Friday, June 20, 2008

The Cat That Dialed 911

The pub bustles with activity. Morgan is on the phone wondering where her father is. Bo and Hope sit at a table doing their police work. Bo looks up and asks, "What does F-O-R-E-N-S-I-C-S spell?"

"One thing at a time," says Hope, "I'm still trying to figure out W-A-R-R-A-N-T."
Chelsea joins them wanting to talk to Hope alone.

Kate waits in her room. She tells the nurse she's headed home today after she gets her final check up, but doesn't want that to be from Daniel.

Daniel hands Phillip the latest copy of the Salem Sleazebucket. The headline screams, "DOCK WAR CATCHES FIRE!"

John is on the phone insisting he was set up. He leaves as Lucas comes in looking confused. Sami bumps into him and asks where John is. Lucas says he was just there and asks what Sami wants him for. Sami says she needs to know where some big boxes are, "EJ is moving out."

EJ stomps in and says, "The hell I am." EJ says he had a chat with John, and John says he can stay.

Lucas says, "If I could leave this nut house, I would."

"If you left, it wouldn't be a nut house any more," says EJ.

Lucas leaves and Sami tells EJ he's being unreasonable. EJ says she can't pretend their romp didn't happen.

Phillip looks at the magazine and says, "This is the same rag that did the story about "The Cat That Dialed 911." They discuss Brady and how the divorce hit him and Chloe. Daniel figures out Chloe is the woman Phillip is seeing. Phillip says she's only part of the equation. Phillip says he's comfortable with Chloe. Daniel thinks Phillip wants someone new and exciting. Phillip tells Daniel, "I don't know what I want, but I get the feeling Chloe isn't going to be too happy if it isn't her."

Back at the pub, Chloe remembers seeing Phillip kiss Morgan as she brushes past her. Morgan snaps, "Chloe, what is wrong with you?"

"If I told you," says Chloe, "This show would have to be a two-parter."

Hope and Chelsea leave to cackle. Bo wonders why Caroline is working instead of Max. Caroline says Max clocked in but he's going through a rough time so he isn't working right now. Bo wants to know what the issue is. "He told me in confidence," says Caroline, "so I can't talk about it. Don't worry, I'll spill the beans soon enough."

Chelsea asks to borrow Hope's earrings, "I have a date but can we not tell Dad?"

Lucas takes his monitor off and leaves the mansion.

The nurse doesn't understand why Kate doesn't want Dr. Jonas. She leaves and Kate makes a call to Lucas. Lucas answers. Kate asks, "Why are you whispering."

"The twins are sleeping," he lies, "I have to go. I'll call you later."

Bo tells Caroline he never thought he'd see Chelsea and Hope having a tender mother-child murderer moment like they are having right now. "You have a nice family Bo," says Caroline.

Bo agrees, "Especially since Shawn left."

"And what about Ciara," asks Caroline.

"She's not much trouble now that she's away at college," says Bo.
He changes the subject, "I'm planning a surprise party for Hope and will need your help."

Hope's gossip antennae are up. She goes over the top prying to find out whom Chelsea has her date with. Chelsea finally breaks down and tells her it's Daniel. Hope's face falls about five stories, "He's so much older than you are."

"I could really use your support on this," says Chelsea.

John gets a call, "No. Paul Hollingsworth won't say a word. It's hard to talk when you have a carp stuck in your mouth."

Phillip and Daniel discuss plans for the fourth.

Kate calls Phillip. She asks if he will pick her up in an hour. Phillip turns and says, "They're releasing her." Kate picks up on that and asks if Phillip is with someone. He tells her Daniel is there. Kate says she didn't realize he and Daniel were such good buddies. Phillip says he wants her to recuperate at the mansion. Kate protests. She thinks Victor might object. Phillip says, "If he can put up with Nicole he can put up with you."

"Thanks for the ringing endorsement," says Kate.

"Victor will be OK as long as you don't bring a dog," says Phillip.

"OK," says Kate, "I'll see to it that Chelsea doesn't tag along."

Hope wonders who asked whom out. Chelsea says Daniel asked her. "Good," says Hope, "That's the way it's supposed to be. Only the guy isn't supposed to be on social security." Chelsea doesn't want to tell Bo. Hope agrees under one condition, "If there is a second date, you have to tell him. But tell me first so I can spread it all over town."

Caroline has no problem with helping Bo pull this off. He says he would do it himself if he weren't so swamped, "I had to go to work twice this week." John walks up and offers to help him lighten his workload.

