Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead

We touch the sky. Rawlings is upset when he discovers Max taking the girls on a field trip. He heads toward the front of the plane. Max says, "Hey, where do you think you're going?"

Rawlings says, "I'm taking her up, what do you think?"

"You want me to think," asks Max, "That's asking a lot. But you're not taking control of this plane."

Chelsea blubbers over Jett. They tell her an ambulance is on the way.

Down at EMS dispatch, the paramedics unfold their walkers and inch toward the ambulance.

Lucas comes into Sami's room, sees the flowers and broken vase on the floor and asks what happened. Sami says she was frustrated. Lucas tells her about Kate getting the shaft, so to speak. Sami is distant. Lucas wants to know what's up. She says she was just thinking and flashes back to EJ's kiss. "What about," asks Lucas.

"About nothing."

Rolf announces they will be heading home shortly. EJ says Stefano looks strong. Stefano takes EJ and Tony's hands and tells them they must forgive one another, "In our time we all die alone but it is comfort to have you both here. Family conquers all." EJ thinks love conquers all.

"Even the sins of the past," asks Tony

Patch looms outside. A nurse questions what he is doing there. He says he's checking on Stefano and asks how he is doing. The nurse says she can't discuss his condition with anyone but family. Patch smiles and leaves. He stalks around the corner, "Well, Stefano my man, I can't let you go home without saying goodbye."

Back at the EMS station, the ambulance driver stops to check his email and read Prevuze.

Rawlings waves his gun and threatens Max. Max goes for his phone. Rawlings slugs Max, and Stephanie runs to his defense. She looks up at Rawlings and screams, "Stop it! YOU BASTARD! What do you think you are doing?"

Rawlings tells Max to behave.

"We can't take the ambulance out looking like this," says Joe the driver. He finds a rag and polishes the hood, "We have to look spiffy out there."

Sami says, "My mind is a total blank."

"I'm used to it," says Lucas, "I know that look." Sami says she was thinking about Santo and Colleen. Lucas wants to read the letters. Sami confesses she already read them. Lucas thinks that's not fair. Sami thinks the letters are getting kind of sad. Lucas doesn't want her getting sad by herself. She comes clean about EJ being there and reading the letters with her. Lucas scoffs.

Lucy 'splains things to Ricky, "Nothing happened." Lucas seems to take it in stride. He asks if Santo got what he wanted. Sami says yes. She's sad for Colleen. She had given her life to God but Santo butted in and her world turned upside down.

Lucas says, "I gotta ask you."

Sami says, "Ask me what?"

Lucas asks, "Are we talking about Santo and Colleen or EJ and you?"

Rolf leaves. The orderlies come in to roll Stefano out.

Roman and Bo arrive. Bo asks, "Are you ready for this?"

"I've been ready for it for 20 years," says Roman. They enter the room and demand to talk to Stefano alone.

"We're here to make sure he gets home in one piece," says Bo.

"A police escort," beams Stefano, "If my survival depends on the SPD I might as well slit my wrists right now."

Patch enters. Roman tells him not to cause trouble. "I'm cool," says Patch, "I'm cool. Mr. Cool taunts Stefano.

The ambulance crew boards the ambulance. As a cost cutting measure, the ambulance now doubles as a tour bus. As they drive down the Vegas Strip the driver slows and announces, "On your right, ladies and gentleman, you will see The famed Bellagio water display..."

Max tells Stephanie he is OK. He tells Rawlings the cops are onto him. He wonders how Rawlings will keep his gun trained on them while he flies the plane. Max stands up and starts to herd the girls off the plane. Suddenly, he flails at Rawlings. Rawlings ducks and points his gun, "Don't make me use this, 'cause I'd sure hate to get blood all over my new ride."

Max tells Rawlings he's through. Rawlings asks the ladies to show Max how upset they are with him. All the girls pull out a pistol in unison and point it at Max.

Rawlings sneers, "I call them Rawlings' Angels. When the archangel – me – gets PO'd they sure know how to raise hell."

The crowd on the ambulance watches as the water display at the Bellagio spews and gushes. Oh, waitaminute, that's not the water display, it's Jett's blood. Jett writhes. Chelsea blithers. Agent Tishall assures her the ambulance is almost there. Another guy steps up, "Yeah, it's almost here."

"How do you know," asks Chelsea.

"They called us from the buffet at Caesar's and told us they're almost finished with lunch."

