Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Scarface, The Gigolo And Bonnie & Clyde

Father of the year Nick sits at a table in the pub with China Lee's kids, "Cheese has calcium. What's the symbol for Calcium?"

"Ca," says DeMarquette.

"Good," says Nick, "And what's the symbol for lunacy?"

DeMarquette knows that one, too, "A spinning hourglass."

Billie walks up. Nick introduces the kids and excuses himself to talk to Billie. They sit down. Nick says, "I have a problem; a big problem." He motions across the room, "These kids aren't China Lee's."

Billie looks over at the kids, "They're a little too young, even for me."

Touch The Sky. Chelsea offers Max a drink but he turns it down. Chelsea says she knows about the illegal alien thing. Max swears he didn't know it was more than knockoffs. Chelsea suggests getting the authorities involved. Max refuses.

Jeremy meets Stephanie back in the galley. She tells him she might have let it slip to Patch he's in just a little trouble. Jeremy explodes, "Are you out of your mind?"


Sami and EJ sit together on her bed and banter about reading the letters. EJ wants to know what Sami is afraid of, "Does this hit a little too close to home?"

"Go back to your room," snarls Sami. EJ thinks Santo and Colleen's relationship is a little like their own. Sami denies it, "Colleen was single."

"Even married women have temptations," says EJ. Sami insists she knows enough to stay away from a DiMera.

He snuggles closer, imitates Santo's accent and reads, "My Dear Colleen: It is true I know love, but when I held you in my arms time stood still." EJ thinks it was as if their animal instincts came to the fore.

He reads on, "But when Sister Mary Ann frightened you away, everything that mattered disappeared with you." Santo swore he would stop at nothing to make things right even if it meant ruining his own good name. He knew at that moment what had to be done.

Nick feels guilty because the kids are stuck with him. Billie promises things will get easier. He thinks maybe if he takes care of them the karma gods will take care of him. Maybe he can get back with Chelsea. "I don't think the karma gods are that mean," says Billie.

DeMarquette comes up and asks for ketchup. Billie is shocked he said 'please.' Nick is starting to think the kids aren't who he thought they were.

Jeremy is worried about Patch knowing about the smuggling operation. He tells Stephanie he's going to book the second they hit the tarmac. Stephanie explodes. "Come with me," begs Jerko.

Sami wonders what Santo's scheme was. EJ says he was in love. Sami wonders if that gives him the freedom to pursue Colleen relentlessly. EJ thinks she wasn't as innocent as her robes would indicate. Sami is indignant, but EJ says Colleen's father must have sent her to a life in the church for a reason. EJ accuses Sami of being trapped in her marriage. He says the Samantha he used to admire has lost her lust for life. Sami changes the subject. She says this isn't about her. EJ hands her a letter and suggests she see what Colleen had to say about things.

Sami reads, "For the first time in my life I knew the power of sinful temptation. I wanted to run away from it."

Father Mallory asks if there is something Colleen needs to tell them. Sister Mary Ann pipes in with her story of the incident in Santo's room. Accusations fly. Sister Mary Ann thinks Colleen's silence is as good as a confession. Father Mallory wants Colleen to speak for herself, "If she says she wasn't there he will believe her, but God knows." Well. It seems like Colleen does have a little bit of Sami in her. She LIES, LIES, LIES.

"Run away with me," says Jeremy, "Let's pull a Bonnie and Clyde." Stephanie is hesitant. She thinks they should go to Patch. Jeremy doesn't trust him – or anyone, "Except I do trust you." He asks her to think it over. As he leaves, he says he won't be mad if she says no, "You're my girl no matter what."

After Jeremy goes, Chelsea rushes in and sees Stephanie agonizing. She asks what's wrong. "Nothing," says Stephanie, "Everything." Stephanie bolts.

Jett tells Max things are going to go down as planned. Max says if the agents roll in it will all blow up in his face. He tells Jett all he needs it time to get the girls to a safe place.

Sister Mary Ann thinks it's odd Colleen's scarf would turn up in Santo's room, "Its' a distinct scarf. Could I be seein' it, Colleen?" Unfortunately, Colleen doesn't have it with her.

