Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little Rule Breaker

The cracked coffee klatch sits around the pub and frets about Colleen's predicament instead of reading letters to find out what happened. Doug thinks Sister Mary Anne was interfering. Julie gets on him for such blasphemy.

She reads, "The knock took my breath away. It was Sister Mary Anne – as if it were God himself at the door ready to smite me."

Colleen panics. Santo shushes her as Sister Mary Anne bangs and shouts.

Lucas picks at his scones. EJ eggs him on to eat them instead of picking at them. They banter. Sami tells them to stop it.

Lucas insists Kate can't be the courier. EJ says there is nothing Kate wouldn't do if the price were right, "It's possible he could be using Kate without her knowing."

EJ's phone rings. Tony tells him they've rushed Stefano to the hospital, "His liver is shutting down. I think we're nearing the end."

The scene in Santo's room looks like something out of a Marx brother's movie only without the entertainment value. He suggests Colleen hide behind the drape. She says that is the first place Sister Mary Tattletale will look. Santo says he will get rid of her. He goes over and opens the door. Sister Mary Steamroller barges in. She rages as Colleen hides behind the drape. A large neon sign points toward the drape and flashes on and off, "Here she is... Here she is."

Bo's phone rings as Hope analyzes the situation, "Our bold little rule breaker, hiding behind the drapes."

Julie takes the ball and runs with it, "Ten little toes sticking out, muttering Hail Mary's."

John asks, "Why would her toes be muttering Hail Mary's? Anyway, we know that didn't help." Marlena says this was a doomed affair.

Bo comes back and makes the big announcement, "Stefano DiMera has been rushed to the hospital. It sounds pretty bad.

"How bad," asks John.

"Almost as bad as a show that would have it's main characters sitting around getting waterlogged on coffee and reading old letters," says Bo.

Rolf tells the nurse to leave, "Mr. DiMera is not here to be on display." She goes.

EJ rushes in and finds Tony. Tony says a liver transplant might help, but it takes time to find a donor. EJ thinks they should rush Stefano up to the top of the list, round up Patch, Kayla, John and a fairly sharp knife. He says they'll bribe someone if they have to, "We'll scour the streets of Hong Kong."

"Right," says Tony, "I’m sure Hong Kong would be the best place to find a donor who is a perfect match for someone of Italian descent. I think it's too late. The scourge of the Bradys is about to breathe his last."

EJ laments the fact Stefano is slipping away without a whimper. Tony asks, "Would you rather have him imitate Al Pacino in Scarface and have him die in a blaze of bullets?"

"You're right," says EJ, "I don't think this show could handle action. I think when father is gone no one will stop Andre."

Rolf comes out, "The master will soon leave his body. There isn't much time left. Do either of you want any Auf Wiederseins?"

"No," says EJ, "I already had lunch."

Kate has brought a huge basket of flowers and some of Lucas' favorite chocolates. Sami attacks the chocolates like a starved dog in a steakhouse. Lucas thought Kate's assets were frozen. He wonders where she got the money for these expensive gifts. Kate thinks it's rude for him to ask where she got the money for gifts. She dances around the issue and finally says she withdrew some funds from her 401k. Lucas knows she doesn't have a 401k. Sami thinks Stefano might have given Kate the money. Kate is indignant. Lucas presses, "You went begging, didn't you?"

"More like slumming," says Kate.

The Salem literary guild continues reading, "I knew is was risking my future for a moment of pleasure. I knew I wasn't ready to lose what I held most dear."

Santo asks Sister Mary Moneygrubber what she wants. Without hesitation, she says, "Perhaps a small dewnation far the are-phins." As Santo looks for his wallet Sister Mary Snoop sees Colleen's scarf lying on the bed and notices the drapes have grown feet. Santo gives her the money. She thanks him, "By the way, I don't suppose you've seen Colleen tonight? It seems she's gone missing. She was supposed to help me with the doortadoor."

Santo says he has not seen her, "Maybe she was-a confused-a 'bout the date-a."

"Right," says Sister Mary Bulldozer, "Confused she was."

Santo ushers her to the door, "Bona fortuna." She leaves.

Colleen comes out and says Sister Mary Blabbermouth knows she was there, "Santo, I'm doomed! I'm damned!" Meerciful Lard, save me. I'm likely to be the scandal of Galway by marnin'."

Santo tries to calm her down. Colleen is sure Sister Mary Eagle Eye saw her feet sticking out under the drapes. Santo asks, "How would she a-know-a dey were your-a feet-a?

Colleen turns her ankle, "Becausa my new pentagram tattoo. Do ya like it? Sister Mary Elephant never fergets anything. She'll tell da entire convent. We hafta find a way to 'splain tings."

Hope says, "I'm sure glad times have changed and a woman's entire life isn't judged by a single indiscretion any more."

