Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Burn In Hell

EJ is on the phone at the DiMera mansion ordering his peeps to get him out of his predicament. He hangs up and asks the cop, "Do you have any idea what you have done?"

Brady computes as he sits on the bed in Arianna's apartment. Arianna brings him refreshments. Brady finds "prudzo" or some such Greek key word in the mess of data he's sifting through, "This file is about shipments. It means my grandfather is bringing drugs into Salem."

"But your grandfather owns a shipping company," says Arianna, "He could be shipping anything. How do you know it's drugs and not ball bearings?"

"Aren't you supposed to be downstairs waiting tables?"

Stephanie is in Maggie's kitchen planning hospital fundraising stuff. Nathan is there to pick up the rest of his "stuff." He leaves for the hospital. Once he's gone, Stephanie tells Maggie she just admires him so, "But I Hope he doesn't get hurt."

"Why would you say that," asks Maggie. Enquiring minds want to know. So do prying minds attached to the town busybody.

Melanie shows up at Phillip's place having a hissy fit, "You have to stop now!"

The cop tells EJ he's just following orders. EJ starts to leave, but finds Roman at the door. He tells him he's headed to see Sami and get his daughter back. "No," says Roman, "You're not going anywhere."

"Neither is this episode, so far," says EJ.

Nicole is sooooo happy to see Mia. She asks if she has talked to Sami or EJ. Mia shakes her head. Nicole pounces on that and starts in on her, "We could lose our little girl forever."

"She's already lost," whines Mia.

"No," says Nicole, "But you have to do exactly as I say, OK?"

Roman gets a call. He gets hot cop info and hangs up. Then he tells EJ the hit man has changed his story, "He said Stefano didn't hire him. You did."

"That's rubbish," says EJ, "I'm not hiring in this economy."

Nicole tells Mia Sami has her baby but they can get her back. Mia stammers, "My baby... is dead. I will never get to see her again because of you."

Melanie says she wants no more attention from Phillip. Phillip reminds her she could have said that on the phone, "Why do you think you came over here?"

Victor is at the pub. Caroline joins him. We find out she's had the flu and Victor has sent flowers every day. Unfortunately, the doctors found out Caroline didn't actually have the flu, but it was a severe allergy to flowers and she nearly died. She asks about Stefano marrying Kate. Victor says, "Caroline, there has only been one woman for me in my whole life. I've always wondered what happened to her — Boob-Boom LaRue. Man, could she swing those tassels"

The DA and Abe have joined Roman at the DiMera mansion.

Mia wonders how long Nicole was going to try to hide the big secret, "Sami knows Sydney is her baby."

Nicole refuses to give up, "We can still get Sydney back."

"She belongs with Sami," blubbers Mia, "She always has. And Grace is dead because of you." Nicole defends herself. Mia throws a fit. She fires a final volley at Nicole, "You're disgusting!" Mia turns to leave.

Nicole stops her, "Sami didn't want EJ's baby. So I didn't break our promise. I gave Grace to Sami. How was I supposed to know Sami would let Grace die."

Mia asks, "Are you blaming her for Grace's death?"

Brady is angry after finding out Victor is involved in the drug trade. He chucks the computer. When you have all that Kiriakis money, new MacBook Pros with all the bells a whistles are a dime a dozen. For the rest of us, they're two months salary. Brady rants about Victor's drug involvement. Arianna tells him the file is old and the info says the drug business has been sold. Brady is skeptical, "How do you know that?"

"Right here," says Arianna, "Where it says, 'I sold the drug business and no longer have anything to do with it.'"

Brady thinks this means someone else must be dealing drugs in Salem. If Brady were any sharper he'd be a billiard ball.

Caroline tells Victor OMB was the only man in her life. She says she cares for Victor but can't overlook his line of work, "So I Hope you can understand and move on."

Stephanie bobs and weaves. Maggie thinks Melanie likes Phillip more than Nathan. That perks up the ole Stepharoo. She bubbles and starts to go. As she gets up, she stumbles, nearly falls and catches herself on the table.

DUMB-DA-DUMB-DUMB! No doubt the cancer in her leg has already metastasized and it's only a matter of time.

But wait! Stephanie says it's just a broken heel! She's such a brave girl. Facing this terrible life-threatening disease and not wanting to worry other people.

Outside, Stephanie leans against the door and hyperventilates. Then she runs.

Phillip tells Melanie he knows she wants him in her life as much as he wants her. Melanie denies it, "I want you out of my life because I'm with Nathan now."

