Thursday, October 04, 2007

Goodbye, Sami

Will walks into the hospital room and Sami runs up to hug him. She is oh, so happy to see him. She asks if he got an earlier flight back. Will stands there like a statue but Lucas steps in and tells him to answer his mother's question.

"Well, yeah, obviously," grunts Will, who is still the terse teenager but remains the closest thing the family has to an actual adult.
Will cuts to the chase and asks if Sami is leaving Lucas. Sami gives him the tired, old, "It's not what you think." Will, the adult, lectures his parents. Lucas interrupts with the news bulletin that Sami is marrying EJ.

Will is shocked, "You are marrying that slimeball? Have you gone crazy while I was away?"

"No," says Sami, "It happened long before that."

Belle sucks down a fruity drink and remembers the raging inferno in the freezer. Adrienne asks her how college life is going. "It's nice to be doing something normal," says Belle, "It's a whole new experience for me." She tells Adrienne Shawn is still in the hospital. He supposedly will heal completely, with no scarring except for the scars he will carry for a lifetime after a relationship with a dingbat like her. She would be lost without Shawn. What a coincidence. That's what we all want for Belle – for her to get lost.

Kayla walks in. Adrienne runs to talk to her and Phillip comes up. He tells Belle, "The search is over."

Poor misunderstanding Belle squeals, "You found him!"

Adrienne tells Kayla she will be OK, "Justin and I are there for you." Adrienne thinks Patch is a hero for holding a gun to Stefano's head.

Kayla isn't so sure, "Whether he looks like a hero or not there is not a jury in the world that is gonna let him go. This time Steve's gonna have to pay."

Bo sits in his office, seethes and remembers the hostage situation. Interestingly, he also remembers what Andre did in the pub even though never saw it.

A cop tells him Steve has been processed. Bo mumbles to himself, "I don't know how you will beat this."

Stefano stands at his door and overhears, "He won't. Your brother in law is going to spend the rest of his miserable life in jail. There is nothing you or anyone else can do to change it."

Outside, the sound of machinery can be heard as they scrape Andre off the pavement. Claire operates the payloader and makes sure she gets every single flattened piece of him. Ciara and Pocket look on.

Shawn tells Nurse Gillian he doesn't want to go back to his room, "I'm completely bored. The only TV channel I can get in there is showing a DOOL marathon." He tries to bribe her with an offer of ice cream if she will let him say out a while. He promises he will be back in five minutes. Gillian relents and lets him go.

Shawn leaves. Lauren sneaks in. Shawn sees her and takes chase.

Belle is giddy. Phillip brings her back to earth – That's a place this space cadet rarely visits. He tells her it's hopeless. The last credit card record made it clear Lauren wasn't traveling with a baby. He worries that she did something to Tyler. Phillip tells Belle, "I may never find Tyler. Gotta face the possibility that Tyler... he may be dead."

Belle doesn't think so, "Lauren is screwed up but she's an amateur compared to me. I don't think she would harm him." Belle says Phillip can't let this consume him like the pursuit of Claire did. Phillip just hopes Tyler is happy.

Adrienne says, "Mickey says he is going to plead insanity."

"What plea is he going to enter for Steve," asks Kayla.

Adrienne has her sit down, "How are you holding up? I know how much you loved Benjy."

"To tell you the truth," says Kayla, "I've been so worried about Steve I haven't had a chance to let it sink in that he is really gone. His car is in Bo and Hope's garage. I haven't been able to bring myself to go pick it up."

"There is plenty of time for that," says Adrienne, "How's Sonia?"

"She's devastated," says Kayla, "Benjy sent them out of town. When she kissed him goodbye, I'm sure she never thought it would be the last time. I blame Stefano for this. I hope he suffers for the rest of his life."

Stefano tells Bo he is there to talk to the DA. Bo thinks it's amusing Stefano DiMera is trying to play the victim. Stefano wants to concentrate on the newfound loovvee between their families. He asks, "You have heard we will soon be family?"

"That's a joke."

Sami and Lucas try to 'splain things to Will. The vendetta will be over if Sami marries EJ. Will immediately sees the stupidity of it, but Sami and Lucas are convinced it's the way to go. Sami, of course, loves Lucas BUT she has to do this. She wants will to understand. She hopes Will doesn't hate her.

"I don't hate you," says Will, "Pity, yes, hate no." He gives her a hug.

Sami is so happy he understands. Will says he is not OK with it but he gets it. Aw, man, he drank the kool aid, "She's making an incredible sacrifice for us."

