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Wild Women! Strumpets!

Shawn tosses a towel as Belle rants. She's sick of Shawn making decisions without asking her. Shawn wants their family – the three of them, not four, to be together. Phillip listens as they bicker. Belle claims she has committed herself to Shawn but won't let him make the decisions. The world would be a better place if bell would decide to commit herself to an institution instead of Shawn. Shawn thinks Phillip wants her back. Belle doesn't see it that way. And by God, however Belle sees it is how it's gonna be.

Jugs and Doolie arrive at Bo and Hope's house with more letters. John and Marlena tag along.

Julie reads the next installment, "Dear Santo I knew I had to see you again, but how? Here I was with other plans – to help collect donations. I knew I needed an ally."

Switch to Colleen telling Young Old Man Brady, "Da hass been ina bad moo dis week. I'll be askin' ye a faveer. Go ta the Father and the Sister and tell 'em I canna do the doortadoor. Me poor aunt is sick."

YOMB pulls a rare moment of insight out of his clueless life. He sees through it, "You are going to Stefano's Da." He begs her not to do it.

Belle and Shawn go for round two. Sameo sameo. Shawn thinks this whole thing is not about what's best for Claire, but it's about what's best for Belle.

"Your point," asks Belle. Phillip soaks it in.

Shawn insists it's the soldier inside him that makes Phillip tick, "He's suffering from Post Belle Traumatic Syndrome: he makes a plan, he attacks. The friendship is over. It's war now. This is Phillip's war, and if you don't believe me, you go over there and ask him."

Marlena thinks it must've broken Colleen's heart to ask YOMB to lie for her. They cackle about her innocence or lack thereof. Bo says the big question was if she would show up at Santo's. Doug chimes in, "And for the answer to that question, ladies and gentlemen, I now give you Julie Olson Banning Anderson Williams Williams Williams."

"Yes, please read on," says Marlena Evans Craig Brady Black North Black.

"Holy cow," says Hope, "I've got some catching up to do."

Julie reads. YOMB begs Colleen not to go to Santo. Colleen insists they are just friends, "But the sisters wouldn't understand." YOMB says if they are just friends, he will go with her. What do you know, Colleen thinks that's a rotten idea. She says she just wants happiness. YOMB wonders if she isn't happy with them. "I am," says Colleen, "But theere is happiness uther than that."

"Like you can find in a church," he asks.

"Like you can find rollin' around in the hay," she says, "Y'kno, Da has been saving so ya can go to Ameerica and college and soomeday use that fine eedecachin ta open a sleazy bar in a town called Salem."

"I don't want to."

"One day surely ya will," says Colleen, "And I'll be prouda ya. I've been wishin' fer myself, too."

"To come with me," asks YOMB.

"It's me heart's deerest wish, but Da thinks it's best this choorch is all I'll seea the werld."

YOMB asks, "But yer leavin' anyway are'na you? Even tonight?"

Shawn and Belle keep it up. Shawn thinks Phillip is the cause of all their problems. He shouts across the room, "Ain't that right, Phillip?" Phillip says he thinks Shawn and Belle need time alone together. He starts to leave. Shawn wants a straight answer. He accuses Phillip of trying to break them up. Belle asks Phillip if that is true.

Phillip says, "I just want to be a part of Claire's life and be friends with you Belle... and what's his name. If I wanted Shawn out of the way I'd call the cops and tell them about his involvement with Lauren."

Macho-boy snorts, "Shut your face!"

"It's not really my face," says Phillip, "Go ahead, take a swing."

"Yer offta meet Stefano's Da," says YOMB. Colleen insists she'll just be talking. He knows she wants him to lie. She says she will understand if he can't. He says he could lie now, but would have to admit it in confession this Sunday. He asks her not to do it.

She says she wouldn't if she didn't have to and scrapes the bottom of the barrel for the mother of all rationalizations, "Maybe it's part of God's plan." She leaves before he has time to shoot that one down.

Julie reads, "That look in the eyes of my brother went to my soul."

As YOMB stands there in disbelief, Father Mallory comes out and asks if he has seen Colleen. YOMB runs off. Father Mallory runs to the door and calls for him.

Bo and John discuss Andre. They are shadowing him. They know he'll want to get the folio to Stefano sooner or later. John says, "It's not hard to see how wide open and vulnerable the Bradys are right now. If something doesn't change, they could all wind up in an asylum."

Doug asks the ladies what they would do if they were in Colleen's situation. Marlena thinks Hope would hire a private investigator to find out about Santo's finances and his wife. And when the report came back Hope would run to him. The hens cackle with joy.

