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The Good Ol' Days Of Our Lives

Many thanks to Deb who put together this full-blown Prevuze on the second episode ever of Days Of Our Lives...

*To catch you up, Julie Olson has been arrested for shoplifting, but gave her name as Julie Horton so the cops wouldn't call her parents.

Marie and Tony are talking (endlessly) about their upcoming wedding.

Julie is in the police station obviously channeling Chelsea from the future. She keeps insisting she didn't "steal" the stole, it just somehow found it's way into her bag. Maybe Andre put it there?

"They let Carol and Diane go home just like that, but not me! WHY??" Julie whines Because they aren't liars and thieves like you Julie.

As Julie's meltdown continues Mickey asks to see the file. It says there were about 100 witnesses who saw her steal the stole.

Time for some Tom Horton words of wisdom. "Beaver, um I mean Julie" Remember when you were very young, we went to the park and you got lost? You ran around the park screaming, all you could do was scream. Well nothing has changed so shut up!

Tom lectures on and on, Julie keeps whining, Tom watches with an amused look on his face. "Okay, lets say for the sake of argument, And to shut you up, that you aren't scared, you're mad." Tom keeps on lecturing "You're spreading your anger around in 10 different directions - We're just trying to help you. And get you to SHUT UP!"

"You just wait till my parents get here!" Julie's rant continues "They'll tell you about all the trouble I've been in, they'll even make up a few things to make themselves sound good" Wow who are these people the Mansons??

Tom points out she IS a rotten kid, she HAS been in trouble before. Julie starts to pout like she's 2 yrs old.

"But nothing will be solved unless you stay that the word for it?" Tom's a hip 60's kind of dude! Mickey can't resist jumping in and showing off his cool lingo skills: "That's right Julie, don't blow your cool." Julie responds by drawing a square in the air with her fingers. DOOL teens are oh so rebellious aren't they? Mickey laughs, "Oh come on now, in my circles I'm considered anything but square I even met Bob Hope once. Tom decides to see if Ben and Addie are back from doing the bar scene yet. "And if they're not?" asks Julie Those love ins they go to usually last a couple days. Then we'll just have to make other arrangements. Julie gets all mellow and actually says thank you.

Tom calls and finds out, of course Ben and Addie aren't home yet, and wont' be for quite a while. Mickey asks the detective if Tom can take Julie home with him. The cop says he'll check with his captain, but thinks it will be okay. "Dr. Horton is pretty reliable" Duh!

Tom tells Julie she'll come home with him and as soon as her parents can be located he will take her to them. The cop comes back in and tells them Julie can go but the Captain wants to see Tom. As soon as he leaves the room, Julie morphs back into demon seed and starts ranting about how horrible her life is. Mickey points out she's got a record. Shoplifting, arson, underage drinking, yeah she's a model teen. "They couldn't prove I did any of those things!" Julie snaps "Insufficient evidence to draw an official petition against a minor" Oooo listen to Mickey use the big 3 dollar lawyer words! He threatens her with probation. She is shocked, and insists (again) that she didn't "STEAL" the fur piece. "Oh come on Julie, if you want me to help you, you have to be honest." Eww there's that nasty word again, honest.

The cop comes back in and tells them they can leave. Mickey says he's going to track down Ben and Addie "if I have to walk in on every orgy, pot party, and swinger's club in Salem. I'll see you in a week or so."

Back to Marie and Tony, still slobbering all over each other. Marie, starts laughing and tells Tony she can't imagine skating down the Charles river to class. (Previously they had talked about living on a house boat on the river). Tony pulls out a cigarette, but can't get his lighter to work. Marie says she'll go get him a match. As she leaves Tony suddenly grabs his head and collapses. He must have had a vision of what married life with her would really be like.

Marie comes back out and sees him sitting down. She asks him what's wrong, and of course he says nothing.

As Marie and Tony cuddle, Tony's dad walks up. Tony and Marie start doing a strange pirate scene and Tony and his dad play fight. The audience goes for more coffee to try and stay awake.

Tony's dad starts whining about how old he is, even though he doesn't look more than a couple years older than Tony. "Never tangle with an airline pilot, these guys keep in shape" Tony says rubbing his arm. "We keep in shape because we keep sane hours," Dad says "Do you know what time it is? It's after midnight! The 1965 curfew is 9pm! Marie don't you have a class in the morning?"

"8 AM, all the way across campus" Marie sounds strangely cheerful about it.

"I came off a flight, came home, found an absent son and thought I'd come over and meddle in my adult children's lives

Marie suddenly realizes it's late and says she's going in. Dad stands wayyyy too close and starts stammering over his lines. All of which is lost on sweet innocent Marie.

