Monday, October 01, 2007

A Wildcat In Bed

Kate jumps into Lucas' car and says she's glad she caught him because they have to talk. Lucas won't even look at her. Turning to stone is a little confining. Kate asks him to let her explain. Lucas isn't in the mood for it, "Ain' nuttin' to explain." Listening to her is a waste of time. She doesn't know how to tell the truth.

Kate says, "I would do anything for you. Aannyytthhiinngg."

Lucas says, "You're my mom! You can't be handing me come-on's like that!"

"Kate says, "Sorry. I forgot. It just comes so naturally to me."

He accuses her of ripping Sami out of his life, "Get out of my car and my life."

EJ restrains Sami as she tries to remove Roman's bomb. Sami asks Roman if he can hear her. Mercifully for Roman, he can't. EJ asks if Andre has spoken to Stefano about this. Andre says it doesn't matter. EJ tells him the vendetta is over. Stefano ordered it stopped, "Are you prepared to defy him. We both know what happens when he gets angry."

"He makes us watch DOOL," says Andre.

Bo and the cops search the cemetery. Bo tells one of them Steve is on his way there. Hope shows up. Bo tells her about Benjy, "Steve is in his own personal hell right now."

Patch confronts Stefano. He points his gun and tells him not to move. Stefano tells him to be reasonable and asks what happened. "Oh man, you are gonna pay," growls Patch.

Stefano asks, "Do you want them to put you in a straight jacket again?"

"I don't mind wearing it," says Patch, "as long as they drop me off on the way home from your funeral."

Lucas says he doesn't want to hear it. He loves Sami even though they have been apart more than they have been together. Still, he will always love her.

Stefano wants Patch to tell him what happened, "You owe me that much."

"Like you don't know," snorts Patch. He tells him about the Roman-Benjy switcheroo. Stefano is shocked. Patch rages. Stefano rages. Rage-o-rama. Patch grabs a pillow, sticks the gun in it and puts it next to Stefano's head. Stefano pulls it away and tells him he tried to end the vendetta. He wants him to call Sami to find out, "There will be no one left to call off the dogs. GO AHEAD, KILL ME! You pull that trigger and the vendetta will go on until the end of time."

Bo tells Hope Patch is hell-bent for revenge. But, not to worry, the top-gun rookie graduate from Police Academy IX is guarding Stefano. Hope is skeptical. Bo tells her Kayla doesn't know about Benjy's death yet. He thinks Patch is calmer when Hope is around so he wants her there to mitigate things.

Andre doesn't believe the vendetta is over. EJ says he and Sami have agreed to fulfill all the requirements. Sami interrupts and says she has not agreed, "Look at my father. He's beat up and drugged."

Andre says he thinks Sami isn't willing to meet the requirements, "I'm sorry really... for poor Roman here..."

Kate keeps trying. Lucas says he doesn't want to have to throw her out of the car. He insists he would really do that. Kate says she always wanted so much for him, "Good things. An education. A career. And other things you weren't really capable of." Lucas says she always came between him and the things that made him happy. Kate says she always put him first. She is so proud of him so she thinks she must've done a little something right. Lucas tells her to go pat herself on the back somewhere else.

EJ restrains Sami again. Sami wiggles, fights and screams. "My goodness," says Andre, "She must be a wildcat in bed." Sami says she will marry EJ only if her family is safe. The terms aren't being met. She challenges Andre to let Roman go. EJ gives him a phone and tells him to talk to Stefano before someone does something he will regret. Andre ponders.

Patch says he wants everything back Stefano took from him and his family. He wants the lost years, the lost brain cells. Right now, though, he just wants Benjy. Stefano mourns over Benjy. Patch thinks he is faking it. Stefano tells him not to mock his pain. Patch asks if he remembers what Benjy was like as a little boy. He wanders and babbles about the first time he saw him. Benjy became a happy boy, "He had that big, silly monkey grin." Stefano says he saw something in Benjy he has not seen since, intelligence. Patch accuses him of stomping that out. He says Benjy hated knowing he was Stefano's son. He was afraid he'd disappoint Stefano. He wanted to be free of Stefano and Stefano knows it, "But you just couldn't leave him alone, could you – you SOB."

Hope says she will help but thinks Patch doesn't give up that easily. Bo assures her Patch will show up.

Instead, Chatsworth ambles up to Bo, "I got here as fast as I could, sir."

Kate reminisces. Lucas says it's over between them. "All my children were beautiful," says Kate, "but there was something about you."

