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Filthy Rich

Max and Stephanie are at the Cheatin' Heart discussing Crawford's sudden change of heart. Chelsea and Nick jump in. Chelsea is delighted Victor and Crawford worked out a deal and she won't be charged, "I'm getting to be pretty good at getting away with murder."

Max says, "What about me? I hid the body. Did Roman say anything?"

"No," says Chelsea, "But my grandpa seems to think all you will get is a slap on the wrist, right before they strap you to the gurney."

The whole crowd hopes everyone just wants to move on. Of course, the whole crowd has a collective IQ of 12. Morgan interrupts. She informs Chelsea her problems with the sisters aren't over.

Chloe turns down a "generous" offer on the phone. When she hangs up, she informs Phillip a small opera company offered her understudy for Solome. Phillip wonders if she can prove she had nothing to do with Brady's disappearance.

The posse gets back to the Irish pub. They didn't find John. Belle wonders what's going on with her dad other than the fact that he's a crazed, murderous automaton. Marlena fills them in on the knife. She thinks John didn't kill anyone because there was something more powerful than Stefano's mission, "It's pretty shocking."

John stands and contemplates the knife. In the background, an owl says, "Who-who."

John says, "Me-me."

Morgan reminds everyone that Chelsea broke the Theta house rules, "Rule number five specifically states, 'No killing after seven o'clock.'" Stephanie steps in and says she broke them, too. Nick jumps to Chelsea's defense. Morgan reminds them they vowed not to say anything but Chelsea broke the sacred vow. It's up to all the sisters to decide.

Chloe rages. She's worried about Brady. Phillip accuses her of lying, "I wonder if you tanked in Europe and that's why you only got an offer to be the understudy." She says she didn't tank, but she's not exactly being bombarded with offers. He wonders if she will go back with Brady when he is found. She evades but then says she doesn't know. She loves him and he loves her. "Sometimes that isn't enough," says Phillip. He sees parallels in his life. We would never have guessed. Chloe thinks he will find love again. He hopes things work out for her, too.

Marlena tells the story of her introduction to the door. She tied to reason with John, but that didn't work. Then, Colleen dropped the mother of all news bulletins on him (pun intended), "She had the medallion from the picture."

In an incredible moment of lucidity, Belle figures things out, "Colleen is my grandmother!"

"Yes," says Marlena, "But I am terrified of what John might do. This mission was what he lived for. It was his whole existence. I'm afraid he might just be a walking time bomb."

"It's not just John," says Kayla, "In time, this whole storyline will bomb."

Bo, Shawn, Patch and Phillip head out to find John.

The owl hoots again for effect as John remembers Colleen's words. He looks at the knife and screams, "Stop it!"

Some guy in the audience yells, "I'll second that motion!"

John drops to his knees and into Hare Kari mode. He moves the knife around his face and parks it in front of his forehead.

"I'm not falling for that old 'Do it yourself lobotomy' trick," he says, "I could kill myself with a lame stunt like that. But this jugular has to go!"

And, just to prove great minds think alike...

Stephanie can't believe the girls are thinking of tossing Chelsea out of the sorority. Morgan tells Chelsea, "We need to deal with the betrayal of our trust. Forget the fact you got us off the hook. We'd be better off rotting in jail for all the Days Of Our Lives with the bond of sisterhood in tact." Nick defends her. Morgan riles. She thinks this needs to be done at the sorority house. Max asks to talk to Morgan alone. She resists but he convinces her and off they go.

Stephanie wonders why Morgan is doing this. Chelsea thinks she may not be the one behind it, "There are other sisters involved. With me gone, they can pretend it never happened."

"Don't we all wish the whole story had never happened," says Stephanie.

Back in Ireland, the girls discuss the convoluted DiMera family history. It's the longest conversation in the history of the Emerald Isle. Kayla starts to go upstairs to talk to Colleen, but Belle stops her, "I'm her granddaughter." So Belle aces out Kayla and heads upstairs as Marlena says she thinks John will resist when they find him.

John positions the knife at his throat. He holds it there forever as he thinks, "What's taking them so long to come and stop me? "

Finally, Bo yells, "John, don't!" He slowly approaches and says Marlena told them what happened. He assures John it will be OK. John doesn't agree. Bo tells John to give him the knife. John thinks he failed his mission. There is nothing to live for. Bo begs him to go on.

"What makes you think I want to," drones John. Bo lunges. John whirls, twirls, gets Bo down and sticks the knife in his face.

"That's not what I meant by 'give me the knife,'" says Bo, " OK, I changed my mind. You can go ahead and kill yourself."