Tony and Marie suck face again, and Tony and Dad leave. As Marie starts into the house, we hear what sounds like a riding lawn mower. Oops it's Dr. Horton's car.

Tom and Julie (still pouting) walk up. Marie looks confused. "Julie, what are you doing here?" "I'm UNDER ARREST" Julie snaps and walks into the house.

In the house, Julie and Marie stand staring at each other for an uncomfortably long time before Marie asks "What did you say?"

"I'm under arrest" Julie repeats.

"Let's not get overly dramatic, Julie" Tom says Too late. As Tom prods her Julie tells Marie what happened.

"Oh Julie, did you steal it?" asks Marie

"I was just trying it on! Well maybe it sort of slipped into my bag, you're buying this right?"

Tom wants to lecture Julie some more, but Marie asks if she couldn't just go lie down. Tom says Mickey is out looking for Addie and Ben, they're at some orgy, so he may be a while. Julie asks to go upstairs and lie down. BOING there's the secret word again, let's see how many more times you can work it into this conversation. Julie goes upstairs in a huff.

Marie offers to talk to her and Tom agrees. Upstairs Julie wanders into a bedroom and plops down on a stone slab with a blanket over it, the bed doesn't move when she sits down.

Marie comes in and sits down. Julie launches into yet another self pity party. "Oh Aunt Marie, Uncle Mickey was there and he says I'll have to go to court and they might even send me to reform school or put me in front of a firing squad or even worse, make me watch DOOL!"

Marie tries to comfort Julie by showing her "THE WEDDING DRESS" because that cheers up every troubled teen.

Tom knocks on the door and comes in dressed in PJ's and a robe DAMN that was fast! He says Mickey called, and he found Addie and Ben. They were at the Palmer's Luau and Swinger's party. They will be there soon.

Julie turns around and does the most PERFECT "smell the fart" face in soap opera history!

"They were at the Palmer's luau" Tom says.

"Are they sober? And dressed," asks Julie. She launches into another hissy fit and says she doesn't want to go with them.

"But they're your parents," Marie says "They'll be worried about you"

"No they won't!" Julie whines "What they're really worried about is their reputation Someone might find out they are my parents ."

"There you go running off in 10 different directions again," Tom uses his catch phrase of the day.

Tom sends Marie off to wait for Ben and Addie to show up, he's going to bed. He mumbles about something being an hour from here. Marie leaves and Tom tells Julie to DING DING DING Secret word lie down!

Shoes and all, Julie lays down and Tom pulls a blanket over her. Tom does his Ward Cleaver impression again "Wally, I expect you to be grown up enough to face your parents and tell them the truth. Be honest." EWW there's that WORD again!

"Grandpa what do you expect me to do? Say I'm sorry? Beg for forgiveness?"

"Well that would be a start, yeah," Ward Horton goes back to the Little Lost Girl story again. "She stayed lost because she was too frightened to use her common sense."

"Common sense Grandpa? What is this common sense you speak of?" Suddenly Julie breaks down and starts crying. "OH Grandpa, you're right, I am scared." Hugs hugs tears, tears......cue music.......


If you are interested in watching the full episode, it is in three parts, located here:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Have a great weekend. Unlike Julie, stay out of trouble and, above all, be cool, man, cool.


Blogger Deb said...

The hardest part about doing this was how straight they played it all back in '65.

There were still things to make fun of, but no where near the amount of ignrance there is now.

Hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I'm definitely going to have to watch to see the "most perfect 'smell the fart' expression in soap opera history! Although, I don't know how anyone could be better at it than Squints.

Great job, Deb. About the only thing you can play off of in the olden days WAS just how straight they played it. That and Julie's unbelievably bad, over-acting I saw in that one clip you posted the other day.

Thanks for the weekend surprise!

8:40 AM  
Blogger chaya said...

Thanks Deb for the memories and for the laughs. As much as I too want to see the fart face, I don't think I could stand sitting through the whole episode!

And to think, in my memory, those were the good old days.


9:15 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Back in the day DOOL was only a 1/2 hour show.
With all the commercials taken out, it's only 20 min long.
Julie's "fart face" is towards the end of clip #2.
It's only 5 min long, so it's not like you have to suffer for an extended period of time.


10:52 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Man, Julie's acting IS bad! I can see why they switched over to Susan Seaforth.

And they don't have the glam close-ups the actresses like Hope insist on now.

Thanks for the enjoyable view of DOOL past! :D

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more special thing about the second ever episode of DOOL---It was on the day I was born:)


2:47 PM  

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