"The garl is decivin' us," says Sister Mary Ann, "She isn'a warthy to sarve the choorch."

Santo comes into the sanctuary with a woman. He apologizes to Sister Mary Ann. He says he wasn't hospitable. To make up for his sins, he has decided to make a donation to the church for the children. Suddenly, Father Mallory begins to see Santo and Colleen's side of things.

Sami thinks at least Santo was inventive. EJ thinks he was also caring, "He did that to save Colleen's reputation, but didn't give a flying leap about the kids."

Sami thinks the DiMeras are all the same. She screams, "You are so arrogant! I hate you! Get Out!"

Billie thinks the kids seem like really good kids. Nick thinks China Lee is a bad role model. Billie jumps to her defense, "Just because a woman has fallen on hard times doesn't mean she will be a bad parent. We ho's stick together."

"Well," says Nick, "I was kind of surprised to find out the kids speak French and some other language I can't even identify." Billie thinks Nick is suffering from PPS.

"It's the wrong time of the month," says Nick.

"No," says Billie, "I'm talking about Proud Parents Syndrome." Nick doesn't think so. He tells her they have had an amazing education and it doesn't fit China Lee. He thinks they aren't her kids.

EJ accuses Sami of using strong words. Sami thinks he has a pretty cruel family. EJ tries to put things in perspective, "Father is clinging to life – and that can't go on much longer."

Sami reminds him, "This is DOOL."

"OK," says EJ, "It can't go on for more than several more months.
He goes on to say he and Tony have opted out of things and that leaves Andre, who is bound to make a misstep one of these days, "This isn't about our families. It's about one man and one woman."

Santo introduces Mrs. Fitzpatrick. Father Mallory has seen her around town, but not in church. Santo says they have both lost a spouse, so they have forged a mutual bond. He says she was with him in his room when Sister Mary Ann came to her door. He wanted to protect her good name so he asked her to hide. He apologizes for trying to deceive Sister Mary Ann. Coincidentally, Mrs. Fitzpatrick is wearing a scarf, which is very similar to Colleen's. Father Mallory thinks Sister Mary Ann should apologize. Santo says no apology is necessary.

Sister Mary Ann apologizes anyway and runs off. Mrs. Fitzpatrick takes father Mallory off to speak in private.

Santo tells Colleen she won't have any more trouble. Colleen beats herself up, "Sister Mary Ann is right. I'm not fit ta sarve the choorch. Until you appeared I never once uttered a werd that wasn't true. I'm askin' ya to go and stay away."

"Lies-a do not-a need to be-a spoken," says Santo, "When-a you deny how you feel-a, ees a lie. The Lord-a knows that-a too."

Sami thinks Santo should have let Colleen go if he loved her. EJ says she doesn't really believe that. They argue about who was at fault. EJ accuses both Colleen and Sami of being in denial. He thinks Colleen wanted adventure in her life and Santo could give her those things. Sami thinks she was young and naïve and confused and Santo took advantage of that, "Santo shouldn't have used her innocence to get what he wanted."

Sami reads on, "I never needed more help than that night. I was weak and I knew it." Sami interjects, "See what I mean?" She continues reading, "I begged God to keep me in the arms of his church but he was far away that night."

Colleen kneels at the altar and prays. Father Mallory comes in. When she gets up, he asks if Mr. DiMera has left. Colleen tells him yes. Father Mallory says Mrs. Fitzpatrick needs help watching the neighborhood children. She asked Father Mallory if Colleen could help her – She would be working at the inn, and Mrs. Fitzpatrick wants her to start tomorrow morning. That got Colleen's attention.

Stephanie tells Chelsea about her disagreement with Jeremy. She tells her she told Patch about the smuggling operation. Chelsea thinks when it's over Jeremy will realize she was trying to help, and will be so grateful when he thinks about her from his jail cell. Stephanie tells her about Jeremy's plans to bug out. Chelsea thinks everything is messed up. Stephanie tells her the rest of the story – Jeremy has asked her to come with him. "What am I supposed to do," bawls Stephanie, "I don't want to lose him." Sensitive Chelsea decides it's time to go back to work.