Since EJ just sublet his apartment he says he has nowhere to go, "And if I'm going somewhere, I'm taking my son with me."

Sami erupts, "You are not taking my son away!" EJ walks away.

Lucas shows up at Chloe's place. She yanks him inside and wonders what he is doing there. He tells her he heard John say he thinks Phillip planted the drugs and set the fire, "I know who set that fire and I'm not gonna let my brother burn for it." He tells Chloe he thinks Paul Hollingsworth set the fire.

Chloe beams right in on the important part of that revelation, "Does he have a daughter?"


"Interesting," says Chloe, "Are you sure?"

"Positive," says Lucas, "I was on the pier. It was right after I talked to you."

"Then we can prove Phillip didn't do it," says Chloe.

"Yeah," says Lucas, "But I can't tell the police."

John tells Bo he's spinning his wheels, "Phillip set me up." Bo thinks the evidence points to John. Phillip walks in and they decide to ask him themselves.

Hope can't resist butting in. She goes over. Morgan joins the happy little party. She runs off the rails, "THIS MAN SHOULD BE IN JAIL!" She turns to John, "I BLAME YOU FOR EVERYTHING! YOU CORRUPTED MY FATHER AND I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!"

"I just came in for coffee and a sticky bun," says John, "I didn't know I would be on trial."

Sami has come up with some boxes, but EJ says he won't need them because he isn't going anywhere. Sami says she can't fix things with Lucas with EJ hanging around. EJ thinks the situation may not be fixable.

Sami snorts, "The other night was a mistake."

"I know it wasn't and Lucas knows it wasn't," says EJ, "He knows you don't have sex with someone unless you have feelings for him."

Sami is backed into a corner, "SHUT UP!"

"You can put me out of sight but not out of mind," says EJ, "Whether you admit it or not you can't stop thinking about me."

Lucas reminds Chloe he was breaking the law when he saw Hollingsworth, so he can't tell the cops. He suggests she tell the cops instead.

John drones, "No more caffeine for her. Your anger should be toward the man on your right. Your father was working for him." Bo and Hope step in and try to calm things down. Morgan tells them Paul has left town.

Kate paces. She remembers telling Daniel she doesn't want him doing the surgery. Daniel walks in. Kate snaps. Daniel wants one final look as the diagnosing doctor. Kate thinks it's a waste of time. Daniel says he needs a favor, "I would like for us to at least try to get along – if for no other reason than Chelsea's sake. What do you say?"

When the going gets tough, the tough start name-calling. "You are pompous and arrogant," says Sami, "Lucas is the only man I will ever love, this week. I'm begging you to move out."

Morgan says she doesn't know where her father went. She says he feared for his life. John chimes in, "I've lost my appetite. I will have to pass on my sticky bun."

As John walks out, Phillip gives a parting shot, "You're finished, John." He turns and asks if Kate called Chelsea. Her phone has been off, so she doesn't know. Phillip says he's headed for the hospital. Chelsea wants to go, too.

Phillip says he will catch up. He and Morgan sit down as Chelsea goes over to say goodbye. She tells Bo and Hope she's going to the hospital. As she leaves, she thanks Hope again.

Bo thinks something is up. He and Hope stare at each other.

"Well," says Bo.

"Well," says Hope.

"Well," says Bo.

"WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY," screams a gal in the audience.

"What did you talk about," asks Bo.

"Girl stuff," says Hope.

Bo looks that up in the Guy Manual: "Girl Stuff – See "shut up."

"She wanted to borrow my earrings," says Hope.

"Does she have a date," asks Bo.

"No," says Hope, "She's going to be on the Home Shopping Network."

"It's a date," says the possessive and over-protective father, "Who is it?"

Hope stammers, "Someone new... maybe."

Sami tries another angle. She says she knows EJ can be a good guy when he wants to be, "I'm asking you to do this for me. You have become a different man since you became a father. Watching you with the twins... you're a natural with them. I'll admit I say things I don't mean. The truth is you are a great father and I will always want you to be a part of Johnny's life, but you can do that not living here. What do you say?"

Daniel is a bit peeved, "KATE..."

Kate says, "Wow. You lost your bedside manner."

Daniel asks, "Can we be friends for Chelsea sake?"

"I don't know what this has to do with Chelsea," she says.

"Chelsea won't understand," says Daniel.

Chelsea walks in, "I won't understand what?"

