Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prevuze 101 - Italics

Prompted by a comment yesterday that suggested we insert the italics in our posts to alert people to the fact we are being sarcastic...

Just a point of clarification... The purpose of the italics in Prevuze is to point out what is being said or described did not really happen in the show. We're not trying to tell people when to chuckle or to highlight it as sarcasm. We found out early on if we did not differentiate our verbal meanderings from the actual show material people – intelligent people –
got very confused. While we got a really devious kick out of that, we added the italics to eliminate the confusion.

FYI, for years I have threatened to post an episode without italics, like it used to be back in the 'good ole days' when we started the blog. So this past April Fool's Day I decided to do it. I got the whole posting written - no italics. When I read through it to edit it... yuck! It was a mess. So I even added the italics back in that episode.

So we'll continue to insert the italics for clarification (But, don't worry, I'll continue to threaten to take them out just because I haven't given up the quest for that devious kick).

Have a great weekend, gang.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you do it backwards one day - write an episode in italics, with your comments normal? That'd be fun.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

It's always fun to get caught in the crossfire. Provided it's not real bullets.

People need to remember that this is fictional- the show that is -and they shouldn't get so up in arms when people malign their favorites and cherish their not-so-favorites.

I like Melanie, many people don't. I don't understand how people tolerate Bo and Hope, but whatever.

And it's not a good story if is not logical.

Disagree. If this show was logical and realistic, very few people would watch.

A bunch of average looking people, doing their jobs diligently, discussing their problems rationally and leaving crimes to a capable police force? Checking themselves into clinics when glaring mental defects rise to the surface?

No Thanks. I like to see rich people being naughty. (Stolen from Family Guy)

My 2cents.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've missed Saturday PREVUZE - even if today's is about Italics. Hopeless right!

5:10 PM  

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