"What was it," asks Lucas, "Something that made you want to make my life a living hell?"

"No," says Kate, " I think it was the way you always smiled through the short-bus window when you headed off for special class... Kate says she swore she would do everything to give him a good life. She knows she made mistakes. Unforgivable mistakes. But she never stopped wanting the world for him. Lucas thinks she gave him everything except the freedom to live his own life and decide whom he wanted in it. He tells her to leave. Kate goes.

Chatsworth says he has been looking forward to meeting the great Bo Brady. The poor schmuck sticks out his hand to shake. Bo seethes. Has asks who released Chatsworth. "You did," says the Chatster, "You told me to get my butt down to the cemetery."

"That's what I said to Steve," snorts Bo, "Dammit!"

EJ calls. Stefano's phone rings. Patch tells him not to touch it. "Or what," says Stefano, "You'll kill me? You think I'm afraid of death? There is a part of me that sometimes craves death's release. For one thing, there is no DOOL in hell. So, go ahead. Pull the trigger. I will die knowing you will spend the rest of your life suffering for my murder. Go ahead, shoot!"

EJ insists the vendetta is off. He asks for more time to contact Stefano. Andre says he will generously give him five minutes for Stefano to call back. He sets the timer on the bomb. Roman tells Sami to get out. "Yes," says Andre, "You can use the five minutes to say goodbye to your father. Time is precious."

Stefano asks Patch what he is waiting for, "You are insane."

No argument from Patch, "You made me that way." Patch says he has something special planned for Stefano. He tells him to get dressed.

"I can't," says Stefano.

"Then wear your jammies," says Patch, "I don't care."

Bo barks, "I want all uniforms at the hospital right now."

"What will we wear without our uniforms," asks officer Kravitz.

Bo calls. Patch answers, "I've been expecting your call, Bo."

"You can't do this," says Bo.

"You're dropping out," says Patch, "I have to finish what Benjy tied to do at the funeral." That does it. Bo and Hope rush to the hospital.

Lucas calls Sami. He leaves a message. He loves her and can't imagine his life without her. "You're the only woman I ever loved, who wasn't paid to marry me or who didn't leave me after a week."

Kate comes back for round two. She insists she had nothing to do with Sami's decision. The thought that a misunderstanding could come between them is unbearable to her.

Sami struggles to de-bomb Roman. It doesn't work. She calls Bo.

Bo and Hope rush into Stefano's empty room. Bo orders a search. He runs out as Hope calls Abe.

Kate insists it's true – She didn't know. Lucas drones, "I don' wanna hear it. You don't exist to me any more. You are on your own. I am not your son. My name is not Lucas Roberts any more.

Roman wants EJ to get Sami out of there. Andre looks at the timer. There are four minutes, twelve seconds left. Aha! We're working in DOOL time. It may be hours before the bomb goes off.

Sami blithers. She tells Bo about the bomb. Bo says he's on his way. Sami says there is no time.

Sami asks what she should do. "QUICK," says Bo, "Follow my instructions exactly. First, have Roman put his head between his legs."

Sami tells Roman and then gets back on the phone. "OK," sshe says, "He did it, now what?"

"Have him kiss his ass goodbye."

Roman screams for EJ to get Sami out of there. Sami asks Bo what wires to pull. Bo says he'd have to see the bomb. He asks her to put Roman on the line. Sami hands Roman the phone.

"How you doin', bro," asks Bo.

"I've been better," says Roman.

"How much time is left," asks Bo.

"Four minutes eleven seconds," says Roman. He begs Bo to talk to Sami and tell her to get out, "I love you little bro. Tell mom and pop. I know they can pick up the pieces once I am gone."

Sami takes the phone and Bo tells her to think of the babies and get out. Sami screams, "I'm not gonna let my babies be blown up and I'm not gonna let my dad get blown up. I, however, will blow up like I usually do."

Hope sees a picture of Roman on TV and turns up the volume. The news anchor says, "The search for Roman Brady has reached a critical point. And now, for some gardening tips from the weatherman."

Cut to the weatherman... Steve Johnson! Patch holds Stefano at gunpoint in front of the blank green-screen, "We'll be filling in for the weather... Uh... Tomorrow will be sunny but tonight I'm predicating a serious storm."

"CUT, " yells the director.

"Keep things running," yells Patch, "Now Stefano, we are gonna find out just how much your family loves you."

Lucas orders Kate out. Kate screams, "Lucas Roberts! Listen to me!"

