Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bid On A Bod

Bo orders Andre to let Hope go. Stefano backs him up. Andre drags Hope out and Bo runs out after them. Roman restrains Patch while Stefano rants at him, "You just saved Roman, and you just got Hope killed!"

"Hey," says Patch, "Look at the bright side... Bo gets out of diaper duty."

Lucas watches as Sami huffs and puffs and cradles EJ. Dejected Lucas walks out without Sami seeing him. EJ wakes up and tells Sami how beautiful she is. Sami is disgusted. He tells her their marriage doesn't have to be a terrible experience, "Lucas is your default setting."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"He's like a bad habit."

Sami sneers, "You're like a bad medicine I have to take but dread. I love Lucas. Lucas is everything to me." Disgusted EJ straightens his tie.

We pan up to the top of one of Salem's tallest skyscrapers. Ninety-six stories, straight up. Andre slings Hope across the rooftop as she yells, "Let go of me Andre!"

Bo and the cops rush in... Standoff... Andre says, "This is a private party, Bo, call off your dogs."

Bo calls Hope off. And once again, with a straight face, tells the cops, "I'll handle this."

"Let the games begin," drones Andre.

"This time it will be a short game," says Bo.

I could jump, couldn’t I," threatens Andre, "I've done it before and this time I have your wife to break my fall."

Chelsea wonders if a guy auction is legal. Stephanie says what they do on their date is their own business. She takes out her laptop and starts making a list of frats. They wonder what they should call the auction. Stephanie comes up with "Auction Your Assets" and "Bid On A Bod."

Chelsea comes up with a unique thought, "I thought we were on campus to get an education."

"That, too," says Stephanie.

Chelsea says they still don't have any guys to auction. That's Max' cue. He strolls into the bar but no one recognizes him because he actually has an adult haircut. "We don't have any guys yet," says Stephanie.

Sami claims her marriage to EJ will only be a legal arrangement. EJ touches her shoulder and says he thinks things will work out in time. Sami goes crazy, "DON'T TOUCH ME!"

EJ mutters, "You'd think we were married already with all these rules."

"Get used to it," snorts Sami.

She offers to drive him to the hospital. He declines and says he's going to the TV station. He helps Sami up. She insists she's fine. "I'm just trying to be a gentleman," says EJ.

"Good luck with that."

Patch wants Roman to go to the hospital. Roman wonders why he hasn't heard from Lucas and then orders Patch to lockup.

Stefano interrupts, "This maniac just held a gun to my head."

"Good times," says Patch.

Stefano tells Patch he's going to the state hospital for life. "For what," asks Patch, "Wanting you dead? That makes me the sanest dude in Salem." Which doesn't say much...

Bo tells Andre not to jump, "Stefano needs you." Andre reminds Bo Stefano proclaimed EJ his heir. Bo and Hope both work on Andre to back off. Helicopters circle. Bo says, "If you let Hope go, I give you my word... you walk."

Andre hops up onto the ledge. Hope doesn't like the view.

Max joins the girls. He says he's there to ask Adrienne for a job because he's losing the garage. Stephanie tells him she and Jerko are totally over. He senses something is up. Stephanie says she wants volunteers.

"How much have you guys been drinking," asks Max.

"We just want you to spend a night with a hot coed," says Stephanie, "Is that a problem"

Back to the cliffhanger. I guess it's more of a ledgehanger. Bo promises Andre immunity if Andre testifies against Stefano. Andre doesn't believe Bo can pull that off. Hope dangles.

Roman thanks Patch as they wheel him out.

Stefano is gruff, "Get this human waste out of my sight. Patch taunts Stefano and says he is done calling the shots. Stefano growls, "With the vendetta ending, destroying you will be a pleasant distraction." Patch says he hopes they wind up in the same cellblock, "I hope someone sticks a shiv in you and deflates that big fat ego!"

Stefano gets in his face, "No one talks to Stefano DiMera like that for very long."

Things come to a halt when EJ walks in. Stefano is overcome with delight to see him alive. Patch gives them his crazy smile, "He's OK, you're OK, we're all OK."

EJ tells Stefano what happened at the pub. Stefano can't understand how Andre could have killed Benjy. Stefano says he feels like he failed his father and his children. EJ says, "You didn't fail anyone. Well, maybe things didn't work out well for Benjy, but let's not dwell on that. You were protecting our way of life for generations to come. It's the beginning of a new DiMera dynasty."

