Monday, June 23, 2008

Man Candy

Lucas has decided to fly the coop again. He works on removing his ankle monitor while Chloe plays the part of the peanut gallery and tells him to move things along because someone could walk in on them. I ask you, on what other show do you get gripping action like this?

He gets the job done and Sami walks in on them. St. Sami tells Lucas Chloe doesn't always act in the best interests of others.

Yvonne tells Phillip she couldn't break the encryption on the mind disc. She thinks the pattern matched brain waves. She gives the disc back to Phillip who pays her for her trouble. He wishes her a safe trip back to Hong Kong and she leaves. Phillip calls Marlena, "I have some information you might be interested in. It's about John."

Sami meddles. Chloe tells her what she and Lucas are up to is none of her business. Things go downhill from there and we are just on the verge of World War III when John comes in and breaks it up. He wants to know what Phillip's girlfriend is doing there.

Ava and Nicole walk into the gym. "It's a sad selection of men, isn't it," asks Nicole.

"I thought you said this place was always full of man candy," says Ava. "Where is it?"

"I don't know," says Nicole, "Maybe they're not trolling for skanks today." EJ walks in. Nicole thinks things aren't a total loss after all. She waves and Ava wonders what that was about.

Caroline comes upstairs to see Max. She wants to finish their talk. He tells Caroline his father has moved back to Salem. He insists he's OK, but she doesn't buy it. She's upset he's kept things from her, "We didn't raise you to be dishonest."

"You're right, Ma," says Max, "I want to be more like pop."

"You're halfway there," says Caroline, "You're already brain dead."

"I've spoken to him," says Max, "He's a jerk."

"So," says Caroline, "It's hereditary."

Max thinks his father doesn't give a damn about him and he's fine with that, "I don't want to have anything to do with him ever."

Caroline says, "I think that's a mistake, but if I were him those would be the happiest words I ever heard."

John wants to know if Phillip sent Chloe there to spy on him. Chloe thinks John would change his mind if he knew want she had to say. Chloe starts to tell him but Lucas steps in and shuts her up. He just can't stand to hear the sound of another human voice.

Ava thinks Nicole and EJ must have a thing, "Did you two..."

"NO," yells Nicole, "it was an intense make-out session. He wanted us to sleep together but I didn't. All he wanted was a one-night stand."

Ava asks, "And that's a problem with you?"

"I don't want it to be about sex," says Nicole.

"It's my house, my rules," says John, "Chloe is going and so is Lucas if he ever invites her here again." Sami insists Lucas has to stay. "Then the fighting will stop," says John, "You need to lighten up. I'm on your side."

"How can you be," asks Sami, "You didn't kick EJ out."

"EJ is family," says John, "Lucas is not. Can you please make nice?"

Nicole thinks EJ will lose interest after he gets the big commission from her divorce, "He's a man. I know the type. He doesn't want to have anything to do with me."

Ava throws a glance toward EJ, "Would you just check him out? He's attracted – Tryin' to hide it."

John asks if Sami wants a snack. He hauls a confused Sami out and tells Lucas he wants Chloe gone when he gets back.

Chloe wants to know why Lucas didn't tell them why she is there.

Marlena arrives at Phillip's and says she has reservations about being there. Phillip tells her about the disc. He thinks it could help John regain his memories.

Abe wants to know if Lexie wants to talk about it. Lexie sniffles, "No. It's too painful." So what do they do? They talk about it anyway. "Our son has problems," she whines, "Starting with his parents."

John and Sami walk into the health club and see Nicole and Ava. Sami loses her appetite. Ava thinks she should ask John to join them. She goes over. He tells her he's there to grab a snack with his soon to be ex daughter-in-law. That gets Sami's attention and she asks about it. John tells her it wasn't his idea. He eyes Ava, "But maybe I do want a divorce." Sami excuses herself.

"Did you mean that," asks Ava.

"I mean everything I say," says John. Ava invites him to have a drink and John accepts.

Sami runs up and asks to talk to EJ. She says she thinks he's being selfish. EJ points out she has asked him to move out of the mansion and wonders who is being selfish. Sami wonders why he would want to live there since he and Lucas hate each other. EJ refuses to move out. Sami leaves.

