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We peer down the street of a quaint Irish village. The text of the bottom of the screen reads, "NEW ROSS," as if we haven't figured that out after they've been in New Ross for days. Chloe asks if Phillip knew Colleen wanted to gather everyone to announce she was dying. He didn't. They discuss the cruel irony.

The Colleen deathwatch is in full swing as she sits on her bed looking fit as a fiddle. OMB whines, "There has to be something we can do."

"Let us get you back to Salem or Dublin or someplace," says Kayla, "You need to be in a first rate hospital."

"If it's a first rate hospital I'll be needin'," says Colleen, "We'd best not be goin' ta Salem."

She tells them she has had cancer for years, so there isn't much anyone can do. They all beg her not to give up. "I'm not givin' up," vows the strong old woman. She promptly gives up. She says she wanted to see all of them before she kicks off, and the best way to accomplish that was to scare the bejabbers out of them and kidnap Claire.

Chloe asks if Phillip is upset because Shawn and Belle didn't want him to watch Claire. He says not at all, as he gets a call from Lexie. She says she's been trying to reach Kayla. Phillip fills her in on the latest news from New Ross. One gasp follows another as Phillip weaves the tale, but doesn't go so far as to tell her John is Colleen's son. Phillip asks what her call is about.

OMB thinks God wouldn't be this cruel to bring them all together just to have Colleen die. "God isn't cruel but fate can be," says Colleen.

John mutters, "What's the difference?"

"It's God you trust," says Colleen, "Some think it's all predestined. But you get what you have earned. Ye reap what ye've sewn."

John drones, "Then you're pretty much damned for being a liar and betraying your sacred vows to God, aren't ya?"

OMB goes into a rage. Bo tells John he's out of line. John says he's just trying to understand why Colleen punished her lover, "Weren't you about to marry God when you conceived your bastard son – me?" Colleen says he is right to hate her.

"I don't care enough about you to hate you," says John, "I'm just disappointed I didn't kill you." OMB practically has a stroke. The crowd piles on John and tells him to back off. He tells them Colleen is the one who is being cruel.

Marlena thinks Colleen wants forgiveness. John wants to know what she has done to earn it. He thinks she was cruel to dump Santo.

"I loved Santo enough to let him go," says the spry old coot.

"I know that kind of love," says Marlena Evans Craig Brady Bradford Black North Black, "I've loved countless men enough to let them go."

John doesn't want to be compared to Santo. Colleen says he is nothing like him, "I pray someday you might be."

Marlena jumps in, "He better not. He'll really regret it if he leaves me to go play around with some nun while he lies to her and tells her I'm dead."

Lexie tells Phillip this is personal. She needs to speak to Kayla tout de suite. Phillip will deliver the message. He hangs up and tells Chloe he doesn't know what it was about. He says he tends to forget Lexie was a DiMera, "That makes her John's niece. It's a good thing I didn't tell her that. That kind of news would be better if it came from John."

Belle jumps to John's defense, "He's really a very thoughtful and loving person."

"Yeah," mocks John, "Trustworthy... loyal... helpful... I'm a real Boy Scout." OMB wants John to leave if he is going to mock her last moments on earth. He points out Santo couldn't leave his wife.

John sneers, "So he just cheated on her instead." He turns to Colleen, who looks like the healthiest woman in the room, "You think you did us a favor by faking your death? In reality, you caused all the pain. Stefano spent a lifetime punishing the Bradys because Santo became a bitter man."

Colleen thinks things would have been different with Stefano if he had learned to love like Santo loved. Colleen thinks Santo's kindness is somewhere deep inside John. Marlena agrees. John doesn't, "I don't want to be that man."

OMB jumps in, "Do you have to be so cruel?"

Colleen says, "He does, Shawny, because he's terrified." She turns to John, "What you are now is pretty much what you're going to be forever. That would scare the living hell out of me."

John thinks, "Well, what I am now is – married to Marlena. That scares the living hell out of me, too."

Lexie is on the phone confirming the test results. She sighs and orders more, but needs blood. She says she realizes this could be fatal and insists she is working on getting the patient back, "If we can get him back in Salem under my care, that will finish him off for sure."

Phillip and Chloe talk about death. "I saw it on the battlefield," says Phillip, "with my other face. I thought I was dying. There was no comfort. Only panic, pain and fear. I imagined I was back home with Belle.

