Friday, June 13, 2008

The Opening Act Of A Freak Show

We pan in on that great institution of healing... The Mayo Clinic doctored up to look like Salem hospital. Inside, Daniel explains the procedure to Kate, "I'm gonna get something to help relax you."

Kate says, "I take two olives and just a whisper of vermouth."

Phillip is headed for the hospital but can't find his keys. He goes upstairs.

Henderson answers the door at the Kiriakis mansion. EJ is there to speak to Victor. Victor sees him and growls, "What are you doing here?"

EJ smiles, "Lovely to see you too."

Gramps grumps, "Kate's surgery is in a half an hour and I need to be there."

"Why in the world would you have to be there," asks EJ.

"Because," says Victor, "Hope and Maggie are busy and someone has to get in the way and meddle."

EJ wants to give Victor another chance at his expired offer.

Abe and Roman are in the sleazy part of town. Roman thinks Abe has been working pretty hard lately. "Work is the only thing keeping me sane," says Abe.

"Then I guess you haven't been working as hard as I thought," says Roman. Abe asks Roman about Marlena moving out as Chloe comes up. Roman rambles. Chloe eavesdrops.

Lucas reads the paper. Sami comes in from jogging. Sami thinks it would be a nice day for a picnic. Lucas says his only options are which stinkin' old movie to watch. Sami suggests taking his monitor off. Lucas doesn't bite. He insists he never took it off. Sami thinks he slipped out somehow last night. Lucas has a burr under his saddle, "What if I did?!"

Patch and Kayla discuss L'il Joe. Stephanie is on her way. Patch is worried about her. He wants to know what's up with Max.

Max broods while Stephanie sleeps. He remembers arguing with Robbins.

Kayla fills Patch in on the grant situation between Max and Nick. Patch asks, "So, what's got Max so tweaked"

"I can't imagine," says Kayla, "You'd think he'd be just fine since he's banging Stephanie like a screen door in a hurricane, but it's like he's living a double life. He's angry and has alienated his friends."

Max sneaks out of bed and gets dressed.

Chloe listens. Roman tells Abe he doesn't think Lucas would sneak out if he could. Roman gets a call from Eric and they go their separate ways.

Phillip joins Victor and EJ. Victor says they don't need him to stick around. Phillip leaves. EJ proposes they settle out of court. Victor rejects the deal. EJ insinuates Victor will be charged with fraud for allowing Nicole to take the heat when everyone thought he was dead. Victor snorts, "If you think you can blackmail me into settling, you're dead wrong. I prefer to be bribed."

Kate won't let Daniel operate because he's a family friend and Victor's godson, "It would be just wrong to have a surgeon who actually gives a damn about me." Daniel asks to speak to Kate alone. Chelsea protests, but leaves. Daniel says he knows what this is about.

EJ presses Victor to settle. He casually brings up Carley, Vivian and Kate, "Your family and business look like the opening act of a freak show. Do you want public disclosure of all your financial affairs? Do you want to lose half your estate?" He slaps the settlement on the desk. Nicole comes in and asks if Victor took the deal.

Lucas dodges Sami's questions about sneaking out, "All we do anymore is argue."

Sami asks, "And that is different than any other time we've been together... exactly how?" He thinks Sami should move out. Sami refuses. Then Lucas decides EJ should go. Chloe comes to the door and rings the bell. Lucas invites her in against Sami's best judgment. Hmmm... Sami's best judgment... there's an oxymoron. Chloe wants to speak to Lucas alone. Sami decides to go up to shower. She hesitates in the hall and tells Lucas she's looking for her sunglasses. He reminds her they're on top of her head. He closes the door and Sami sneaks up to listen. Lucas turns and drums the door as loud as possible. Deaf Sami squeals and runs off.

Daniel says he won't operate but Kate gets to explain what this is all about to Chelsea.

Out in the hall Daniel tells Chelsea about Kate's decision as Phillip comes up. They fill him in. Phillip goes in to talk sense into Kate. He'd have more luck stopping a locomotive with his bare hands.

Victor tears up the offer and throws it in the fireplace. It would have been more dramatic if there were a fire. "You could buy a small country with what you're asking," he growls. Nicole says Victor can afford it. Victor says she tried to kill him and doesn't deserve a red cent.

"I don't want red cents," says Nicole, "I want green dollars." She puts Plan B into action and asks Henderson to come in. Nicole orders six tents and food for 150. She tells Victor he's invited to the little shindig she's throwing.

