Thursday, January 17, 2008

Go to hell! Die! Gag!

SALEM AMBER ALERT - 1) Claire Kiriakis Brady ABDUCTED; 2) Ciara Brady NOT ABDUCTED (We just don't know where the hell she is)
Lucas sleeps. Lucas wakes. Lucas discovers Stefano. Lucas and Stefano stare at each other and grit their teeth like caged animals. Oh... waitaminute... they are caged. Lucas jumps off the bed and lunges at Stefano. His leg iron stops him. Stefano relaxes with his paper, "Don't worry, Lucas. They made sure we could not kill each other. Stefano yanks at his leg chain, "Eh?" Stefano advises Lucas to get used to living in a cage.

Sami sits with Hope at the pub and asks if there is any word on Claire. Hope tells her there isn't. "Shawn must be going crazy," says Sami.

"He'd have to improve to be crazy," says Hope.

"If someone took the twins, I would go insane," says Sami, "By the way, where is Ciara? "

"Ciara who?"

Sami says she has done everything to protect her family. Hope says this isn't Sami's fault.

Bo meets EJ at the docks and tells him about Claire's kidnapping. Bo says he doesn't think Stefano had anything to do with it directly. He asks about CB DiMera. EJ says he never heard of him. Bo shows him pictures of Rob and Crystal. EJ doesn't know them either. EJ thinks CB DiMera is someone's diversion. Bo wonders if EJ is trying to protect Stefano. EJ says he made his decision and will live with it. Bo thinks turning over Stefano and John's return is a smokescreen for something bigger.

Belle wails. She insists she has to go find Claire. Phillip stops her. He asks what Belle remembers about the kidnapping. Belle remembers getting Claire and running, "Then my mind goes blank. And I also can't remember anything about the kidnapping after that." Belle falls apart and wants to know what happened. Phillip tells her about the water rescue. She berates him for not saving Claire.

He tells her Shawn took off after Claire, "I had to save you."

Marlena wants John to go see Belle. John is cold and distant.

Hope asks if Sami has talked to Lucas. "Not really," says Sami. She's furious with him. Hope thinks Sami could help him. Sami disagrees. Hope tells her to do whatever it takes to set Lucas free. Sami says, "With Lucas in jail, EJ has stepped in and he spends nights patrolling the twins' bedroom to make sure they are safe."

Hope's gossip antennae pop up, "Is he living with you now?"

Phillip tries to reassure Belle. Belle does what Belle does best. She freaks. She struggles to get out of bed. Phillip holds her back and yells for help, "Would somebody help her find SoapNet on her TV before she really goes berserk? "

John just doesn't care. He doesn't see how being with Belle can make a difference. Marlena tells him about Belle, "You called her 'Tink.' Maybe you don't remember her, but you are her father and she really needs you."

"My daughter," asks John, "She must be a pretty sharp cookie."

"Right," says Marlena, "For a cookie she's sharp, as a human being she's about as sharp as melted wax."

John asks, "Do you really trust me with her?"

Of course," says Marlena, "I know you." John doubts that. But he remembers the deal Marlena made and wonders if she can really pull this off. She will see what she can do. John is good to go then, but doesn't think the officer will let him go. Marlena goes into action. John Zens and smiles.

Outside, Officer Tim refuses Marlena's request. Marlena asks him to call Roman and ask. Tim agrees. Marlena goes back inside and tells John there is a call in to the commissioner. Tim comes in and says no go. John un-squints.

Lucas rages. Stefano stays cool. He tells Lucas why he's in there and that the charges are false. "You're nuts," yells Lucas.

"Nuts," repeats the ever-calm Stefano, "That remains to be proven and you are entitled to your opinion."

EJ says he did not rat out his father to get the police to trust him. Bo shows him a picture of the warrior-woman the symbol. EJ doesn't know what it is. Bo gets a call. Roman tells him they found something by the abandoned van. Bo leaves. EJ stares.

Roman hangs up and immediately gets a call from Marlena. She asks about letting John leave the room. He tells Marlena he doesn't want to take the risk. Marlena presses and Roman caves, "The guard goes with him and the cuffs stay on."

That just doesn't suit Marlena, "If he is cuffed and guarded, that will upset Belle. Roman has the strength of a house of cards in a hurricane. He decides to arrange for John to have an ankle monitor. Marlena gives the phone to Tim so Roman can tell him what to do with John. She turns and tells John she pulled it off.

John sighs, "Didn't expect that."