As Chelsea goes into the passenger area, Jett rushes up to her and says he wants her to do something for him. He asks her to go to her room, lock the door and stay there once they get to Vegas. Chelsea says, "Jett, you're kinda freakin' me out here."

Jett says, "I want to protect you. Things are about to get real ugly."

Chelsea says, "I don't think so. I'm not planning to put on a bikini again for awhile."

Meanwhile, back in Salem, Shawn and Belle stand staring at a police lineup. Claire stands on the far left side of the group, but Shawn and Belle are unable to pick her out.

Billie thinks the authorities would have checked things out before releasing the kids to Nick. Nick says they didn't have to because he is their father. He wonders if they were kidnapped. "Slow down, cowboy," says Billie, "You're going to drive yourself nuts."

"Too late," says Nick, "But I think someone told the kids not to say anything."

Billie thinks it would be all over the news if someone had kidnapped the kids. "Not if there was blackmail involved," says Nick. Nick says this is why he came to her. Billie offers to do some digging. Nick beams, "You're awesome!"

"I just hope I can get you the answers you need," says Billie, "What are you going to do?"

Nick says, "I hope I can reunite those boys with their parents."

Sami thinks Colleen was no match for a gigolo like Santo. EJ prefers to think he rescued her. Sami thinks he seduced her. EJ says it was much more than that. They were meant to be together, "Tell me you can't feel that too."

Sami reads, "When Mrs. Fitzpatrick appeared I thought you were there to help me but your motive was much less honorable. You deceived me. I was left alone in the struggle to suppress my sinful desires. Not even my faith could save me."

Jett says he has a job to do and can't give Jeremy a pass. "Why not," asks Chelsea.

Stephanie comes into the galley. Max is there. Stephanie says she can't talk to him right now. He asks why. Stephanie says, "Because, Max, every time I see you, all I can think about is..."

Max interrupts, "The kiss?" He hesitates, "Yeah, I want to rip your clothes off too." Stephanie gives him a nervous chuckle.

Nick thanks Billie. She says she is happy to help. He gives her the kids' names and birthdays. Billie says she will do whatever she can. "Call me," says Nick, "If you have any questions... or can't read my writing... or get plastered and lonely again."

Nick goes over to the kids, "Who wants to go lunar blowing?" They ask what that is. As they leave the pub Nick explains it's bowing in the dark with black lights. Outside, Nick and the kids walk off. Scarface follows.

Sami thinks Santo just wants to get Colleen in the sack, "He was shameless and she was trapped." EJ says she knew they were meant to be together. Sami insists it wasn't destiny. EJ says he thought Sami was a little more of a romantic. She thinks Colleen's destruction wasn't romantic. EJ says they could either choose or reject their fate. Sami agrees with that.

"You and I have a choice, too," says EJ, "We can choose to reject our fate and regret it for all the Days Of Our Lives." Sami stares.

Jett says if Jeremy surrenders peacefully there won't be a problem. "What if he doesn't," asks Chelsea.

Jett gets suspicious, "What are you hiding?"

"I can't say," says Chelsea.

Jett pushes, "If someone gets hurt, are you going to be able to live with that?"

Chelsea caves in, "Stephanie said Jeremy is going to split and he wants her to go with him."

Stephanie tells Max things are confusing for her right now. Max says there was a spark between them. She doesn't want him to push. Max decides that's OK; they can talk when they get back to Salem.

"I may not be going back to Salem," says Stephanie, "Jeremy asked me to run away with him and I think I'm going to do it." They could begin the trip by driving a Mack Truck through the gaping hole that Max' mouth has become.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Oh boy, here we go off on another Nicktoon aventure.
China Lee's kids arent' hers?
Wonder who they'll be....Dimeras?

