Monday, January 21, 2008


Sami and EJ prepare to bug out. Sami can't close her suitcase because it's stuffed so full. EJ makes suggestions about lightening her own load and tries to make sure she packed everything for the twins.

Sami asks, "Why don't you let me worry about the twins and you focus on yourself?"

EJ surveys the mountain of stuff Sami is taking and asks, "Do you really need all this stuff?"

"Of course," says Sami, "I don't go anywhere without my Hello Kitty collection." Sami goes for another suitcase. EJ stops her. He also stops her from making a pediatrician appointment, telling her it's dangerous. Sami wants ground rules. She wants him as far away from her as possible.

Lucas struggles with his leg iron. He just can't seem to grasp the fact that when it's attached, he can't go very far. Stefano plays it cool and tells him to relax. Lucas tells Stefano he's getting on his nerves. He wonders why Stefano can't post bail. Stefano stares.

Belle sleeps and calls for Claire. She jumps and wakes up. Phillip comforts her. She asks if seeing her dad was a dream. Phillip tells her no. "And Claire," asks Belle. Phillip stares.

Crystal stares out the window of a seedy hotel room. Claire whimpers. Like mother like daughter. Crystal comforts her.

Hope brings Marlena coffee and says Bo and Roman are out following leads. Wild geese have invaded Salem. It's hard for Marlena to keep her distance from the situation with John, "That isn't John in there, you know. It just isn't. I thought this would be easy until he tried to break out. Now I know we are in this for the long haul. I will never stop fighting for him."

Pan in on John dreaming about his captivity. He calls out, "Doc..."

Stefano waxes eloquently about lawyers. He says his lawyers could get Lucas out of there. In that case, Lucas wonders why they can't get Stefano out of there. Lucas figures if he takes Stefano up on his offer and lets his lawyers help, he'd be indebted to him. Stefano says his proposal is simple, but the guards interrupt and tell him his lawyers are there. Stefano tells Lucas they will finish their conversation later.

After Stefano leaves, Lucas sits and broods, "I know what happens to people who make deals with Stefano DiMera."

Marlena rushes into John's room and asks if he is OK.

John says, "I had a dream. It was about you."

Phillip tells Belle Claire is missing. Belle tells him about her nightmare, "I dreamed I lost the will to whine." Phillip reassures her. Belle wants to go find Claire, but Phillip stops her. That doesn't suit Belle. She gets nasty. She don' wan' no stinkin' help. Her head turns 360° and she pukes green bile. Phillip brings her water. Belle sips and calms down. Belle thinks Phillip should go since his work is probably piling up. He says this is more important than his work, "This is where I wanna be. Unless... you don't want me here."

Belle says, "I want you here. Unless you don't want me to want you here." Cheap Trick breaks into song in the background...

I want you to want me.
I need you to need me.
Id love you to love me.
I'm beggin' you to beg me.

Lucas goes through Stefano's stuff and finds the cell phone.

EJ asks if Sami wants to do this on her own. She says she wants to help them avoid an uncomfortable situation. A baby cries. "Your turn," says Sami. EJ grabs a shovel and goes into the twins' room as Sami gets a call.

Lucas asks her not to hang up. He asks why she hasn't returned the lawyer's phone calls. She says she has been busy and knows he didn't trust her to handle this, "Now we're stuck apart."

Lucas asks about Ali. Sami says she's doing great. He asks Sami to bring her to visit. Sami refuses. She tells him she's going somewhere safe. Lucas panics, "You can't do this to me. Are you doing this to get even with me?" Sami insists she's doing it to keep the twins safe from Stefano. Lucas reminds her Stefano is locked up.

Marlena questions John about his dream. John drones, "The drugs are keeping me from thinking straight. Of course, who the hell wants to think straight." Marlena says she will go to see about lowering his dose and asks him to try to remember the dream. Outside, Marlena tells Hope John dreamed about her.

The guard in John's room paces as John zones and remembers Stefano monitoring his progress – removing memories, thought processes, and emotions. John remembers Stefano saying, "You will be a clean slate, my friend. A clean slate." Across from John, the screen reads, "DELETED – Desquintification Process Complete."