Chloe wonders if he felt fear because it wasn't really his time to die. She thinks maybe when it's time, you accept it and feel peace. Phillip hopes Colleen is finding peace.

"Dying doesn't frighten me at all," says Colleen, "Especially when it means I will get away from this crackpot family. No... I'm not afeered at all."

John sneers, "That's because of the pain meds. Can you spare some of them? "

Colleen calls Belle over, "Bring your handsome husband."

"I divorced him," says Belle, "I'll bring Shawn instead."

Colleen says they are the future of her family. "God help us all," mumbles the family in unison.

"Never forget who you are and where you come from," says Colleen, "Goodbye." Hugs.

"Just one question," says Shawn, "If it's so important to know who you are and where you came from, why did you let John twist in the wind all these years."

"Mind yer own business, sonny," says Colleen.
They vow not to let her down and leave.

Now it's Bo's turn. She tells him he has the Brady spirit even though he's not really a Brady, "I heard you were occasionally a pain in the arse.... As were you Shawny when you were little."

Hope's turn. "Hope, stand by your man. I know you will have a long and happy life. Take care of Shawny."

OMB breaks down, "I don't want to lose ye."

Kayla's turn. They share smiles and hugs and saccharine advice. "I wish there were something I could do," says Kayla, "I wish I knew a good doctor."

Marlena's turn. Colleen says, "I know you are the tower of strength in this family."

"God help us all," mumbles the family in unison. Colleen knows she will do what she can to keep the family together.

Shawny and John's turn. Colleen asks for time alone with them. We have a serial hug as one by one, family members walk up to her and say goodbye. Frankly, the old bat looks like she could run out and swim the English Channel.

On the way out, Belle gives John the warrior woman medallion, "You can give it to Sami. It will mean a lot to her."

As Belle leaves, John tosses it in the wastebasket. Then he takes Marlena aside and asks, "How much time does she have?"

Marlena stares, "Well, the show is only half over."

Phillip is on the phone with Patch. He tells him they can talk later but doesn't mention Lexie's call. Phillip hangs up and Chloe says she thinks he should have told Patch about Lexie's call. Phillip gets snappy with her. He says he's edgy wondering what is going on up there.

Outside the room of death, Belle says she thinks Colleen is an amazing woman. Hope thought she knew her from reading her letters, "She is so much more than the lovesick girl we knew from reading them." They all agree Sami should be there. They all also collectively worry about OMB.

Inside, Colleen whines, "Shawny... Shawny... Shawny... Shawny... Shawny... Shawny..."

"Give it a rest," says Shawny.

Marlena digs the medallion out of the wastebasket. OMB says he regrets ever telling their father Santo was married. He doesn't know how she can forgive him. She thinks she is the one who needs forgiveness. The writers are the ones who need forgiveness.

John rolls his eyes. Grab a shovel, folks – It gets deep. Marlena starts to escort Shawn out. John yawns. Colleen's dying wish is to hold her son. She begs. John stares. Finally he walks over to her. He turns his back to her and sits down. Colleen hugs. Marlena breaks down.

Phillip tells Chloe he thinks it's strange they haven't heard about Brady. He thinks it's odd they haven't had any ransom requests. He asks if Brady had enemies. Chloe says no. Phillip doesn't think Stefano did this. Whoever it was had something to gain from his disappearance, "We just have to figure out who and what they had to gain."

Inside Colleen's room, the great transformation takes place. She goes from being Ma Partridge with a few years on her to a wilted vegetable about to take her last breath.

Marlena comes out of the room, "I think you should all come back in. It won't be long now."

They all march in to the death chamber. Colleen, who was the picture of health two minutes ago, grasps John and begs him to hold her one last time. John puts his arm around her. Colleen can barely get it out, "I... have... to... rest... now..."

John looks down and lets go. He feels her face and lets her collapse into the bed. Bo helps OMB stagger to her side. OMB kisses her forehead and Bo pulls shim away. Bo covers the body. John stares the stare of the damned.

The group comes downstairs. OMB can't believe she's really gone. He thinks spending their lives apart was unnecessary. Belle asks Phillip about Claire. "Steve took her for a beer," says Phillip. He walks over to give Lexie's message to Kayla.

Chloe goes to make tea so Shawn and Belle can have some time alone, "You need each other right now."

Belle tells Shawn Chloe is right. They do need each other right now. Brainiac asks, "I don't know if we're back together, are we?"

