Monday, February 11, 2008

A Moment's Indiscretion

Shawn buckles Claire's seatbelt and tells her it was just a little bump caused by the wings falling off. Bo reassures Hope. He's sure things will be OK.

"Whatever you say," says Hope

Kayla asks, "Pop, are you OK?"

"Why wouldn't I be," asks OMB.

"Well," says Patch, "It was a pretty good bump."

"I know," says OMB, "but I only hit my head, so there was no damage."

Chloe works her fingers, "I'm a little freaked out."

Phillip tries to comfort her. He thinks it was nothing, "If we hit another bump I'll eat my words."

"A lot of good that does me," says Chloe.

Marlena suggests John talk to the pilot. John gives her a technical rundown of what he thinks happened. Marlena thinks it's strange he can remember all that, but not remember her, "Your memory comes and goes."

"I don't know why I would know all that gobbledygook about converging air masses," says John.

"Because you're a pilot."


Victor reaches down toward the snow-covered ground and picks a budding tulip. Caroline finds him. Victor gives her his technical assessment of the tulip. Caroline didn't know he knew so much about tulips, "I can see your soft side."

"That's because I didn't wear a hat," says Victor.

Caroline thinks Victor has a soft side for Bo, too. Victor admires the job OMB did on Bo.

"You're Bo's blood," says Caroline, "Nothing can take that away." She tells him about OMB and Colleen. She says on his last phone call OMB sounded troubled.

The plane bucks again. The pilot wants to get permission to descend. The copilot says the controls are mushy.

John comes in and asks if they can go under the weather. The pilot isn't so sure weather is the problem. "Are you insinuating there is a malfunction with my aircraft," asks John.

"Nothing that hitting the earth at 600 mph won't cure," says the pilot.

Chloe tightens her seat belt and insists she's fine. Phillip thinks she's not fine, "Is it the flight, or Brady that's bothering you?"

"It's you that's bothering me," says Chloe. Phillip tries to reassure her about the flight, Brady too.

Belle tells Claire thinks will be OK, "You wanted a smooth flight and now things are smooth. Daddy can do anything."

"Can he find a parachute," asks Claire.

Patch tells OMB to rest. Kayla thinks it's been a heck of a trip. Steve takes her hand, "I'm sorry about all this, baby."

Marlena tells Bo John is talking to the pilot. Hope thinks Bo looks tense. She asks about his back and says she's decided when she gets back she's going for a massage. "I'll give you a massage," says His Horniness.

"Tell me more," says Marlena.

"I think we'd better stop with the part where I give her a massage," says Bo. Hope leaves her seat.

Marlena wants to know what's going on. Bo says, "There is something I have to talk to Hope about. It's not good news."

Marlena asks, "What is it Bo? Maybe I can butt in."

Bo says, "I have to tell her again that I can't tell her what I have to tell her."

Kate sits on a park bench and weeps. Roman finds her. He offers a handkerchief. Kate says she's worried about Lucas. Roman says, "He didn't have to plead guilty, but he's a good man. Dumb but good. At least he took responsibility and I admire that." Kate just knows Roman can help him.

Bo thanks Marlena for her concern but says he just has to think things through. He prefers to keep it to himself.

Hope is with Belle and Shawn, "You're a brave little girl. And so are you, Claire." Belle notices Marlena and Bo talking.

Hope leaves and sits with Kayla, "Enough with the secrets."

Marlena thinks John has been gone too long.

"The instruments aren't responding," says the pilot, "This bus is getting harder to fly." John knows they will do their best.

Chloe wonders just how Phillip can be so sure Brady is OK. He says he is sure of that just like he is sure Chloe didn't have anything to do with his disappearance. She thinks he's in the minority on that. "We'll find Brady," says Phillip, "If I have to kick butt, I will. I'll use my good leg."

Belle and Shawn reassure Claire.

John asks about the situation. "It feels like I'm wrestling with a bucket full of pudding," says the pilot, "We'll do our best to keep your family safe."

"Just how are you going to do that," asks John.

"I'm not exactly sure," says the pilot, "but it definitely involves getting them off this doomed plane."

Hope wants to know what's wrong. Kayla asks what Bo told her. Hope says Bo said to trust him. Kayla thinks that's good advice and tells her everything will be OK. Hope says she hopes so and leaves. Patch asks why she told her everything will be OK when it won't be. "Because I hope it will be," says Kayla, "Besides, after this plane tanks, we won't care anyway."