"Lucas Roberts is dead," he says, "I'm gonna file papers to become Lucas Horton. It will be a new beginning and a new life that doesn't involve you."

The radio, which we haven't heard all episode, blasts a bulletin about Patch holding Stefano hostage. "OMG," says Kate, "OMG."

Bo rushes back into the room with Hope and looks up at the TV.

Four minutes, ten seconds. Roman tells Sami to get out. Sami is backed into a corner, "I love you, Dad." Sami kisses him and turns. EJ escorts her as she bawls. Andre starts to leave, but sees Steve on TV.

Viewers flood the TV station with calls asking for Patch to let Stefano go and kill the weatherman who keeps breaking into their shows to tell them it's sprinkling.

Steve points his gun at Stefano's head, "The gun is real... Stefano DiMera is real... The show is fake. I want Andre DiMera to bring me Roman Brady or the curtain goes down on Stefano's last aria." Sami looks up at the TV and smiles.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Okay it's October, come one Sami, let's get busy having those kids!!

I swear there must not be a single woman on the DOOL writing staff. The stuff that Sami does, running around, jumping, fighting off Andre are all "OH SO BELIEVABLE" what with her being full term with TWINS and all.

And speaking of her kicking Andre's *ss; I find it extremely funny that when Shawn, virile young police academy dude, tried it, he wound up in a lump on the floor. Yet Sami, all 110 lbs of her babies and all, took him on, she tossed him around like Hulk Hogan.
What happened to all of Andre's martial arts training?

So Lucas is changing his name to Horton.
Hear that? It's the sound of Tom Horton spinning in his grave!!
No one had better break the news to Alice, it would kill the poor dear.

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

This has got to be my favorite Prevuism today.

"What was it," asks Lucas, "Something that made you want to make my life a living hell?"

"No," says Kate, " I think it was the way you always smiled through the short-bus window when you headed off for special class...

That is just too funny. Your censored link is hysterical.

Remember, Deb, at one time, the Hulkster confessed to taking steroids. Perhaps, Sami is dealing with “roid rage”.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

So Andre sees Steve on TV with Stephano and disables the bomb himself on our next episode of Drool. Yeehaw--next.

Where is Superagent Man John Black during all this excitement? Shouldn't he get his fair share of daring-do? Couldn't he and Abe perhaps take up the slack instead of EVERYONE calling Keystone Cop Bo? Wow, somebody could be helping Roman, getting Patch and keeping the streets of Salem safe for everyone.

I never want to hear- Stay at the Pub where it's safe again. I think that it's Andre's base of operations and Caroline is his sidekick cause she can't take OMB and the rest of the bunch anymore.

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Missed Prevuism opportunity: "Steve is in his own personal hell" and so are the viewers.

I'm still laughing over Pard calling Andre Pard and the fact that Lucas' radio which we never heard and the pub tv which we never heard nor saw suddenly come on with Steve's message. Maybe they only listen to the All Brady Station. HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze on a groggy Monday morning!

7:21 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Why am i getting the impression that Lucas is Stefano's son from when Kate was rollin' in the hay as Stefano's hoe?

Does anyone think that Alice is really Colleen? or do you all think Colleen is simply as old as Alice and will appear under a different name after knowing what is going on?

So confusing.... it's like a trainwreck and I can't stop watching..... I wonder how DOOL will do for Fall Sweeps....

Any spoilers Deb? Wassup with EJ rumored to be eyeing Belle? Is he that desparate?

I will check back later for the video and more comments....

Love the Prevuisms today especially where Roman should kiss his own butt g'bye - LOL

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off....I have an account, but for whatever reason it's not accepting my password, and I don't know how to reset it. So, if anyone can help wtih that, I'd be grateful.
Secondly, On Dustin's Days page it says that Lauren will die next week. Now, when I read that I had to scratch my head a moment, because I almost forgot who Lauren was. Then I remembered we have yet another unfinished story line going involving DumDumBelle, DummerShawn and Phil. Ah yes, the stupid baby swicheroo. I'm so happy the writers decided to do something original--NOT!!
I still think Squints 007 is the long lost Santeen child, and that we haven't met the older version of Colleen yet. I also agree with whoever said that Lucas will turn out to be a Dimera, not a Horton. Ho hum.....blah blah blah boring, and oh so predictable.
I was so looking foward to the big summer story line, and it has turned out to be a big, huge nothing!!
It's a good thing Prevuze is here to provide some comic relief. I don't even bother watching the show anymore.
Oh and the comment about Lucas and the short bus had coffee coming out my nose. Very funny.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

WCQC---Salem is east of the Mississippi River then right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't call letters east of the Mississippi River begin with a W while those west begin with a K? or does that only with radio or perhaps a guideline and not a hard fast rule?