"I'm afraid you've still used up your quota," says Bo.

Marlena asks, "Do you believe Colleen and Santo were destined to be together?"

John says, "Well, I know some people are." That turns Marlena on. That turns John on. He clears the table and attacks her right there in the pub.

Lucas badgers Kate about Stefano. She admits she asked him for money, "BECAUSE YOU TURNED ME IN TO THE SEC." Lucas reminds her he turned EJ in and Kate just happened to get caught in the crossfire. Kate rants. STOP THE PRESSES! KATE DISOWNS LUCAS! MAN BITES DOG! She starts to storm out. Sami stops her and says they had a reason to push. She wants Kate to hear them out.

The nurse checks Stefano. EJ comes in. He asks for time alone. The nurse leaves. EJ sits and takes Stefano's hand.

Stefano hallucinates, "Papa?"

Patch comes into the room, "You called?"

"No," says EJ, "It's me – EJ." Stefano starts to reel off information about bank accounts, safe combinations, family secrets and the coveted recipe for Alice's donuts.

EJ stops him, "No, don't father. Not now."

"There is only now," says Stefano. EJ says they have never been so far apart. He wants to thank him for the blessing of being his son and the opportunities it has brought. He reminisces. He thinks he has really disappointed Stefano.

Stefano can't fault him for falling in love with a woman and giving his soul to the love like his father. Stefano knows love ends in tears, "But for Santo the flame was too warm. It took away his reason and burned his heart. I knew father was playing with fire."

Hope believes in destiny. She thinks their destiny is to free everyone from the horror Santo brought into their lives.

Bo thinks Santo got Colleen in bed. Hope bets him she didn't. Bo reads, "I felt despair for the first time in my life. But then when you touched me and I felt the warmth of your skin, Santo. I felt a calm." Bo stops and gloats, "Get ready for diaper duty, Fancy Face. He continues, "The world dissolved away. All I could see was in that room."

Colleen wails, "I have brought shame to da choorch." Santo says there has been no sin. Colleen thinks Sister Mary Looselips will dig in her heels on this. Santo sweet-talks... Kiss. "Oh, Santo..."

Stefano says Santo was a great man, "He could have been more if only..."

"He had followed his destiny," says EJ, "Maybe that's what he did."

"Perhaps you're right," says Stefano, "Love was his fate. How different my life would have been if he had taken another road." He says he knew what his father's mistakes were and swore not to repeat them. Now he looks back on his life and he is alone. EJ swears he isn't. Stefano says he has done what Santo wanted. EJ asks him to tell Andre it's over.

"It's too late," says Stefano, "I can't stop him. I don't know where he is. There is nothing more I can do for the Bradys. I'm not a psychiatrist, you know."

Lucas and Sami ask Kate to come back. "It's about the vendetta," says Sami. Kate comes back in. They tell her about Bo and Hope going to Ireland. Cops are watching the DiMera mansion because they know Andre will try to deliver the folio to Stefano. They ask Kate if Stefano asked her to be the messenger. Kate insists he didn't. In that case, Lucas wonders how she got the money. Kate claims he gave her the money with no strings attached. Lucas accuses her of lying. Sami drops her jaw. She thinks she knows what Stefano wanted. She says Stefano gave Kate the money so that he could have her in his debt – "To be the courier."

Kate swears he hasn't asked her. Lucas wants to believe her. Sami thinks she is telling the truth.

Kate is stunned, "Thank you, Sami."

Hot kisses in Santo's room. He tosses her onto the bed. Colleen notices her scarf, "OH! Where di' this come from? Dear Lard in heav'n, she saw this! Sister Mary Buttinski knows I'm here!"

"Looks like Santo will be taking cold showers," says John.

Hope tells Bo he will be doing diapers until Easter. Julie thinks it's sad Colleen never got to spend one night in the arms of her lover. Bo thinks maybe she got a second chance. Julie says, "I think she'll never get another chance with the church or her lover."

EJ walks out and loosens his tie. Tony asks if he is all right.

EJ asks, "How do you say goodbye to someone who cared for you?" Tony says he has never had that situation. Rolf comes out and tells them surgery is risky, but if they can secure a lobe from a healthy liver it will regenerate, "There are risks to the donor, and he still needs stem cells. But there may be hope fore Stefano yet says Rolf."

Bo says, "Five toes in the grave and five left to go."

Julie asks, "If we dance on Stefano's grave, would it be bad taste?"

Marlena wonders why someone evil like Stefano got to live a long life and someone innocent like Colleen didn't. Hope reminds them they don't know how Colleen died.

They read on, "Having sin in my heart, I knew I would be punished. When I turned to you I turned my back on the church. I knew my life would never be the same."