Sami comes in to see Roman. He's happy she's alive. Hugs. She tells him she had tests, "They showed there isn't a problem with the twins RIGHT NOW. We have to stop checking into this place – the room service sucks."

Sami gives Daddy a card she made for him in her spare time while she was being gassed. Roman tells her Andre took Hope hostage. He insists she can't marry EJ, "What about Lucas."

"This is not forever," says Sami.

Roman thinks if Sami gives EJ any excuse the DiMeras will ignite the war all over again, "Revenge is in the DiMera blood."

The Ledge of Night continues. Andre has his pistol pointed at Hope's temple, "How shall the lady die, with a bullet or a fall?" Andre's trigger finger twitches and he teeters.

Hope screams, "Bo!"

Max thinks it's not fun being on the outside of the girls' little joke. They tell him about the auction. Max says he doesn't want to put his heart through a meat grinder again.

"It's just one night," says Chelsea, "It's not a lifetime commitment."

"What does your heart have to do with it," asks Stephanie.

"Nothing," scowls Max, "Not any more." He gets up and leaves.

"He still wants you," says Chelsea.

Lucas shows up as they wheel Roman out. Sami senses something is wrong. Laconic Lucas says nothing. It doesn't take much to get him talking though. He tells Sami he's worried about the DiMeras raising their children. Sami insists she doesn't have a choice. "Yeah," says Lucas, "Well, I've been thinking."

"Oh, no," says Sami, "I didn't think things could get any worse."

"I want you to leave Salem with me," he says.

EJ says Sami's twins will be raised as DiMeras. Lucas will be demoted to an every-other-weekend visitor. Stefano says, "I think Lucas will have something to say about that."

"Lucas has something to say about everything," says EJ, "Maybe Lucas needs to be silenced."

The Salem Standoff continues.

Max is having his sit-down with Adrienne to ask for a job. Adrienne tells him working in a bar is different that working in a garage. Even Max could figure that out. Max suggests a trial run. Adrienne OKs it and the deal is sealed.

Chelsea says, "That's three."

Stephanie takes the bait, "Three what?"

"Max looked over here again," says Chelsea, "I think it would be OK for you to look back." Stephanie ignores it and comes up with the idea of offering free beer at the auction to lure in the frat boys. "And where are we going to get the money for free beer," asks Chelsea.

"From the auction money," says Stephanie, "Jeremy taught me how to skim without getting caught."

"But Jeremy got caught," says Chelsea.

"You're clouding my mind with facts again," says Stephanie,
"Besides, they are gonna be so jealous.


"The losers who didn't think of this. And by the way, I get first dibs on the hottest guy in the room."

Kayla rushes in to see Steve. He tells her about Hope being taken hostage. Kayla turns her wrath on Stefano, "WE HAVE HAD ALL OF THIS WE CAN TAKE!"

"Tell the writers, not me," says Stefano.

Andre and Hope dance on the ledge.

Adrienne brings the girls a couple beers on the house. She says she likes the bachelor-auction idea and will let them have it at the Cheatin' Heart at no cost. She also says she will throw in free beer and pizza. Adrienne leaves. Chelsea says she doesn't feel comfortable accepting Adrienne's offer. Stephanie argues. She says it will be good for business because Adrienne will pull in potential customers. Suddenly, Adrienne runs up and says she has to talk to Stephanie.

Max joins Chelsea and tells her he got the job. Stephanie runs back up and says she has to go, "My dad went psycho at the TV station."

"If you ran out every time your dad went psycho you'd be in great shape," says Max. He offers to take her.

Stefano admires Elvis' determination, but thinks this isn't a night to make plans. EJ insists tonight is the perfect night. He thinks Sami doesn't have feelings for him because of some misguided sense of duty. He wants Stefano to help him separate Sami and Lucas.

Sami thinks it would be nice to get away but Salem is their home. "Home is us being together," says Lucas.

John Bartlett steps into the room, "Do you mind if I use that one in the next edition of my book on quotations? I'm adding a chapter which discusses quotes that can actually make people throw up."

Sami says, "I want our twins to grow up with cousins, aunts, uncles... no matter how insane they are." She insists she isn't going to be with EJ forever.

"I thought this would be a no-brainer," says Lucas, "You know, something on my level. EJ will never let you go." Sami says once Stefano is gone it will be over.

"It doesn't work like that," says Lucas, "If you marry him he will never let you be my wife again."

Ledge-o-rama. Bo yells, "When push comes to shove, Andre does not want to die."

