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The No-Tell Motel

We pan in on yummy hospital food. Lucas wonders what the white stuff is on his chicken. Sami offers to make a pizza run. "Just as long as you aren't cooking," says Lucas. He wants her to stay, but they don't have a rollout bed yet. She squeezes in with him.

Nurse Crimmins walks into the room and booms, "What do you think this is, the No-Tell Motel?"

Stephanie and Chelsea are back in Vegas in the hot tub. Stephanie says she has been hit-on before but the guy on the plane gave her a good scare. She can't believe what Max did, "It was kind of nice."

Max asks Jeremy where Rawlings is. They argue about the caper. Jeremy claims he just had no idea what was going on. He explains to Max how he transported the women. They were on the other flight he chartered, "But at least we made a nice profit."

"It's dirty money," grumbles Max.

Rawlings shows up, "How many we got coming in tonight?"

"None," says Jeremy, "Sorry man, we're out."

Anna and Tony are at the hospital to visit Roman, but Roman isn't in his room. She thinks they should take the gift to his house in person. Tony suggests taking it on the way to dinner. Just say the word dinner, and you have Anna's attention. Roman walks in, "Don't mind me you, two." Anna asks how Roman is doing. He tells her the knife wound is just about healed. Other wounds are wide-open, though.

Nurse Crimmins barks out the rules, "Suppose there was an emergency and your husband had a setback?" Sami tells her they wouldn't have to be sharing a bed if she had been able to track down a rollaway bed. Lucas asks her to go check to see if she can find one. "I knew I should have called in sick today," snorts Crimmins. She turns and leaves.

Sami accuses Lucas of flirting with Crimmins. She mocks the nurse, "I'll bet she hasn't seen any action for years!"

"What," asks Lucas, "Has she been watching DOOL?" He wants to go back to more constructive things.

Chelsea says Max would have done the same thing for any girl, "Don't read anything into it. Max was like that when I was dating him."

"Why do you think I might want to hook up with Max," asks Stephanie.

"Well," asks Chelsea, "Would Jeremy do anything like that for you?"

Rawlings thinks this must be a joke. "Am I laughing," asks Max. He wants the girls brought there.

"What are you smoking, Brady," asks Rawlings.

"Make it happen," orders Max.

Rawlings sneers, "Are you funny or just stupid?"


Max and Rawlings start to get into it, but Jeremy breaks them up. Rawlings says they can't bail on him. Max threatens to call the cops. Rawlings calls his bluff. He says they would be just as guilty as him. Max wants the crew of hotties there ASAP. Rawlings leaves.

"If we're not going to bring cops into it, we have to do this ourselves," says Max.

Chelsea thinks Stephanie needs to be honest with herself about Jeremy. Stephanie chews her nails, "What if you are right? What if he is cheating? I couldn't stand it."

Roman is back in bed. He says he's in pain but not from the knife wound. Tony is amazed at medical progress since he was on the island. He decides to wait outside while Roman and Anna talk things out. Roman admires the fruit basket, "Is that what you give when you decide to dump a guy?"

Tony meets Stefano in the hallway, "You don't look so good. Are you about to die?"

Sami gives Lucas a backrub. He wonders how she got to be so good at it. She tells him about Sven. He has been giving her pregnancy massages at the spa, and that's where she picked it up, "He turns me into jelly in 10 minutes." Lucas insists that's his job. They start jellin'. Lucas says he wants Sami to stop going after Stefano. Sami claims she has to. She feels a connection with Colleen. Lucas doesn't want her hurting herself. Sami says she can make thinks right for Colleen, "She's calling to me. She wants me to stand up the way she would have."

Lucas asks, "You gonna fight this battle? What – are you gonna fight it to the death?"

"So it's official," says Roman, "You and Tony. I thought we had a good thing going." She reminds him he disappeared on her the morning after. She thinks they both took the easy way out.

Roman says, "There is an Australian saying I like – 'No worries, mate.' I have a ball game to watch."

