Monday, January 28, 2008

Freezing His Asssss... pirations Off

Steve comes into the hospital and is shocked to find Kayla at work. She asks if he's all right. "No," he whispers, "Our baby girl. She was raped. I couldn't protect her. I want to kill the SOB who did that, but he's already dead. No, I'm not all right."

Bo and Hope are at the cop shop. They thought they would check in with Abe before they go to Ireland. Abe doesn't give a flying leap where they are going, as long as it's out of town. Abe says Interpol is tracking Claire in Ireland. They aren't moving in because Brady is also a prisoner. Hope says, "Hopefully we'll find out who's behind all this once we get to Ireland."

Bo says, "God knows what else we will find once we get there."

Hope says, "A plot, maybe?"

Anna tells Tony they could have stayed in their hotel instead of coming to the pub. Tony is in the mood for some good old-fashioned home cooking. Since he can't get that, he'll settle for the swill they serve at the pub. She tries to interest Tony in some good old-fashioned room service. Tony thinks that might do for dessert. They both think hopping around the Mediterranean together was wonderful. Neither wanted to end the vacation, but all good things must come to an end. Bad things, like DOOL, just keep going and going and going... She thinks their past mistakes may be why they are so good together.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," says Tony.

"Then you must be superman," says Anna.

Tony announces, "I'm going to do something... but it shouldn't come as a total surprise to you."

Caroline joins them and mercifully ends the small talk. Caroline just doesn't know where start to tell them what's been going on in town since they left, but the little trooper somehow finds a way to start yapping about it.

The cop guarding Stefano's room fills Roman in on Stefano's condition.

Marlena says she knows what John's mission is. He insists he's not going to kill someone. Marlena can't be sure. She says they will do this her way, not his. Marlena knows Stefano programmed John to complete his mission no matter what. John remembers Stefano's words, "I'm not a killer, Doc."

Marlena says, "Don't knock it until you've tried it. But you are a liar, and on this show, that's a lot worse than being a killer."

Abe says as soon as Bo and Hope get back Hope's reinstatement is good to go. She has to get a physical first. They try to convince Bo to see a doctor also, since his annual physical is due. "It's bad luck to see a doctor if you're not sick," says Bo, "Unless the doctor is Lexie, and then it's bad luck to see a doctor even if you are sick." They leave and Abe makes a call.

The doctor says it appears Stefano had a massive stroke. Roman asks if Marlena is in the hospital. "She's up in the psych ward," says the cop, "...where she belongs." Roman orders the guard to watch Stefano 24/7 and leaves.

Kayla begs Patch not to do anything he would regret. "But we're already married," says Patch. He totally wigs out. He thinks Stephanie will be scarred for the rest of her life. Kayla reminds him Stephanie has their support and the worst thing Patch can do is to react with hate. He knows better than to let Stephanie see it but, by gum, he's going to react with hate. Kayla gets a page. Patch says he will be OK. Kayla leaves. Patch agonizes.

Caroline fills Tony and Anna in on Claire's kidnapping. She leaves. Anna asks if Tony thinks Stefano is involved. Tony thinks he's involved somehow. He will put out some feelers. He tells her he has a surprise for her. It's something that will make them both happy. Anna just can't believe it. Tony just doesn't know how to tell her. Anna can't contain herself, "Just say it, Tony."

Tony spills the beans, "I've decided I'm going to put down roots here in Salem." Anna beams. "I've bought a business," he announces. Anna practically hurls. He describes the business.

"Just what I always wanted – an advertising agency," says Anna. He says she seems disappointed. He wants to know what she was expecting. She walks off. Tony remains clueless.

Bo and Hope meet Kayla. They are there for their physicals. Bo is a bit embarrassed to have his sister examine him, so Kayla will find someone to look Bo over. Lexie comes up and volunteers. Bo runs for his life.

Kayla takes Hope into the examining room. Hope tells Kayla they are off to Ireland. Her busybody antenna pop up. She thinks Kayla seems distracted. "I'm worried about Steve," says Kayla. The excitement sends Hope's blood pressure through the roof.

Patch purposelessly staggers around the waiting area. Crawford comes in. Patch won't let him pass. He says he won't forgive Ford for what he did. Crawford reminds him Ford is dead. Patch says he won't even forgive him when he comes back to life. He defends the girls and accuses Crawford of using the dean to protect his son. Patch gets nasty. He thinks Ford deserved to die. Crawford reminds Patch he's protecting Stephanie and the other girls, who have committed murder. He just wants Ford's body back so they can give him a decent burial in a brand new water heater instead of that old junker. Patch thinks Crawford wants more – he thinks he also wants to make everyone pay. Crawford says that's right. Patch says he had a lousy father. He knows about lousy fathers and he knows Crawford didn't care about his son or he would have realized what kind of person he was. Instead he let Ford hurt all those girls. Crawford says the sorority girls are responsible and will pay. Patch goes macho, "You have no idea who you are dealing with."