Chloe asks Lucas if he's having second thoughts about his little scheme. Of course he is. Chloe reminds him they don't have a choice. Lucas agrees, "The police have to be totally convinced that you were the one who saw Paul Hollingsworth on the pier that night."

Caroline tells Max to find out who he is and who he wants to be and when he does to embrace it. Max says he doesn't want anything to do with his father. He has hated everything he has found out about him. Caroline wants to know what he found out.

Phillip tells Marlena there are brain wave patterns on the disc. He refuses to say where he got it, though. He can't give it to John because John would be suspicious. He wants her to help him, "The new John stinks."

"I've spoken to him about his personal hygiene," says Marlena.

Marlena decides to call Roman. Phillip wonders why she is doing that. "There was a break in," says Marlena.

Phillip stops her, "Don't involve the cops if you want the disc."

"It was you," gasps Marlena, "You stole it and now you're returning it. What kind of game are you playing?"

"I'm a doctor," whines Lexie, "I should have recognized the symptoms."

"Why should this case be different than all your others," asks Abe.

"I had dreams for him," says Lexie.

Phillip wants the old John back. Marlena gets a call, "I'll be right there. Phillip asks her to promise she won't say where she got the disc. Marlena vows not to tell John where she got it. He gives it to Marlena and she leaves.

EJ returns with a pastrami sandwich in a brown bag. Lucas eyes it and hints at the fact that he sure would like a pastrami sandwich of his own, but EJ doesn't get the idea. EJ tells him he's not moving out, "I can't remember the last time I saw Samanther this unhappy."

Apparently it's EJ-Lucas bonding time. Lucas tells him Sami got mad when she saw him talking to Chloe.

"She's nothing if not possessive," says EJ.

"I can understand," says Lucas, "considering her history with men."

Sami asks Nicole for a favor. Nicole is skeptical but Sami says she's serious. She asks her to convince EJ to move out. Nicole refuses.


Nicole smiles, "Because I don't like you."

"Thanks for nothing," snorts Sami.

Nicole reconsiders, "OK. Hold on. I would say something if I thought it would help, but EJ is ignoring me right now. We came this close to... never mind."

Sami boils.

Caroline thinks Max should talk about this. She insists it will help. Max tells her his biological father abandoned him and his mom, "She died because of him."

"How so," asks Caroline.

"He left her with me and I bored her to death," says Max, "Then she got sick and when she didn't get any better, she died."

"That's how it usually happens," says Caroline.

"They tried to take me away and put me in a foster home and he just stood there."

Caroline hugs him, "I sure pity the people you ended up with."

Lucas tells EJ Sami always wants what she can't have. EJ already knows that. Lucas asks if Sami told him about Brandon and then his affair with Lexie, "Sami wanted him back and then sabotaged my relationship with Carrie. Then Sami tried to break up Carrie and Austin. There is a history of lies and deception."

"Not to mention a little incest," says EJ.

"Sami is still jealous and possessive," says Lucas.

"So," says EJ, "this is all Samanther's fault." Sami sneaks outside the door and listens in.

Marlena comes to see Abe and Lexie. She says she got a call from Dr. Litton. "I thought you might need a friend," says Marlena, "Or if a friend isn't around, maybe I can meddle a little." Abe insists they are fine.

Lexie says, "No, Abe, we are not. Neither is Theo."

Sami listens. She barges in and turns the artillery on EJ, "I can't believe you almost had sex with Nicole!"

"Lovely to see you, too" says EJ.

Since no exorcist is available, Sami continues, "Is that a yes?"


Sami hisses, "How could you do that to me?"

"I didn't even do it to Nicole," says EJ. New best friends EJ and Lucas decide to take their discussion into the next room. Sami flops around the room like a fish on a dock.

John makes a phone call to Marlena.

Nicole goes back to Ava. She says she told Sami about her and EJ. She also says she has some information that would turn John's palace into chaos. Now she's having second thoughts about what to do about it. Ava suggests Nicole talk to John and drags her over to him.

Nicole stammers around. Ava tells John Nicole could use his advice. John asks how he can help. Nicole says her settlement is finished.