Rolf tells Tony Stefano has taken a turn for the worse. Stefano thinks Tony could not care less. Tony claims he does care. Stefano doesn't buy it. Tony asks what the vendetta has gained Stefano, "It has made the Bradys stronger, and you are alone."

Lucas and Sami keep up the nonsense. He couldn't handle it if anything happened to her. "Without you," he says, "I wouldn't be there to do this..." He moves in.

Chelsea thinks Stephanie should talk to Jeremy. Stephanie doesn't want her to say anything to anyone. Stephanie tells her about his rejecting her idea of moving in together. "Maybe he does have a girl and that's why," suggests Chelsea, "I think you should talk to him."

Stephanie says Jeremy can talk his way out of anything, "He has an answer for everything." Chelsea says Nick and her have had trust issues, too, but now they are in a good place. She hears a knock at the door and leaves to answer it. Stephanie swills her beer.

Nick is at the door. China Lee stands behind him with her little brats and nags. She introduces Artemis and Dee, "Say hi to your daddy's friend."

Max tells Jeremy to make some calls and round up the herd. Jeremy insists it's impossible. They argue. Max slips up, "Either you get on board or I go straight to Jett..."

"What did you say," asks Jeremy, "What's Carver got to do with this?"

Lucas says they have to stop in case nurse Ratchet comes back in. Sami suggests putting a tie on the door. Lucas suggests maybe locking it would be more effective. Sami goes over to the door but finds there is no lock. She scoots the food tray over lock the door and attacks him.

China Lee's little brats use the couch for a trampoline. Chelsea wonders if China Lee has been pumping them full of caffeine. China tees off on Nick, "You gonna let this skinny white girl accuse me of drugging our kids? Don't you want to spend some time with your kids?"

Nick fishes a couple pieces of paper out of the desk and sends the brats to the bedroom to make paper airplanes. Once they skedaddle he tells China, "You shouldn't confuse them like that. This marriage is over. We are getting an annulment tonight." The kids run back into the living room with perfect little paper airplanes that look like a Boeing engineer made them. He sends them all down to the pool. The kids drag China Lee out.

Nick tells Chelsea he doesn't have $25 grand yet, but he's going back to the blackjack table.

Max says he brought Jett up because he thought Jeremy was tight with Jett. Jeremy says for all he knows, Jett could be a cop. "I don't think so," says Max as he gives a nervous laugh. Max decides to head for the hotel. Jeremy turns around and slams the wall with his fist. Wall 1 – Jeremy 0. Jeremy picks up the pieces of his hand and leaves. Jett comes out and stares.

Chelsea thinks there must be a better way for Nick to get the money. She asks about the money he won and wonders if it would be weird to ask for part of it back. He says it would be really weird, and tells her he has three thousand dollars from cashing in a life insurance policy. Max shows up. He sees Stephanie in the hot tub and goes to talk to her. Chelsea kisses Max for luck.

Anna turns off the game. She apologies for hurting Roman but says she can't keep stringing him along. Roman says, "It's closed – THE END." Anna says she loves him. He gets it. She loves him but not like she loves Tony.

Anna asks, "If Marlena would leave John and come back to you would you drop everything for her?"

"Hard to tell," snorts Roman. Translation: Goodbye Anna, hello Marlena.

"See," says Anna, "You know where I'm coming from." Roman says he wants Anna to be happy but he guarantees Tony will not stick around for her. Anna whimpers.

A doctor tells Rolf what to do for Stefano. Stefano gets angry that the doctor is talking to Rolf instead of him, and wants the doctor to talk to him directly. They argue and the doctor leaves.

Tony says the writing is on the wall, "Time is up. I think you should live out your days with dignity by turning Andre in and ending the vendetta."

Nick and Chelsea kiss. Nick thinks that's enough luck for a lifetime. Chelsea says she had an ulterior motive – to get him to stay and find an empty bed, "Are you up for it?"


Max joins Stephanie. She invites him in. He says he shouldn't. She says she's OK thanks to him. He's glad he could help. He starts to go but she stops him from leaving.