"Neither do you." Crawford storms off.

The doctor orders every test in the book for Stefano, "Something caused this and I'm determined to find out what it is."

Stefano thinks, "Marlena Evans did this to me. You have to learn the truth so that you can help me."

John can't believe Marlena thinks he would lie. Marlena thinks he would say anything to escape. John brings up Obbin. He says he told her about that because he trusts her. He promises he won't hurt her as long as she helps him.

Roman comes in and asks to talk to Marlena in private. They go outside. John smirks.

Tony tries to mop up. Anna wants to be left alone, "You mean to tell me you have no clue?"

Tony is clueless, all right, "I'm thinking."

"Think harder."

Tony thinks she's upset because he didn't consult her before he made his business plans. Anna rants. He planned things without thinking of her. She wishes him the best and storms out.

Roman tells Marlena about Stefano.

Marlena asks if Roman thinks she did something more than give Stefano truth serum. Roman couldn't put two and two together with a computer. Marlena defends herself and Roman drops the subject, "No more questions or accusations." She hugs him and asks about Stefano's whereabouts. Roman fills her in. "Well," says Marlena, "Don't expect any improvement in his condition."

"Sure," says Roman, "Now, back to that math problem... Two plus two is... carry the one..."

John sits alone in his room and vows to take out his target and complete his mission. If Marlena gets in his way, he will take her out too.

Lexie examines Bo. They talk about her reinstatement. She has a secret, "My name has been submitted for chief of staff. From the outhouse to the penthouse, as they say." Bo is sooooo happy for her. They giggle and hug as Bo makes a note to find a new hospital.

Hope thinks there is something Kayla isn't saying. Kayla says she's just worried about Steve and Stephanie. The gossip queen goes into action and pries it out of her. Kayla tells her about the rape. Hope is devastated. She hugs Kayla and pulls out her cell phone, "Hello? Acme Billboard Company? I'd like to rent one of your bigger models."

Marlena stands off to the side and listens as the doctor says he can't find anything wrong with Stefano. He has ordered blood tests.

Anna stands and shivers in the cold. Tony joins her and asks what is wrong. She tells him he should know. Tony makes a feeble attempt at damage control. He says what he knows is he had a wonderful time with her on the cruise. He realizes how lucky he is to have her in his life. She thinks that's about as lucky as Tony is going to get tonight. Tony wants things to be just as they are. He proudly announces things are so wonderful between them he doesn't see any reason to change anything, "If it's not broken, don't fix it."

He's lucky his leg isn't broken. Anna flames, "It's broken all right! And you broke it!" She storms back into the pub, leaving Tony to pick up the pieces.

As Tony stands there with his thumb in his ear, Ethan joins him. Ethan just can't believe his luck in running onto Tony.

Kayla tells Bo that Hope is OK. Lexie confirms Bo is OK, too – pending the results of the dreaded blood tests. Goodbye, Bo. Patch joins them and offers to help with their search for Claire. Bo will let him know if there's anything he can do. Kayla takes Patch aside and goes over well-trodden ground asking if he is OK. Patch is OK except for his crushed hand, which he smashed into a wall. Dr. Johnson immediately goes into action. She calls maintenance to make sure the wall is OK.

Abe joins the group and announces he has some great news.

The doctor says Stefano has lapsed into a coma. They are waiting for test results. Roman decides to wait with him.

Marlena sits at a computer and types, "Oh, Sami, every time you changed the blood test results you got caught... because you are not a doctor and didn't know how to get away with it."

John lies in bed and thinks, "You really think you are smarter than me, Blondie? I'll let you think that and play you for a lovesick fool. Chuckle."

Marlena completes her mission and grabs bunches-o-pills from the medicine cabinet, "John, one false move and I will take you down and once you are down... then I'll use these to control your every move.

Ethan Blaine introduces himself to Tony. He works for the company Tony bought. He's the company's go-to guy. He turns on the afterburners and tells Tony everything he can do for him, as well as how ambitious he is. Someday he wants to be a corporate executive. "I admire ambition," says Tony, "But manic energy makes me uncomfortable. Turn it down a couple notches, why don't you?" Tony orders a portfolio of all accounts. Ethan already has all that ready for him.