"Congrats on your gold digging," says John.

"I am ready to move on and I have some information," says Nicole, "EJ lied to Sami. They are not married any more. The annulment is valid."

"And what am I supposed to do about that," asks John.

"Do with the information whatever you want," says Nicole. John smirks.

Marlena pries, "I would never dream of prying."

Lexie decides to spill the beans. She tells her about the tests, "Theo is autistic."

"Really," gasps Marlena, "Well, that makes sense. I've always liked his drawings."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Sarolite said...

He tells her he's there to grab a snack with his soon to be ex daughter-in-law.

Wait, you mean soon-to-be-ex-step-daughter, right? I had to sit a while and draw the family tree in my head and I can't make daughter-in-law work! Unless...

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'd say Nicole just blew her chances with EJ after spilling his big secret.

How long has ol' Paul been out of the river by now? Or have we only seen that in the previews?

And I had to think about Jawn's comment, too. His ex daughter in law would be Chloe. I'm confused. Perhaps that top picture is correct how we look after watching DOOL!

"I've spoken to him," says Max, "He's a jerk."

"So," says Caroline, "It's hereditary."

But the best was saved for last: "Well, that makes sense. I've always liked his drawings." And we always like Prevuze!

Thanks for the Monday morning laughs.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't see Hope's necklace at first and thought she wanted us to buy her! Well, I would've said buy 'her boobs' instead of 'her', but I couldn't see those either! :)

6:36 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Howard - loved your picture. Welcome to contributor status! And got a big laugh out of Morgan's t-shirt.

Great Prevuisms today! A couple of my favorites:

"I'm a doctor," whines Lexie, "I should have recognized the symptoms." "Why should this case be different than all your others," asks Abe.

Why, oh why did I take a drink of my soda just as I hit that line???

"She died because of him." "How so," asks Caroline. "He left her with me and I bored her to death," says Max.

Luckily, I’d learned my lesson and got to this gem without liquid in my mouth. LOLOL

Two of my HUH? moments today:
Caroline to Max, "We didn't raise you to be dishonest."

Yeah, raised him for how long? The whole 2-3 years he was actually with them? Big whoop.

And, of course, there was Lucas/Chloe having their discussion and monitor removing session in the living room. Again. In a 27,000 foot mansion they have to do this in the one room EVERYONE wanders into?? TLT

Thanks for the Monday morning lift!

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Well, seems Nicole blew her chance with EJ. Stupid girl. I was just starting to almost hope that EJ would go with Nicole and Lucas with Chole. It would be kind of suiting for the girl who couldn't decide to end up with nothing.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Just saw Prevuze II. Prevuze, you can get an early start on tomorrow's edition. Just pull out the episode where Max went to meet Trent before and copy and paste the "I'm going with you!" "No you aren't you stay here!" argument and her following him anyway.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. on Theo. I can't believe they think we don't remember the last Theo that was cast. This kid was about 6 or 7 yrs old. He talked fine. Matter of fact, he even overacted a little too much.
Now, the trade him in for a preschool kid that doesn't speak just so they can do a storyline on autism. Well, I know autism well. I work with it everyday. It's my job. Bring it on, writers. Let's see how well you do your research. But, I just want folks to know, it hasn't been so long ago that we can't remember the literate and coherant first grader that was the previous Theo.
Talk about regressing.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous LB said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I was thinking that I remembered Theo being older and interacting with people too. And wasn't he running around and meeting Lexy in the hospital when she came out of the tunnel? At the very least, Theo seems to be the only child in Salem that has aged somewhat normally, if not regressed.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the very least, Theo seems to be the only child in Salem that has aged somewhat normally, if not regressed.

I believe this calls for a new acronym since it's a new about SORAAS - Soap Operal Rapid Anti-Aging Syndrome?

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEA!!! This has got to be a first for soap operas all over the airwaves. A kid actually gets younger and goes from a chatty, overacting first grader to an autistic, mute preschooler.
DOOL, you've forged a new frontier.
Now, see if you can reverse Chloe's botox so she can have more than two facial expressions.

11:29 AM  

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