Suddenly, Chelsea's panic hits new levels, "His hands are getting cold. OMG! He's going into shock."

"Yeah," says Tishall, "I don't think this was a good time to show him that picture of you in a bikini."

Tony doesn't want his father to become tired. Patch continues to mock. Tony and EJ want him out, but Stefano wants to hear what he has to say. Bo tells Patch to make it quick. Patch tells Stefano they have a long history. Stefano thinks he was a good soldier – occasionally. Patch says he apologizes for what happened before the surgery. He and Benjy are close and he lost it. Stefano promises he had no idea Benjy would be hurt. Patch says he knew Stefano could never hurt his own son because family is important. Patch thinks Stefano got the liver sliver because Andre went solo. He's just there to wish Stefano a speedy recovery, "No hard feelings. Can we shake on it?"

Sami thinks that was a horrible thing to say. She reminds Lucas she told him right up front EJ was there. She's not trying to hide anything. Lucas revs up the ranting. He thinks he has a right to ask questions. Sami insists she needs EJ to end the vendetta. Lucas says that's just an excuse.

Rawlings says Max looks shell-shocked. He says Ilsa is a great actress. Ilsa shows Max the bucks she just earned. Max tells Rawlings Jett is onto him, "He works for..."

Rawlings interrupts, "The ISA. I know that."

What a coincidence – Stephanie gets a text message from Chelsea. Rawlings tells her it's OK to look at it. "OMG," gasps Stephanie, "Jett has been shot!"

"I'm not too worried about Jett," sneers Rawlings.

Time for a Big Max Attack. He grabs Rawlings, but Stephanie convinces him to back off. Rawlings instructs the girls, "If they so much as twitch, ventilate 'em. Nothing like playing hero huh, Max?"

Max and Stephanie sit. Max says, "I believed Ilsa's tears at my brother's house. That was a dumb thing to do."

"You've got a lot of experience doing dumb things," says Stephanie.

Rawlings announces over the intercom, "This is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seat belts."

Stephanie leans over and whispers, "Do you have a Plan B?"


Jett's blood cascades down the steps at the casino. Inside, the paramedics sit beside each other pumping coins into a machine. "Man," says one of them, "These nickel slots sure are addictive, aren't they?"

Lucas rants and raves. He's had it with the vendetta and EJ. "That's too bad, because I need him," says Sami. Not exactly what Lucas wanted to hear. Sami backpedals, "But not as much as I need you. I need him to end the vendetta." She swears she and EJ can end it.

"What're you – a team now," snorts Lucas, "Admit it. You want him around and not for the vendetta. You know what I want? Take a wild guess."

Stefano says all he needs is Patch's loyalty. Patch says he's got it. Roman tells Patch to wrap it up. Stefano says Bo and Roman's protection isn't necessary. Tony tells Patch to get out. He starts to go, but Stefano calls him back. He offers Patch his hand. They shake. Stefano says, "You have been a good soldier. So... we will talk."

Patch goes crazy. He pulls out a knife, "Yeah? THIS IS FOR BENJY!" He slices... He dices...

OMG! One of the paramedics hits the jackpot. Bells go off. Lights flash. The casino manager comes over and congratulates him, "You have just won the biggest payout ever on a nickel slot – over a quarter million dollars. Please follow me to the office. You have some paperwork to fill out. This may take some time."

"No problem," says the EMS tech.

Max apologizes to Stephanie for getting her into this. She thinks she got him into it since she's the one who hooked up with Jerko in the first place. They argue about who is the biggest doofus. They both win, but only because Lucas isn't on the plane. Stephanie wonders what Rawlings is going to do to them. "I wish I knew," says Max.

The paramedics high five as they enter the casino bar. One of them says, "It's a good thing you won all that money in this casino or it might've taken us a long time to get here. They put on hip boots and wade through the blood. One of them stoops down over Jett. He shakes his head and looks up, "You'd better give me two Band-Aids."

Chelsea leaves a message for Stephanie to call. Jett grunts and groans. They wheel him out. Actually, they row him out through the sea of blood.

Roman Bo and EJ grab Patch, as Tony walks up and inserts a needle. Stefano and Tony's eyes meet. Stefano goes unconscious. EJ runs up and tries to revive him. He calls for a doctor.

Lexie and Kayla rush in.
"No," screams EJ, "I said I need a doctor! "

Another doctor rushes into the chaos and checks Stefano out. He pronounces him dead. Patch cackles. EJ rages.

