Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Latest Scoop

Someone said something in a comment yesterday about Marlena and John flying together. It got me to thinking about their recent flights. On the flight to Canada they ran into weather and she had to jump from the plane without a parachute. Now, on this flight she's passed out from lack of oxygen, suffered freezing cold and a horrific crash landing (not to mention Chloe's incessant whining). I'm wondering if Marlena might want to think twice about ever getting on a plane with John again.

Of course, there was that flight back from Italy where John talked her into joining the "mile high" club... Yeah, that does it. Three strikes and you're out.

Anyway, here's the latest scoop from SOD. I'm pretty sure you haven't received this issue yet:

Make it a great weekend, gang.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chloe's "whineterview" HAHAHAHA! ROTFLMAO!

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

"Stupidcide" is right. After I watched yesterday's I thought at least they could have said if OMB pulled out his mask tube then more air would've been directed to the other masks. Something! I just wanted the episode to get on with it.

Love how Daze is "going green".

At least we can count on Prevuze, greeat Saturday edition. Thanks!

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Dazed said...

Yeah, that was me. I'm still not over Marlena's trudging through the frozen tundra and winding up at Casa de Smokey. (and I don't mean the bear)
Watching DOOL means suspending all common sensibities for an hour.


(I don't know why I showed up as anon, I can't get this blogger thing right)

7:33 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I'm alive! I've been battling either the stomach flu or my body just couldn't take 3 days of the plane crash, LOL.
Anyway, for your Saturday enjoyment;


Monday, February 25th
Stephanie comforts Max over the loss of his father; Steve is approached by Ava; Bo tells Caroline that he feels responsible for Grandpa Shawn's death; Lexie promises to find out what is wrong with Bo.

Tuesday, February 26th
John and Marlena go to see Stefano; Caroline invites EJ to the funeral; Steve urges Kayla to rest, and tries to get some information on Ava.

Wednesday, February 27th
Bo, still undiagnosed, is released from the hospital for Grandpa Shawn's funeral; Vic and Caroline share a tender moment; John questions Marlena about their marriage; Steve catches Ava spying on him.

Thursday, February 28th
Kimberly bids an emotional farewell to her family; Bo almost passes out and has to be brought back to the hospital; Steve asks Abe to run Ava's name through the police computer files; Anna arrives at her new job.

Friday, February 29th
Marlena is disgusted when John goes through Stefano's finances; Stefano recalls how he and Rolf erased John's memory; Sami tells EJ they must get an annulment; Bo's pancreas is failing, but no one knows why.

Hopefully the plane had spare barf bags, because.......GEEZER SEX IS BACK!!!
Here's an excerpt from an interview with Deidre Hall:

Marlena reconnects with John in every way this week, when the estranged duo has passionate sex. "The plane goes down and they make love - finally!" asserts Deidre Hall [Marlena].

The romantic reunion takes place after the survivors of the crash hit ground and take shelter. "Everyone is in little temperature controlled tents from the plane," explains Hall. "They are told to cling together for body warmth, and John and Marlena do."

One thing leads to another and the couple ends up succumbing to their long denied passion. "Oh, it's great, so great. They've written the cutest scenes," promises Hall. "It's funny and sexy, [even though] they are strangers. Marlena gets into the tent, and John's feigning sleep. She's not sure whether to spoon him or what to do. Of course, she remembers his body. She remembers making love to him. She remembers those feelings."

And it doesn't take John long to catch up. "John appears to have no memory of being a sexual being, but he says later 'Gee, I liked that. Let's do it again!' recounts Hall. "It is such a darling, yummy scene, and it's slow." Unfortunately, John is slow on the uptake and when all is said and done, "Marlena realizes John still doesn't remember her," sighs Hall.

A resolute Marlena puts the kabash on any further sexual exploration until John's memory returns, yet Hall assures that Marlena feels positive about their new alliance. "She is reaching John with no back story," points out the actress. "He has learned to trust her. He's learned she is on his side. He's learned she's not going to hurt him." It's already more than Marlena had hoped for - well, besides a rescue. Luckily, a helicopter arrives, sees the crash victims flare and swoops down to take them back to civilization. Marlena boards the craft with new hope for a future with John.

"Oh, a lot has been renewed," giggles Hall. "Marlena's in it for the long haul now."

7:45 AM  
Anonymous tnchargerfan said...

Love the SOD cover!

I'll be sure to miss the episode where John and Marlena do the horizontal mambo. I've already got a stomach virus, I don't need anything else to make me puke.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Great magazine cover. Surprisingly enough, Prevuze is right - I haven't gotten that issue yet. "Stupidcide" so funny!!!

It's a good thing they crashed in cold Greenland. OMB's body won't decompose before rescue. In fact, he'll be a

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Welcome back, Deb. I was afraid you had succumbed to hyperventilation, trying to catch your breath from the nail-biting tension. Not to mention sympathetic gasping along with the passengers. (Strange how they didn't have enough oxygen to breath, but plenty to whine and yak.)

Thank goodness for Saturday Prevuze!

8:11 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Stephanie comforts Max over the loss of his father;

Max comforts Stephanie over the loss of her grandfather and the show is renamed 'All in the Family.'

8:14 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Great edition, of course.

Considering that John & Marlena passion has been referred to as geezer sex, get ready for the geezer sex to end all geezer sex. Can't you see it coming? (pun unintended)

Caroline & Victor?


If that starts in, we'll be wishing for John & Marlena sex scenes.

In light of this, we need to start a formal campaign to beg daze to recruit hot young men. Now. And pretty girls that are not idiots and/or annoying.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had me going with the Soap Opera Digest headlines. Then I read "GEEZER SEX IS BACK" and I wasn't so sure the SOD was false.

If DOOL does end then "Stupidcide" will be the cause. That or its going Green. Green Scripts: LOL

10:22 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

LOL...Love the cover, you had me for a second there!

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

Does anyone know if Frank Parker's health is okay? He seemed to be really frail the last few months.

9:31 AM  

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