Victor gives Caroline the tulip. A cop comes up and gives him a ticket for destroying park property. Victor claims Caroline picked the flower. Chelsea walks up. She can't believe she has discovered her grandparents together. She figures this is a good time to ask a few questions, "So how did you guys end up having my dad."

Caroline and Victor aren't sure they should say. Chelsea asks, "Wouldn't you rather me hear it from you than someone else."

"We can give you the short version," says Caroline, "If you want all the details, you'll have to wait until Hope gets back."

John has taken the pilot's seat, "We need to take her down."

"Don't you think we should wait until we get to an airport," asks the co-pilot. He tells John they have clearance for Reykjavik but doesn't think they will make it. He gets on the radio, "Hawker tango four three niner. Can anyone out there read me? Radio check."

He hears nothing except a faint, "Ten-four, good buddy."

"No radio," says John, "Just perfect."

Bo and Marlena think John's pow wow is lasting too long.

Chloe asks how many times Phillip has been in love. "Probably the same number as you," says Phillip.

"I loved Brady," says Chloe.

"Loved," asks Phillip.


"I loved Belle," says Phillip.

"Loved," asks Chloe.

"Let's leave it at that," says Phillip.

"You and I were together for a while," says Chloe, "So how many times have you been in love?"

"The same number as you."

Shawn thinks Claire is beautiful, just like her mother, "A lot smarter, though."

The co-pilot isn't receiving any transmissions form Hoffman Airport. John sits and looks at the controls, "Doc, you're right. I was a pilot. No ATIS transmission. Not a good thing."

The pilot stands behind John and says he thinks there is no emergency yet, "It's all fly by wire."

John says, "I'm gonna try something." He stands up, "Your plane."

Roman says there is nothing he can do. Kate begs. Roman thinks this hurts everybody. "It doesn't hurt EJ, does it," asks Kate. It just kills Roman that Lucas is being ripped away from his family. "What do you know about people being ripped out of your life," asks Kate.


"Oh, yeah," Kate rolls her eyes, "Marlena."

"Not just Marlena," says Roman.

John says he's going to go look for something to communicate with, "With any luck, it won't be a smoke signal."

John steps back into the cabin and asks to use Marlena's cell phone.


"Because I don't have one."

"They don't allow you to use cell phones on planes," says Hope.

"They make an exception right before you're about to take an ocean swim," says John, "Besides, it's my plane. I can do what I want." John takes the phone and goes back to the cabin. He can't get a signal. The co-pilot says nothing may work except a satellite phone. "Now I have to arouse suspicion," says John, "and go ask if anyone can get a signal."

Victor thinks Chelsea is a piece of work. "She has the Kiriakis blood," says Caroline, "Unfortunately, she has the Brady brain."

Neither of them regretted the result of what happened. Caroline gives the details of their little peccadillo. Victor chimes in. Caroline and Victor had the hots for each other. Out of self-defense, Victor went to Greece. Caroline and MAMB got married, Victor came back and Caroline went slumming.

Victor cleans it up a bit, "We had a moment's indiscretion." It broke his heart, but Victor went back to Greece. Then Caroline found out she was pregnant. She wrote a letter to MAMB but she never sent it. She kept the secret until Bo was an adult. Then, as luck and bad writing would have it, Bo was assigned to a case that involved Victor.

Caroline jumps in, "He had a gun pointed at Victor and was ready to kill him, when I screamed out, 'Don't shoot, he's your father!'"

"What happened then," asks Chelsea.

"Bo was furious with me," says Caroline, "so he shot me instead." MAMB was upset. Caroline insists OMB is Shawn's father and always will be, "And so is Victor. MAMB didn't leave because he was a forgiving and honorable man. And because he loved me."

"Who is MAMB," asks Chelsea.

"Middle aged man Brady."

OMB calls for Caroline. Kayla reminds him she isn't there. He can see her in a couple hours.

John steps out, holds up the dead cell phone and asks, "Is anyone receiving a signal." Panic abounds. Everyone wants to know what is wrong. John says it's just some trouble with the radio. Everyone checks, but no one can get a signal. "No big deal," says John. He holds up a piece of paper, "Does everyone have a will?"

The copilot comes out and almost imperceptibly motions to John. Then he takes out a megaphone and shouts, "We're losing cabin pressure."

"Are we gonna crash," screams Chloe.

"Let's put it this way," says John, "You'll never know what hits you."

Hope says she isn't worried because she is with Bo. Phillip goes for blankets.

Inside the cabin, the co-pilot says there has been a breach in the fuselage.

