Friday, August 24, 2007


Max meets Jeremy at the pub. Jeremy asks where he has been. Max says, "Never drive by the senior center on bingo night. Traffic is a mess. I did see John, Marlena, Steve and Kayla headed in for a night of fun, though." Jeremy says he heard from Ilsa. She found all the girls, but it will take another day to round them all up. Max thinks that's great, "By the way, is one of them named Jenna? I have a score to settle."

Jeremy says all the girls will be at the hotel tomorrow night and Rawlings doesn't know about it. Jeremy has made arrangements for a flight tomorrow. After this is over they can chill. Max says they still need to go to the cops. Jeremy argues. Max assures him things will be cool. "Cool for you," says Jeremy, "And I'll end up in the Graybar Hotel." Max tells him to trust him on this. They have to get the girls out and safe.

Stephanie comes up and invites them to the beach with Jett and Chelsea. When he finds out Jett is outside, Jeremy bolts to talk to him.

Max and Stephanie share an uncomfortable moment. He thinks they should talk.

Jeremy rushes up to Jett like a runaway freight train, "We need to talk." Chelsea is confused that Jeremy, who seems to have an urgent situation on his hands, didn't stop to tip his hat and acknowledge Her Bratiness' presence. She gets all huffy and heads into the pub.

Jeremy asks Jett to talk to the cops and tell them he's trying to make things right.

Sami is in her street clothes pounding away on a treadmill. Lucas is on another machine dressed in his street clothes, too. Sami gripes and moans about only burning off five calories so far. Lucas, however, has burned off 100, because he's been talking all the time. He tells her to calm down. Sami gives up and gets off her machine. Lucas, sharpie that he is, decides they might look a little conspicuous in street clothes. He decides to go get some workout suits and tells her to keep her eyes peeled. Lucas leaves. Sami climbs into a weight machine as Andre comes in. Sami hides her face and sees that Andre is clutching the folio. He doesn't notice her because the gym is full of pregnant women in street clothes pumping iron.

Bo is outside his house making repairs. Roman comes up, "Well, aren't you the handyman. I have some gutters that need work when you're done."

"Just get your mind out of the gutter," says Bo.

Roman gets down to business. He thinks Andre knows Stefano is dying, and Stefano has ordered him to destroy the folio, then make himself scarce. As they go inside the fence railing Bo was working on collapses and takes the side of the house with it. Bo thought Stefano would be dead by now. He thinks Stefano is faking. Roman says he talked to one of Stefano's doctors, "I think this is for real. He can't live without a liver."

"He's lived this long without a heart," says Bo, "But as long as I've wanted that guy wiped off the face of this earth, him dying right now would be the worst thing that could happen to this family, unless Chelsea doesn't move out soon."

A Doctor asks EJ if he has any questions about the procedure. EJ doesn't. The doctor leaves. EJ broods. He thinks this is crazy. Rolf wheels Stefano in. Stefano says he rejoiced when the test came back and EJ was a match, "We are the same you and I."

"We've had our differences."

Stefano says words cannot express his gratitude. This bond warms his heart. Not to mention his liver. He says this must be done without a doubt on EJ's part. He must go into it will full assurance this is what he wants to do, and bravely, only as a DiMera can do. He asks if this is the way EJ is thinking. He wants to know if EJ is having doubts. EJ stares.

Chelsea comes into the pub and asks if she's interrupting. For the second time in a couple minutes, she gets a very cold reception, so she walks off. Max turns to Stephanie, "About the other night... I know things got a little out of control. I'm sorry if I crossed the line." Stephanie says it wasn't his fault. They argue about whose fault it was. Stephanie thinks they have a serious problem, "And his name is Jeremy."

Jett wonders why Jeremy thinks he has a hookup with the cops. Jeremy thinks the cops came to Jett. He tells Jett he doesn't want to go to jail. He's ready to name names and wants to come clean. Jett asks if the cops are onto him what makes him think it's not too late.

Andre leaves the workout room and goes into the juice bar. Lucas comes back with more appropriate clothes. Sami tells him about Andre. Lucas peeps into the juice bar and sees Andre has the folio, "What do we do now," asks Sami.

"You tell me," says Lucas.

Nick and Nora Charles they are not.

Stefano wants Elvis to tell him if he's having second thoughts. Elvis says he once worshiped Stefano. But he has come to see how many people he has hurt.

"What are you saying," asks Stefano.