Max and Morgan sit at a table together. Max tells Morgan he's running the Cheatin' Heart for Adrienne. She claims this isn't personal with Chelsea. They made a pact and Chelsea blabbed. Max wonders which way Morgan will vote. "I think you know," says Morgan, "And I think you know I don't want to disappoint you."

Stephanie watches and tells Chelsea the whole thing bothers her. What seems to bother her more is Max sitting with Morgan.

Belle and Claire join Colleen, who is in bed. Belle tells her she knows she is her granddaughter. Claire chimes in, "This family just keeps getting more weird every day." We have a happy, tearful reunion. Belle asks if Colleen is coming to Salem.

"I may be old," says Colleen, "But I'm not demented. Let me give you something to remember me by."

Downstairs, the girls discuss implications of all this. Chloe goes for tea. Hope remembers OMB doesn't know about any of this. She stands up to go get him, but gets dizzy. More than usual, that is.

Bo lies on the ground. John is on top of him ready to plunge the knife into Bo's throat. "I'm not the enemy," grunts Bo. Suddenly, John moves away. They stare at each other.

"Kill me," says John.

"No," says Bo, "That's not going to happen. You couldn't kill me, either."

"You aren't the target."

"You couldn't kill the target either."

"I failed," says John, "Kill me." Bo wonders if John is programmed to punish himself for failure. All John wants is peace, "I could have killed her. I chose not to."

Bo thinks that's important, "John, we're good friends. We're like brothers. There was a time we thought we were brothers. You've certainly had more than your share of identity issues, I'll give you that." John doesn't remember any of it. He feels nothing. Bo tells him he has a good life and Belle and Marlena want him back.

John rises, "Are you saying I am free to go?"

"I don't know that I could stop you," says Bo, "The choice is yours." John snaps his head like a bullwhip.

Chloe serves tea. When the going gets tough, the tough have tea. Bo returns with John. He asks Kayla to call the rest of the guys and tell them they found him.

Bo and John sit down at a table with Marlena. John decides he wants a drink. He looks at Marlena and smiles, "Make it a Harvey Wallbanger." Bo tells Marlena John tied to kill himself. John lights a cigar.

Kayla calls Patch and tells him Bo found John. Patch wants time to talk to both Bo and Hope, and get them home. Kayla will make sure the flights get booked if she can find the time. Patch thinks Hope will take it hard. Kayla can't imagine telling her.

Patch says they will tell them together, "I wouldn't want to miss all the fun. How do you tell someone you love he's dying?"

Kayla says, "I'd start by asking, am I in your will?"

Shawn walks up and overhears Patch on the phone, "Who's dying?"

Patch tells him it's a patient of Kayla's, "She can't tell you who it is because of regulations."

"But she told you," says Shawn, "Isn't that against regulations, too?"

"Mind your own business," says Patch.
. The three stooges head back to the pub.

Colleen gives Belle her warrior-woman medallion. She says she wore it to remind her of her heritage, strength and to remind her never to give up, but to cop out by faking her death. Tears and hugs. OMB and Hope interrupt. Colleen asks for time alone with OMB. "The way my mind has gotten," says Shawn, "Whenever you're with me, you're alone."

OMB sits beside her after the crowd leaves. She wonders if he hates her for pulling her little stunt. Of course, OMB says he never could hate her. He asks if she's coming back to Salem. Leeny stares.

Max and Morgan rejoin the group. Morgan says the dreaded meeting has to take place. She says she is on Chelsea's side, but it's not up to her. Chelsea tells them she doesn't care what they do and walks off.

Marlena asks if John was really going to kill himself. John says it doesn't matter since Bo stopped him. Bo says John tried to kill him, too, but couldn't, "He couldn't kill his mom either."

John changes the subject, "Rumor has it I'm filthy rich."

"Actually," says Marlena, "You left everything to your grief-stricken widow. I've been meaning to show you my new Lamborghini Diablo."

John deadpans, "The DiMeras are rich too. Now that I'm related there's gotta be a way to get some of that."

Hope comes down. She asks how Bo is after his ordeal. "I'm a little messed up," says Bo, "I also have some aftereffects from my fight with John." They agree John and Marlena will get their lives back. "True love can do that," says Bo. Kiss. Hope wonders what that was all about. Bo says he just needs her to know how much he loves her. Shawn, Phillip and Patch return. Patch tells Kayla she has to talk to Hope.

Shawn tells Hope he's OK. "I know it's a lot to process," says Hope.

"My processor can't get past the blue screen of death," says Shawn.