"Oh," says Doug, "You are a bunch of wild women! Strumpets!

Phillip tells Shawn to take his best shot. "Yeah," says Shawn, "You'd better watch it or I might forget you are handicapped." Phillip is so insulted by that remark he takes off his leg and pounds Shawn with it. Belle separates them.

Phillip appeals to Belle. He knows this is the last thing she wants, "Tell him Belle."

"Shawn, please," says Belle, "I need a minute alone with Phillip."

Shawn protests. Right now Belle just needs some space somewhere other than between her ears. Shawn leaves. Phillip doesn't think she's happy with the idea of living over a bar. He plays the trump card, "You have to think of what is best for Claire."

Claire finds an empty cardboard box in the slums of Salem. She crawls inside and curls up, "Best home I ever had."

Phillip thinks Shawn wants to cut him out of Claire's life as well as Belle's. He vows he won't let that happen.

John reads. Santo was tormented waiting for her, "But I knew my anguish wasn't as bad as yours. And nowhere near as bad as the viewers who had to endure this drivel."

Santo paces. Colleen knocks, and he lets her in. She says she had to sneak up. He tells her to make herself at home. Santo says if she wants, they could dine in the pub. Colleen gasps and tells him there are people down there who know her. "I'm just-a tryin' to be a gentleman," says Santo.

"Don't waste yer time," says Colleen, "We both know it's a lie to end all lies."

The crowd at Bo and Hope's argues over what Colleen was thinking. Marlena thinks she wasn't your average run-of-the-mill Brady. Hope thinks she was.

"Well, listen to this," says John, as he reads more of Santo's letter...

"Beyond all question you are the greatest pain in the neck I have ever known. The mystery of you leaves me speechless. Do you argue because you don't trust what might happen when the argument stops?"

Santo offers wine. She thinks he's trying to get her drunk so he can take liberties. So she pounds a couple down. She asks where Stefano is. "Up-a-stairs with-a Mrs. Fitzpatrick," says Santo, "Mrs. Fitzpatrick sheeza loveta stay with a-heem."

"Ya meen she's available if ya need privacy," snorts Colleen.

"You know I was-a in mourning," says Santo, "But my wife-a – sheeza been dead-a five days-a now. I'm-a over it. I have-a to move on. I was always faithful. I am no chaser of women."

"I'm sure ya woon't be telling me if ya weere," says Colleen.

"Ask-a Mrs. Fitzpatrick," says Santo. He goes off the deep end and sticks his hands out at her, "Here! Take-a my fing-er-prints!" He reaches in his desk and yanks out a pile of papers and flings them, "Go through my-a finances!" And for the Pièce de résistance he rips open his shirt, "TAKE-A MY HEARTA. IT BEATSA ONLY FOR-A YOU!"

Colleen is stunned, "It takes real genius to come up with dialogue that bad."

Belle knows Phillip is going through a hard time and it's a lot to deal with. Phillip admits he knows Shawn didn't work with Lauren. She has disappeared and has taken his son. He tells her the DNA test came back positive. Belle assures him he will find his son. Phillip thinks maybe not being able to find his son is why he is holding on to Claire so tight. He reminds us she was his daughter for her first year. Now he has a son. Phillip heard the kid crying on the phone. He knows how Shawn feels about Claire, "I get it. I just wish he did."

"Slowly but surely we're all growing up," says Belle, "More slowly than surely. Shawn will come around. Meanwhile, I promise you will be a part of Claire's life."

"I'm not sure anyone can stop Shawn," says Phillip.

"Watch me," scowls Belle-zebub.

Phillip thinks Shawn will cut him off if he decides to. Belle has to see Shawn for what he is.

Belle insists Shawn is doing the best he can. She wants Shawn to respect their friendship. Phillip doesn't know if he Shawn will do that, but their friendship is still there. Hugs. He thanks her for going to bat for him. Shawn watches. Belle offers to help if she can. Phillip leaves, "See ya back at the mansion... no. Let's just say, I'll see ya."

Shawn comes out and asks what her decision is. Belle says she told him they were moving out and into the pub, "On one condition..."

Santo continues to rip his clothes off, "Tell me what-a you want!" She wants him to button his shirt. Santo says he is done holding out his heart to her so she can insult him, "I am a man of conscience with a passion-a for life-a. I will never beg for love-a, but I might ask for a new shirt. You haveta choose-a. Is your life-a. Is your future." He opens the door, "If you walk out-a it is your cowardice that drove you. You couldn't face what you really want-a. Eet is-a your life-a. Live eet for yourself-a, not your father. And if you a-want to go live behind thee convent wall-a, go – with a-my blessing. You have to choose."

