Thursday, January 24, 2008

Horrible, Arrogant, Pompous Ass

Stephanie walks into the pub and sees her hormone crazed parents smooching and crawling all over each other as patrons get sick and run out. Stephanie scolds them for putting on such a disgusting display in public. Patch makes things worse by dropping the baby bomb on her. It's not exactly the greatest news Stephanie has ever had. Patch senses something is wrong in Stephanie's world, aside from the fact she just found out she's about to become a sister.

Outside, Chelsea and Nick watch. Nick continues his campaign of trying to get the brat to go to the police.

Shawn knocks on the door of the abandoned building. Mr. ugly sticks his face through the crack in the chained door and asks what Shawn wants. Shawn says he's there to pick up a little girl. Chloe frets.

John plays with a computer and watches images. Dr. Carrington asks him to continue. John isn't in the mood, "You're as boring as this damn show."

John offers to continue if Dr. Carrington's hot nurse comes over and helps push his buttons. Carrington tells him to get his mind back on the test. John drones, "I'm ready for round two and whatever is behind that curtain, Bob."

Roman is totally unhinged. He talks on his phone in his office and screams that he wants his men to do anything that will bring Claire home. He keeps up the tirade as Marlena walks in. "I'd like to see a prisoner," she says.

Roman knows it's Stefano she wants to see, "Why did you bring your bag?"

Dr. Carrington keeps trying to get John to play with the computer. John wants to play with the nurse. The doctor tells Carla she's becoming a distraction. Carla leaves as John gets more lecherous. Outside, Sami asks Carla how John is. Carla tells her to ask the doctor.

Marlena reminds Roman she has access to the prisoners there at the lockup, as the resident hotshot psychiatrist and busybody. She says she brought the bag because she has some meds. He wants to know what she might use them for. "Just in case Stefano slips into anaphylactic shock."

Roman asks, "You think he might be bitten by a bee?" Marlena says if Stefano is reluctant to answer she might be able to make him more cooperative. Roman changes his tune. He decides Marlena can help. He OK's her taking her bag-o-meds in there, "Try to do it by the book." Roman leaves. Marlena makes a call.

Carrington answers. Marlena asks about John's results. Carrington says John has no emotions whatever, "That's not normal." Amazing – twelve years of med school and he can figure out a person with no emotions is not normal. Carrington asks if Marlena is at the meeting she told him about. Marlena fakes a bad connection. Roman tells her things are all set with Stefano.

The goon frisks Shawn. Shawn says, "I'm just here to pick up a little girl. That's it."

Goon-boy asks, "Who sent you?"

Shawn says, "Stefano DiMera." Gooner acts as if he's going to let Shawn pass, but as he walks by, Goonie gets Shawn in a choke-hold.

The two Neanderthals struggle. Chloe comes up behind them and whams the goon with a two-by-four.

Brainiac gets mad at her for butting in, "I had the guy just where I wanted him! Besides, you could have damaged that two-by-four." Shawn and Chloe survey the heap-o-flesh sprawled out on the floor and speculate. "I wonder who we are dealing with," says Shawn.

A shadow moves in from the back of the building, "Stefano's enemies."

Nick and the brat do the, "I'm here for you" routine. Chelsea thinks everyone will hate her for ratting.

"That's not true," says Nick, "They hate you for a lot of other reasons, too."

Patch senses something is wrong, "What's the matter baby girl?"

Kayla says, "I think we should tell him."

Patch asks, "Tell me what?"

"Your fly is open."

Shawn recognizes Rob as being the guy from the Clairesnatching van. He grabs him and demands Rob give him his daughter.

They bring Stefano in. Roman tells him they fired two guards for bringing things to Stefano, "The good times are over." Marlena comes in. Roman says he will be close by. Roman leaves.

Stefano chuckles, "I'm delighted to see you, Marlena."

Marlena says, "You won't be."

Stefano comes clean, "Actually I was lying in the first place. No one is ever delighted you see you."

Carla tells Sami she can go in. Sami walks into John's room and tells him she knows he doesn't remember her but she's going away and wanted to say goodbye. "Wait," gasps John, "I think I do remember you."

Nick says Chelsea's friends will understand, "Twenty years in jail will mellow anyone out. This is the right thing to do."

Patch presses. Stephanie bawls. She just can't say it. Kayla steps in, "Something happened to her."

"Tell Papa what happened," he moves closer. She bats him away.

Kayla stammers, "She... she was raped, Steve." Tears, tears, tears.