Colleen frets about the scarf, "God's hand is in it. This is wrong. I wasna meant fer this."

"What-a for-a," asks Santo, "Feeling?"

"I have sinned," says Colleen, "but not the worst sin. Why did I come here? Why did I lie? I betrayed 'em all."

"You did not-a betray your own heart-a," says Santo, "Looka me. You are de most beautiful woman I have ever known-a. On da inside, not just da outside. God wouldn't have created such-a beauty to let it waste away."

Colleen says, "It's that kinda wicked talk that led me into sin. I will ne'er see you again." She storms out crying. Santo leans against the door.

Colleen enters the sanctuary. She composes herself and sees Father Mallory and Sister Mary What - happens - in - Galway - doesn't - stay - in - Galway. Father Mallory sees her and asks, "Is there something you should be telling me Colleen?"

Colleen says she has nothing to say. "Well I've plenty," says Sister Mary Chitchat, "I stopped at Mr. DiMera's room. I saw ten toes a-stickin' outta the drapes, and your scarf." Father Mallory says this is a grim accusation.

Doug wants to know if Sister Mary Blabbermouth ran to Pete. They figure she didn't have to, since gossip probably traveled pretty fast in Galway. "The next letter will tell," says Julie, "That was the last one in this batch. Bo thinks Stefano might go to his final reward before the last one is out. "Or his final punishment," says Doug.

"I'll drink to that," says John.

"You'll drink to anything," says Marlena.

"Unless there are pills around," says John.

Stefano knows he needs a piece of someone's liver.

"It's a shame I'm not compatible," says Tony.

"I'm sure that breaks your heart," grumbles Stefano. EJ says he will call Benjy and Lexie and he will be tested as well. EJ leaves. Tony tells Stefano his offspring won't give a damn, let alone a liver. He leaves.

Stefano asks for the phone.

Lucas wonders if Sami is tiring to play nice with Kate. Kate's phone rings. It's Stefano. Kate says she is busy. Stefano says he can't wait, "I might not live out the night. But I probably have time for a quickie." Lucas grabs the phone, sees the number and puts it on speakerphone. Stefano says he needs Kate's help, "You owe me." Kate understands.

Stefano says, "Andre has something – an old folio. I must have it but the police are watching. I need for you to meet Andre. Bring it to me. Will you do this? It's a dying wish. I need your help Kate." FF Kate.


Chelsea whines, "I have to go." Nick says, "No one will love you like I do."

Hope says, "If you love her, Nick, go after her and fight for her."

Lucas rants at Kate, "You did, didn't you? You're right back where you started. Stefano's whore."

Lexie tells Stefano, "I have no intention of risking my life to save yours."


Blogger Deb said...

Okay Prevuze faithful, time for morning prayer:

Hail Mary full of grace
Don't let us have to watch geezers suck face.
Shut Lucas up, calm Sami down,
And get the 90210 kids out of town.
Please let the letters finally be done.
And don't make us wait till sweeps for the last one.
Give Kayla some brains, and Belle get one too.
Or at least don't let them constantly whine like they do.
A BIG dose of macho is what all the men need.
And please God don't makes us watch John and Marlena do the deed.
Make the Brat PLEASE grow up, and Steph get a clue.
Let Jett and Jerkemy dissapear from our view.
Finally the writers, OH GOD hear our prayer.
I think we are needing a miracle there.
Is an intellegent storyline too much to ask?
Or at least something just not so boring at last?
Hail Mary, Mother of God, pray for us viewers all the Days of Our Lives. Amen.

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Great Prevuze today! LOL at all your Sister Mary names and the "donor" jokes and at your comment about the "coffee klatch" chatting instead of just reading. I think the writers want us to think the Coffee Klatch is very interested in the letters. Gee, why did't that come across?

And you made my day with your "almost as bad as a show that would have its main characters sitting around" comment. Couldn't agree more.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Okay Prevuze faithful, time for morning prayer:

OMG, Deb. Teriffic. You're officially the Prevuze Poet Laureate! Thanks.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luv, luv, luv SANTOMAN!!! Great picture and caption.

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze, you outdid yourself today!! I loved reading every word of it!!!

5:37 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

Great Prevuze today as usual. Can't wait for tomorrow.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I think I broke a fingernail rushing to open the forbidden link.

It seems like it would've been a little more logical for Colleen to have confessed all of what happened in a diary or something instead of letters to each other. Because if you're writing to someone who was there and already knows what happened why would you rehash everything in such detail? TLT.

Deb's poem will probably be a Saturday Prevuze classic edition someday, it was great! I also loved the Sister Mary's. But the near coffee spit-take came when Stef asks "Papa?" and Steve appeared. HAHAHAHAHA

A really fun Prevuze today! :D

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is TLT?

9:56 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

What is TLT?