Hope's back is hurting just like Bo's. She asks, "Is there any chance of you and Belle getting back together, even though I am the one who practically single-handedly drove you apart? "

Colleen tells OMB she won't be going anywhere, "I'm glad you're here for the end."

"Of this soap opera," asks OMB.

"No," says Colleen.

"I knew the news couldn't be that good,"
says OMB, "So why won't you be here?"

"I'm dying."

Stephanie says she knows Morgan could have stopped the voting. Morgan says it's a democracy, "And besides, it is Super Tuesday, you know."

The preceding has been a public service announcement brought to you by Prevuze. Please get out and vote.

Outside, Nick and Chelsea walk. He tells her she doesn't need the stinkin' sorority. Chelsea's says she cares about the girls and the sisterhood means a lot to her.

Shawn isn't sure what will happen to him and Belle. They have a lot to talk about. Hope asks how he feels about her. Shawn dunno. He does realize when two people love each other they need to move heaven and earth to make it happen. Whatever that means. Belle interrupts, "Is this a private conversation?"

"It's so stupid I'm not sure it counts as a conversation," says Hope.

John drinks. Marlena tells him he has a lot to live for, "More than money." John orders another.

OMB whines, "You can't be dying."

Colleen says she has known for quite some time, "All I want now is my family one last time."

Max sits with Morgan. He orders soft drinks and tells her it's on the house as long as she helps Chelsea. When Max bribes someone, he goes all out. Morgan will let him know how the vote turns out. Max is pretty sure she won't have to do that since Chelsea and Stephanie will let him know. Morgan tells him it's not personal. Max leaves.

Stephanie intercepts him. She says if they vote Chelsea out she will leave the sorority, too. Translation: the sisters can kill two birds with one stone. Stephanie has voted Morgan off hew own personal island as well. Max wonders if she is jealous. He kind of likes it. Morgan watches.

Morgan goes outside and passes Nick and Chelsea. Stares that could kill. Nick says he doesn't think the girls will kick her out, but if they do it's not the end of the world. He loves her and isn't going anywhere, "Just like our relationship."

"Good," says Chelsea, "I don't think I could stand to lose anyone else." Oh, the foreboding!

Bo leaves the table. Marlena asks John to let her hypnotize him when they get back to Salem. If he doesn't agree she will have Bo arrest him for trying to hurt her. Trying? Half her brain is still dripping from the door. She thinks John needs her.

Hope notices the medallion. Belle tells her Colleen gave it to her and asked her to pass it to Claire. Bo sits and says he thinks he hurt his back in the struggle. Hope's back is killing her too. Literally.

Patch and Kayla ask to talk to Bo and Hope alone. Shawn and Belle walk off.

OMB comes down. He says Colleen wants everyone upstairs.

"Demanding old coot, isn't she," says Bo.

John thinks it's a ploy. The fools' parade heads upstairs. John puffs his cigar. A dense cloud forms outside his head to match the one on the inside.


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Blogger Deb said...

In an incredible moment of lucidity, Belle figures things out, "Colleen is my grandmother!"

She didn't really figure it out on her own, I had to email her the family tree chart twice.

5:17 AM  
Anonymous t67days said...