Belle wants the old Phillip back – the one who would fight for his child. Phillip admits he's scared, "Lauren is psycho, and I've already lost one kid." Belle insists he has not lost Claire. She knows he will find Tyler. She wonders if he would worry about Tyler as the years go by. She knows he would be tormented if Tyler was in a bad situation. She doesn't explain how Phillip would know Tyler was in a bad situation if he didn't know where he was. "Whatever you find," says Belle, "we will face it together." Hugs.

Lauren sneaks around. Shawn follows, "What is she doing here?" He grabs Gillian and says he has to make a phone call, "A kid's life could be at stake."

Phillip and Belle continue their extended hug. Phillip's watch gets caught in her hair. They giggle and reminisce as they remember it happening before. Phillip says, "I remember that time we were going to make love and it happened. We got so wrapped up in trying to get the watch out of your hair it killed the mood, and we just fell asleep in each other's arms. How about a rain check?"

Shawn calls Belle but gets no answer. He begs Nurse Gillian for one more call.

Belle brings the trip down memory lane to a grinding halt. She ramps up the same old Tyler conversation as Phillip's phone rings. Shawn tells him he's trying to get in touch with Belle. Phillip tells him Belle is right there. He offers to put her on the phone, but Shawn stops him and tells him Lauren is there, "You need to get to the hospital right away."

"We'll be there as soon as I can get this stupid watch out of her hair," says Phillip.

Sami. Lucas. Will. Vendetta. Will says he had a great time in Europe, but would have rather been home for the summer, "I enjoyed hiking through the Alps with Aunt Carrie and fishing with Uncle Austin, though. A guy named Lars taught me to drive. And a girl named Helga taught me something else." Will knows this marriage to EJ won't be forever. He's proud of Sami and thinks they should support her big time. Hugs and love. Will wants her to know if she has to marry EJ, his dad still loves her too. He says he's sorry he missed Roman and heads for home.

Sami is so happy Will understands. Lucas thinks he is a great kid and is proud of him. But he's glad Will doesn't know the whole truth, "There is more to this EJ thing than saving the Bradys."

Kayla bumps into Bo as she comes into the cop shop. Bo is coming out of his office in a huff. He tells her he wants to blow off steam before he does something he regrets. He tells her Stefano is there. "Rreeaallllyy," says Kayla, "Take your time."

Stefano stands in Bo's office and says to himself, "It's almost over..."

Kayla steps in, "You got that right."

Lauren sneaks. Shawn heads her off at the pass and things get physical. Lauren screams. Gillian walks up and asks what is going on. Lauren goes berserk and tells Gillian Shawn is assaulting her. Gillian is skeptical and Shawn explains the baby situation. Lauren calms down and says all she really wants is to get out of there. As she leaves, Gillian says she thinks that was a quick change of heart. Shawn pins Lauren against the wall.

"You're wasting your time," says Lauren, "Tyler is gone."

Kayla wants Stefano to drop all charges against Steve, "You owe it to Benjy." Stefano claims he loved Benjy and wouldn't have hurt him. She reminds him he borrowed part of Benjy's liver against his will. Stefano dumps the blame for that onto Andre. Kayla says Benjy detested what he stood for but loved him and craved his approval.

"By shooting me," asks Stefano.

"So what," snorts Kayla, "You just had him taken out."

"I had nothing to do with the murder of my son," says Stefano.

"Then prove it and let Steve go."

Sami claims she doesn't have feelings for EJ. Lucas tells her about seeing her holding EJ in her lap. She wonders why he didn't say something or just come on in. Lucas says he didn't want to interrupt the tender moment. Sami pulls out all the stops. She says she thought EJ was dying. It didn't look that way to Lucas. Lucas thinks the way she was holding him looked like a lot more. Sami says she pushed him off when she knew he would be OK.

"You're acting like you walked in on us doing it," cries Sami, "I want you to understand."

"I understand," says Lucas, "But not the way you think."

Sami thinks fate has brought her and Lucas together. But fate is on vacation now. Lucas says he believes in free will, not fate, "If you want someone bad enough you fight for them. You're fighting for EJ. You're ready to move heaven and earth to get him. It's time you admit it – not to me, but yourself."

Stefano is sorry. He knows Kayla took care of Benjamin and he is grateful, "But he is gone. And justice will be served."

Kayla thinks Stefano knows nothing of justice. Only revenge. She will believe the vendetta will end when she sees it, "You could start right now with Steve."

"I will keep punishing Steve until my dying day," says Stefano, "This is my fight. It has nothing to do with the vendetta."

Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! A duck drops from the ceiling and Groucho says, "Congratulations! You just said the magic word! Had you used the word 'folio' in the same sentence, we would have doubled your prize money."