"Sure you are," sneers Phillip. Of course, Melanie's attention span is so short she may turn around before she gets to the end of the sidewalk and come back in and haul him upstairs for Internet Thrills Part Deux.

Nicole backtracks and says she didn't mean to say Sami caused Grace's death. She wants Mia to know she did everything she did for Grace and in the end no one could save her. Mia explodes, "What kind of monster are you?"

Melanie creeps up on Nathan at the hospital. She says she came to see him and tells him about Phillip's messages. Nathan says he overheard one of them. She wonders why he didn't say anything. He says he figured if she wanted him to know she would tell him and It's up to her to decide between him and Phillip.

Brady comes back and finds Victor at the mansion. He says he's figured out Victor is part of the drug operation.

The DA, Abe and Roman gang up on EJ. EJ gets a bit arrogant and DA Woods threatens to have him cuffed and hauled downtown. Abe steps in and tells them they should remember why they are there. Actually, everyone wonders why Abe is there. Woods says the police need answers. EJ accuses Roman of building a case against him so Sami will get custody of Sydney. Roman threatens to arrest him.

Mia reminisces about Grace, with a whole lot of whining thrown in. She says she never really understood why Sydney didn't mean so much to her, but now she gets it. She turns on the whine-afterburners, "Just last week you had me lying and telling people I was a total slut so we could fool Chad. You knew the whole time the father was EJ. The lies just kept on coming — to hell with what people thought about me. I threw my life away because I thought it was the right thing for my baby. I lost Will and my self respect for your lies. I hate myself for this and I hate you!"

Victor tells Brady his theories are idiotic. Brady tells him he knows he's sold the drug territory. He says he found out by going through Victor's computer files. Victor disses Arianna. Brady accuses him of trying to ruin Arianna's life and says he's out for himself. He storms out. Victor snorts.

Mia nukes, "You are nothing but a cold heartless bitch and I Hope you're in this cell for the rest of your life. I'm unfriending you on FaceBook! "

"Maybe you'll get your wish," says Nicole, "But while you're celebrating why not do a reality check. You got yourself pregnant in the back seat of a car and I was the one who supported you. You didn't even want to hold your baby. Then I gave you money to run off to Japan and start a new life. You abdicated all responsibility for your baby when you ran away. So when you're looking to blame someone, why don't you look in the mirror? And if you unfriend me, not only will I unfriend you, but I'll also unfollow you on Twitter."

"I've been thinking about a lot of 'us things,'" says Melanie, "I'm torn." Nathan decides to look on the bright side because she's being honest. He thinks that can tip the scales in his favor, "I'll fight for you. Any day." Melanie moves in and smooches him. Poor disease riddled Stephanie watches the PDA.

Maggie finds Phillip at the Java Café and asks if he's seen Mia. Phillip hasn't but Maggie can't resist the chance to dig. She sits and talks about Melanie. She says she's seen a change in her and tells him Melanie is in a good place with Nathan, "I'd appreciate it if you'd butt out." Hmmm... strange that Maggie even understands the concept of butting out.

Maggie gets a call. She signals to Phillip that she has to go off and take it, "Mickey! I'm so glad you called. How are things in Pago Pago?"

The DA leaves the standoff at the DiMera mansion. EJ fires a parting shot, "Give my best to Chad." He turns to Roman, "And when you come back, get a warrant."

"You bleeding hearts are all alike," moans Roman. He leaves.

Abe remains. EJ tells him this is ridiculous. He asks why he would take out a hit on Rafe and then risk his life to save him. A call interrupts his rant. EJ picks up and barks, "THANK YOU! ABOUT TIME." He hangs up, "That was Judge Rodriguez' office. There is a court order waiting for you at the police station, and I need to have a little chat with the hit man."


"Well," says EJ, "I am my own attorney and that means I am entitled to speak to the man who is accusing me."

"Then I have to accompany you," says Abe, "Man, Roman is right. You are one freaked out bleeding heart when it comes to things like your rights and all that garbage. Next thing you'll want a fair trial if we arrest you. By the way, are you planning to see Nicole when we're at the jail?"

"I certainly Hope not."

Nicole spins things in her direction. Mia isn't buying what Nicole is selling.

EJ and Abe come up to Mattaeo's cell. EJ wants a bit of a chat in confidence. With Abe there, of course. Mattaeo approaches. EJ puts an arm around him. EJ is a little too calm, "Why did you change your story?"

"I don't answer to you," says Mattaeo.

All too calm EJ whispers, "You are going to tell me."


EJ squishes Mattaeo's head up against the bars and holds him in a deathlock. Abe rushes in, "That man's a material witness and you know it. My God, EJ, what's the matter with you?"