Chloe calls the cops. Rob tells Shawn to back off. He pulls a gun and tells Shawn they have Claire. Shawn tells Rob his plans have just changed. He's not leaving until Rob tells him where Claire is, "You won't shoot me if you really are Stefano's enemy." Behind Shawn, the creep stirs as they argue. Sirens wail in the background as goon-boy gets up and comes at Shawn with the two-by-four.

Stefano says Marlena is wasting her time. Marlena says she is going to give him sodium pentathol.

"You can't," says Stefano, "My doctor wants me to cut back on sodium." He plays it cool, "And if you do give it to me, you think I will break like a cheap toy."

Abe joins Roman and asks if he missed anything. "This is DOOL," says Roman, "Nothing ever happens." They watch as Stefano tells Marlena he is immune to truth agents.

Abe catches on, "Roman, she can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"We can't just be giving people truth serum," says Abe, "If people on this show started telling the truth, we'd be ruined." Roman says he will do what it takes to get Claire back. Abe's standards fall like a house of cards. He caves in and agrees to let them give Stefano the drug, "Can someone become immune to truth serum?"

John says he knows Sami and asks her to come closer, "I recognize that face."

"You should," says Sami, "I was a pain in your butt for years." John can't believe that. Sami wants to give him a hug.

John smiles tenderly, "Go for it."

Sami moves in. John grabs her throat. Sami's tongue shoots across the room as she gags for air. John squeezes. Sami turns blue.

Carla walks into John's room as Sami lies cold and dead across John's bed. Carla lets out a scream that will blow your TV speakers. John stares.

FAKEOUT! Sami gives John a big ole hug. John tries to grab her, but can't. Sami says, "You were like a second dad to me... except for the times when we hated each other."

Patch wants to know who did it. Stephanie tells him Ford drugged her. Patch figures Ford is the kid who disappeared. Stephanie says it happened about three months ago. Patch says Ford had better be dead or he will kill him. Then he finds out Kayla already knew about it. Patch ain' happy 'bout that. He gets on Kayla for not telling. He asks if Stephanie is getting help. "Yes," she cries, "I didn't want you to think I was somehow... ruined."

"Nothing could ever ruin you," says Patch, "You're my baby girl. This is a sick world. I wanted to protect you, but I couldn't do that. Why couldn't I do that?" Hugs and tears.

Chelsea bolts as Crawford Decker goes into the pub.

Marlena administers the drug. Stefano goes into a trance.

"He's out of it," says Abe.

"And he's drugged, too," says Roman. Roman starts the video camera rolling.

Marlena questions Stefano about John, "Do you like John?"

"No." She asks why John was at the mansion. Stefano is silent. She asks about the mission. Stefano says, "To seek... destroy... revenge." Marlena asks whom John will destroy. Stefano drones, "He will not stop until he finds his target and eliminates them."

Shawn turns just as the two-by-four is about to land on his head. The guy drops the board and runs. That was one close call for the two-by-four. Shawn tackles Rob, "Where is my daughter?" Rob isn't talking. Shawn makes mince meat out of his face. The cops rush in and pull Shawn off.

Angst reigns in the pub as Patch morphs into Dr. Phil. Crawford watches. Patch approaches him. Crawford defends Ford and tells Patch his son is missing. That's not Patch's problem. Crawford begs Stephanie to tell him what happened to his son. Stephanie says they told the police everything, "I can't feel any pain for your son."

Nick drags the brat back and forces her to watch Crawford's misery through the pub window, "It's time for you to tell the truth."

Shawn struggles. He demands to know where Claire is.

John says he would love to be able to hug Sami back. Sami has to go. She's sure John will get his memory back. She leaves. John yanks. He remembers Stefano telling him, "This woman is your mission."

Marlena asks what the target is, where it is, who it is. Stefano gets a headache. Marlena brings him a pile-o-pills. Abe and Roman come back in. Abe orders them to take Stefano to solitary, "No more pheasant under glass," says Roman. They take him out.

Marlena doesn't think they will get any more out of him. Abe says if they don't charge him, Stefano will walk. Roman reminds him even if they do charge him, Stefano will be free anyway, "What amount of bail could we set that he couldn't pay?" They leave the interrogation chamber.

Shawn surveys the old building and asks the officer for his light. He climbs up and knocks something down. On the floor, we see a folio with Brady pictures.

"Your son raped me," says Stephanie, "I hate him." Crawford says the accusations against his son irrelevant right now. Patch goes into a rage. Stephanie says, "I swear I don't know anything about what happened to Ford."