It's the wind up, and the pitch. Kayla hauls off and flings her open hand at Stefano's face, "YOU BASTARD." Stefano blocks her and stares.

Shawn asks Lauren if this is a game to her. He wonders if she is enjoying torturing Phillip. Lauren falls apart, "All I can say is this..." She whirls and darts away from Shawn, slamming him against the wall as she goes.

Shawn's burn hits the wall as he reels backward. PAIN! Shawn hits the deck writhing and screaming. Belle and Phillip walk into the situation. Belle runs to Shawn's aid as Phillip intercepts Lauren, "Going somewhere?"

Belle goes into high gear. She blubbers and bawls, "What did you do to Shawn?" Shawn continues to amuse himself by squirming around the hallway floor.

Phillip and Lauren struggle. Lauren screams, "TYLER IS GONE! HE'S GONE!"

Phillip's satanic side joins the crowd. He slams her against the wall. Slobber and snot fly as he gets in her face and rages, "WHAT DID YOU DO? DID YOU KILL MY SON." Belle runs over and tries to stop him.

Sami and Lucas keep up the same ole argument. Sami thinks EJ has changed, but that is a long way from being in love. Lucas wants her to take a long hard look at herself and she will see he is right. Sami swears EJ is just a means to an end, "But don't forget – getting there is half the fun."

Lucas thinks Stefano will ask for proof of the marriage, "If you marry EJ you will be under the DiMera thumb for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Kayla reminds Stefano all she had to do in Italy was to pull the plug and he would have died. Stefano laughs, "I don't think you have the nerve. You know, you little fool, you should have done it the first time. You won't get the chance again."

"I am a doctor and you are a sick man," says Kayla, "I'm sure the opportunity will be there again. If you think I am incapable, just try me." She leaves. Stefano contemplates. Outside Kayla seethes.

Bo comes back. He sees Kayla is shaken. She brushes it off, "The important thing is Steve will be OK because I am making sure of it." Pan to Stefano.

Sami says she will just be EJ's legal wife. Lucas thinks she can't take the DiMera's word for anything. She wants him to have faith in her and their love, "I just have to know that you're gonna wait for me. Just tell me you'll wait."

He kisses her, "Goodbye, Sami." Roy and Dale sing 'Happy Trails' as Lucas rides into the sunset.

Sami screams, "LUCAS! LUCAS!"

Phillip rages against Lauren. Lauren swears Tyler is fine. She slips away from him and runs off. She scoots into a stairwell and DOWN GOES LAUREN! Hollywood hasn't seen a fall like this in years. The three stooges chase. Phillip stoops down over Lauren's broken body at the bottom of the stairs, "Go get help! Go get a doctor! Lauren! Lauren!" We slowly pan in on what's left of Lauren.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Okay, I am now convinced that not only do the DOOL writers read Prevuze, they also read my blog.

Tell me they didn't just follow my Angel of Death story word for word!!!

Okay, now that Will is back, will he be starting college soon and rushing
I-Felta-Thigh's brother fraternity,
Beta Delta Iota (Big Drunk Idiots)?

Some DOOLisms
"Justin and I are there for you."
Nice to see Adrianne remembers who Justin is.

"I will keep punishing Steve until my dying day," says Stefano, "This is my fight. It has nothing to do with the vendetta.
Nope, it's something completely different! It's a GRUDGE!

"I am a doctor and you are a sick man," says Kayla,
Wow, Kayla remembers she's a doctor, Adrianne remembers she's married AND who she's married to! A banner day in the Johnson family!

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

4:40 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

So Lauren dies by falling down the stairs. Was the Jan Spears memorial rock being used?

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd just like to thank-you for doinng these Day aheads. I looooooove your sense of humour! I'm a crier when I laugh really hard and you always make me cry. :)

5:45 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Great Prevuze today (Shawn continues to amuse himself by squirming around the hallway floor...that just cracked me up!) and Deb and Dazeisdum had me laughing, too! The Jan Spears memorial rock...classic!

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Bo sits in his office, seethes and remembers the hostage situation. Interestingly, he also remembers what Andre did in the pub even though never saw it.

Please, say it isn’t so. Tell me I am not going to being subjected to another moment of the hostage telecast. I watched that mess last night and could not believe what I was witnessing. Bo goes to the television station with only Hope and that useless cipher, blow hard Lucas. Before his heart wrenching conversation with his mother, Lucas was limping but when he’s in full gallop out of the station to rescue Sami, he’s gimp free. I had to use every bit of my self control to keep from throwing rotten food at my TV. After digital cable rendered my VCR useless for recording anything, I’ve been shelling out $11.99 a month to my cable provider for a DVR so I can record this drivel. Am I nuts or what?