Max vows to protect Stephanie. She doesn't want it. She wants to kick a few butts. Rawlings comes out. He has good news and bad news, "The good news is the autopilot is set for that sweet paradise we've all been dreaming about. The bad news is the flight is overbooked. Somebody has got to go." He dumps a garbage bag in Max' lap.

Jett gurgles and spews blood, "Chelsea! There is something I want to tell you... choke... belch... before I die."

"You are not gonna die," says Chelsea.

Sami is silent. "What's the matter," sneers Lucas, "Brit got your tongue?" Sami screams. She tells him she wouldn't use the vendetta to spend time with EJ. Lucas doesn't want to fight. That ain't gonna fly.

Suddenly a nurse busts into their room and announces, "There is a hospital emergency. We need everyone to stay in their rooms." That's Lucas' cue to leave the room.

Tony begs the doctor to do something. EJ begs Stefano to open his eyes.

Patch gloats, "He's stolen his last organ!" They haul Patch out yelling and screaming.

Tony wants justice. Bo orders the floor locked down, "We'll search every nook and cranny until we find the guy who did this."

EJ goes berserk, "He can't be dead."

Lucas watches, "It finally happened. He's finally dead." Tony calls Lucas over and asks if he is enjoying the show. He fills Lucas in on the stabbing.

Tony goes back into Stefano's room. EJ cries. Lucas offers his condolences, "I'm sorry."

EJ sneers, "Like hell you're sorry."

"You know," says Lucas, "You're right. I'm not. I'm glad Stefano is gone. He's finished and so is this feud. You can't come near Sami any more. Don't ever do it again. Is that clear?" EJ stares.

Chelsea insists Jett will make it.

A paramedic comes up and begins triage. Chelsea pushes him away, "Do you mind? This is important."

Jett asks her to come closer, "I love you, Chelsea. I love you."

Rawlings thinks it's nice of both Max and Stephanie have volunteered to deplane. Max reminds him he had to file a flight plan with a list of passengers before he left. Rawlings says he has already called in a revised flight plan, "By the time they catch up with us we will be sippin' Dom and enjoying tropical breezes." Max tries to convince the girls Rawlings is not on their side. He gets absolutely nowhere with that. Rawlings pulls a couple of parachutes out of the garbage bags, "Now it's your turn to Touch The Sky."

"No way I'm putting that on," says Stephanie, "It doesn't go with my outfit."

Rawlings growls, "You're gonna hit a lot harder if you don't. Whatever. If I were you, I'd put the chute on."

Chelsea asks, "Did you just say what I think you said? You've lost so much blood you don't know what you're saying."

"No," gurgles Jett, "I said it and I meant it."

Yellow tape is wound around everything, "CRIME SCENE – DO NOT CROSS." Stefano lays cold and dead as Tony and EJ watch. They can't believe he's gone. EJ says, "Father has died many times. Why should this time be any different. He's The Phoenix. He will rise again."

"In our dreams, perhaps," says Tony.

"No," says EJ, "Upright. Walking. Blood pumping."

"Not this time, brother," says Tony, "I'm sorry. Not this time."

Bo bags the knife and smiles. The medic tells Bo he has found a dozen stab wounds, "He couldn't have missed the heart."

Lucas goes back into Sami's room, "Hey, beautiful, I got some good news. Ding-dong the witch is dead. He's dead. Stefano. The vendetta's over. You and your family are safe and you never have to see Elvis Jr. again for all the Days Of Our Lives." He hugs her, as Sami stares over his shoulder.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Proof positive that the cast of DOOL reads Prevuze:

"A police escort," beams Stefano, "If my survival depends on the SPD I might as well slit my wrists right now."

I do have to admit I may actually watch DOOL tomorrow as opposed to just reading Prevuze. It actually sounds like there might be some real drama.

4:31 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I LOL when I read

" A police escort," beams Stefano, "If my survival depends on the SPD I might as well slit my wrists right now."

Taken straight from Prevuze!!!!

5:01 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

If pretending to kill Stefano is good, wouldn't really killing him be better?

Wow, sounds like Touch This Guy airlines is on its way to another tropical paradise. How many underpopulated tropical islands have they used in DOOL? Who would have thought that the girls were in on it. Hmmm. wonder what is up.

Jett's death bed love confession for Chelsea. We know he'll live now so Chelsea can torture him and Nick.

Loved the South Park pic.