Phillip expresses his condolences. OMB is beside himself, "Me sister's dead. I've lost her a second time."

"Don't worry," says Bo, "In Salem the average is about seven times before you're really gone."

Phillip tells Kayla Lexie called.

John stands at the foot of Colleen's bed. Marlena asks him what he is feeling. "That's a question only a shrink would ask," says John, "My mother is dead. What should I be feeling?"

"Sadness, grief, anger love..."

"None of the above," says John, "I feel... like calling that jet and getting the hell out of here." John takes one last look as they start to go. Marlena asks what's going on. "Nothing," says John.

Marlena thinks that's not true, "Are you remembering?" John stares.

Shawn asks, "Do you want us to be together? Do you think we can make it work?" Belle hopes this experience can be a new beginning for them. Shawn decides he isn't angry anymore. He and Phillip have made their peace, but he doesn't know if he can forget what has happened. That's all Belle can ask. He takes her hand as Phillip watches.

Kayla calls Lexie. Lexie is so happy they found Colleen alive. Kayla bursts that balloon for her. Lexie says she has some bad news herself, "It could be worse than we expected. I need more tests ASAP." Kayla tells her Bo knows but Hope doesn't. Lexie says Hope has to know right away, "And... This may not be the best time to tell you, but there is some good news. Remember all the blood work you had done before you left? You are pregnant." Kayla chuckles.

John says he isn't remembering anything, "Let's go." Marlena walks out, making sure John is nowhere near her as she opens the door. John shuts the door behind her and locks it. Inside, John approaches Colleen's bed and uncovers her body. He stares and then says, "Goodbye, Mom." He kisses her forehead, wipes away a single tear, sits beside her on the bed and contemplates.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Ellie said...

What a Prevuze! Love the Belle "I divorced him" line and Marlena's telling Colleen that Colleen has half a show left to live. Must be hard to keep up the will to live when you know you'll only be on for six episodes.

Does sound like a great show though! I'm glad John gets emotional over his "Ma's" death.

(Oh - and love the Marlena names!!) ;)

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

John drones, "Then you're pretty much damned for being a liar and betraying your sacred vows to God, aren't ya?"

Everyone is so horrified about Colleen betraying her vows. Rubbish. My aunt, the retired nun, would be about the same age as Colleen so I asked her about the steps to becoming a certified nun. Mind you, I was driving a car at the time so I couldn’t take notes. I also did not tell her that I was checking the accuracy of a silly soap opera. She would have laughed at me. There are several steps before becoming a novice but a woman does not take her final vows until six years after being a novice. My aunt told me could have walked away at anytime before taking her final vows.

Oh, good, we’re in for another maudlin death bed scene. Did they pull out the script from John’s death bed scene? We even get more of John acting like a pill, and he doesn’t do a very good job of it. Who knew I would be missing the squinting. At least that was an expression.

They all agree Sami should be there.

…and so do the viewers but because of the writer’s strike, she has a second job.

Very funny Prevuze and super pictures and captions!!!

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze, you are always good - but today I think you've out done yourself!!!!!
She thinks she is the one who needs forgiveness. The writers are the ones who need forgiveness.

On the way out, Belle gives John the warrior woman medallion, "You can give it to Sami. It will mean a lot to her."

AS OPPOSED TO NOT MEANING ALOT TO BELLE?-What an ungrateful little wretch!!! Didn't Colleen give this to Belle as a symbol of 'strength'?

Colleen is dead and Sami and EJ NEVER even got to meet her? They were the one's who this whole thing was 'portrayed' around'. Remember Sami almost idlizing her from those letter? DUMB MISTAKE THERE!!!!!!

And WTH?
At the beginning of the show:
Chloe asks if Phillip is upset because Shawn and Belle didn't want him to watch Claire. He says not at all, etc…

At the end of the show:
Belle asks Phillip about Claire. "Steve took her for a beer," says Phillip.

Is Claire now roaming the streets of New Ross? If you just got your daughter back I would think you wouldn't let her out of your sight... I guess because 'Crystal took such good care of her'... OMG...everytime I hear that I just think to myself 'If someone ripped my daughter out of my arms and took her half-way around the world, I'd be hunting that witch down and beating on her!!!' Ok, maybe I'd just call the cops. 'Well, considering it would be the SPD - yea, I'd hunt her down!!!!