Chelsea steps in, "I do. I'm sorry, sir, but Ford is dead. Not only that, but the warranty on the Theta water heater has been voided."

At the cop shop Shawn tells Rob to talk. Roman steps in and says he will take over. Rob turns and looks at Roman. His face looks like roadkill gone bad. Proud Uncle Roman asks if Shawn did this.

Roman sends Shawn home. Rob protests, "He assaulted me!" Roman tells Rob he's going to tell them about Claire.

Rob clams up. Roman says, "Strong, silent type, eh? That won't help here."

John remembers the mission.

A guard dozes as he watches Stefano. Marlena comes in and asks to see him. The guard walks into the cell and tries to wake Stefano, but can't. Marlena asks for a couple minutes alone with him. The guard leaves. Marlena kneels, "Sleeping well? No that wasn't aspirin I gave you. It was sleeping pills, you horrible arrogant pompous ass. What you did to my husband and me... We will just call it all even after this." Marlena gets into her bag and stares at Stefano.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Horrible, Arrogant, Pompous Ass"

Speaking of EJ...

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Roman knows it's Stefano she wants to see, "Why did you bring your bag?"

Marlena replies, “Bag? I resemble that comment”.

John drones, "I'm ready for round two and whatever is behind that curtain, Bob."

If John has no memory, why is he making pop culture references? Let’s see. He’s strapped to the bed. Does he have a remote? Is so, he must be passing on watching DOOL for “Let’s Make a Deal”.

Part of John’s programming to take out Stefano’s nemesis must have included photos. Was Stefano showing John photos that are over 50 years old? If that’s the case, it would make sense that John would want to hurt Sami. Doesn’t Stefano have any more recent photos of Colleen? Not even the best plastic surgeon or all the botox in the world is going to make a 70 year old person look 20. Did Stefano spend time with Colleen as he was growing up? Did Santo actually marry Colleen? If Santo spent an extended amount of time with Colleen, why did he want to destroy the Bradys? None of this makes sense. Duh, this is DOOL. What did I expect?

Prevuze, Bulldog, and Carol, I loved all your photoes. The one with Lucas’ rattle made me really chuckle or maybe that was my teeth chattering. It’s flippin’ cold this morning!

6:32 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I don't think Stefano has seen Colleen since she faked her death.
So he probably doesn't have any recent pictures of her.

I don't think Santo knew Colleen was alive, but Stefano did, and he knew John was his brother.

Santo blames the Bradys for taking away the love of his life, and Stefano blames them for causing his father to emotionally abandon his mother.

Also, remember Rolf kept saying John "wasn't ready". Maybe they hadn't gotten around to programming him with any recent pictures of Colleen.

Then there's always the John is faking it theory.
He did have the picture of him and his mother, and Marlena mentioned she thought he'd found her before he died.

Oh well.

Angst reigns in the pub as Patch morphs into Dr. Phil.
OH GOD NO!! Anything but that!!!
I'd rather see Patch dead again!

My blog today kind of goes along with a certain current SL.
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

6:44 AM  
Blogger Deb said...



6:49 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Horrible, Arrogant, Pompous Ass"

Speaking of EJ...

Do I detect just a touch of bitterness?

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

OK. This whole vendetta thing has got my head spinning. I just read spoilers for the week of 2/4 that say that practically the entire population of Salem is hopping on a plane to head to Ireland and meets Colleen. Apparently, the only ones not on the plane are Sami and EJ. What was the point of all the letters suggesting it was their destiny to end the vendetta? Colleen appeared to Sami and told her just that. Wouldn’t seeing the two of them, especially EJ, really have put Colleen right on her butt? With the huge build-up, the lack of continuity is just so maddening. Could this be the result of a change to the writing team?

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Loved the plug for the jewelry. Too bad it wasn't a fluer de lies.
All I could think of when John had Sami in a choke hold was, go Johnny go!As far as Steve, Kayla and Stephanie who cares. Poor Chelsea (not) What will step mom(Hope) think when she learns that she has killed again. What will Daddy say and uncle commish. Think what kind of field day the press would have with this. Oh sorry the press went to Europe with J&J.What am I saying this DOOL. I doesnt matter. Sorry just have to vent sometime. Great prevuze as usual. Don't for get prevuzeII

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Glad to see John is as much of a horn dog as ever.
So Stefano programmed John to kill John's mother, yippee. When will the fun end.:(

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I was going to say the same thing, Leslie, that since John wasn't watching tv in his room (he couldn't have heard it over Marlena's yammering anyway) how would he be able to reference some old game show?