"To put it in terms you will understand," says Elvis, "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog."

Stefano says he sensed some reluctance but he didn't think Elvis would deny life to the man who gave him life. He thinks EJ's moral superiority is a little hypocritical. Just a few days ago he was willing to put Lucas on ice for good. The cops think it was Andre but Stefano knows it was EJ.

EJ says he did it for the love of a woman. Stefano reminds him he is still a DiMera, "If you are unwilling to do this we will put a stop to it right now. Rolf! Tell the OR to call things off! Take the liver and Return To Sender."

Bo thinks Stefano is the only one who can control Andre. Roman gets a call, "OK, thanks. Keep me updated." He hangs up and tells Bo, "Your wish might just come true. EJ is about to donate part of his liver to Stefano. It might save Stefano's life."

Bo thinks the cards are falling into place and the Bradys will have the upper hand on the feud permanently. But he says they have to move now. They have to haul Elvis out of the hospital and Stefano will be high and dry unless he offers to end the vendetta. Roman is skeptical that it will work. Bo runs through the scenario and convinces Roman the plan will bring Stefano around.

Roman says, "I've been telling people for a long time you're not near as dumb as you look, and you almost had me convinced there."

Stefano rages. He would rather die at home rather than be in the company of someone he loves who has turned his back. EJ calls him back. He says he wants to rid himself of the DiMera curse. What he sees in Stefano terrifies him. Stefano says, "There is a saying. It is better to be feared than respected. Friends let you down every time. And love, I've had love from more women than I needed. And they always get in your way. And look at Tony – The pathetic infatuation he has for Anna, or any woman who has a pulse. They have rendered him senseless. Is that what you want? To be drained of your virility like Tony, or do you want to be a man? A man always keeps his word."


EJ says he does love Stefano. Whatever the risks he will live up to his promise if Stefano will accept. Gee, what do you know, Stefano accepts, "You have no idea what this means to me." Rolf takes him back to his room to prep.

Sami has a plan. She'll distract Andre and Lucas can grab the folio. Now there's a brilliant plan. I wonder if Homeland Security knows about her. Lucas doesn't want her near that lunatic. He wants to call Roman. As Lucas dials his phone, Sami runs into the juice bar. Lucas curses and watches.

Jeremy says he can make things right. He thinks Jett is screwing with him, "You sold me out, didn't you?

Jett says, "Don't pin it on me. The cops have been onto you for months. You got yourself into it." Jeremy wants to know what he told the cops. Jett says he is on his own. Jeremy begs.

Stephanie says Max is single, "You're not tied down... I didn't mean that the way it sounded. What I meant was I have a boyfriend and I should have been the one to stop things. But whatever it was it can never ever happen again."

Max says, "Never."

Stephanie says, "Ever." Translation: Soon. Chelsea watches.

Lucas sneaks into the juice bar behind Sami.

Sami orders orange juice, unwraps a muffin and takes a bite. So much for the five calories she burned off. Andre comes up behind her and asks what she is doing there, "Shedding pregnancy pounds?" He doesn't think she is dressed appropriately for a health club. He grabs her throat, "You little twit you'd better think twice. I wouldn't hesitate to suck the life out of you." Sami collapses.

Lucas sneaks in and heads for the folio. He sees Sami putting on her fake fainting spell. Instead of grabbing the portfolio, he watches. Then he remembers what he is supposed to be doing and reaches out for the folio. Rreeaacchh... Rreeaacchh...

Jett says Touch The Sky was their dream together. Once Jeremy started smuggling girls he trashed the dream. Jeremy wonders if the cops told him about the smuggling operation. Jett says they didn't need to. He could see what was going on in front of his face. Jeremy asks how close the cops are. "Closer than you think," says Jett. He tells him if he wants to save himself, he'd better get into damage control as fast as he can.

Jeremy runs back in and tells Stephanie they have to split. He gives her and Max the eye, "Is there something going on with you two?"

Back to the juice bar. Andre struggles with Sami. Lucas watches. Rreeaacchh... Rreeaacchh... Wretch.

Shelley comes up to Lucas and says, "I've been looking for you Mr. Fry."

Meanwhile, in the other corner, Sami comes to and asks what happened.

Shelley wants to familiarize Mr. Fry with the health club operations, since he is new. Lucas says she has the wrong guy. Shelley looks him over and says, "I guess you're right, your muscles look like they're in pretty good shape. Especially the one in your head.. Shelley leaves and musclehead sneaks back out of the juice bar WITHOUT THE FOLIO.