She closes the door and kisses him.

Belle says her condition is if she agrees, Shawn has to let Phillip spend time with Claire. Shawn protests. Belle says she doesn't throw her friends away. Starting now they make decisions together. Shawn agrees. She heads to Phillip's to pack. He offers to go. She vetoes it. Shawn says he gets it. Shawn has learned to say he gets it even when he doesn't. Hugs. He thanks her for everything. She has been amazing. Things will be different. He promises. She hopes so. She leaves. OK, boy, this is your chance run like hell.

The group discusses Santo and Colleen. Marlena reads, "To this day I can't be certain if it were divine intervention or bad luck, but we never counted on having a visitor. If the knocking at the door had started one minute later, we wouldn't have been in an answering frame of mind."

Sighs and kisses fill the room. Sweet-talking Santo goes into high gear. He tells Colleen to follow her heart. He sits her on the bed, removes her shoes and then throws himself on top of her. Then we hear the dreaded knock on the door.

Sister Mary Anne calls from outside, "Let me in. We need to talk." Colleen panics. FF.


Marlena asks, "Do you believe that Colleen and Santo were destined to be together?" John says, "Well, I know some people are."

Colleen gasps, "Santo, I'm doomed! I'm damned!"

Sister Mary Busybody stands at the door and asks Santo, "I don't suppose you've seen Colleen tonight? It seems she's gone missing."

Bo announces, "Stefano DiMera has been rushed to the hospital. It sounds pretty bad."

EJ says, "That's fantastic." Stefano lies in his hospital bed and says, "It is too late. There is nothing more I can do for the Bradys."


Blogger Brendamouse said...

Shawn thinks this whole thing is not about what's best for Claire, but it's about what's best for Belle.

"Your point," asks Belle. Phillip soaks it in.

Shawn insists it's the soldier inside him that makes Phillip tick, "He's suffering from Post Belle Traumatic Syndrome: he makes a plan, he attacks. The friendship is over. It's war now. This is Phillip's war.

Wow, Shawn had a flash of brilliance with that insight into Belle. That would be enough to make me rethink marrying Princess Prozac.

Love the Post Belle Traumatic Syndrome Prevuism.

Let's just hope that Phillip's War isn't as bloody as King Philip's War of the 1670s.

At last, more Colleen and Santos and as usual it's Cantos Interuptus.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Colleen and Santo, hmmm let me see if I can remember who they are...ummmm, no wait don't tell me. It's been so long since I've seen them on the show....I think they had something to do with the Bradys and the Dimeras, oh well never mind.

Well now, isn't it exciting? The back and forth drama of Shawn and Belle! Who will she choose? What will she do? What about Claire???
What devious plan will be hatched?

5:27 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I really wish TPTB would have let the Colleen/Santo story be taped without using those accents. The actors are clearly uncomfortable speaking them and are concentrating so hard on trying to get the accent right that the emotion of the scenes is suffering. For as much chemistry as there was between Sami and EJ, the seems to be none between Colleen and Santo, and I blame the accents. The only time I see any real heat between them is when they stop talking and start kissing...

6:16 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Yes, stop talking and start kissing!

Prevuze is always the best with the Shawn/Belle/Phillip/Claire SL. I can't stop laughing! So many good Prevuisms I can't even begin to pick the best one! Great work!

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally a Colleen and Santo's story. I think it was 2 weeks ago when we saw them last. I can't remember. Anyway, I'm glad he told her to chose so they could both move on with their life. I wish EJ was there to listen to his grandfather give that speech. I want EJ and Sami together but after it is all said and done I would love it if EJ would say I have made mistakes like you have and I have done nothing but practically kill myself begging you to forgive me. I guess you are better than me and you will never really forgive me. I suppose you are the only one who is truly forgivable. After that he tells her he is going to move on with his life and leave Salem. For the Lumi fans they will be happy and for the EJami fans we truly see (hopefully) what is in her heart.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belle realy has to get a life. Do you really think that in real life you can live with your ex ?????
Not realy a reality. Expecialy with Psyco Phil. You can tell he just wants Belle.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never left a comment before, but I almost wet my pants when I saw the picture of Patch with Michael Jackson! I love to read Prevuze every chance I get because living with 5 kids, 5 dogs and 2 aging parents, I don't get much of a chance to watch the show, which I started watching with my grandma when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Thanks for a good "belly laugh" this morning and keep up the good work!

7:25 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Ditto to the last Anonymous. Great pictures all, but when I got to Michael Jackson teaching Patch his burping technique I totally lost it.