Victor sends Henderson out. As Henderson leaves, Nicole tells him to be sure to order an ice sculpture in the form of Pookie. Victor offers to put Pookie on ice himself. Then he caves and decides to settle, "Just cut your offer in half." EJ rambles about his client's best interests, but Nicole cuts him off and takes the offer.

Stephanie wakes up and finds Love 'em and leave 'em Brady missing.

Patch and Kayla argue about whether or not to meddle in Stephanie's affairs as they wheel L'il Joe in. Patch asks to hold him.

Stephanie comes downstairs at the pub looking for Max. Pete says he hasn't seen him.

Max sneaks in a hallway and tries to open a door. He tiptoes off as the door opens and Robbins comes out. Max goes back and tries the door, but it's locked.

Stephanie calls Nick and asks about Max. Nick doesn't know where he is but agrees to meet her at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Max pulls the old credit card trick on the door, even though that hasn't worked since they came up with new latches. Oh... I don't know... in the eighties. Anyway, Max gets into Robbins' room.

Chloe wonders why Lucas would risk everything by going to the pier. Lucas lies and says he wasn't there. Chloe doesn't buy it.

Roman smooches Stephanie on the way into the pub and meets Sami. Roman informs her he is buying. Sami orders a diet meal, "It's been seven months since I had the twins and I'm barely getting my body back."

Roman gives her the once-over, "I think you got it back and then some."

She tells him Lucas gave her an ultimatum, "Either I have to move out or EJ does." Sami is hesitant about EJ leaving. She tells Roman she doesn't want EJ to leave, but if she told Lucas that he would freak out. Roman pops the big question, "Do you have feelings for EJ?"

EJ counsels Nicole to get more from the settlement. Nicole says she just wants this to be over and tells Victor she accepts. EJ says he will have the papers drawn up. He leaves. Victor accuses Nicole of having an ulterior motive, "I just hope EJ knows what he's getting into."

"I think you should have worded that differently," says Nicole.

The nurse tells Kate Dr. Stall will be operating. She kicks Phillip and the brat out.

Max rifles through Robbins things, tossing everything he touches, throwing things, smashing things, leaving fingerprints.

The nurse hands L'il Joe to Kayla. Stephanie comes up and watches as Patch and Kayla go ga-ga.

After about three seconds, Patch and Kayla have had enough. They hand L'il Joe back over to the nurses and go out to see Nick and Stephanie. Kayla remembers she forgot to thank someone for a gift so she leaves to do that. Nick asks about Max. Stephanie says his cell is off and she doesn't know where he is. Nick says he will go check the docks. Stephanie will check a few places, too. Patch wants her to tell him what's going on.

Victor joins the brat and Phillip. He asks Daniel why he is there and not in the operating room. Daniel tells him Kate is being obstinate. He offers to go into the operating room and check on her, "I'm sure just the aura of my presence in there will help."

Victor says to himself, "Kate, what the hell is going on with you?"

Sami says she shares a child with EJ. EJ and Nicole come in and Sami stops cold. Roman asks if EJ and Nicole being together bothers her. Sami eats her grapefruit and scowls.

EJ says he didn't think Nicole had a benevolent bone in her body. He suggests drinks to celebrate. Nicole notes that Sami is in the room and says she doesn't think his wife would approve. She offers a rain check and says she is sad this is ending. She says she has enjoyed getting to know EJ. Likewise. Hugs in spite of the fact Sami is watching. Nicole leaves.

Outside, she looks back in the window of the pub as Robbins comes up, "Nicole Walker! So nice to see you!"

"What are you doing here," asks Nicole.

Robbins strokes her cheek, "Your face is as beautiful as the day I met you. We have a lot of catching up to do. Come on Nicki, you know you could never say no to me."

Victor tells Phillip he agreed to a divorce settlement. He comes out of left field and apologizes for the things he said last night. He thinks Phillip is doing a good job and he has Victor's support.

Daniel comes out and announces Kate is doing well. He takes Chelsea aside and asks her to have dinner with him. Victor overhears and just makes it to the men's room before peeing his pants.

Chloe presses Lucas about being at the docks, "How else could you have known I was crying?"

Once again, Lucas proves his Happy Meal is missing a few pieces, "I didn't even know you were going to be there. It was a total coincidence that I saw you..."

"AHA! YOU WERE THERE!" Chloe actually feels kind of ashamed for performing the inhumane act of shooting fish in a barrel.

"You got me," says the doof, "Don't tell anyone."

"I won't have to," says Chloe, "With your level of mentality the twins could get it out of you without my help."