EJ points a threatening finger at Abe, "You tell Roman Brady he's going to be sorry. His daughter, too." He stomps off.

Stephanie approaches Nathan and brings up the spring fling fundraiser they are working on. They exchange small talk and Stephanie turns to leave. But... she stumbles again. DUMB-DA-DUMB-DUMB! The cancer is spreading quicker than we thought! Nathan catches her.

Brady gets back to Arianna's apartment and tells her Victor denied everything, "I'm going to put out some feelers and find out who's behind the cartel." Arianna leaves to get coffee. Brady picks up his phone and discovers it has been turned off. He turns it on and sees a text message, "Nicole has been arrested?"

Nicole says she loved both Grace and Sydney, "I gave them life, so I know how you feel."

Mia retaliates, "So, you know how wrong you were." Nicole insists she didn't do anything wrong. She says she lost EJ's baby and now is losing Sydney. She insists she is Sydney's mother and worries she will never see her again.

"You are sick," wails Mia, "You don't feel guilty. You never stop thinking it's all about you, but it's all about Sydney and her mother and Grace and what you did to them. I take back what I said. For what you did... Burn in hell." Mia leaves.

Nicole shouts, "I'm taking you off my speed-dial, too."

Stephanie reclines in a hospital bed as Nathan binds her ankle. She says she thinks the world of him. She thinks he's terrific. Nathan says he didn't know she felt that way., "Maybe if I had, things would be different."

"Different how?"

"Like this..." Nathan moves in and shows her his bedside manner.

Stephanie pops out of her daydream as Nathan barks medical orders. She holds her shoe with its dangling heel. Holy cow! It really was a broken heel! Nathan asks if she feels all right.

Stephanie stammers, "Yes... no... Nathan, you're making a huge mistake."

Melanie is in Maggie's kitchen. There is a knock at the door. Melanie thinks it's Phillip following her and starts ranting. She opens the door to find... whomever the hell he is, "Hello m'lady... cherie... What in the world are you doing in a place like this?"

Melanie gasps, "Mark? I haven't seen you in a year or two. I have a new life now. I can't do the things I used to do."

"I came 4,000 miles to see you," says Mark in the most incredible fake Latino-French accent you will ever hear, "Do not try to say no to me."

EJ is on the phone with Stefano ranting about what Mattaeo did, "Waitasec... you did that. Didn't you? You did that to me. Damn you!" He hangs up.

Nicole broods in her cell, "OMG... I may never get out of here. And maybe that's what I deserve." Brady shows up. He extends his hands through the bars, "I'm here to help you." Their eyes meet. Their hands touch. Sobbing, sobbing, sobbing. Nicole sobs, too.

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Anonymous Berg said...

Speaking of sobbing, are you kidding me? What the....?? Since when did EJ get accused of putting out a hit on Rafe? I mean anyone in the audience would have right? Great story "twist" - not! Horrible writing strikes again. So Stefano sets up EJ (not sure why) to take the attempted murder rap so he will be unable to see his own child, while Sami seems to not care at all that she is keeping yet another child away from EJ. Funny...she didn't seem "unwilling" when she and EJ were rumpling the sheets back when they made Sydney.

Also when are you allowed to keep your cell phone in jail?

This is not boding well for EJ. Brady knows the drug cartel has been sold - makes you wonder did the writers purposely set EJ up to be bad so they could pimp more Safe? My brain hurts with all these twists that make no sense.

Can't wait for the continuing drama.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the big twist that James has been alluding to, for Stephano to set him up. Seems Stephano is cutting his own throat. As for sami not letting E.J. see his own child after he has raised her for all these many months is kinda sad,on her part, since she is the one who has had a child die in her care. jmo. To me she is no better than Nicole. She(sami) has no reason to do this,once again its the holier than thou sendrum of the Brady-Horton clan.

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think this is the big twist James was alluding to-I think that is still down the road. At least I hope that this isn't it!
I can't figure out why EJ thinks Sami is behind this. Though Nicole did seem to get him all worked up again on the pier-reminding him that Samanther was never going to tell him that she had his baby.
OY-will we EVER get to see them "rumple the sheets" again????
That is what I am waiting for!

5:44 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Phillip reminds her she could have said that on the phone, "Why do you think you came over here?"

Out in the audience Sue Bell turns to Mary Jo and groans, “To subject us to more of this inane drivel, that’s why. By the way, got any more of those barf bags?”