And the Prevuisms just kept rolling today.

Belle just needs some space somewhere other than between her ears.


Colleen is stunned, "It takes real genius to come up with dialogue that bad."

Colleen's statement reminds us all that you can look at a half glass of water two ways - half empty or half full. DAYS writers can be seen as incompetent hacks or geniuses at bad dialogue!!

I love finding the positive about situations. And I positively LOVE Prevuze!!

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Prevuze was in rare form today, that's for sure! Thank God I was home when I saw the picture of Michael helping Patch. HAHAHAHA

This episode sounds pretty good after struggling thru the Touch Every Guy stuff.

I wonder how many near-misses they'll have with Phil almost seeing Pocket, talking to Kayla while she's holding Pocket and him not knowing, etc.?

Loved Santo moving on after five days and Marlena and Julie's married names. Excellent Prevuze today!! :D

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"See ya back at the mansion... no. Let's just say, I'll see ya."

Okay I just have to say - who in the world says this?!? Why would he not just say, "see ya back at the house"? Stupid. I know several people who have houses that size, and none of them refer to them as their "mansions". The dialoge needs a shot of reality...

8:46 AM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

Deb, you hit it on the head today. I don't even need to comment on the bizarreness(sp?) of Belle and her self importance at all now. Oh, wait, I just did. God, I am so baaaaaad. I just said one thing and did another, just like her. Yikes, I did it again. Argh. Help me, I can't stop, she is driving ME insane, and I am way down in Missouri, out of her grasps.
ps/jk to anyone offended, and nk to anyone not offended!!!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"See ya back at the mansion... no. Let's just say, I'll see ya."

Okay I just have to say - who in the world says this?!? Why would he not just say, "see ya back at the house"? Stupid. I know several people who have houses that size, and none of them refer to them as their "mansions". The dialoge needs a shot of reality...

Actually I think he said "See you back at th..." and then caught himself. So I guess that makes Prevuze the... uh... stupid... uh...

OTOH, we refer to the Prevuze estate as "The Compound." It's far less pretentious than "mansion" and also implies we may have a nest of machine guns stationed outside. It helps cut down on the number of door-to-door aluminum siding salesmen we get.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Shawn, "You'd better watch it or I might forget you are handicapped." Phillip is so insulted by that remark he takes off his leg and pounds Shawn with it.

Macho-boy snorts, "Shut your face!"

"It's not really my face," says Phillip, "Go ahead, take a swing."

Patch learning a burping technique from Michael J.

Gasp! Wheeze! Choke!

You are warped. You are hilarious. Have MERCY Prevuze, you're killin' me!

BTW - loved your "Cantos Interuptus" Brendamouse. HAHAHA

9:22 AM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

Belated comment from yesterday's Prevuze's to today's episode. Steph gushes, "You've never used the L word with me before", or paraphrased close to that....AHEM, yes he did, once, after he dunked your head underwater and YELLED it.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spoiler information...........

I read somewhere online that the SOD Fall Preview indicated that EJ dies. Now I know that sometimes that spoilers are true or it has some double meaning but I couldn't believe my eyes. I signed a petition just in case they were thinking about it. This happened to JS on AMC when they were trying to up their rates. I will be really sad if they do this. JS is one of the best actors on the show. Not to mention I wasted my time on this storyline if they decided to kill off his character.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read somewhere online that the SOD Fall Preview indicated that EJ dies.

noo EJ can't die i love him on days!

i loved the picture with patch omg i started laughing so hard!
great prevuze today :-)

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Frog said...

Belle is sick of Jr. making decisions without her. She's right, she might have given him some sage advice before he:

Drove through the church window, drove through Victor's house, got involved with Willow, took the boat out and wrecked it, drug everyone down to no man's land to look for that stupid ruby, took Claire on the run, jumped ship in the middle of a storm in the middle of the ocean, went over in a war zone to rescue Phillip, got involved with Jan, took Bo's motorcycle and wrecked it on the highway...

Yeah, Belle would've been able to talk sense into him before he did any of those things, allright! :P

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Thereas said...

Not realy a reality

OMG! Talk about the understatement of the day!

How many people do you know get in a hot tub in LAS VEGAS??? IT'S A FRICKIN DESERT! It's 100+ EVERY DAY!!

I work in an Aviation dept at a college. These bumbling idiots wouldn't make it out of Eat At Joe's Flight School! Not to mention smuggling GIRLS! The damn plane they have wouldn't go cross country much less overseas!

Not to mention all the people that have come back to life, slept with relatives, lost limbs, FACES, been possessed, been married, ALMOST married, divorced and kidnapped.