"Life's a breach and then you die," says John. John orders them to go to a lower altitude. He takes the co-pilot seat, "Let's just see what I remember." The pilot gives him control of the plane. "This is really gonna put a crimp in my cocktail hour," says John, "It's a good thing I've already had six martinis."

Roman apologizes, but says Lucas made his bed and has to lie in it. Roman will talk to the warden. Kate thinks Lucas will get chewed up in prison. Roman will try to convince the warden to put Lucas in a minimum-security section. Kate feels helpless. Roman says he cares about her and always will. He likes Lucas but wonders why he shot EJ. Kate dunno, but thinks she might be to blame partially. She apologizes for taking it out on Roman. "Don't you worry about it," says Roman.

The passengers shiver and cover up. Hope thinks there is something terribly wrong with the plane. "Yes," says Bo, "but we've got good men up front. John, too."

Patch goes up to the cabin to check things out. He listens to the crew talking. "At least we have our gages," says the pilot. Right on cue, the gauges go out.

"You just had to say it, didn't you," asks John. He suggests cutting fuel to one of the engines. They think it's a good idea. So they cut fuel to engines one and two. No response.

"Any other ideas," asks the pilot.

"Besides jumping," asks John.

Chloe and Phillip cuddle and shiver. Shawn tells Claire to think of the time they were at the beach when it was warm. "All I can remember is the time you threw me off that boat in the middle of the ocean," says Claire.

Hope doesn't think she's ever seen Bo look so nervous. Bo claims he's not nervous as long as he's with Hope.

John suggests dumping the fuel. Patch begs him not to do it. "Dump the fuel," orders John.

"NO," says Patch.

The pilot dumps. Nothing.

"Well dead eye," says John, "Why don't you go back there and give everybody the good news. We're going to be up here for a while and it will get colder."

Patch goes back and makes the grim announcement. "We're gonna be fine," says Bo. William Shatner sits beside him, "Gremlins! Gremlins! I'm not imagining it; he's out there! Don't look; he's not out there now. He jumps away whenever anyone might see him, except me."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Patch goes back and makes the grim announcement. "We're gonna be fine," says Bo. William Shatner sits beside him, "Gremlins! Gremlins! I'm not imagining it; he's out there! Don't look; he's not out there now. He jumps away whenever anyone might see him, except me."

Prevuze and DOOL are now entering the Twilight Zone but are Bo and Patch giving an acting performance as over the top as William Shatner?

Isn’t sex education taught at Salem High? I can’t believe no one has told Chelsea about visits from the stork.

Roman apologizes, but says Lucas made his bed and has to lie in it.

That’s not the real problem. It’s who will be lying in that bed with Lucas. Isn’t minimum security for white collar crimes? Silly me. Lucas shot a person wearing a white collar so that must make him eligible for the Martha Stewart style of incarceration. Maybe he’ll even leave prison with a poncho crocheted by one his buddies.

Thanks so much for the great Prevuze!! Looks like I’ll be zapping my way through most of this episode.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Someone needs to tell the replacement writing staff, enough with the "Bo is not a real Brady" explanation.
I think everyone gets it now.

Do we really need to have the visual of Caroline and Victor doing the dirty on the sly? *shudder*

And I agree Leslie, why did they need to explain ANY of this to Chelsea? She's not 5 years old after all.
She's 10.

And speaking of ENOUGH ALREADY Okay we get it, Hope is a nosy *itch. You don't have to shove it down our throats.

I kept waiting for her to pull out a pen and pad of paper and start taking notes. Her butting in is getting ridiculous.

I'm not so concerned about John remembering he's a pilot, I still think he's faking, but more with, WHERE did he get a big 'ol private jet??
When he and Marlena went to Canada to get that "miracle" drug to save Kayla, they were in a little single engine puddle jumper plane.

NOW he has a jet? And does anyone know what he does, or did, for a living??????? No, wait, I forgot, no one has to actually work in Salem. All the wealth and success is free for all.
Silly me.

New Blog today gang. Read, enjoy, comment.
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Yeah, at least Marlena will be OK since she has experience jumping out of planes.

Prevuze, you totally cracked me up today! Just a few of the great Prevuisms...MAMB, William Shatner and "Life's a breach and then you die." HAHAHAHAHA

Great way to get going on a Monday. Thanks! :D

6:57 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

About John's jet -- I believe it is the "Basic Black" jet. And when they flew to Canada for the "miracle cure", they couldn't take the jet because it couldn't land due to the weather. I think.

And just for the record, I think he's faking, too. That's why he was so adamant about not being given any drugs -- he was afraid he would slip up under their influence.