The nurse has Belle resting and tells Phillip to keep her calm. "To Dream The Impossible Dream" plays in the background. The nurse leaves and Belle whines about getting out of there. Phillip consoles her. Belle whimpers.

The guard brings a fancy meal to Stefano. Lucas loses it, "You expect me to sit here and watch him eat that while I eat sewage?"

"Rats eat sewage," says Stefano, "I get what my doctor ordered. I would offer you some, but only if I thought it were poisoned."

Lucas calls the guard. He doesn't want to watch Stefano eat his gourmet meal. The guard says he can take Lucas to an exercise room. Stefano raves about the food as the guard escorts Lucas out, "Enjoy your workout."

Lucas rages, "Go to hell! Die! Gag!"

Once Lucas is gone, Stefano digs through his food and finds a cell phone in a baggie, "My compliments to the chef."

Bo's words echo in EJ's mind as he remembers turning Stefano in. His phone rings and interrupts his thoughts. He answers. Stefano says, "Hello Elvis, have you missed me?"

Belle bawls. She asks for Marlena, who immediately walks into the room, "I'm right here." Marlena says she has some news. They didn't find Claire, but Marlena dug up someone else. She turns and in walks John.

Belle looks like she's just seen a ghost. Well, actually... Belle hyperventilates, "OMG. No! Daddy?" Daddy slowly walks across to her. If Belle wasn't over the edge before this should do the trick. She blithers and hugs him. Phillip staggers out.

Belle can't believe it, "I was there... I watched you die." Flashback to John's croakification and funeral. "You were dead," cries Belle, "OMG, OMG!" We share a family hug. Well, actually it's a John sandwich. Belle and Marlena hug. John don' give a flip.

Belle chuckles. She just can't believe it. She wants to hear everything. John is silent. Marlena explains John is a little confused. Now, that's something Belle can relate to. He tells her he's fine. Marlena stands behind John and makes a sign to shush Belle. She says John has to get back. Belle hugs him and says she loves him.

Sami tells hope EJ is helping her keep an eye on the twins. Hope thinks it's a mistake to trust EJ. She says Roman will give her a guard. If Sami won't talk to Roman about that, Hope will. Sami speculates, "Maybe I should just ask EJ to help me and the twins disappear."

Hope gasps, "Have you completely lost your mind?"

"It runs in the family," says Sami.

EJ asks if Stefano is out of jail. Stefano asks if he cares, since he is the one who put him in there. EJ wants to know what Stefano wants. "Sons do not turn against their fathers," says Stefano, "I have called to forgive you, and I would like to see you. I will send a driver."

"I'm not at home," says EJ.

"I know," says Stefano. The driver steps into the scene and looms over EJ like a banshee. EJ decides to drive himself. Stefano orders him to go with the driver. EJ bolts. Stefano grimaces and snaps his phone shut.

Sami plays with the twins' stuffed toy. Then she lets the twins play with it. She tells Hope protecting them is the most important thing to her. Hope says EJ is cunning, and Sami needs to ask herself if they are really in danger or is EJ playing on her fears. Sami doesn't know. Her children are the most important thing to her. Hope thinks EJ is trying to isolate Sami from her family.

John acts like he's a human, "I'm alive and glad you're going to be OK too, Tinky." Belle thinks he doesn't seem like himself. Marlena thinks his coming back to life is a sign that Brady will come back too. Belle knows if anyone can help it's John. John says, "I'm tired, but will do whatever I can to help, Tinky. I will see you, soon." He puts out his hand to shake hers.

As the zombie turns to leave, Belle sees the monitoring device on his ankle and asks about it, "Will someone please tell me what's going on?"

Marlena says John hasn't been arrested, but has been through a terrible ordeal. The device is for protection in case Stefano comes after him again. That's good because Belle doesn't know what she would do if she lost him again. John asks for a word alone with her. Marlena OK's it. John goes over and kisses Belle's forehead. As he smooches, he lifts a pair of scissors from the ledge behind her bed. He softly whispers, "Everything will be fine, Tinky."

As they go, Marlena says she will come back as soon as John is settled. Phillip stumbles back in and strokes her hollow head. Outside, Tim cuffs John. John snorts, "Was that warm and fuzzy enough for you?"

Sami says she doesn't trust EJ but she knows he will be a part of her life since he is Johnny's father. EJ rushes into the pub. Sami asks if something is wrong. EJ says he's OK.

Marlena asks Tim if the handcuffs are necessary. Tim says no, since John is wearing the monitor. Marlena thanks John for what he did with Belle. John reminds her they had a deal. When Marlena asks, he says he doesn't remember Belle. "Pretty girl. Gets it from her mother."