With the liver tests off and Bo's and Hope's backs both hurting, I'm thinking maybe Hepatitis? Just speculation on my part.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous lb said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. More so than usual. With John now officially Colleen's only kid, everyone is even more related than before. I'm going to stop watching. As several have stated recently, Prevuze is the only reason I've watched this long (and that I want to see Sami happy). I've been a DOOL viewer since I was in elementary school (around 20 years) and I have now had it. You'd think they could have at least made a small, unseeable twist -- Colleen lost the first baby (or their never was one) and John is her kid, 10-15 years later, by a South American dictator or drug-runner or SOMETHING. The SORAS-ing and Reverse SORAS-ing has gotten out of hand, as have the history rewrites (on Friday Colleen makes a fortune on her sewing and is successful and on Monday she had a huge accident and was thrown out, blah blah blah), everything. I'm sick of every single character being related in multiple ways. I'm tired of some interesting characters being introduced and then written out, killed, or whatever (Morgan, Ford). People coming back from the dead multiple times is stupid. I wasn't upset with John's death, and couldn't understand why anyone was bc we all knew he was coming back soon. Storylines are nowhere near realistic and the "it's a soap" excuse has worn thin. Yes, suspense and action are nice, but I watch it for relationships & romance & love. None of that in the past few years. And no one is every happy. There's no fun in it. No dancing on the pier; moonlit dinners on the top of the apartment building. No trips to Green Mountain Lodge -except for when Sami leaves Lucas to torch EJ while Kate attempts to axe her way in with Phillip trying to prevent it. I'm very disgusted with myself for hanging in there with all the EJAMI and LUMI arguing. They're my favorite characters. I grew up with Sami & Lucas and rooted for them. Then with the EXACT SAME argument OVER & OVER, I rooted Ejami. Then the "rape". I still think Ejami is better. And before I get blasted by someone, I'd like to remind/inform people, that way before that incident, Lucas & Kate set Sami up to take the fall in a murder and Sami was strapped to a gurney with the lethal injection being inserted before Lucas's conscience got the better of him and he rescued her. Also, as someone with experience in the matter, Sami got something out of it and EJ gave her a choice. She might not have liked it, but she had a choice and he didn't force her. He also lived up to his end of the bargain and did go back to help her save Lucas. I can assure everyone that in a real rape, you are not given an option (if you are, it's cooperate and I won't kill you/will use protection/won't cut you, etc.), you are overpowered and forced. And if you are lucky, the attacker uses protection. Then you've got Claire - best not to even begin with that poor child. And all the who's the daddy; who's really the daddy; who's the daddy now; and on and on storylines. Shirley Jones was the biggest waste of time, effort, and money. Nothing on her personally. But she's a wealthy business person. She could have dressed the part. Stefano looks great. Why'd Colleen have to look so dowdy. She didn't look like a match for him. She looked weak. And the vendetta was another convoluted storyline with a very anticlimatic ending. Again, no real resolution. It needs to stop.

That's all I'm going to say. Sorry for the rant. But I'm done with the rant and I'm done with DOOL.

Thank you Prevuze for all you do and have done. You have kept it interesting and you do a fabulous job. It's been a pleasure reading everyone's comments and thoughts as well. Good luck!

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, come on Deb. There's no way Belle could find her own name on the family tree. Tell the truth, you highlighted both their names and the lines that connect them.

6:06 AM  
Anonymous em said...

lb, don't hold back now!


"Make it a Harvey Wallbanger." lol!


I do agree with lb that the fresh blood & personalities of Morgan & the sorority sisters gives the writers the possibility of some new material and characters.


6:50 AM  
Anonymous Linda said...

I think Shirley Jones did a great job with her Irish brogue! My grandparents were born and raised in Ireland and I was amazed at how much Shirley sounded like my grandmother.

7:29 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I have a question -- the other day when Colleen was defending her "Claire-napping", she said "Claire is my blood...". Why didn't anyone put 2 and 2 together and say, "Well, she's not REALLY your blood, since Bo and Shawn aren't Bradys by blood..."????? And why didn't anyone question her trying to kidnap Brady, who isn't even "supposed" to be related to the Bradys????? Yikes, I was really hoping the replacement writers would try to infuse a little logic and common sense into the scripts, but I think they've just gotten worse!!!!

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Stephanie says she knows Morgan could have stopped the voting. Morgan says it's a democracy, "And besides, it is Super Tuesday, you know."

The preceding has been a public service announcement brought to you by Prevuze. Please get out and vote.

You bet I voted. I voted that DOOL dump the sorority storyline.

"I'm not the enemy," grunts Bo. Suddenly, John moves away. They stare at each other.

"Kill me," says John.

Where’s a speeding car when you really need one? A second crunchification most certainly would do the trick. With Stefano making like a vegetable, John might even remain dead. Actually, if he keeps smoking and drinking, we could all be witnesses to John having “the big one”.

Great photos, great Prevuze!!!

8:01 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I think Shirley Jones did a great job with her Irish brogue! My grandparents were born and raised in Ireland and I was amazed at how much Shirley sounded like my grandmother.

Maybe she is your grandmother. She seems to be just about everybody else's.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Applecheeks said...

What an absolutely fabulous Prevuze!! We've had it all in my neck of the woods this morning - thunder, lightening, rain, snow, sleet (even some hail) - and all I could do is sit here and LMAO.

First, I found this gem on YouTube (warning, do not watch this at work if you can't safely laugh like a hyena or if you would get in trouble watching YouTube): CLICK HERE.

Then there was Prevuze itself. The pictures cracked me up, especially the DIY frontal lobotomy and/or nose job.

Just when I thought I had myself under control I got to Marlena tells the story of her introduction to the door. Just writing this got me going again.

I would have loved to have seen Colleen sophisticated, rich, and a match for Stephano. She could have come back to Salem and with her son, Jawn, turned Basic Black into a juggernaught against both the Dimera dynasty and Kiriakis empire. (I find it interesting that Colleen was supposedly successful in the garmet industry and Basic Black started out as a fashion company. Like mother, like son?)