10:08 AM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

huge john black spoilers for the week of the week of the 16th, if anyone is interested. there are accompanying pictures:


10:26 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Spoilers...I got spoilers...

Lauren dies this week, but reveals information on Phillip's son first.

An angry Phillip threatens Steve and Kayla!
Like we all didn't see THIS coming a month away! Poor Kayla gets her heart broken again.

Chelsea and Stephanie auction Max for the sorority.
Max really needs to start dating in his own age group.

Roman is saved, but Andre takes Hope hostage on the roof of the television station! Steve ends up being arrested for taking Stefano hostage, and Bo shoots Andre
Andre ends up in the hospital, where Grandpa Shawn turns off his life support!
Oh NOW OMB starts acting like he gives a rat's hiney about his family. What took him so long??

Lucas returns to the pub, where EJ has saved himself and Sami. Lucas finds EJ and Sami together after their close call. Will returns this week and confronts Sami about what she's been doing.
Can't wait to see Sami worm her way out of this one!

10:56 AM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

nbc and sc removed both threads with the spoiler pics, so im thinking they're not allowed. i'll spoil it for you guys below:


pictures showed john black getting hit by a car, in the hospital, and then belle mourning at his funeral.


11:00 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Andre ends up in the hospital, where Grandpa Shawn turns off his life support!

Does OMB turn off Andre's life support, too?

Couldn't resist.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Other than the terrific censored link and the usual wonderful entertainment of Prevuze, here's my favorite from today:

Kate says, "I would do anything for you. Aannyytthhiinngg."

Lucas says, "You're my mom! You can't be handing me come-on's like that!"

Reading it here, that cracks me up again.

But I think you got this one backwards:

For one thing, there is no DOOL in hell.

I’m pretty sure that in hell, DOOL runs 24-hours on the only station with good reception.

We can only hope that when Blackie is hospitalized after a car accident, he will again be in a coma and unable to speak or squint.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Anon - I had the same trouble every single day. Prevuze clued me in that I could just click "other" and type in my name. That saved the headache of messing with the password.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Brenda, I thought Salem is in the west, as in midwest. Salem is near Chicago.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Rosanna said...

I have a feeling that Lucas is Stefano's son. and if he is then that means the vendetta should have been over with when Sami and Lucas were married. So the twins could have actually saved Stefano's life with their stem cells after all!

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salem is nowhere. Salem is everywhere. It's near Chicago, near the ocean, near the mountains, near Canada and near Arizona. It's fictional; it's useless to try to figure out where it is.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous SanMango said...

Lucas is Stefano's son!!!!!!!!! He has to be. Lucas and EJ brothers?!? This could get really good!

12:49 PM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

test test

1:24 PM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

Thanks for the tip Bulldog, it worked like a charm!!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Late to the party as usual. Most of my favorite Prevuisms and pictures have been mentioned already. There was one other I got a kick out of - Kate asking Lucas to disown her twice this week since she was booked next week.

I don't know that they would haul in someone Alice Horton's age to play Colleen. But, I can see her daughter/son coming into the story somehow/sometime.

We'll probably see Bellip soon. I'm sure that the San Antonio TV stations will all break into their programming with the Patch/Stephano news bulletins! After Bellip deal with Lauren they'll have to rush back to support their families in this time of need.

Speaking of families reminds me - Sami had to make the most difficult decision of her life and she didn't turn to her mother who has also had her share of dealings with the Dimeras? Couldn't she pry Doc & Squints apart long enough to ask for some maternal support? LOLOL

Great Prevuze and comments.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

On the Alice is Colleen debate:

It is RUMORED that Frances Reid is in failing health and will be retiring from acting.

Having her admit to being Colleen and then dying would not only provide a dignified exit for the veteran actress but would give DOOL a completely new lease on life (so to speak) imagine the possible storylines and plot twists that could come from the disclosure that the Brady and Horton families were one in the same all these years!!!

3:40 PM  
Anonymous em said...

Okay, I just watched this show, and the radio broadcast heard in DufasLucas' car identified Steffano as "... businessman . . ." -- with no mention of the fact that his funeral was just reported yesterday as big news.


1:02 PM  

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