"And I got it from a plastic surgeon," says Marlena.

Sami presses. EJ says he got a call from Stefano and he sent a chauffeur. He thinks if he would have gotten in the car it would have been the last thing he ever did.

Bo walks in and asks what's going on with EJ there. Hope says it isn't good, "Sami is relying on EJ more and more." EJ tells Sami Stefano is dangerous.

Bo holds up a bottle of medication and tells Hope they found it in the empty van, "This was purchased by a Crystal Miller three weeks ago in Canada. I think this proves they care about Claire. Captors don't normally buy prescriptions for their victims. I think maybe this proves they are friendly."

EJ tells Sami he thinks Stefano is having him watched, since he knew he was on the pier. Sami wants to go to the police. EJ wants to disappear.

Stefano barks orders into his cell phone, "Do NOT lose them!" He stuffs the phone under his mattress. The guard brings Lucas back and wheels Stefano's tray out. Lucas notices Stefano didn't eat much, "What? Did the special meal hurt your tummy?"

Stefano growls, "Quiet!" HA! Stefano might achieve his goal of world domination, but he'll never get Lucas to shut up.

John is beginning to believe Marlena might be able to help him.

"Do you trust me," asks Marlena.

"No reason not to," says John, "Do you trust me?"

"With my life."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Great Prevuze!
I love the Amber Alert ticker!
Where is Ciera anyway? I hope they have diapers in the Kate Zone.

Totally missed Prevuizm today:

Bo holds up a bottle of medication and tells Hope they found it in the empty van, "This was purchased by a Crystal Miller three weeks ago in Canada. I think this proves they care about Claire. Captors don't normally buy prescriptions for their victims. I think maybe this proves they are friendly." Look everyone! Bo is THINKING!!

Lucas and Stefano as cellies. Ooookay. Guess they had to do something, Lucas hasn't had anything or anyone to throw a hissy fit at for a few days.

And last, before I go:
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



4:58 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Great…Stefano and Lucas are in the same jail cell. Who’s going to show up next? OJ in an orange jumpsuit? By the way, why aren’t Lucas and Stefano wearing regulation prison garb? It’s too bad they aren’t chained together. DOOL’s special version of “The Defiant Ones” could be entertaining.

Hmmm, let’s think about this. Belle’s daughter was just kidnapped, and she recently went into cardiac arrest. Her mother, the psychiatrist, thinks it’s a smashing idea to surprise Belle with a reunion with her dead but now undead father. After the trauma of not being able to watch her soaps, how much more can Marlena’s precious little twinkie of a daughter handle?

Sami says, "With Lucas in jail, EJ has stepped in and he spends nights patrolling the twins' bedroom to make sure they are safe."

Hope's gossip antennae pop up, "Is he living with you now?"

What a nose drop! Hope needs a job so she doesn’t have time to pry into everyone’s lives and dispense her brand of Hope help. In fact, I’m sure there are any number of Salem citizens who would help with a job application.

Great Prevuze and photos!!! Just the thought of Stefano reading the funnies to Lucas makes me chuckle.

5:34 AM  
Anonymous sunset_leaf said...

Loved it once again Prevuze,

and yeah, where the hell IS Ciara? (loved the moving banner)

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

My comments to yesterday's must still be out there in never-neverland or else I just messed up. But I'm tooting here, too. I enjoy your spoilers and comments, Deb!

I also LOL over Stefano's prawn and love it's hair!! HAHAHHA

How come Salem is big enough to have an international airport but apparently only one jail cell in town? Putting Stucas (Or is it Lucano?) together is so unreal.

Great Prevuze, I LOL over Salem's new quiz show and I especially
LOVE the new Prevuze ticker, too! Do I sense a permanent fixture? :D

6:44 AM  
Anonymous I challenge you to a DOOL said...

"Are you smarter than a sand flea?" That. Was. HILARIOUS. THank you, Prevuze, for brightening up a gloomy day!

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Linda said...

Hope says Sami should not trust EJ and that Roman will give Sami a guard. Maybe Roman can give Sami the same guard he gave Belle and Claire!

Phillip stumbles back in and strokes her hollow head. lmao!

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at....well, everything! But the one comment that especialy struck me was how Roman and the boys searched the 8' spot in the living room of Stefano's house - it made me remember that when I was watching it I was thinking, "They FINALLY have a search warrant and could search every inch of the place, but once John is found everything else is forgotten??" Imagine what they could have found if they searched even a little bit!

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:33 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

OK, guys. Hate to be the blog Nazi, but enough's enough.