Bo fires. Hope twirls and elbows Andre. Andre falls. Hope goes with him. Bo grabs Hope's arm and she dangles there. He pulls her up. Kiss. Now that the crisis is over, the Salem cops come rushing back in.

Ninety-six stories and Andre is still alive. One of the cops says, "Nice work, detective."

"Some days you get lucky," says Bo, "And some days you save Hope."

Patch takes Kayla aside. He apologizes for upsetting her, "Roman is with the cops and they won't let me down."

"They won't let you out either," says Kayla. Kayla thinks Patch was so brave.

As they haul him off, Patch says, "By the way, Benjy croaked."

"You win some, you lose some," says Kayla.

Stefano asks what EJ's plans are for Lucas because, with the vendetta over, there can be no violence. EJ says he can make Sami forget about Lucas.

"You will be doing her a favor getting her away from that simpleton," says Stefano. He wonders what type of persuasion will be most effective.

Sami wonders if Lucas will take her back. "I can't hold us together alone," he says. Sami begs him to wait for her. Lucas rants, "You are scheming to leave me with EJ just like Colleen schemed with Santo."

Will stands at the door, "Is that right? Are you walking out on us?"

Hope and Bo are down at street level. Bo tells her they don't know if Andre will make it, but he survived the last fall. Hope says when she was on the ledge she saw a vision of Ciara lying in bed waiting for Hope to talk to her, but there was nothing bus silence.

Bo says, "We're going home and you can talk to her for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Hope asks, "Does it feel like the end to you?"

"No Fancy Face, this whole thing is far from over."

The viewers groan.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

I am sorry but I have to say it.
Doesn't the current storyline seem like a speeding freight train heading NOWHERE??

None of the storylines are making any sense, they have left several of them just dangling in the Kate Zone, and the ones they are working on, well they're just so predictable.

Is anyone else starting to feel a little sorry for the Dimera side of this little Hatfield/McCoy redux??

The Bradys are all acting more like members of the Manson family!
And throwing Andre off the roof of a building? AGAIN?

Well in honor of my birthday, as Jon Stewart of the Daily Show would say:
Here is your moment of Zen:

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

4:51 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

First of all, Happy Birthday Deb!!

And thank you for my moment of Zen. Then memory lane montage reminded me why I love this show in the first place.

"Auction Your Assets" and "Bid On A Bod." --These sound like something Prevuze and crew might have come up with not the "I'm desperate to appear grown up so I do things that make me look even more immature" crew.

Stefano interrupts, "This maniac just held a gun to my head."

"Good times," says Patch

Good times, I love it! Did anyone else think about the SNL skit about the two monotone chicks with a radio show and thier catch phrase-good times.

:Doesn't the current storyline seem like a speeding freight train heading NOWHERE??:

Why yes Deb, it does. Last week I tried to actually watch the show and I felt the continuity, action, explanations were disjointed and barely coherent or cohesive.

I hate to be mean but the sls seem to be written by and for a manic-depressive, AHDD, bipolar potatoe with Asperger's syndrome.

5:30 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Well in honor of my birthday, as Jon Stewart of the Daily Show would say:
Here is your moment of Zen:

Hey, happy birthday!

Those clips were great. They looked like the were part of a darn good show. Unfortunately, I didn't recognize which one.

5:41 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I hate to be mean but the sls seem to be written by and for a manic-depressive, AHDD, bipolar potatoe with Asperger's syndrome.

Don't be too tough on Belle. She really likes the show.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Sami comes in to see Roman. He's happy she's alive. Hugs. She tells him she had tests, "They showed there isn't a problem with the twins RIGHT NOW.

Methinks that Prevuze is onto something. Could this be subtle foreshadowing by Daze writers? We know the babies will be born this month…the way this story line is going it will probably be 10/31…but there has been no clue about the circumstances surrounding their birth or their health.

Couldn’t the writers come with anything better than another roof top flop by Andre? Spare me, spare us all. What’s with free beer and pizza for frat guys? There probably isn’t enough beer in Salem for that freebee. Think of your liability exposure, Adrienne!

Happy Birthday, Deb!!!!!

6:16 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

The viewers groan. From laughing too much at Prevuze this morning no doubt.

I loved The Ledge of Night and all the pictures.

As they haul him off, Patch says, "By the way, Benjy croaked."
"You win some, you lose some," says Kayla.

Well, Andre will get hauled off to jail until he breaks out again when DAYZ needs a sweeps cliff-hanger. Stephano can take over Kate's job of meddling with Sami/Lucas. Lucas can go back to drinking and start his own little vendetta against the DiMera's and all the DOOL writers who turned him into a whining, big-mouthed jerk.