Lucas' monitor beeps as he and Sami go at it. Nurses rush to the rescue! The food tray goes flying. Lucas tries to tell them it's a false alarm. Sami claims she was trying to cover him and increase his body temperature.

Frau Crimmins steps in, "Zo! You zink you can iknore my orderz, eh? I guezz I haft to remint you who izz in charche!".

Tony encourages Stefano to turn in Andre. Stefano wonders why he would do that, "Andre has proven his loyalty. The key... Andre got everything from the tabernacle, so the vendetta will never end. Not until I can destroy every damn Brady who roams this earth."

Tony asks, "OMG! You're even going to kill the Brady Bunch?"

Lucas machines are calm. The room is dark. Sami lies beside Lucas on a rollaway. "Goodnight Sami," says Lucas.

"Goodnight Lucas," says Sami.

"Goodnight nurse Crimmins," says Lucas.

Nurse Crimmins sits in a chair beside them looking over the top of her glasses.

From the distance a voice cries, "Goodnight John-Boy." It seems the No-Tell Motel is closed.

Anna accuses Roman of trying to hurt her. She insists Tony will not leave her. Roman reminds her of Lola and Lila, "Tony was, is and always will be a womanizer." Roman says if she ever wants to spend time with a guy she can trust and who will treat her the way she deserves, then she should call, "In the meantime, I have a ballgame to watch."

Tony says Andre will be Stefano's downfall. Stefano tells Rolf he wants to go. They leave. Tony eyes a nurse and follows her as she walks to the nurses' station. Anna comes out and sees him leering. He takes her in his arms.

Nick says Chelsea is killing him. He apologizes but says he is doing this for them. If he doesn't get rid of China Lee, where does that leave them? She offers to go with him. He thinks she would be a distraction, "Especially in that bikini. You'd scare the clientele." She says she will wait for him.

Nick leaves with his money. He passes Jett in the hallway and says hi, but he can't talk now, "Sorry, I'm on my way to a divorce."

Jeremy comes up to Jett in the hallway. He asks what's up, "See, I think we got a little problem here, Jett. Somebody's not exactly being straight with me."

Jett asks, "So, you're accusing me of being gay?"

Chelsea watches Max and Stephanie and then leaves. Stephanie says most guys wouldn't have done that especially for an ex, "Staying friends is a bunch of bull, but somehow you and I made it work." He moves in. It's a hot time in the old hot tub tonight.

Maurice "The Rocket" Richard - Pronounced Risharde - (August 4, 1921 – May 27, 2000) was a professional hockey player who played for the Montreal Canadiens from 1942 to 1960. The "Rocket" was the most prolific goal-scorer of his era, achieving the fabled feat of 50 goals in 50 games.

His brother, Henri Richard (born February 29, 1936 in Montreal, Quebec) played center with the Montreal Canadiens in the National Hockey League (NHL) from 1955 to 1975. Henri was fifteen years his brother's junior and much smaller, thereby earning him the nickname "The Pocket-Rocket." Many times he was simply called, "Pocket."

It is the only known occurrence of any person ever having the name "Pocket" that made sense.


Nick tells Chelsea, "I don't have a nickel to my name. China Lee signed the annulment papers. We're free."

Jeremy asks, "Are you a cop, Carver? Are you selling me out here?"

EJ asks, "The contents of this vault... this could end the vendetta?" Andre says, "On the contrary. The contents are so devastating the Bradys would destroy the folio and everything in it, letting the vendetta go on indefinitely rather than expose it to the light of day."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:11 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

OK, gang, what China said about Chelsea was nasty, but it was meant to be. Let's remember, that's the type of person the writers are portraying China as being. Step back... put down the remote... and remember, this is FICTION.

And one thing is certain, a perceived racist statement, made somewhat in humor and in a work of fiction does not warrant retaliaion with one that is for damn sure racist.

This blog is for fun. There are other forms to discuss those kinds of issues.