Lucas tells Sami Stefano isn't in the cell right now. He tells her he found the phone. Sami says she is scared. Lucas says Stefano can't touch her. Lucas hears EJ in the background, "Who is that? Is that your loving husband?"

John zones and remembers more of his deprogramming. Stefano shouts "JOHN BLACK," and gets no reaction. "Marvelous," says Stefano, "I'll bet if you had a headache you wouldn't even recognize it. Rolf has created a wonderful system, don't you think? Oh, forgive me. You can't think... Or forgive." Stefano shows him a disc with his entire life on it, extracted from his brain. Stefano leaves. John drools.

John wakes in his hospital bed, "Don't take it! Don't take it!"

Phillip says he doesn't blame Belle for anything that's happened. Blame-me just won't hear of that. She remembers he saved her life, "I owe you."

"That's not how I want it between us," says Phillip.

Blame-me drags out her nasty personality, "There is no us. When will you learn? There is only me." She beats herself up for not saving Claire. Phillip tells Belle she is a victim. She thinks everyone she loves is becoming victim too.

Phillip agrees, "If they have any contact with you, they're a victim." He decides he has upset her, and starts to go. POP QUIZ!

The next thing Belle does is...

a) Ask him to stay
b) Beg him to stay
c) Demand he stay

The correct answer is "d) All of the above."

Lucas rages because EJ is in their apartment, "Don't tell me you're going into hiding with him?" Sami doesn't want to talk now. She hangs up and tells EJ Lucas called to tell her about his new cellmate – Stefano. She also tells him Stefano wasn't there, "Lucas' life has already been threatened once, and now he's bunking with Stefano DiMera."

"That's an interesting development," says EJ, "I thought they were bunking next to each other." EJ wants to back off and think through this. He thinks Lucas is safe, "My dad doesn't get his own hands dirty." Sami hopes he is right.

Marlena and Hope rush in. The guard tells them John just started screaming. John rants about the drugs. He wants the dosage lowered. Dr. Carrington rushes in. John tells him to listen to what Marlena has to say. She and Dr. Carrington go outside. Marlena wants John in therapy. Dr. Carrington wants him stabilized before he does anything. Marlena asks him to lower the dosage. Dr. Carrington isn't sure he should do that. Roman overhears and asks her what's happening.

Hope tells John to let his thoughts drift. "I'm good at that," says John, "But I don't like you or trust you."

"That's OK," says Hope, "But the important thing is, do you have any juicy gossip I can use?"

Roman thinks Marlena is too close to John to treat him. Marlena says, "Love doesn't make you stupid. That comes naturally."

Roman tells her Abe thinks there is a conflict of interest with her treating John, "From now on, Dr. Carrington is the only one who can treat John. Just forget all that next of kin folderol." Marlena argues. Roman reminds her she was in charge when John freed himself.

They go back into John's room as they continue arguing. "John isn't really here," says Marlena.

John overhears their conversation, "I'm sedated not absent." Marlena tells him the doctor won't lower the medication dosage. Marlena asks for a moment alone with John. Roman tells her the guard stays.

After Roman and Hope leave, Marlena says she is sorry. She wants John to know she will love him no matter what, "Why won't you look at me?"

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?"

Lucas stashes the phone as Stefano returns. He tells Stefano his meeting was shorter than he expected. "I do that," says Stefano, "When my lawyers are charging me by the hour. Generally, I like things short."

"Then you must like me," says Lucas. Stefano tells Lucas about his proposal. He could use some assistance in getting his grandson away from Sami and EJ. Lucas isn't interested in kidnapping Sami's son. The guard comes to have him go stretch his legs.

"I've been trying that for years," says Lucas, "It doesn't help me get any taller."

After they leave Stefano checks his phone to see if Lucas made calls. He smiles, "Ah..."

Sami's phone rings. She looks at the number and, as usual, engages her mouth before her brain is in gear, "Lucas, listen... You have to stop calling me..."

Stefano interrupts, "Oh my goodness, I hope you're not speaking about me." Sami chucks the phone. EJ picks it up and tells her it will be all right. Sami goes into the twins' room. EJ sighs.