Sami comes out. Lucas says it's time to call Roman. Sami tells him Andre has vanished.

Max and Stephanie make excuses. Stephanie wants to go to the beach. "Don't forget your sunscreen," says Max. Jeremy pulls her away and says they aren't going to the beach. Wherever Jeremy thinks he is going, Stephanie says she isn't going with him.

James Bond and Mati Hari argue. Lucas tells her he tried his best to get the folio. Roman comes up and says they couldn't find Andre, "He got away." The Bickersons keep it up. Roman shuts them up and tells Sami not to mess with Andre. He orders her to go home, "Lock yourself in your apartment, watch DVD's, play tiddlywinks... I don't care what you do, but I don't want you to leave. In fact, I'm putting out an APB on you two and if they you set foot outside the apartment, you will be arrested." He leaves. Lucas tells her they have to go. Sami says she knows Andre is still there and they have to find him.

Lucas says he isn't sticking around to play hide and seek. Sami begs him to stay. As they argue, the ugliest woman you have ever seen (except for that time John dressed up as a nun ) walks through the exercise room. Sami sees Ms. Brickface carrying the folio. "She" goes into the sauna and Sami starts to follow. Lucas tells her pregnant women aren't allowed in there, so he goes instead. Pregnant women, no. Clueless men, yes.

The doctor comes in with a sedative for EJ. He flips on the TV so EJ can watch DOOL. Roman and Bo stop the doc as he is about to administer it. Roman booms, "We have a warrant for EJ's arrest."

"A what," asks Bo.

Roman smirks, "It seems EJ has been ignoring his parking violations."

"You can't be serious," says EJ.

Roman turns to Bo, "Alternate side of the street parking violations can't be ignored."

Bo agrees, "Oh no." EJ says this is tantamount to murder. They can't get away with this.

"Put your pants on unless you want your butt hanging out," says Roman. The doctor is hesitant to stop the procedure. "I am the Deputy Police Commissioner," booms Roman, "You want to mess with me?" The doctor removes the IV.

Bo goes to tell Stefano the good news, "I hope his life insurance is paid up."

EJ starts to dress. He eyes the hypodermic needle on the table and tells Roman, "Turn around. It's not a peep show. A little privacy, please."

Stephanie decides she wants to go to the beach. Jeremy isn't in the mood. He leaves. Jett and the brat walk in. Chelsea asks if it's too late to back out of the beach party. They tell her it's too late and they invite Max. He thinks the beach sounds great.

Bo stops Rolf and Stefano as they come down the hall. He tells them there is a change of plans. He says EJ has been irresponsible and gotten arrested. They protest. Bo tells Stefano, "You can either end the vendetta or cash in your chips."

Roman reads EJ his rights. EJ rants. Suddenly, he turns and jams the hypo into Roman's leg, "Night-night, sweetheart.

Roman screams, "You SOB!"

Sami frets outside the sauna. Inside, Lucas stops Andre. Andre pulls a gun and points it at Lucas, "You're going to make one ugly stain on that wall."

No need for threats. After seeing that face, Lucas has already turned to stone. FF Lucas.


EJ yells at Stefano, "I am your son. So lets stop playing games, shall we, or I walk out this door right now."

Hope asks Patch, "Do you want to be a dad again? We need an honest answer – the both of us." Kayla watches.

Bo tells Stefano, "End this ridiculous vendetta, or prepare for a warm welcome in hell."

Sami asks, "What have you done with him, you creep?" Andre says, "You're going to be reunited with him very, very soon."


Blogger Applecheeks said...

Loved the prescription for insomnia, Abe's power of observation and that last picture of Andre!! 40 miles of bad road indeed. LOLOLOL

So Max & the Jerk are rounding up all the girls Max smuggled into the country and are flying them to "safety". Where is that, pray tell? Where are these doofuses going to take them that they can get legitimate jobs? They have no green cards and are in the country illegally. TLT

The ultimate DOOLism is having Lumi going after Andre alone with no plan and no back-up. They could have called Pard/Bo/John/Patch and had the place covered in folks ready to snatch Andre when he showed up.

Nothing like Prevuze to brighten up a dark and gloomy morning.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

What Applecheeks said, plus the following Prevuisms truly cracked me up:

He doesn't notice her because the gym is full of pregnant women in street clothes pumping iron.

Roman booms, "We have a warrant for EJ's arrest."