Stephanie wonders why Morgan is doing this. I can answer this for you, honey. The producers want to get rid of the extra cost of the actresses playing the sorority SL.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I sense another recycled script opportunity with Ho and Dope in isolation ala Payla. Grrooaann.

Thanks, Prevuze, for the PSA it's Super Tuesday. Which brings up another topic - has DOOL ever ventured into the world of politics? I mean come on! Some of our favorite Salemites would make great candidates. Imagine some of the slogans - "JOHN BLACK FOR SENATOR. FROM PRIESTS TO ROBOTIC ASSASINS I CAN IDENTIFY WITH PRACTICALLY EVERYONE." I'm sure Prevuze and its readers can come up with some doozies.

And today's Prevuze was a doozy! Loved Marlena's brains on the door and the pictures, too. HAHAHA Thanks! :D

10:06 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Chels and Steph haven't been initiated yet, so really, they can be dropped like a hot potato.

Are they going to have a vote with the whole sorority or just the gals involved with the fracas?

Why is Hope feeling dizzy? Kayla is pregnant and Bo is the one with the terminal illness, right?

Why does everyone in Salem go to the hospital for checkups? My doctors have offices. I only go to the hospital for emergencies or surgery.

And in fact, that short short outfit that the nurse was wearing when John was in hospital is in TV land only. I was in hospital recently and all the nurses, techs, etc. wore scrubs and pants.

Shawn looks older than Colleen.

Didn't John undergo a DNA test when he discovered Tony was his bro? How was that explained away? Were the Alamains in Argentina or did they pick Ryan out of a book and he was sent to Europe where they lived?

I want Belle to stay. It's so stupid that they fired her since she just found out she's a DiMera! Think of all the story we could have. I'll also miss Billie. They never really gave her a good story. Won't miss Shawn or Kate.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I think the actress who plays Steph should have been cast as nuAbby and then she could have had a romance with Max. Then cast someone else (blonde, blue eyed) as Steph. Chels and Abs were already BFF and she could be the lynchpin between Chels and Steph, since they weren't friends before.

I just am really sad at the way things are going with Days. It seems like everytime they take one step forward, they take two steps back.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Applecheeks, that is the funniest thing I've ever seen on YouTube... The parts where they do it in fast repitition even made my daughter laugh (and she's NOT a 'Days' fan!)....
Thanks for the great clip! It's definately going on my 'favorites' list!

I think that by reading all of the post here today - that TPTB should be able to figure out what a lame job they did with these storylines!
It's a good thing the original writers have been let go - they'd CROAK if they had to come back in and clean up this huge mess the new writers have created.

I guess we the viewers are going to have to just flounder around - out here in 'tv-watching - land'!
But, as long as there's Prevuze, I think we'll all be ok!!!! LOL!!!
"Prevuze, you're our only hope!"

Thanks for all you do!
Great job to all of the picture makers too!

1:04 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Prevuze, you're our only hope!"

Somebody better raise the DOOL security level to red.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous em said...

I've been reading all the complaints about the fill-in writers, but frankly, these stories are no more lame than the usual fare.

And Prevuze remains stellar!

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the backache is a red herring. Bo and Hope are away from home, sleeping at an old, Irish Inn. The mattresses are probably 100 years old...no wonder they both have backaches!

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

(beating dead horse)
Once again, rape is not only what you see on Lifetime, just because EJ gave her a 'choice' doesn't mean it wasn't rape. I don't care who Sami ends with at the moment but lets just call a spade a spade. It's as much as a choice as is paying taxes.
(/beating dead horse)

What an incredibly tacky way to get rid of other girls. I'd rather keep Morgan, or anyone who isn't a (secret) Carver/Brady/DiMera.
C'mon Salem, lets enrich the gene pool!!

I can see a teenage Ciara dating an older fellow who turns out to be Zack. You know, the DiMera's had him. He's a new 'Soldier'.

She asks, "Is there any chance of you and Belle getting back together, even though I am the one who practically single-handedly drove you apart? "

John, about to commit murder, suicide, and then murder again. Then he smokes a cigar like it's 'no biggie'?? AND they let him walk around without cuffs or restraints of some kind!?

Can't believe they wouldn't have Sami and Ej meet Colleen at all since they're supposedly the reincarnated forms of the star-crossed fools.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Yes, it would be interesting for Colleen to see EJ since he is a twin for Santo.

8:25 AM  

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