Lucas whines, "I was there because I'm going stir crazy. I needed to clear my head."

"That must be why you weren't gone very long," says Chloe.

Lucas tells her he found a way to take the monitor off. He says Sami suspects. He asks her to promise to keep quiet. "Don't ask me to do something you're incapable of," says Chloe.

Roman leaves as EJ joins Sami. He tells her about the settlement and the commission. He suggests they go celebrate, "That new Italian restaurant got five stars in the Chronicle."

Big deal," says Sami, "So did Whataburger." Sami thinks it would look bad if they went together. Sami tells him one of them has to move out, "It can't be me."

EJ does the math and figures that leaves him, "Why does anyone have to move out? Who died an put Lucas in charge? "

Max tosses things. He sees a photo and picks it up.

Robins brings Nicole back to his place. Max hears them coming in and hides.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Stephanie is on her way. Patch is worried about her. He wants to know what's up with Max.

After all the romping yesterday, I think we know the answer to that one.

"I can't imagine," says Kayla, "You'd think he'd be just fine since he's banging Stephanie like a screen door in a hurricane.”

Who says Prevuze doesn’t know romance?

Daniel says he knows what this is about.

Yeah, Kate doesn’t want him to take a peeky.

Lucas dodges Sami's questions about sneaking out, "All we do anymore is argue."

Sami asks, "And that is different than any other time we've been together... exactly how?"

All the faithful readers stand up and cheer for Prevuze’s brilliant insight. Hopefully, one of DOOL’s interns is also reading today’s blog and passes on this tidbit of information to TPTB.

“Come on Nicki, you know you could never say no to me."

Has she said “no” to anyone?

"You got me," says the doof, "Don't tell anyone."

"I won't have to," says Chloe, "With your level of mentality the twins could get it out of you without my help."

Lucas, do you know the meaning of the term “dumb as a box of rocks”?

Why does anyone have to move out of the mansion? From Jawn’s description, it is the size of the Sears Tower. All the enemy combatants could be sequestered in different wings of the Dimera digs and never see each other. How typically pompous of Lucas to demand EJ leave, and how equally typical of Sami to grovel and then pass Lucas’ demand on to EJ. Geez.

5:44 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I guess maybe I'm getting dense in my old age, but why doesn't Kate want Daniel to operate on her?

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Haydee said...

Wow prevuze I must say I am very happy with your prevuze previews. Thank you so much for putting that clip of Daniel asking Chelsea out. UR awesome!!!!

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the extras! I appreciate all you do here.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing this everyday and for the wonderful extras. This blog is my first must see of my morning.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Friday the thirteenth said...

cfish, in MY world Kate doesn't want the good Dr. Dan to operate on her because she's been waxing his surfboard, if ya know what I mean.

7:08 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Friday the thirteenth, EEEEEUUUUUWWWWW!!! That's an image I didn't need this early in the morning!!!

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Prevuze, Prevuze. Max doesn't have to worry about leaving 1,000 fingerprints in the professor's room because the Salem PD wouldn't know how to find prints much less know what to do with them if they did.

I don't get the Kate/Daniel thing either, cfish.

And I guess we're all stumped as to why Sami or anyone let's Lucas get his way. Why didn't she just say no and walk off? Other than yell and complain what's he gonna do about it??

LOL over Kayla asking Caroline to babysit 24/7 (it won't be long) and I had to get out my handy dictionary to look up Lucas' "condition". HAHAHAHA TGIP!

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, not liking the Chan clip for Prevuze II. LOL I need a warning first.

Anyway, but I do really like seeing Stephanie and Nick in the window. Oh how I would so get on board that pairing compared to Chan and Stax.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I guess maybe Kate is the "unavailable" woman Daniel has been "seeing" or whatever you want to call it....

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you consider all the other men Kate has been involved with--Stephano,Victor, Martino Vitali,John Black-- but it is Dr. Dan who creeps her out, then Chelsea better start listening to Granny Dearest!

I understand that many women in Kate's former profession develop a sixth sense about the "real freaks and wackadoos" of this world, and no doubt that is what Kate's finely tuned radar is picking up on.

Or as Celeste might express it, I see a tall, dark serial stalker and killer in your future,Cherie!


9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tripp3235 said...
Anyway, but I do really like seeing Stephanie and Nick in the window. Oh how I would so get on board that pairing compared to Chan and Stax.

Ya know, I kinda like them together, too. But what in the world would people call a Stephanie/Nick pairing? Stick??

12:28 PM  

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