"How excited I am to get the hell out of this hospital," says Kate.

Daniel hands Kate the papers and gives Chelsea the eye as Kate signs. He winks at Chelsea as he leaves. Kate says, "I think we should have dinner tonight to celebrate my getting out of the hospital – as long as it's not green jell-o." Chelsea says she has a date. Kate wonders who it is, but Chelsea won't say. She doesn't want to jinx it.

Bo presses. Hope claims she doesn't know who Chelsea's date is. She asks about Paul's disappearance. Bo says he isn't surprised Paul flew the coop.

Morgan tells Phillip she's actually glad her dad isn't there, "This way, he avoids all the questions and accusations." She tells Phillip about her tiff with Chloe. Phillip is quite amused. He leaves to go pick up Kate.

Lucy... I mean Lucas has cooked up a scheme. He says he will coach Chloe and do his best to protect her. She'll have he own ankle monitor in no time. Chloe decides to do it.

"I appreciate it," says Lucas.

"How could I say no?"

EJ insists he isn't leaving. John interrupts the dust-up. He says he thought they already solved this, "Elvis is family. If he doesn't want to leave I won't make him."

Sami plays the "Marlena card." She tells John Marlena won't be happy with she hears he sided with EJ instead of her daughter.

"My home my rules," says John, "Be careful or you will be the one who is out." EJ smirks.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to kill a fanbase...

Sami: EJ, you're moving out.
EJ: The hell I am.

Honestly, I am back to reading only prevuze and not watching the show. Used to love EJ & Sami, but after nearly two years, who cares anymore? I'm so sick of the recycled scripts. Your pic this morning about the scripts was dead on, and it's a shame, but I just don't care anymore.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Crpedm said...

Loved the One-time-at-band-camp pic. I am still laughing over it while my son is saying "What's so funny, Mom?"

Hate the way the writers are writing Sami and EJ now. Daze is a real snoozer except when Sami, EJ, and Nicole are featured.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ejami are over. Finally - not that they ever really existed anyway. Get used to it and bring on super hot Ejole!

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Bo and Hope sit at a table doing their police work. Bo looks up and asks, "What does F-O-R-E-N-S-I-C-S spell?"

"One thing at a time," says Hope, "I'm still trying to figure out W-A-R-R-A-N-T."

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Great start, Prevuze!!!

Lucas says, "If I could leave this nut house, I would."

"If you left, it wouldn't be a nut house any more," says EJ.

Yep, sounds correct to me. Alison Sweeney is already sharing time with DOOL and The Biggest Loser. Just who will be crowned the biggest loser this time around…the fans of DOOL. We’ll be enduring a lot more filler nonsense.

John gets a call, "No. Paul Hollingsworth won't say a word. It's hard to talk when you have a carp stuck in your mouth."

Ever the artist, Prevuze has painted quite a picture once again.

"Victor will be OK as long as you don't bring a dog," says Phillip.

"OK," says Kate, "I'll see to it that Chelsea doesn't tag along."

There you go again, Prevuze. You just keep insulting dogs. I hope you cleared this one with Killer.

Lucas and Chloe or is it Lucy and Ethel? I guess that would be interchangeable with all the hair brained schemes they cooked up. Since DOOL is going green, that script is just about right. Sigh, I’m not looking forward to more of that drivel but I am looking forward to more Prevuze. Unlike DOOL, Prevuze provides wit, drama, comedy, and the further adventures of Belle and Shawn! Yet another shout out to Prevuze and Bulldog for the superior photos and captions!

5:38 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Poor Bo. I feel his pain. Having to go to work twice in one week IS the pits.

Got a good laugh over Ciara being no trouble since she went off to college. Bo may need to up his work-load to three times a week to pay for it though.

Loved all the pictures and captions, especially Bulldog's expose of Shawn's mechanical skills and Prevuze description of Chan's date.


6:02 AM  
OpenID tripp3235 said...

Just when I think Daniel can't sound more like a creep, well, they go and manage to find more ways.

This Chan date is going to be painful. I must applaud Higley for finding the only thing that would make me miss Shelle.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Did Bo say what the occasion for the surprise party is? Is it just because poor overworked Hope has had to put in a couple of grueling days standing around the pub?

I'm so afraid Prevuze' description of the EJami scripts are right-on. What a long summer it's going to be for all of us.

Maybe we'll get some good catfights, tho, if Kate recouperates at the mansion. She can get into it with both Chloe and Nicole.