Belle thanks Phillip for staying. "Don't thank me for being selfish," says Phillip, "This is where I want to be."

"You need medication worse than I do," says Belle, "But I don't know what I would do without you. You – WAH – are – WAH – the – WAH – only – WAH – one – WAH – who – WAH – will – WAH – stay – WAH – with – WAH – me. I think it's nice to open my eyes and see your face."

"Which one," asks Phillip, "That's what I want to be... the first one you see when you wake up." He apologizes for saying that. She stops him and asks him to hold her hand while she falls asleep. He takes her hand while she hums, "Hush little baby."

Crystal hums the same thing for the sleeping Claire. She leaves the room and turns out the light. Claire bolts out the open window.

Phillip kisses Belle's hand as she falls asleep. He pats her head and we hear a hollow sound.

John tells Marlena if she can't stop the flow of drugs she is of no further use to him. Marlena says she knows he doesn't mean that. She leaves.

Outside, she tells Hope she just wants to be alone. Roman says, "Marlena thought he was John but he's not."

"You're right," says Hope, "The real John would never ask anyone to stop the flow of drugs."

Dr. Carrington goes inside and examines John's chart, "Nurse, I want you to up the dosage by 10cc."

The nurse asks, "Are you sure, doctor?" Dr. Carrington gives her a look that could kill.

Marlena watches and thinks to herself, "I think you were close to a breakthrough. If I have to take matters into my own hands I will."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Belle tells him about her nightmare, "I dreamed I lost the will to whine." Phillip reassures her.

That would be called dreaming the impossible dream. Belle plays the victim oh so well, and she even asks Phillip to hold her hand. Thank goodness for barf bags.

Stefano shows him a disc with his entire life on it, extracted from his brain. Stefano leaves. John drools.

This is so Steve Goodman.

If your life was on video tape
Wouldn't everything be all right
When your head hurts the morning after
You could roll it back to late last night
You could replay all the good parts
And cut out what you don't like
Oh wouldn't you be in good shape
If your life was on video tape

That sly old dog, Stefano, is playing Lucas, and Lucas takes the bait hook, line, and sinker. EJ said his father doesn’t get his hands dirty but Stefano undoubtedly wouldn’t have a problem messing up Lucas’ hands. Along with the exercise, Lucas should be taking some anger management classes. Actually, Sami could use a few, too.

With the hilarious photos, Prevuze has it all…drugs, sex, and rockin’ roll! Who wouldn’t want to rush to their PC for an early morning Daze update? Great job as usual!!!

5:37 AM  
Blogger *Tricia* said...

big Haw Haw on the Black newspaper!!...johns memory can only be filled on one disc?...

6:19 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Lucas finds Stefano's cell phone?
I thought the leashes they were on were supposed to keep them away from each other.
On Friday Lucas's chain wasn't long enough for him to get anywhere near Stefano's bed.
Yay consistency!

Soap Opera Network has just learned that actors Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison, who portray the popular roles of Shawn D. Brady and Belle Black-Brady, have been let go from NBC's "Days of our Lives."

The NBC boards are freaking out.
People are acting like the world is coming to an end. Petitions have been started, name calling has commenced, it's all so dramatic.

Personally, I could care less. Belle is annoying and Shawn is just fugly, so no biggie.

Okay, so now that I have rocked your world, be sure to check out my newest blog today.
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

7:00 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Soap Opera Network has just learned that actors Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison, who portray the popular roles of Shawn D. Brady and Belle Black-Brady, have been let go from NBC's "Days of our Lives."

The NBC boards are freaking out.

They're freaking out? I'm freaking out. There goes a world of prevuze material. This is almost as devastating as losing John Black.

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Maybe the actors are gone but the characters will be recast? Not that I care a whit about Belch but I don't want Prevuze to lose such a goldmine. Madison is OK with me, she can whine and bawl on command as needed. I just wish they'd recast Jr. I still think of him as a Vulcan Neanderthal.

I loved the "Desquintification"
program and great pics today!