Patch gloats, "He's stolen his last organ!" They haul Patch out yelling and screaming.

That's the best he could come up with as a triumphant gloat over Stefano's "dead" body?

Loved Prevuze and I too shall try to watch DOOL tomorrow,but that pesky thing called work might interfer.

5:21 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I agree that they should just kill Stefano. HAHA...Yeah right. Even though he's cruel, I love his character.

Prevuze, I also loved the south park pic! :-)

I LMAO every time I read this....Thanks! hehe - Grey's Anatomy Spoilers and more

5:27 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I was thinking, doesn't Tony know Stefano isn't really dead???

Didn't Bo tell him they were planning this? Doesn't sound like he remembered that little fact.

I can see them not telling EJ, his reaction needs to be genuine, and besides we aren't sure we can trust him yet.

Don't forget!
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

5:29 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Deb --

If I read the Prevuze right, it says Tony injected Stephano with something, probably a sedative to make him look dead. So his ranting and raving and protesting was just a sales tactic to make the "death" look real in EJ's eyes.

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you prevuze for the double rape cartoon. I love how people forget that Sami didn't used to be the Saint she is now. Great stuff!

Thanks for what you do and your humor!


5:59 AM  
Anonymous A Message From Heaven said...

I love how people forget that Sami didn't used to be the Saint she is now.

Sami is a saint? Sami Brady? We're going to have to rework our definition of saint up here.

6:07 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

cfish- you are correct!!

I get up wayy to early, I read that part as Tony injected Steve.


BTW when oh when is Max going to learn he can't fight?
Seems like he's always getting into it with someone and ending up getting the worst of it.

OH and now that Jett "loves" Chelsea, what is she going to do about her relationship with Nick?
Or is there still one?
What happened to their "endless love?"
Personally I think it would be cool to pair up Nick and Billie.
They have more chemistry than Chelsea and Nick did on their best day!!

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Santo comes between Colleen and the Lard, and EJ is coming between Sami and Lucas. I’m not seeing the parallel here. Stefano stabbed in the heart! Not to worry…he belongs to the Organ a Month Club.

6:12 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

The whole ambulance saga just got funnier and funnier. The Vegas ambulance service apparently uses the same operating manual as in Salem. I particularly enjoyed, Back at the EMS station, the ambulance driver stops to check his email and read Prevuze.

Loved the Snakes On A Plane pic, but a better title might have been "Skanks On A Plane". HAHAHA

Speaking of the plane, DAYZ showed it in the air yesterday or the day before. The plane on the screen was about the size of a 747. On the interior it's a dinky 12 seater. What I want to know is what are they using all that extra room for? TLT

One kudo to the writing team however. Having all the girls turn on their big "hero" was a nice twist I actually didn't see coming.

And, Jett blurbling out that he loves Chelsea? Oh puh-leeze! How lame. Except for those scenes, the show sounds pretty good for a change tomorrow.

Outstanding Prevuze today!

6:45 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...


The girls are using all that extra room to smuggle in men for their male slavery ring. ha-ha

6:53 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

'Bo bags the knife and smiles. The medic tells Bo he has found a dozen stab wounds, "He couldn't have missed the heart."'

Well, we know for certain that he's not dead, because ...


6:57 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Absolutely fabulous Prevuze today! The whole thing was a hoot! Thanks!

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patch attacks Stefano. "He slices. He dices." Love it!!

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Applecheeks stole my first comments, that the Vegas EMS team must've gotten on-the-job training in Salem.

I love the fact the nurse ran around telling everyone to stay in their rooms. Which immediately meant Lucas walked out to see what was going on. HAHAHHA

I LOL over "No, I said I need a doctor!" and the Santeen picture.

Great Prevuze today!

7:49 AM  
Anonymous em said...

So much good stuff on Prevuze today, but particular props for the running EMS story. It sounds better than the dool storyline.

And this re: Steph & Max also cracked me up . . . They argue about who is the biggest doofus. They both win, but only because Lucas isn't on the plane.

Sometimes I miss Daze, but since I found it a couple weeks ago, I NEVER miss Prevuze!

1:20 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

Anonymous said...
Thank you prevuze for the double rape cartoon. I love how people forget that Sami didn't used to be the Saint she is now. Great stuff!

laugh- do unto others, eh sami?

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great prevuze today. I loved the ambulance adventure and the EJ/Sami/Austin rape pictures. People do seem to forget that Sami is a rapist herself.

11:36 PM  

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