I was hoping after Labor Day the 90210 kids would finally dissapear.
No such luck I guess.
Now Stephanie is going to run off with Jerkemy the criminal mastermind?
Wonder who she'll come back as this time? A blonde? LOL

DOOLism of the day:
Jerko says "You're my girl no matter what"
Notice he didn't say who!


And now an announcement.
Because we all seem to love making up our own crazy fabulous storylines, I have created a blog where we can do that very thing every day!!!
No more waiting for NBC to decide to show yet another "exciting" day of golf or tennis!!

Every day I will start by posting several alternate storylines based on the Prevuze post.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to choose one or all of them and run with them.

I have a few rules, they are in the first post along with a general description of what's going on.

Here's the link to the blog:

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

Hopefully that came up as a link,
If not copy and paste this:

Hope everyone will contribute, and have fun with it.

5:41 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Prevuze was stellar this morning!

I kept myself under control through the spinning hourglass; Billie pondering the kids; and Shawn Duh's pic. But I totally lost it when I got to the forbidden link - and a triple whammy at that!

Jett says, "I want to protect you. Things are about to get real ugly."

Chelsea says, "I don't think so. I'm not planning to put on a bikini again for awhile."

Can't wait to check out Deb's blog!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Grinned at "I'm With Stupid", chuckled at Abe questioning Steve's sanity, but when I got to the THREE forbidden links I lost it. Especially that last one!!! OMG that was bad. LOLOL

Meanwhile, back in Salem, Shawn and Belle stand staring at a police lineup. Claire stands on the far left side of the group, but Shawn and Belle are unable to pick her out. How true! But you have to admit, they were going to have to find a kid that wouldn't scream everytime Belle picked her up. I empathized with the child, but still....

A rousing Prevuze today, can't wait to see Scarface.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...


I laughed so hard that I cried all over my employer’s keyboard. It will never be the same. Yes, I read Prevuze at work. Note to Sami and Colleen…it is best not to LIE, LIE, LIE!

7:16 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Apparently the LVPD are as inept as Salem's police. Who decides to give two kids to a kid who's been married to a prostitute for a week? That doesn't make them his kids or his responsibility. What a storyline!

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'm with you, Deb. Labor Day used to signal the end of whatever idiotic teen or tween storyline was going on at the time. Let's hope the DOOL writers take note of the calendar in front of them SOON.

I LOL over Jr.'s shirt and Belch not being able to pick out Claire. But I really lost it with Squints' forbidden pic! HAHAHA

Prevuze, you made my "Monday"!!

10:47 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Ok, I'm having a bad day and I haven't read the Prevuze yet but did look at the preview for the next episode. My day is so bad that my hearing is off and I can't understand what EJ is saying at the end of the preview. Can someone clarify what he is telling Sami regarding Santo and Colleen?

"It seems like the 2 of them bla bla bla bla"

I hope to have web access at work long enuf to read it all....

10:55 AM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

OMG. I find little humor in life, jokes, fubars, bloopers, whathaveyas. Then again, leave it to Prevuze to get me. The 3rd censored link............... made my timid hand went up to suppress a giggle or 2. OK, I'll say it, I down right giggled, chuckled outloud, guffawed, snorted, etc etc. SOOOOO Wrong, yet it just felt right. Good'un y'all.

11:07 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Angel, I'll trade you.

EJ says, "It seems the two of them live inside our souls."

What I couldn't understand is what does Chelsea say about Stephanie right before she says "Jeremy -- he'll be on board".

11:11 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Cfish - she says "Stephanie will work her magic."

12:19 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I absolutely loved the forbidden links. Especially Squints, so timely.

Nicktoon adventure, catchy that.

More indecision, wishy washy, I can't do this from the Cantos crowd. Just stop giving us broth and give us some meat.

Billie is now the Google of Salem.

Kate and Roman ought to be interesting.Double date with Tony and Anna anyone?

2:13 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

Cfish - Mayfield is correct. Chelsea says "She will work her magic"...

Thanks for clarifying what EJ said.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

You made my day (again)! LOVE the censored pics ROTFLMAO! EJ and Sami sitting in bed reading letters - sure makes Santo and Colleen more interesting =}

3:43 AM  

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