And unfortunately I think they're going to be reminding us that Bo is not a true Brady at least until Shelle are written off. Gotta make sure those people who tune in once a month get the big picture...

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I loved the brat having to wait for details until Hope gets back.

Why didn't Kayla tell Hope to leave her alone and get up and switch seats?

Wonderful Prevuze!

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

I must remember not to read Prevuze at work. I just burst out laughing at John asking "Does everyone have a will?" after he asked about the cell phones. Love 'MAMB' as well. Great Prevuze!!

Deb - jmo but I don't think the Caroline/Victor explanations are overkill. Many of today's viewers didn't watch in 86 and might be curious about what happened.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Deb, also, John's had a plane for years... the 1993 J&M plane scene took place on John's private jet.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Got a kick out of the Victor picture. I thought the same thing when I saw the previews of Chels asking how Victoline had Bo.

I understand that we'll be suffering through a flurry of "self-sacrifice" soon. Old people and "dying" passengers insisting on giving up their share of oxygen so others may live. [Oh, the anguish!] But, from the inside, that jet doesn't look large enough to be flying high enough for a lack of oxygen to be a problem.

Even if it was flying that high, can't they reduce altitude? Or, are they unable to fly lower? I couldn't tell from Prevuze.

Anyway, had a good time laughing my head off at all the pics and prevuisms today. Happy Monday!

8:01 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Thanks for making math fun . . . Lucas' 8-10 year prison = about 1 dog year. lol!

Lots of seat hopping on the plane. I guess no one really wants to sit with nosey Hope. Heck, none of them sound like good conversationalists today.

You know it's bad when John gets the best lines.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious Prevuze today! Thanks for posting!
Didn't John inherit his money from the Alamains when he supposedly found out he was 'Forest Alamain'?

10:46 AM  
Anonymous t67days said...

He gets on the radio, "Hawker tango four three niner. Can anyone out there read me? Radio check."

He hears nothing except a faint, "Ten-four, good buddy."

OMG, I nearly choked on that one!!!
Keep up the great work, Prevuze!

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Will shot EJ and Lucas is taking the rap for it. Anyone else suspect that?

11:15 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I think Chels should have asked Billie (or Hope) what happened between Vic and Caroline. I mean, if you want to get the gossip on relatives, you don't go to the relatives, you go to someone in the know. Especially asking about something as delicate as an affair.

Lucas is a good man? He shot someone. I don't consider that "good."

12:14 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Was this already posted? That Days fired their entire writing staff?

12:16 PM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

Yup... I'm with ya! Will shot EJ and that's why Lucas shuffled him out of the country so quickly.

Lucas likely went to the church the night of EJami's wedding after Will did the deed to clean up his mess. Foreshadowing on the cabin near the church full of fast food and junk wrappers. Will was getting some target practice in.

Yup - Lucas will be getting outta jail soon when this little bomb drops.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

Anyone speculating on who may have tampered with John's jet?

Does Stefano have his goons still on payroll?

GREAT Prevue's by the way... I post very seldom;y but ready EVERYDAY!! :-)


12:20 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I haven't been keeping up with my Prevuze or my viewing for that matter. But, did anybody else find the Colleen thing anticlimatic?

Everybody got to Ireland separately and now everyone is hitching a ride with John and Marlena? Did nobody buy a return ticket?

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I definitely think Will was the one who shot EJ.

We always complained about the old writers. But the scab writers do so with even less continuity and logic than the original ones. UGH!!!

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Marci said...

I not only found the Colleen scenes anticlimatic, but thought they could have done more with the story if they had kept her alive. I wanted to see her and Sami get together and I wanted to see her freak out when she met EJ and saw that he looked so much like Santo. I think Steve and Kayla must of bought a return ticket but didn't use it.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least the scab writers have an excuse....

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Apparently, the writer’s strike is just about over. I read an article that DOOL is being compelled to rehire the writing team they just dumped. This is going to be very interesting. First, will Hogan and his team want to return? What’s going to happen to the new teams’ storylines? There were all sorts of rumors about Ejami/Lumi. One being that when Lucas went up the river he was not supposed to make a return trip. I also thought Lexie wasn’t supposed to reappear but she’s back. Hogan and Higley obviously had different view points on both those plot developments. Well, so much for continuity.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous em said...

LOL! That's true!

Everybody got to Ireland separately and now everyone is hitching a ride with John and Marlena? Did nobody buy a return ticket?

Days went green (again) for this episode.

I complained about the energy waste of the two-by-two passage over to Ireland, so I was pleased at this turn.

2:26 PM  

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