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the previous Shawn better than the current one. "Vulcan Neanderthal" is right! The Shawn character is so stupid, but at least the old one was a likeable happy idiot, while this one is a sulky, angry idiot.

Yeah, I guess it's about time Hope "got back in the game" since apparently Cierra can take care of herself and Hope has nothing to do.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Hmmmm, now I have to cull through my notes to see what HASN'T been commented on yet.

Loved the Payla pics, especially the "Phone Sex" one.

LOL at "wild geese invaded Salem".

Two that have already been mentioned but deserve another shout out: "desquintification process completed" and Bulldog's headline in the Salem Spectator.

An observation: EJ, Sami, Lucas now all know that Stephano has a cell phone hidden in his cell (and, yes, how did Lucas get to it in his leg irons?). Has it occurred to any of them to notify the SPD? Or do they figure the Salem cops are so clueless, telling them about the phone wouldn't do any good anyway. HAHAHA

From now on, Dr. Carrington is the only one who can treat John. Translation: Now someone who is probably in Stephano’s pocket will be the only one treating John so we can really mess him up and drag this out.
[I noted this before I even got to the end where the good Doc was upping John's drug dose. Is DOOL predictable or what!?!]

Great prevuze this morning!

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Hope has nothing to do.

Hope keeps herself extremely busy by poking her nose in everyone’s business. Instead, she and Ciara could be watching Baby Einstein DVDs together. With Hope’s talented tentacles and penchant for digging up dirt, she should get her hands on John’s memory disc in no time. That could provide a real education for her daughter.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Rachl said...

This storyline with John sounds familiar. It sounds like the Marlena/Alex North story. So I guess the doctor and guard are in on keeping John 'deleted'. EJ and Sami, Philip and Belle, and Kayla and Steve are getting on my nerves. I wish they could delete everybody and start with a new story altogether.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Beemer/Madison thing has to be a recast, because their parents are the show's icons. I like Martha Madison, but didn't think Beemer fit the character created by Jason Cook. Is it possible Cook is coming back? I thought the old Belle was doing something else, so I am surprised Madison is out.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

I personally like the old Shawn and Belle actors. Beemer looks like he fights with the hair dresser all the time and one day he looks semi-normal, the next day he looks like a little troll (hair wise).... Martha - well, I never liked the actress.... though lately her hair is stomachable. Is that a word? LoL

I guess they're going on the Billie train......

Is it me, or is it obvious something is up with the paternity of the twins with Stefano and Lucas together and Sami obviously getting closer to EJ w/out realizing it.

Wouldn't it be cool if Lucas turned out to me Stefano's kid since Kate used to be Stefano's hoe.....

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deb ~

Oh thank the lord! I hope that is true! I cant stand the two who play those characters. i have said it before (and got Lambasted, by the way) Belle is a childish looking dweeb, and Shawn is, well, not manly.
I hope they re-cast the part with believable people!
The characters themselves are important, but I really hope that they get portrayed by someone we believe in.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous em said...

LOL!! I think Mr. Potato Head cracks are my favorites, always. Today's treasure follows . . .

Belle: "I think it's nice to open my eyes and see your face."

"Which one," asks Phillip.

And I thoroughly enjoyed the iPhone pic & caption. Thanks again!

4:17 PM  
Anonymous mudcat said...

According to Martha Madison's website, the two of them being let go is storyline dictated. Doesn't sound like a recast...
The question then is how long will they be gone? It be hard to imagine the writers giving up on the idea of Shelle.
And why then did they bring back Chloe? Personally, I would rather watch Belle and / or Shawn than Chloe.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I guess Belle is no longer in Salem U, huh?

5:41 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Just read Deb's latest post on her DAZED web site.

It is hilarious. And, if you are a fan of "Without A Trace", it's a must read.


7:07 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

Floved the Prevuze!! My fav was lucas knowing that stretching his legs doesn't help. And geesh the twit fell right into Stefano's trap by using his phone. If he had one functioning brain cell he'd be dangerous. As is he's just lame and annoying. Oh well at least EJ and Sami are on the move. It totally sucks that MM is leaving --guess Phillip and Belle were too hot for Days :(

12:51 AM  

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