Although when Hope lost Zach, that WAS VERY VERY sad! I musta been PMSin during that cause I cried and cried...

2:22 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

EJ may die, but...did you forget?! This is DOOL! We never REALLY know if someone is dead, they just keep coming back! So if Ej dies, I'm not sure I'm giving up on him, he may be back in a couple of months.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is DOOL but I was hoping with Ed Scott on board this thing with characters dying and reappearing every other year would end. That to me is so stupid it's ridiculous.

I'm just wondering if Colleen and Santo ever had a child together. Besides the incident in Dec. EJ and Sami never could really get together because they were always interrupted. Maybe the same thing happen to Santeen.

Who knows. I'm just totally bummed about the EJ possibly dying thing.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anybody dies it should be Belle and Shawn. Please put the audience out of our misery from having to watch them. They suck!

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phillip needs to go down the road and visit with Patch and Kayla, they've captured his one and only spawn.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Minor compulsion, but I can't read Prevuze until I've seen the episode (I also hate knowing what books and movies are about), so this is a bit behind, but ....

I can't even talk about Belle and Shawn. Not worth it.

I really liked Nick and Chelsea together, but I'm done with them as a couple. She's shown repeatedly that she just doesn't work with him, and I'm sick of the on again - off again relationship. I completely agree with Nick that he's the better alternative to foster care. It isn't the kids' fault that their mom is ... not Mom of the Year. Should she have to deal with drama after drama? No, but deciding that the final straw is the kids who are completely not at fault is rotten. I would love to see the scene where Billie or Hope or someone Chelsea respects has the sit down talk with her about how "but it isn't supposed to be that way" describes life. It's *never* the way it's supposed to be, but when you grow up, you learn to deal with it. That could be some touching moments as Chelsea learns in fits and starts how to accept the hand life deals her and improve it as she can. I'm not holding my breath for it though.

With Nick and Chelsea done (in my script anyway), I don't want to just lose Nick though. He's actually an interesting character (is it bad that I sound so surprised by that?) who could lend a lot to the soap. He doesn't need to be rushed into a relationship; being single is ok *gasp* Let him deal with the kids for a bit ... heck, let him gain full custody of them permanently and have a nice little story about turning them into a family. Maybe as he's enrolling them in school or as they're in therapy to understand why their mother abandoned them, he meets a teacher or therapist who accepts and complements him (that's with an 'e' not an 'i').

As for the thing with Max ... seriously? That was the best they could come up with? That was a payback for showing him up in the plane? So lame. So seriously and totally lame.

On to Stephanie. I was almost happy. She was getting it. Jeremy was a selfish SOB and it isn't all about him and she doesn't have to be tied to him to make her feel less insecure. Again, I thought I was about to see a personal growth scene. Oops, no. Just rehashing of the same old taking the abuse and pretending it makes her happy.

Ok, I'll give one small comment on Shawn. Back when he was in school, he was a rock star baseball player (shortstop, I think?). Can't we have him open a baseball academy to teach kids how to play where he earns a decent income and can truly support himself and at the same time bring in some potentially interesting not related to everyone else cast? Maybe one of the moms is someone he falls in love with down the line or a girl who makes him hire her because she rocks as a player even though it takes him a long time to accept her talent level, etc?

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on now. I'll see ya back at the mansion. Stupid, stupid, stupid. No one talks like that!
I cannot stand Shawn. Why do the writers have to have him act so piggish? If he is soooo worried about Belle leaving him for Phillip - they definitely need to do some growing up before getting married! His comment about Phillip's handicap was pretty stupid. Phillip should have hit him back with Shawn's handicap - his lack of good judgement and common sense!
And who actually CARES if Stef and Jeremy break up? That storyline has been doomed from the beginning. No one can even believe that Stefanie would actually act the way she does!
And finally, I CANNOT let this one go - why does NICK stay with Chelsea? She has treated him like cr*p since the night they met. She constantly plays games with his head. Nick had better get back to Salem and forget about Chelsea. We've all learned from Max - sometimes it's better for a character to be alone than with someone that isn't right for them (Stefanie, Chelsea, Mimi, Abby, need I go on?)!!!!
GREAT Prevuze today! Keep up the good work!

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO,NO,No..Don't kill off James Scott. (EJ). I'm just getting used to his arid sense of humor and those quaint facial expressions of sarcasm. AMC is just jealous that they don't have him on their show anymore.
Keep EJ.and Keep James Scott AS EJ.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous em said...

I've wasted my life not knowing about this site . . .

My lol fav: but I might ask for a new shirt.

Hey, I even laughed again.

1:43 PM  

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