5:13 AM  
Blogger dazeisdum said...

Thanks for all the "pocket" pictures!!! I rolled my eyes and appropriately groaned at all of them. Between Pocket, Sweetness, Papa, and Patch, the Johnsons have a lot of stupid nicknames for each other.

6:00 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Hey, dazeisdum, don't forget -- they called Benjy a "little monkey" and even called him "Benjymonkey".

6:05 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Deb hands Prevuze a soothing cup of Hope's tea and one of Grandma Alice's donuts.

Sorry someone had to be a jerk this morning. I thought what China Lee said was pretty accurate. Chelsea is a skinny white girl. Ok so it was "weightist" to call her skinny. Chelsea is cellulite-ly challenged, but we all must be tolerant of those who don't Supersize at McDonalds and remember they don't know any better. We need support groups to help people like Chelsea to buy that Double cheese Baconator at Burger King AND stop off at Dairy Queen for a large Oreo cookie Blizzard.
The S word should never be used, ever!

Loved Pocketpalooza!
What is with DOOL giving all the babies weird names? Doodlebug? Pocket?
Come on writers, this is getting annoying.

Now that Anna has offically dumped Roman I wonder how long it will take before she slips into the "Kate Zone".
The "Kate Zone" which has already claimed Doug and Julie, Caroline and Shawn, Victor and Celeste, is that parallel universe characters dissapear into where you never see them for weeks at a time, no one mentions them, yet they are still around somewhere. They pop up every so often for about 30 seconds with no warning or reason for being there, then dissapear again.
The "Kate Zone" is character purgatory. They haven't been written out of the show, but they aren't really in it either.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Chelsea really kiss Max for luck? Should that say she kissed Nick?

6:23 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

CLEAN UP ON AISLE 7! Yes, I broke the cardinal rule of Prevuze - don't have anything liquid in your mouth while reading. The Pocket "jock" picture had me spewing. The entire Pockatpaloosa was hilarious!

I'm so glad the Salem Miracle Healing rule was invoked for Roman. Yeah, three days is long enough for a nearly fatal knife wound to heal. Just like Nick's head wound completely disappeared after about the same amount of time!

This is the opposite of the Salem Hospitalized For Days For No Medical Reason rule where characters faint and are in the hospital for tests for weeks. Or, like Lucas who is apparently well enough to romp with Sami but warrants a nurse SITTING BY HIS BEDSIDE to make sure things don't get too randy again.

Loved Prevuze! As always, the high point of my day.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I bet any real nurse seeing DOOL or reading Prevuze will do their own spit-take over the thought that any nurse would have time to babysit two horny imbeciles.

At least at the end of the show they did mention Max and Stephanie had a past. At first I thought they were going to ignore entirely the huge crush Stephanie 1 had on Max when she first arrived.

With Max and Nick always tagging along to Vegas how do they have room for any paying customers?

LOVED the forbidden link and all of the Pocket pictures! Thanks to Prevuze I'll be humming that song from Oliver all day long.."You've got to pick a pocket or two..." HAHAHAHAHA

7:39 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

The Salem Miracle Healing rule must be second only to Lourdes as a mecca for people to come and be HEALED!!

As for the "In the hospital for no reason" rule, remember that is re-cended for anyone who has been in a coma. You get to go home as soon as you wake up! Since things like organ failure and muscle atrophy don't exist.

Also don't forget the Salem Hospital Hair and Make-up fairies.
No matter if you are in a coma, in surgery, or just had major live saving surgery. Your hair and make up are perfect!!

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, prevuze!! The Lumi scenes sound like so much fun, I can't wait to see them! :)

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Kiki said...

I hope Anna stays on the show more and doesn't do what deb calls the "Kate zone".