We're here to have fun, not snipe at each other. Everybody play nice. Please.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Love the Salem Amber Alert and Are you Smarter than a Sand Flea.

Bulldog, great comment on the international airport-one jail cell thing.

As usual, I enjoyed Prevuze immensely today.

Bo thinking? That's amazing!! Is Maggie in the Kate Zone? Is that why Hope is filling in for her?

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Salemnite said...

Samantha is actually living with her "Husband" who is protecting her and the Twins? Jeezes, what a novel concept, lol.

The Gossiping Queen strikes again, Now that the well has run dry with Belle's little dramas, Hope-less is now "drooling and salivating" over Samantha's business. I hate to say it. But Hope is not a "fun" Gossip. Give Maggie Horton her old title back!

I don't know about Anyone else? But I'm starting to like "Zombie" John! Giving Marlena all kinds of grief. This is much better than watching Jolena acting like "Horny Teenagers" all last year.

"Punk" Lucas has been relegated to "deadwood" status! About freaking time! Gives EJAMI some breathing room. Stefano is going to rip Lucas a new one! Can't wait for that, lol!

11:49 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Thank goodness I'm tucked back where no one can hear me laughing like a loon. What a funny Prevuze today. Almost all the funniest pics and Prevuisms have been mentioned already. I also LOL at Belle being there for John's "croakification", the wing-man/wing-nut picture, and Belle and Marlena hug. John don' give a flip. I can picture it now. LOLOL

Deb, we are really on the same wave length. Even before I read the comments I had jotted down this after reading twice that Bo was "thinking":

<“I think maybe this proves they are friendly."> All this thinking is not good for Bo. Kidnappers getting a prescription could just mean they had planned this out and didn’t want the kid to croak until the got what they wanted.

Anon - I think I speak for many of us when I say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that most of us don't need to hear/read it over and over and over. Everyone's points have been made. Let's move on.

Thanks Prevuze. I can now get through my afternoon of meetings with a light heart and sore sides.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

I read that one of the twins (Ally) get's sick and a surprise comes out of it. I wonder if it's that both twins are EJs.....

Any thoughts?

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the amber alert. It was just what we were saying watching it tonight. Where the hell is Ciara? I suggested she is either crashing at Grandma's or mooching off Maggie while her parents, Boris and Natasha go out combating crime.
Is anyone else already bored with Marlena and John? If I hear her say " Our beautiful life, Our beautiful children or Our beautiful memories together" one more time, I'll vote to release him and restrain her.
And how much more real can Chloe's sincerity and compassion for how Shawn feels about his kidnapped daughter be. She looks at him like a little kid at his first play, stares coldly at him and says, " I know how you love her." Wow. Don't that just rip out your heart? It's his kid, for crying out loud. Of course, he loves her. We need writers.
And when Marlena found out Belle was in the hospital and valiantly offered to " Go to her," that was so brave of her. I mean, I don't know if anyone knows or not, but she lost her darling, her love, her John and then got him back ( or got SOMEthing back). She's trying to turn it into her darling, her love and now she has to go to Belle in her time of need.
While she's at it, she can go solve the mystery of the missing Ciara. Maybe, she'll come to Marlena in a dream.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Salemnite said...

@ Angel: I have always though of the Twins as belonging to EJ. Storyline wise it's more feasible. And God knows we don't need Lucas suing for custody of little Ali. We had more than enough of that with Will. And you See how he turned out. For EJAMI to grow, they don't need Lucas in tow.

If you remember when Stefano saw the DNA test results, He was said "Just As I thought". IMHO, I took that to mean that EJ pulled a fast one over on the "Mastro" altering the test results. The you have EJ bonding with little Ali. like he knew a "little" secret.

I believe the Twins are EJAMI's. Hopefully will change Ali's name to "Alicia" sounds way better than Alice, lol. Who names a girl "Alice" these days?

10:20 PM  
Anonymous taaurus said...

I think John is faking; thats why he wouldn't look at the pictures...cuz he needed to keep up the act. And he needs to break out to finish whatever it is he's doing. His death was fake too. Maybe Stephano found out and kidnapped him so he couldn't finish what he was doing. Also, why is Coleen kidnapping Brady, Belle & Claire and leaving Marlena, Shawn and Chloe behind? Like they're gonna say "Thanks for saving me...too bad Marlena, Shawn and Chloe died. Oh, well...there's more fish in the Salem River"?

1:42 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Can we send out an Amber Alert for good stories?

I can't bear the John crap.

But Prevuze makes it fun!

11:13 AM  

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