Loved Paul and the carp, MIDOOL and the IQ test. And other great Prevuisms today. TGIP!

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All right we can all already see it coming. Daniel made his date with Chelsea and the rest of Salem at Chez R. You know that is where Kate will end up celebrating that she is out of the hospital.
So predictable!!

I love Prevuze. The pic about C & D having dinner and then going back to his place to watch the Disney Channel, Priceless LOLOLOL.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ejami are over. Finally - not that they ever really existed anyway. Get used to it and bring on super hot Ejole!

I heartily second that, Anonymous!!! EJ and Nicole are hotter than EJ and Sami ever thought about being. I love Sami, but she is way too spastic for EJ.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Alison said...

"You can put me out of sight but not out of mind," says EJ, "Whether you admit it or not you can't stop thinking about me."

Please tell me EJ isn't going to start telling Sami how SHE feels about HIM again. That gets so old.

Why doesn't Kate want Dr. Jonas working on her case? I really hope they haven't slept together. Poor Chelsea. First Nick and Billie, now maybe Kate and Dr. Jonas! Chelsea's love interests since she's been on the show have been a much older man who was interested in her mom (Patrick Lockhart), then her uncle Max, next was the guy her age who slept with her mom (Nick), now the much older doc who seems to have something going on with her grandma Kate. I forgot about the sleazy doctor in the lab. But anyway can she please get someone who isn't in her family or involved with someone in her family!! Oh I forgot about Jett too. Now that would've been a good relationship for Chelsea! Bring him back.

I am excited about Chloe/Lucas and Morgan/Phillip. At least it gets Chloe and Phillip apart and Lucas and Sami apart! I think Sami needs to be single for awhile. EJ can hook up with Nicole!

9:03 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Hmmmm, Lucas gets Chloe to say SHE saw Paul on the docks, not Lucas. Anybody smell a recycle of the Lexie/Tek "I saw EJ shoot John" scripts??

10:07 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Oh, and BTW -- I'm starting to think maybe Morgan is Max's sister. I remember her asking Chelsea at one point about Chelsea's being adopted and how she felt about that. Made me think maybe Morgan was adopted, too.

And I wonder if maybe Dr. Dan "took some liberties" with Kate while he was examining her -- that might explain her sudden repulsion for him. I mean, she felt comfortable enough with him a little while ago to go straight to him with her stomach pains...

10:13 AM  
Blogger Theresa Chaze, Wiccan Writer said...

Hi, I'm just as sick of the writing as the rest o fyou, so I started writing an alternative universe as a protest. In the beginning I wasn't taking it seriously. Normally I don't post first draft.

If you are interested in seeing something different on Days I invite you to read here

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cfish, I think it's that Kate and Daniel were sleeping together, then he told her it had to stop b/c he realized he was in love with Chelsea, and she got mad about that and didn't want him touching her.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the unemployed people in Salem, yet everyone has money to spend at Java Cafe, Brady Pub, Chez Rouge and whatever chinzy little dress shop that carrys those short glittery slips doubling as fancy shirts that are all the rage with the women of Salem.
I'm an educator. I don't get paid through the summer. I can't afford to go to a convenince store for a bottle of soda. How do the people in Salem buy all this stuff and then throw partys for no reason? I should go back to college, get an internship and work a week, then go to the hang out and stand with my bottom lip poked out and my arms crossed so everyone will know I'm pitiful cause my boyfriend won't tell me every single thing going on in his life. Hey, they might even give me a complimentary five star motel room over the pub for that.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can get a date with a grumpy old Doc and when he calls I'll let it ring while my girlfriends and I discuss what I should wear to answer the phone. Giggle Giggle, snicker snicker...OMG, I'm there for you no matter what.

9:08 PM  
Blogger L2 said...

Okay....let's see...Morgan rages around town about John...Chloe catches Morgan kissing Phillip...Lucas urges Chloe to tell the police who set the fire because he can't...Chloe relives Morgan kissing Phillip, over and over again...I wonder who Chloe is going to pin the fire on? Phillip will "be there" for Morgan as she goes to trial for the fire...not a bad little scenario...Lucas will be back in Sami's arms just as he is forced to admit he was the one on the docks and saw everything (sans ankle bracelet)...Sami will turn to EJ, who will leave Nicole in a lurch, leading to Catfight 2008 (or 2009 depending on how long it takes to get that point).

6:36 AM  

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