It stands for "The Logic Thing," which, on DOOL, doesn't make a lot of sense because Logic is the oil of humanity and DOOL is watered down drama and, as you know, oil and water don't mix.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I FINALLY got into the Prevuze site. It's made for a looooooong day without it! But, wow, it was worth the wait.

Sister Mary of a Thousand Names cracked me up as did all the great Prevuisms and pictures.

John asks, "Why would her toes be muttering Hail Mary's?" Classic!

"Do either of you want any Auf Wiederseins?"
"No," says EJ, "I already had lunch."
Just couldn't pass that one up, could you Prevuze?

Deb's poem was great. And, I thought for a moment, Lucas was going to be picking at his NOSE rather than his scones. HAHAHA

I have two DOOLisms for today:

1. Dealing with the threat of Andre and the Dimeras is so urgent Pard insisted on going straight to the office rather than home for some recuperation. Bo & John, on the other hand, find the time to loll around eating cookies and reading letters??

2. Stephano laments, "I knew father was playing with fire." Since when would an 8 to 10 year old think any such thing, especially back in the 1950's?

Now I can relax. Thanks Prevuze.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Angry Redneck said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Angry Redneck said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

spoiler...I'm sad............................

I read that EJ dies in November. Also Andre and John die too. GRRR...I'm so sad. I knew the actor that plays John Black didn't resign his contract so I wasn't shocked about that but what is going on with EJ? What in the heck are the writers doing? I want EJ and Sami together but if it's not going to happen let's kill this dead horse and move on.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

OMG, I totally loved this part of Prevuze today.....

Stefano hallucinates, "Papa?"

Patch comes into the room, "You called?"

I nearly died laughing. Thank you for putting "papa" back in perspective!!!!!

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know as much as I hate to say it, spare marlana----she has lost john so so so so many times, if his contract is up, cant he just go into the kate zone---although this will open the door for pard.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Do either of you want any Auf Wiederseins?"
"No," says EJ, "I already had lunch."

I am still laughing that this one! I don't know why I find it sooo funny but I do!
Great job, prevuze! You always know how to make me laugh!

Keep up the Santo/Colleen cartoons!

2:45 PM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Prevuze had me laughing today with Santoman, and Sister Mary and all her names. But I really lost it when I got to Deb's morning prayer. All in unison now: "AMEN"!

Any spoiler on who the liver donor is? I have a sneaking suspicion it'll be Lucas. Wouldn't it be great if he really is a DiMera? Oh the possibilities!!

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I can't believe they'd kill off the character of John. I can see them recasting the part if Drake Hogestyn doesn't sign a new contract.

But anonymous above was right, if they don't then Pard could be there to move right in. HA

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did EJ get the last name Wells? He's Dimera and Banks right?

6:50 PM  
Blogger Suzi said...

Do we know for sure who killed Colleen, if she is dead? Maybe OMB's Da did it? and OMB was watching? How would they be?

Loved it today, and Deb, you are a great poet!!

I always liked Roman and Marlena better together, anyway, I also liked John and Kate!

Lumi fan all the way!
But I like EJ for someone else-maybe Steph???

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spoiler answer on the liver....

LLS I read that EJ will spare a portion of his liver due to Sami encouraging him that this will help Stefano end the vendetta. Sami feels that if Stefano dies Andre will go on a rampage. There is more to the story that it's in a nut shell. Also I read that they find Benji in a dumpster clinging for life. So I don't know if Benji is the one helping Stefano.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a question? If John has some much money why doesn't he hire a least two or more to translator to translate the letters to help the Brady's out. Also it think someone as this question too but why are Colleen and Santo writing each other letter talking about what happened to them. I could understand a journal but why letters? Now that I'm thinking about it...maybe they had no one else to talk to about their relationship.

Love the Prevuze...I can't wait to read it in the morning:)

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thinK I read somewhere a while back that the latters were planted and not real to kinda throw off the bradys about what really happened. If this is true, it would explain why they are the way the are, meaning telling each other what they should already know since they were both there, so why would they write each other telling them.

But then again, maybe I am completely off base here.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

LOL deb!!

But this show sounds better than what we've been seeing - the tts people weren't mentioned at all; and Stefano, Tony and EJ together. That sounds *very* good!

Loved the pictures (including the do not click) EJ can be my Super Man anyday and I bet a dose of Santo would do the nosey nun some good (sorry but that pic cracked me up =))

But this is the FIRST time your Prevuze have made me cry (sad cry because I've laugh-cried a lot). The scene with Stefano and EJ just broke my heart. I'm a sucker for the DiMera men what can I say...

TY as always!!

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when is sammy due?

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard them say the rape took place in December. That would make her due date next month..September. With twins, she should be on bedrest right now, not running around playing wonder woman. anon1

9:25 PM  

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