Anna guzzles a manhattan. Caroline asks where Tony is. "Hopefully," says Anna, "he's out there freezing his assss... pirations off."

"What did he do," asks Caroline.

"It's what he didn't do," whines Anna, "He didn't propose to me." Caroline dishes out her brand of advice. Anna snarls, "Let that damn advertising company he bought keep him warm at night."

Caroline suggests she go after a competitive job. Caroline says she heard some guys talking about needing an exec for their advertising company. She writes down the name of the company and gives it to Anna.

Abe big news is, pending the results of the physical, Hope is reinstated. The Salem Enquirer catches wind of this and stops the presses. Abe says he called the mayor and had him push it through. He hands Hope her badge and says there are a few things they have to talk about.

Marlena returns to John's room. She tells him he is wealthy and has his own private jet. They will use that to get out of the country. John asks about the flight plan. Marlena says she will change the plan once they are in the air. Their passenger list will be one person short. He asks how she will get him out of the hospital and onto the jet.

Marlena holds up a key and unlocks his cuffs. She gives him scrubs to change into. John is impressed. Marlena goes outside while John changes. Carla walks up to her and asks where John is. Marlena tells her John has been taken down for testing. Carla says that wasn't on John's schedule.

Marlena blows up, "I always knew you were lazy, but I never realized you were also incompetent. Have you ever considered writing for DOOL? I ought to turn you in." Carla apologizes and gets out while her head is still attached to her body.

The masked man comes out of his room and joins Marlena as she makes a call to Dr. Carrington. Marlena tells him she was a bit harsh with Carla and lost her temper. She asks him to give Carla a week off with pay.

Stefano's blood work arrives.

Abe reminds Bo and Hope they have no jurisdiction over there, "So no hot dogging, and I want you to keep me posted."

Kayla examines Patch's hand. She says she is worried about him. He tells her not to worry. They need to focus on Stephanie right now.

"Next time," says Kayla, "slam your head into the wall. Your hand isn't hard enough to take it."

Lexie reads a memo and sighs, "OMG! I've been approved as chief of staff. I guess this means I'm not banned for life anymore, either." A nurse interrupts her reverie and tells Lexie that Stefano has been admitted with a possible stroke.

Anna tells Tony they are through. She tells him she is not a woman to be trifled with. Poor Tony couldn't get a clue if one dropped on him from the sky, "When did I ever trifle with you?"

Hope tells Bo it's good to be back. Bo smiles, "It's good to have you back, detective Fancy Face." Detective Fancy Face cuts him off at the knees for calling her detective Fancy Face. They head out to find Claire and Brady. Meanwhile, Ciara books her own flight to Ireland to go in search of her parents.

John compliments Marlena on the escape. Marlena tells him they can't fail. "The word is not in my vocabulary," says John. Marlena makes a call and changes the flight plan for Ireland.

Lexie joins Roman in Stefano's room. The doctor fills her in on Stefano's condition. He says he doesn't know how the stroke happened. Lexie walks over and looks down at Stefano the vegetable. Stefano rages inside his mind, "Help me, Alexandra! Help me!"


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Anonymous Leslie said...

The doctor says it appears Stefano had a massive stroke.

Why hasn’t the doctor ordered blood tests? We live in a litigious society. Why isn’t this guy practicing defensive medicine like every other doctor in America? Where’s Rolf? Stefano could use him so Rolf could bring him back to life. I would just love to see Marlena get her butt in a sling over this but now that Lexie’s involved, there is sure to be a cover.

He thinks Stephanie will be scarred for the rest of her life.

With Patch and Kayla for parents, Stephanie is already scarred for live.

He just wants Ford's body back so they can give him a decent burial in a brand new water heater instead of that old junker.

Prevuze, two thumbs up…way up!!!

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to throw this in. Loved your side comment about Ciara booking her own flight to go and find her parents. Just love those crazy, incredibly inventive visualizationa that Prevuze occasionally does, having the babies and tiny toddlers on their own wild adventures. Ha-ha! I love it.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

typo correction (sorry) "visualizations"

7:14 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"Patch ... says he won't forgive Ford for what he did. Crawford reminds him Ford is dead. Patch says he won't even forgive him when he comes back to life. "


I'm sorry, but the whole "Lexie being not only a doctor again but chief of staff" really bugs me. I thought she was "persona non grata" in medical circles nowadays. What happened????