I can't believe Payla and Stephanie are holding this big scene right in the pub?? That should drive out any remaining customers Payla's makeout session didn't.

And so much for the sorority sisters' big unity. HAHAHAHA I'm all for it if it means they actually MOVE THE PLOT ALONE just a little.

Excellent Prevuze, LOL over Hope's jewelry and Ciara having a ball. :D

7:36 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I was going to save these for Saturday but seeing how everyone is getting more and more confused, I thought I'd post them:

Monday, 2/4
Lucas tells Sami that he will be going to prison for shooting EJ; Lexie learns that Kayla is pregnant; Grandpa Shawn is reunited with Colleen; John asks to speak with Colleen privately; Chloe asks Philip if he intends to keep his truce with Shawn.

Tuesday, 2/5
John tells Colleen that Stefano programmed him to kill her, but becomes conflicted when Colleen reveals that she is his mother; Shawn and Belle talk about their future; Roman reveals the contents of Ford's autopsy report; Victor offers Billie a job.

Wednesday, 2/6
John contemplates suicide; Colleen tells Grandpa Shawn that she's dying; Phillip asks Chloe if she'll stay with Brady if he is found; Kayla and Steve warn Bo that he needs to tell Hope about his illness; Chelsea is afraid that she's losing her friends.

Thursday, 2/7
On her deathbed, Colleen gathers her family to say good-bye; John wrestles with his feelings; Lexie informs Kayla that she's pregnant; Shawn and Belle agree to try to make their marriage work.

Friday, 2/8
John returns to the hillside where Colleen's ashes were scattered and sees ghosts in the distance; Steve recognizes a mysterious woman outside the bed and breakfast; Sami worries about EJ's growing attachment to Allie; Stephanie kisses Max.

I for one am a bit disappointed that Colleen isn't going to be around very long.
It seems like this plot may have been cut off short due to the writer's strike, and that's not fair, to the fans or to the actors who spent so long building this up for the past year.

8:01 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

If Colleen knows she is dying, that would explain why all of a sudden she decided to come forward. But I, too, am disappointed she won't be around long -- I like Shirley Jones as an actress and was hoping maybe some of her talent and work ethic would rub off on some of the younger cast members ...

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I wonder what illness Bo is going to have that we're going to have to struggle thru.

Also, wasn't it rumored that Frank Parker was axed? I wonder if they've recast OMB.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous I'll be your daisy if you do said...

does this mean Marlena will go to jail for drugging stefano?

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marlena should be in jail for what she did to Stefano. Actually if Salem were more reality-based, then both Lexie and Marlena would have been stripped of their medical priveleges for life, and ended up in adjoining cells!

The first oath that a physician takes is "to do no harm" deliberately to any person by using their medical training! Marlena should be charged with attempted murder again, and Roman and Abe charged as accomplices!

It would be a romantic touch would be if, after Colleen dies, the two mysterious ghostly figures turn out to be Santo and Colleen reunited at last.

Unfortunately, the writers on DAYS seem to have no romanticism in their entire make-up lately, but seem to stress down and dirty sex in place of emotional intimacy!

I thought lustful, or lecherous feelings were emotions? If John was truly bereft of feelings, then he'd be emotionally neutered

2:03 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

I know I'm posting this WAYYYYY too late for most people to see, but I'll try to re-post tomorrow --

If Salem has only one jail cell (Stefano and Lucas chained up together), where did they put Rolf? Didn't he get arrested along with Stefano??????

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If justice was being served then Stefano would have been put in jail for life long ago. Many other characters would be in jail too, not just Marlena and Lexie. Of course it would not be entertaining to punish every character that commits a crime. Part of what makes it a soap opera is that the villians get away with horrible things and the 'protagonists' also get away with revenge.

I am looking forward to the scenes between Marlena and Stefano. I love those two actors together, they have some of the best character history and best chemistry.
Thanks for posting!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm bothered by tptb having Colleen lay low all these years knowing that her family has been attacked by Stephano's delusion. What makes her dying change her mind to tell now? Why wouldn't she want to stop it all before, reunite with her son, (which btw I would really like to see them explain her life with John as her son since he was supposedly found to be an Alamain in the 90's.)
Gosh sometimes I get myself frustrated! LOL It's a shame that we had to watch this past summer all that Santeen, for no sense or closure to come to it.
Why am I surprised?

6:59 PM  

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