What are Phillip and Chloe still doing there anyway???? How stupid is it to have them both just 'hovering' around Shawn and Bell? And now Shawn is gonna take Belle back like nothing??? Those two need some serious counseling, AND NOT BY Belle's LOONY-TOON mother...
Oh well... seems like a waste to hire Shirley Jones for her short appearance time, (they could have made Sami up in makeup and saved a bundle of money!). But all in all - might be worth watching just for the final scene with John breaking down!
Thanks Prevuze! Keep up the GREAT work!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous em said...

It's been a while since we've visited my favorite topic with a Prevuze: Two-face . . .

I saw it on the battlefield," says Phillip, "with my other face.

And yeah, yeah, very touching scene at the very end with John. Will be watching to see if he emotes. I can't tell any difference whether he's in a coma, brainwashed or acting.

But I don't know how I'll be able to tolerate the mystery (fatal) illness storyline which will surely drag on to a near-death scene with Bo & Hope. Blah!

6:32 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I keep asking the same damn thing.
Why wasn't Sami there? And EJ? I would have loved to have seen Colleen's reaction to him, looking like Santo and all.

If Sami could leave the babies 24 hours after they were born to go romp and then divorce Lucas in some tropical paradise, why can't she leave them long enough to go meet the long lost Aunt who was responsible for the big mess she's in right now.

Hello? If it wasn't for Colleen's torrid little affair with Santo, Sami wouldn't be married to EJ right now, and Lucas wouldn't be in jail and oh whatever.

New blog today gang. Hope you like it.
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

6:32 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Oh, and I agree: How could the writers have possibly missed the opportunity for Sami (or SamI & EJ) to meet Colleen?!!

Surely, there was one more private jet left in Salem.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Yup, having EJ walk in and Colleen say "Santo!" in moments before her death and then talking to Sami about loving him would have been the way to really kick off their romance. They really blew it.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will just pick two of all the inconsistencies and illogical situations today:

"In reality, you caused all the pain. Stefano spent a lifetime punishing the Bradys because Santo became a bitter man." - how would John know this, I thought he had no memory!

And, how would Colleen know that Bo wasn't really a Brady by blood??? Did I miss where either of these things were explained?

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Since they had young Colleen haunting Sami (say, how could she do that when she wasn't dead??) maybe as a way to get them in a scene together will be for old-actually-dead Colleen to haunt her.

I think that's a hoot that Jawn pitched the medallion in the trash.

Also loved the "I divorced him" comment by Belle responding to Colleen calling for her handsome husband. How true!! HAHAHHA

Great Prevuze to warm the cockles of our hearts on a snowy cold morning!

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I keep asking the same damn thing.
Why wasn't Sami there? And EJ? I would have loved to have seen Colleen's reaction to him, looking like Santo and all.

Hmmm….who would you like to have hugging you on your death bed? EJ or John? It sure wouldn’t be John.

7:59 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Okay, who thinks Colleen's "death" is just a ruse so that when Stefano comes out of his "catatonic state" (which we all know he will!) he will think she really IS dead and she can continue to exact revenge on him?

Chelsea's getting good at getting away with murder, why can't Colleen be getting good at faking her own death?

BTW Leslie, I agree with you 100% about whose arms I want around me on MY deathbed!!!!

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't someone post a "spoiler" a while ago that said that John was faking this whole not remembering thing?? It's starting to make more sense.(I know, I know nothing on DROOL makes much sense) I think Colleen arranged for John to be "hit". The bigger question is, how long are they going to drag this crap on?? Good grief, this was a summer storyline!! Summer is waaaaay over!!


8:12 AM  
Anonymous em said...

This needs to be a poll:

Hmmm….who would you like to have hugging you on your death bed? EJ or John?

Sign me up to make it three for EJ!

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EJ all the way!!!!

And, EJ and Philip are the only attractive men on this show. They need to hire more hot men for leading roles and make the show more about relationships, romance, etc! THAT is what Soaps are all about!

8:39 AM  
Blogger ~*Robin said...

I hear you all about the attractive men. I miss Austin...he was so tall and good looking. Mmmmmm. But since he is not one of the choices, I will go with EJ's arms around me.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous I challenge you to a DOOL said...

Prevuze, thank you for posting the end of the show along with the "coming up next" on Prevuze II. Did anyone else notice secretly-saddened-Jawn touched his eye, looked at his tear on his finger, then licked his finger? Do you think that move was scripted, or imrpov?