"A what," asks Bo.

I'm beginning to wonder about Andre and his penchant for dressing up like women. HAHAHA

6:41 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

LOL KOTU Regarding Andrea. I agree, this is too much!

Prevuze was great as usual...makes me crack up every morning. - Grey's Anatomy

6:55 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I agree with the remarks about Andre, this is too much him dressing as women! LOL.

I don't know what Max and Jerk are thinking but they need to do something quick before Jett finds out what they are up to for real! LOL.....Like that will happen. - Grey's Anatomy

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Andre dressing up as a woman and the reminder of Squints as a nun.. do I sense a very special "cross dressing" Saturday edition of Prevuze one of these days? :P

It's so nice to see the Salem Keystone Cops try to do something again. I wonder if Pard yelling "You SOB!" will send me into fits of laughter when I see it.

Speaking of LOL, loved the forbidden link and Houndog and Return to Sender. Now how long has Prevuze been waiting to use those? HAHAHHA

Great Friday edition!

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that I read some spoilers and man things look likes it's going to heat up. I can't wait to see Andre as his role as woman. I wonder what Thao was thinking when he was getting ready for this scene. I bet it was hard trying not to laugh before the scenes were shot.

I love the Prevuze. I love reading the comments from everybody.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"because the gym is full of pregnant women in street clothes pumping iron."
So can I sue you for nearly killing me by making me choke on my muffin?

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andre as a woman -that is one FUUGLY woman!

I'm still new to Prevuze, will someone tell me why every calls Roman 'Pard'?

Love the humor in the Prevuze. Keep it up!

10:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

So can I sue you for nearly killing me by making me choke on my muffin?

Only if you use Mickey as your attorney. Then you'll wind up owing us money.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

OK. I’m Catholic so I have to confess that I’ve been lurking for quite some time. However, when I saw the photograph of Andre in drag once again, I just had to comment. Since Divine is no longer with us, Andre should be at the top of everyone’s list to play Francine Fishpaw in “Polyester – The Musical”. Perhaps John Waters is even available to write and direct DOOL’s cross dressing scenes. Now wouldn’t that be good campy fun.

I used to find DOOL to be so embarrassing that I stopped watching. With the help of Prevuze, Deb’s prayer/poem, and a 12 step program, I have returned to worship at the alter of Daze. Hallelujah brothers, sisters, Prevuze, and all the witty people who post!

10:45 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I was so grateful to the DOOL writers for finally getting back to the 90210 crowd!!
I mean come on; they were seriously in danger of actually getting to the point of the Colleen/Santo story!
Finally letting us find out what the big secret is.

And as you all know, we can't have that now can we??

And now a poem:

There once was a couple called Lumi.
Who's future was so very gloomy.
While he had a mouth that wouldn't stay shut, she had always been called the town **** (fill in the rhyme).
Together and not, then wed once again.
Both throwing tantrums as if they were ten.
Sami freaks out and screams like she's mad.
Lucas just looks like a "before" Ex-Lax ad.
"I just want to be happy" Sami whines all day long.
"I don't believe you" is Lucas's song.
They bicker and argue and snipe all day long.
Both would just sooner drop dead then be wrong.
Every time they make whoopee, someone calls or walks in.
Here's a thought, lock the door BEFORE you begin!
OH Sami and Lucas, will you ever learn?
If you play with matches you'll always get burned.
Maybe someday you will, if either of you survives,
But know we'll be watching,


11:44 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Excellent poem Deb. Funny and apt.

What is a nun doing at a health club? Isn't that more conspicuos than a pregnant women in street clothes pumping iron? Geez!!

We probably won't see Colleen and Santos until after Labor Day so they can wrap up the "Touch This Guy I don't know who I want triangles" and the edge of the seat suspense.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

Dearest Leslie,
Please, oh please, share with me/us the 12 step program. I have fallen, and I don't think I can any longer get up. I am desperate to believe in DOOL and TPTB once again. Please set me straight, re-direct me on the path. I have lost my way, and lost my faith. I am in the shadows. I no longer faithfully watch my beloved show, I use cheats such as "Prevuze" and "Dustin's page" to fill me in on my daily bread. I know this is wrong, I beg of you to show me the light.
Your's in faith,
nanny nanc nan na

Deb, wonderful poem, and I died laughing at the word I had to fill in!

Prevuze, I loved the censored link, because, IT IS TRUE!!!!

4:32 PM  

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