Love, love, love Prevuze!

Oh, and shameless bid for birthday wishes Deb. Have a great one! ;-)

6:30 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

TY all for the birthday wishes.
In case anyone was wondering, I am celebrating the 18th anniversary of my 29th birthday today. For the mathmatically challanged out there, that means I am 47 today. LOL

I am glad so many of you agree DOOL is getting very disjointed and downright tedious in it's recent storylines.

I really thought, and hoped, when Ed Scott came over from Y&R we would see some kind of positive change in the writing and direction the show was taking.

But sadly it is not meant to be.

Again, because I am in a nostalgic frame of mind today, enjoy this:
Chelsea? Is That You?
This is the last 5 min of the VERY FIRST DOOL in 1965.
The scene starts with Addy and Tony talking about their future, blah blah blah, then it goes to the real fun.
Julie (Yeah our own Juggs herself) is "The Original Teen Terror".
She got busted shoplifting and is doing an impression of Chelsea that is downright scary!!!

*PS, what's really sad, is as sappy and melodramtic as DOOL was in 1965, (drag queens don't over act this much!) It is STILL worlds better than the crap they are forcing us to watch right now!.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Rosanna said...

I am so tired of this, when Hope asked Bo if it was over and he said it was just beginning I rolled my eyes and wanted to punch the screen!

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Thank God if Max has gotten a haircut and improved from his shaggy dog look! Can't you see it now - he'll be on the auction block up for bid (on the 31st, it'll take that long for this thing to get put together) and Chloe will walk in and dramatically offer the winning bid. Then they can have a Chloax romance going so they can have TWO jealous people - Phil and Sexfannie.

Who was that that was on the ledge recently with the helicopter hovering overhead? Was it Marlena? I can't remember but I bet it's the same ledge set. HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today, I loved the John Bartlett Prevuism and the Ho/Andre pic! :D

8:44 AM  
Anonymous doeji said...

I don't usually make comments, but with this change with Lumi I just have to say something. I was so hoping that this was going to be a lasting couple. After all it would have been nice to see a young couple with a family who would finally stay together. If she and EJ marry I think perhaps I will have to call it a day with Days. For that I am sorry because I have been watching it almost from the beginning. I think perhaps it is time for me to leave this to you younger ones who can handle this fast changing nonsense.
So, bye y'all.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Dear Steph, no one at college calls themself a coed so please stop doing it. Thanks.

If the twins are to be raised as Dimeras, what will their last names be? I hope it turns out EJ is the father!!!!

Too bad there wasn't any duct tape left over for Lucas' mouth.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

Love ALL the photos and the extras too - great Prevuze ;}

Hate, Hate, Hate the master of duct tape falling. Thaao has been playing the role to perfection and his one liners have been fantastic.

lucas and his mouth -- yep duct tape or a plug would work just fine.

Love Bo and Hope working together, and Stefano... Well Stefano is Stefano, and I hope Days keeps him around to help usher in the new "truce" (if it actually happens that is - and if it doesn't he still needs to be on).

EJ and Sami are great - I'm not at all surprised she goes into full blown b*tch mode after admitting she cares for EJ (too bad he didn't get to hear that part, I'm sure it would help).

Guess we'll see if Days is brave enough to put EJ and Sami together. They seem to have worked overtime to destroy their chemistry (and the character of EJ)but the magic is still there, and boy does it ever shine!

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad scheming EJ is back. If I have to hear "samantha I love you" and a reply of I don't love you I love Lucus" I will throw up. Hooray for bringing back the true EJ. Fight for your love yeah!!!
Also I like Andre but can we please kill him off aready he is becoming very annoying!!!!!

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really hope they don't put EJ and Sami together. That is just stupid. So what if the vendetta goes on? It will get even worse if she divorces a guy to end it and then divorces him after his dad dies. Does Sami really think EJ is going to accept that?

8:14 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

If Lucas is a DiMera, then the vendetta has been "fulfilled"....

I remember someone saying maybe John may be the "Santeen" baby... I thought he was Stefano's son?

Now that I think about it - Alice can't possibly be Colleen cause then that makes her Bo's aunt making Hope his niece or cousin or SOMETHING (I can't keep up) - anyways, if everyone ends up related and married and having babies with each other - then no wonder we have the morons like Sean/Belle on the show...

8:59 PM  

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