.

"I mean, why should you date a woman with class when there are brainless vixens out there trying to get to you?"

You’ve got to hand it to Victor. He is certainly a perceptive and extremely accurate old coot.

Suddenly, Stephanie gets flushed.

Unfortunately, the toilet can't take it and spits her back up.


Well at least we know that Windows 95 is better than Vista! TGIF and TGFP!!!!!!

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephanie is a whore at heart. did we forget Jeremy,Uncle Max, the race car circuit, the way she has thrown herself at Philip time after time? Now she is so pure and holy,and needs medical attention the phyciatric kind.
Brady has a ackiles heel its Nicole. She has had him wrapped forever.No wonder Chloe never had a chance. (not that I like the bland character of Chloe)Rafe and the rest Berg I totally agree they could sail away with Shawn and Belle and never be missed.
E.J. has been searching for his balls for months and has finally found thm thank God of tptb. Move out!!!! Get a life. Be a MAN!!!

5:40 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Loved the first picture - folks certainly get emoutional about their sports teams don't they? LOL

Two other great prevuisms:

They all party like it's 1999, which it might as well be for all the movement we get in this show.

"In this economy, I need all the babysitting money I can get.

I agree with almost everything Victor says, but none more than this:
Victor, "I mean, why should you date a woman with class when there are brainless vixens out there trying to get to you?"

We’ve all said it – why is Philip chasing Melanie? The writers haven't given that character a thing that would make her attractive to a mature man (except being an easy lay). Of course, Philip hasn't been acting much like a 30+ year-old ex-Marine, educated corporate executive either.

Poor Stefano, another parent disowned. The folks in Salem need to form a DFMA (Disowned Family Members Anonymous). "Hi. I'm (Stefano, Kate, Victor, Philip, Brady...etc) and I've been disowned by my (daughter, son, father, mother...). You get the idea.

And I can't wait for the recap of next Tuesday's show. Vivian and Victor. OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY

This entire blog needs to have a warning label: Caution...The following contains hilarious snark. Oh, I guess it kinda, already does. Thanks you snarky Prevuze, you.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Scootch over, Payla. I have a feeling it won't be long before Nathan joins you in the rainforest.

Victor sits at a table in the Java Cafe. Once again I ask why? I'd be sitting in my cozy mansion having my servant serve me the best Kona in the most expensive gold rimmed china cup. Or if he wants to get out, a guy like Vic would go to the exclusive club, sit in the leather chairs and sip the finest brandy with a cigar. The Java just seems an odd place for him to hang.

I wonder how long Chad will be so unforgiving of Mia? Probably by the next episode he'll be back to his old screaming self.

LOL over Chad scratches out "Brady," scratches out "DiMera" and scratches in "Peterson-Woods." and Ross Perot was wrong. That sucking sound you hear is Stefano reacquainting himself with oxygen. HAHAHAHA

Prevuze you did it again! Excellent recap and pictures. Thanks and happy weekend everyone! :D

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So EJ is going to be his own man...I would be excited except the DOOL writers will probably turn this into "stumbly trying to do good EJ failing at every turn to redeem himself and beating himself up about it" round two. At this point, I would prefer that EJ turn out to be 10 times more vile without Stefano's influence than with it. Would be hilarious if it turns out the old man was reigning in EJ's evil crazy.

Also, I apologize for thinking Rafe was the dumbest man in Salem. Brady is clearly the true dumbest man in Salem.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not so sure it's the end of EJ and Nicole... EJ wants Sydney as bad as Nicole does, and then again so does Sami. I think we will see EJ, Nicole and Stefano partner together on this.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

I don't understand why anyone wouldn't think Phil would want Melanie especially after Chloe, Belle and Stephanie.

She's fun, she's feisty, she's sassy and she calls him on his crap.

5:36 PM  

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