I loved Prevuze’s homage to Groucho, Lucy, and Roy and Dale.

I’ve got to hand it to Prevuze. Your outrageous humor and pithy comments makes it appear that Daze is actually worth watching. Now can you do something with the Cubs? Between the Cubs and Daze, I’m ready to fall on my sword.

6:01 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...


I added to your Angel of Death story this morning.

Are we ever going to learn what really happened to Colleen? I'm more interested in that then the Sami must marry EJ drivel.

Of course Lauren falls down the stairs and dies. We can't have the Pocket/Tyler identity suspense (lack of) resolved.

dazeisdum said...
So Lauren dies by falling down the stairs. Was the Jan Spears memorial rock being used?

That's awesome! They haven't used the Lucas Roberts memorial beam lately either.

6:04 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Now can you do something with the Cubs? Between the Cubs and Daze, I’m ready to fall on my sword.

We had a great idea to help the cubs a few years ago. We sent it in and it won first prize. They tried it, but it backfired. I mean, how were we supposed to know corked bats break easily?

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

HA! Nothing gets past Prevuze! "Interestingly he remembers what happened at the pub even though he wasn't there to see it."

And I LOL over Mickey pleading insanity. HAHAHAHHA

Great Prevuisms and pics today! :D

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I’m impressed. Sammy Sosa reads Prevuze, too.

Rant part deux – Ok, I’m a little cranky today. Please just humor me.

That whole hostage situation was so unbelievably bizarre that I was embarrassed for the actors. Doesn’t DOOL have a writing team? Shouldn’t they have brain storms instead of brain flatulence? It is hard for me to comprehend that writers and producers got together and thought this was good stuff. Jeez, my cat’s hairballs are more interesting than the sorority story line.

I feel better. Have a nice day everyone!

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Salem could have one heck of a Halloween spook house if they'd saved all of the various things used on them aside from the memorial rock and beam.

Carly and Pard's buried alive coffins, Squints guillotine, Hope's vat of acid.....

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all are hilarious! I loved the "Jan Spears memorial rock" comment, I laughed out loud and nearly choked on my rice pudding at the same time! Too funny!

You guys are great! Definitely way better than actually having to sit and watch the show.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Ah, everyone has mentioned what cracked me up as well - Groucho, Andre's crime scene outline, Pard's pics. I see that Abe's handy dandy tote board was on hand as well. Thanks, Bulldog.

A funny, funny Prevuze today. (I can't believe I made it through the morning without getting to read it!)

I just got back from lunch and from watching today's show. I just about choked on my pasta at the last scene. It was a DOOLism supreme:
Andre falls off the roof. Hope falls but catches the ledge. Bo hauls her up. They kiss. Two other cops rush onto the scene and tell Bope that Andre survived the fall, was in bad condition, but had been taken to the hospital and was in stable condition. HUH?!

Is this the same EMS service that takes hours to even show up when they are needed? Perhaps they made that 45 second rescue by having EMTs. Not emergency medical technicians - emergency medical transporters.

Or, better yet, Andre fell off the roof through a spatial anomaly and landed straight into a bed in the ER.

Ya gotta love DOOLogic.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I will keep punishing Steve until my dying day," says Stefano, "This is my fight. It has nothing to do with the vendetta."

Please tell me this is the set up for a major sl with S&K front and center. As hard as DOOL is to digest at times, SN's performances coupled with MBE's makes it worth the effort... regardless of the less than stellar material the writers come up with. Obviously TPTB don't realize they have the winning lottery ticket when it comes to SN and MBE, otherwise they would cash it in. If not, put SN in prime time where he belongs. Come to think of it, he and MBE would make a great addition to ER. They have the 'medical credentials', and ER could certainly use the fresh air.

"Sami says she will just be EJ's legal wife. "I just have to know that you're gonna wait for me. Just tell me you'll wait.""

No, no, let's talk it over one more time. Then we'll talk about it again. Sooner or later, we'll all be to old to care who marries who or why. How many times is that same old conversation going to take place? Next step please. Please.

"Jeez, my cat’s hairballs are more interesting than the sorority story line."

Amen. You know, I fall into the coveted 18 to 49 age group that TPTB so obviously crave. Believe me when I say that the last thing I want to see is more teen sex-lust-hormones-tetestorone... I'm an underage party hound... whatever. Concentrate on the vets and give the kids a smaller sideline. The sorority story line has no where to go that could be considered the least bit interesting, or 'believable', for lack of a better word.

P.S. I can't imagine going a day without checking your site. Outstanding job! ;-)

2:41 PM  

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