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marlena sits at a computer and types, "Oh, Sami, every time you changed the blood test results you got caught... because you are not a doctor and didn't know how to get away with it."

Don't know why but this made me laugh SO hard!!!! I know it wasn't meant to be a joke, but still...LOL

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Is it just me or is anyone else really sick of Marlena's superior attitude? Yeah, every busy doctor wants to suddenly give his nurse a week off with pay just because Marlena acted like an a**.

Yay that Tonna are back!!! But, I must admit, just to show how much I don't know I thought they were already married.

Great Lucas and Payla's "window" pics. Too many Prevuisms to mention but thanks for the laughs to wake me up on a Monday!

7:49 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Abe says Interpol is tracking Claire in Ireland. They aren't moving in because Brady is also a prisoner.

Okay so now they DO know where Brady is? When did that happen?
And they are tracking Claire? What, did Belle have her micro-chipped like they do to dogs so they don't get lost? Or did she swallow the GPS unit during the storm when they left Tinda Lau?

I agree cfish. Lexi? Chief of Staff? Banned "for life" sure got a lot shorter all of a sudden didn't it?

Bulldog, please Marlena has always acted like she was oh-so-much better than everyone else on the show! If she didn't have that "I am an untouchable Goddess and you will bow down and worship me" attitude she wouldn't be Marlena.

Marlena sits at a computer and types, "Oh, Sami, every time you changed the blood test results you got caught... because you are not a doctor and didn't know how to get away with it."
I actually LOL'd when I read that!
Is DOOL trying to compete by writing their own Prevuizms?

Don't forget to stop by my blog.
And BTW I luv comments!! hint hint!!
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Great Prevuze this morning! Laughed out loud at "Don't knock it till you've tried it." And love the "Rape is Heinous" picture. What a warped view of things they have on that show sometimes.

Bulldog - I think Marlena wants the nurse out of the picture for the week because the nurse knows too much. That's why she yelled at the nurse like that and then called Dr. C.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Bulldog - your picture - LMAO. Need I say more?

Also lost it on the "something caused this" picture. That certainly is Salem Hospital Technical Medical jargon if I've ever heard it.

Many, many great Prevuisms today. This one got a big AMEN:
Bo says, "God knows what else we will find once we get there." Hope says, "A plot, maybe?"

And Marlena was messing with the blood work, why? Didn't she tell Stephano that the drug mixture she used couldn't be detected?

I had four days' worth of the shows to catch up on counting today's episode. Loved the scenes between Mad Dog Evans and Stephano today! I don't know how Mascolo kept from cracking up during them.

Thanks, Prevuze! Great to be back in the groove.

PS - Deb - Your posts have been fabulous. I particularly loved the one with the "Cops" show riding along with Shawn.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO at the billboard remark.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[q]And Marlena was messing with the blood work, why? Didn't she tell Stephano that the drug mixture she used couldn't be detected. [/q]

After changing the results.... apparently not LOL

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Emily Nikki said...

i HATE stephanie i HATE her so much everytime when she comes on the TV i wanna kill her so bad,she is so selfish i mean chelsea wanted to do that right thing and let two parents know they kid is DEAD i mean the parents are like all upset and worried and all she can think about she that she doenst want anyone to know she was raped and she uses that stupid "cordy too" excuse.

im sorry i just hate her so much

but good episode aside from the parts about the stupid rape/murder thing

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily - don't hold back, please tell us how you really feel about Stefanie! LOL!!! Just Kidding. I CANNOT stand the way she is acting.
It's kinda funny (not really, but,) Remember when Sami was raped (by E.J.) and they did nothing (and still haven't)... And yet now the writers have actually conjured up a storyline where the 'rapee' (if that's really a word?) involuntarily commits murder against the 'raper'! - Somehow the writers just can't get the whole 'rape victim' thing right!

I am soooo upset by this whole Marlena - drugging Stefano storyline. I cannot believe that again, the writers have 'twisted' right from wrong - yet again!

And finally - Hope re-instated to the force? I think it is hysterical that this finally PROVES that all of the time Bo was letting her 'tag' along on his stake-outs and coming home and 'blabbing' confidential info to her - she WASN'T a cop. No wonder SPD can't solve any of their cases. Every case that Bo is involved in has been compromised by telling his gossiping wife!

Great job Prevuze! Very funny, funny stuff!

9:46 PM  
Blogger Ashley "Bubbay" Grey said...

I hope that Crawford sees that his son was a bad person. No parent ever wants to think bad things about their child but he really needs to open his eyes.

7:12 AM  

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