Love prevuze today as usual. =)

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG i was laughing out loud at the pocket jokes. thanks it totally brighten up my morning.

the salem miracle hospital lol. its funny how roman almost died and is up roaming the halls of the hospital now he's practically healed. i wish i could heal that quickly.

great prevuze

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya know, I'm always 'ragging' on the Days writers, but I have to give credit when it is due. It sounds like this episode with Sami and Lucas is gonna be pretty humorous. (P.S.-I don't even like Sami & Lucas together - but I can imagine the whole 'Good night, so and so' dialog).

And Anna made it official, she's dumping Roman. Why must Roman ALWAYS play 2nd fiddle to any woman he sees? I still beleive the perfect hook up is Roman and Kate. (Roman - who mostly plays by the rules and Kate who always plays AGAINST the rules). It'd be just like 'all in the family' with Sami and Lucas married this time - Kate would not only be Sami's mother-in-law, she'd also be her step-mother! What a concept!
(-Enough daydreaming)!
And finally, are the writers TRYING to make the viewers 'sympathetic' to Jerkemy? Sorry, ain't gonna happen in this house! Jerkemy can still fly off into the sunset as far as I'm concerned!

Great job Prevuze. Love all of the 'Pocketisms'.

P.S. - where's Claire?????? Oh, that's right, I forgot, she's over at Salem U - finishing up her Masters, (unlike Chelsea and Stefanie and now Belle).

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Prevuze you forgot one!


10:57 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Anonymous -- The writers actually DID have Roman and Kate together, for about 15 minutes. Then Roman got "killed", and when he came back he found out that Kate had set Sami up to make it look like she had slept with Brandon, which caused Lucas to call off their wedding. Roman was so PO'd at her that he disowned her for all eternity (yeah, he got in line right behind Lucas!!).

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love reading the Prevuze. I must say for those of us that watch it in the U.S. I have noticed that the EJ/Sami/Lucas storyline is on Wedesday, Sami/Lucas are on Thursday and the EJ/Sami/Lucas are on Friday. These are the days that I really watch the show. Monday and Tuesday I really don't pay attention. Hopefully the storyline for the other characters will be interesting so I can watch Monday and Tuesday too.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

Haha, Theresa. I loved it. I am starting to check into the comment section lately about 5 or more times a day. I just love to read each other's comments. They are so much more funny and true to point than the actual episodes are. Thanks Prevuze for another great Daze update!

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love Prevuze!! I make sure that I'm not eating or drinking when I read it though. I swear sometimes it almost better than watching the show:)

For those of us who watch the show in the U.S. have you notice that EJ/Sami/Lucas are on Wednesday and Friday and Sami/Lucas are on Thursday. When I read the Prevuze I know what days I need to watch the show. Monday and Tuesday is alright but not as good as the love triangle.

Also, I wish the old Sami was back. I would love for her to be ruthless when she needs to be and good the rest of the time. I want EJ and Sami together but right now they are both "acting" strange.

I just love Patch and Pocket together. He cracks me up when he is holding the baby.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Great Prevuze today guys.

Deb, you are so spot on--

Salem Hospital Hair and make-up fairies

Salem Miracle Healing rule and in the hospital for no reason rule

Wish I could watch tomorrow's episode.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have one question? Why does EJ wear a wedding ring? I have been seeing it for weeks now, and I don't get it? Oh well this is DOOL were talking about here?

8:48 PM  
Blogger rsewell0104 said...

I was just wondering has anyone else noticed the wedding ring that EJ wears? I have been noticing this over the past few episodes. Anyone?

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how anything in this mysterious vault could possibly end the Brady/Dimera feud. Stefano knows what it is, doesn't he? And even if he doesn't, the feud will go on as long as he, Andre, and whoever else keeps it alive. The Santeen "romance" may have started the whole thing, but really, it should hardly be an issue anymore. What's more important is everything that has happened since then like kidnapping Roman and Marlena, making their families believe they were dead, brainwashing John to take Roman's place, plus numerous other murder mysteries and island adventures. Even if Colleen's death or Santo's dying words to his son turn out to be a misunderstanding, who cares? It's not going to erase all the other issues or the hatred that's been built up between the families all these years.

10:54 PM  

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