Actually, everyone wonders why Abe is there. ROFLMAO

And that leads to a big HUH?! moment:
EJ, "I am my own attorney and that means I am entitled to speak to the man who is accusing me."

"Then I have to accompany you," says Abe

Why in the WORLD would the Mayor have to accompany him?

And right into an EXCUSE ME?! Moment:
"I'm going to put out some feelers and find out who's behind the cartel."

The cops and an undercover Arianna have been working for months to uncover the Head Enchilada and Brady is just going to put out some feelers and flush out the Big Bad?

I LOL at Bulldog's picture of a henpecked Justin, loved the Mike Tyson mug shots, and wish I had some of Prevuze's inspirational posters for my wall.

I don't know what Nicole's bail is, but she should still have the $50K of Sami's that she stuffed in her purse.

I hope to heaven that Step-on-me's stumbles are just due to the broken heel and not to (a) a fatal disease or, God forbid, (b) a pregnancy. If the latter, just when Melanie & Philip decide to make a go if it....Dumb-da-dumb-dumb indeed.

Midway through the week! Hurray to Prevuze for getting me there.

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'm with Arianna on this one: This file is about shipments. It means my grandfather is bringing drugs into Salem." "But your grandfather owns a shipping company," says Arianna, "He could be shipping anything." Exactly! That makes no sense at all except with this - along with the point Applecheeks made about Brady and his "feelers" - they're trying to make him in to the smartest most super-duper investigator of all time. Puhleeze.

If Steponme has some disease that only Nathan or Dr. Feelgrope can cure just shoot me now! Or will I have to shoot my tv instead? It's a toss up. Anyway, Melanie can boil over with jealousy as Nathan and Phillip hover over her.

LOL at "No," says Roman, "You're not going anywhere." "Neither is this episode so far." and Caroline's severe allergies to flowers. HAHAHAHA

Thank you Prevuze for a needed break in a hectic day!

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"No," says Roman, "You're not going anywhere."

"Neither is this episode, so far," says EJ.

…so what else is new?

"She's already lost," whines Mia.

"No," says Nicole, "But you have to do exactly as I say, OK?"

If Mia buys into this one, she is one really stupid chick.

Melanie says she wants no more attention from Phillip.

Yeah right – until next time. Geez!

Outside, Stephanie leans against the door and hyperventilates. Then she runs.

In a shoe with a broken heel? Give me a pair of shoes with 3” heels, and I can’t even walk in them.

Mia explodes, "What kind of monster are you?"

This is Nicole that Mia is talking about so the answer to that question is varied and rather numerous. I think we can scratch cookie off the list and move right onto Medusa.

“I'm unfriending you on FaceBook!"

OMG – the cruelest cut!!!!!!

And if you unfriend me, not only will I unfriend you, but I'll also unfollow you on Twitter."

Back at her Nicole! LOL!!!!!!

Nicole shouts, "I'm taking you off my speed-dial, too."

Good heavens – say it isn’t so!!!!!!! I’m guessing that means that Mia gets a turn behind the wheel to drive the bus over Nicole.

Gracious Brady is one busy guy. First, he works with Arianna, the woman with whom he is in lust, attempting to out his grandfather. Nice job Brady. Has he forgotten that Arianna is an informant and she could get Gramps into a heap of trouble? It gets even better. Clueless Brady has arrived to rescue another damsel in distress, and we all know what happens next. After she is sprung from the hoosegow, Nicole will be swiping Sydney and heading for the hills. In this case, the hills are in Cleveland. Cleveland!! What the heck?! Nice job Brady part deux!! By the way, nice job Prevuze part whatever. I can’t count that high in French!

PS - Berg, I'm betting that EJ is rueing the day he stepped into that elevator with Nicole and the bottle of champagne. A little self-control would have spared us all this silliness.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

EJ is a bit paranoid about Sami trying to keep Grace away from him again, and about Roman helping her. I'm glad he finally figures out it's all Steffy's doing in the end. Boy, I'm not looking forward to seeing the IQ- challenged EJ again. I had enough of it during the baby-bump-switcheroo s/l.

I'm all for those Ejami sheet rumpling scenes! I wonder how soon it will be before that happens?

Brady is not only permanently IQ-challenged, but he seems to lust after every Salem bad girl type. A girl having and IQ or being able to hold a convesation is obviously not what's he looks for in his ideal woman. ie. Chloe, Nicole, Ari.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Berg said...

PS - Berg, I'm betting that EJ is rueing the day he stepped into that elevator with Nicole and the bottle of champagne. A little self-control would have spared us all this silliness. Amen Sister.

3:21 PM  

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