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ewwww, I'm thinking...'eye boogie'
YUCK!!!! Why didn't they just show a closer look of the tear 'streaming down his face'?


P.S. - all the way with E.J.'s arms! (Totally agree about Phillip & E.J. are the cutest on the show!) -Phillip - YUMMY - oh... sorry! Back to work!

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My vote is for EJ's arms!

I also like Phillip and Max.

Thank you Prevuze - looking forward to tomorrows!

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Jess said... it just me, or is this whole "Colleen being John's Mother" kind
That means Belle and Shawn are actually related now, like 1st cousin once removed or something(is that even legal)???
It's a bit unsettling to me anyway...

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn is not a Brady by blood so yes, his marriage to Belle is perfectly legal and they are not related.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the scene with John licking the tear from his finger was to show that it's unfamiliar to him. He is a man with no memory and no emotions; how would he know what's happening? He did what a child does...he tasted the tear to better understand what it was.

This John reminds me of Frankenstein's Monster, the way he experiences things. I just hope he doesn't end up cutting someone open to see what's inside....

12:04 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

"This John reminds me of Frankenstein's Monster..."

Maybe THAT'S where Ciara has been -- John threw her into the wishing well when they ran out of daisy petals ...

12:07 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

EJ definitely!!!!

[i]Colleen says they [Shelle] are the future of her family,[/i] but not the future of the show so you'll be sailing into the sunset pronto.

The writers have missed a lot of boats. EJ and Sami should definitely have been there. I'm sure whoever is babysitting Ciara could have handled Allie and Johnny too.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Been digging out from under a snow storm today, so I'm late to the party. But what a shindig!! Not much left to mention about the pictures & prevuisms that haven't been commented on before. They were all great.

I'm actually getting a kick out of Jawn. His deadpan, sarcastic remarks are a hoot. Whether they are meant that way is another thing of course.

I hope cfish is right and Colleen's death is going to have been faked as well. Missing the chance to bring Ejami face-to-face with her should be a criminal offense.

LOL at all of Prevuze's references to Colleen looking hale and hearty right up to the last two minutes. I've been thinking the same thing - she hale, hearty, dead. Just like that!

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Colleen dead? Just like that.
Just like that.

Well I'm officially disappointed. I wanted Colleen to be around for longer, and this vendetta crap wrapped up months ago. Ever since Stefano stated his father wished to destroy the Brady's we pretty much knew the truth. Nothing has been revealed.

Re death: John is simply saying all the things everybody wants to say or is thinking but is too polite to say. He's simply an outlet.

Oh I see, Lexie can't tell Phillip, secrets; someone is currently on the fence with the Brady's, but she can tell EJ; a man who the family despises some of them.

Still, no Ejami?? That's such a bad move. I don't know what to say. Maybe they should bring forth a dying Santo who spends his last moments with Theta girls.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Can we discuss how John, after he wipes away his single tear (oh brother), then LICKS it off his finger and looks confused? He LICKS it. I'm sorry, but what the - what a freaking freak.

Are we supposed to think he's a robot or something? Is John the Terminator and he has forgotten what tears are?

Holy stupid. HOLY STUPID WRITERS. My gosh.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Oh, I see it was discussed, sorry.

Anon - sorry, but I don't buy it. We're not seeing him running around confused about the snot in his nose, or wondering how to pee. He has functional memory.

The writers are just - dumb.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Maybe John was just confused about his "emotions", not that fact that he had a tear come out of his eye.

Cousins can marry legally in some or most states, not sure of the statistics but it's not unheard of.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous mudcat said...

I have also been wondering why Sami and EJ were not given the opportunity to meet Colleen. Given the buildup to the sl, THEY should have been the ones to 'find' her; Colleen could have just as easily kidnapped one or both of the twins as opposed to Claire...
And maybe I'm missing something in only reading the recaps, but no one wondered why Belle gave the medallion to John to give to Sami? We know Martha is off the show but has it been explained yet why Belle would not be able to give it to Sami herself?

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze - unbelievably good - I don't see how you can ever top this one. Though you always manage to somehow.

Now in what world does some copy from some podunk midwest town get to call NORAD. I'm sorry, but the situation on the ground was less believeable that the flying cra@#$# story.

I'm actually one storey below sea level now. I must be sane though - I don't watch DOOL - I read prevuze!

12:56 PM  

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