Monday, August 20, 2007

Mad Max' Wild Ride

Stephanie and Jeremy are in the bar in Vegas. Stephanie wants to know what Jeremy is mixed up in. He says if he told her she would leave him. They argue as Max and Jenna walk by in a heated rush. Jeremy thinks Patch will love saying I told you so when he finds out about this.

Jenna and Max wait for the elevator. Jenna attacks him before the doors even open. He wants to know what her hurry is. He's used to being in the driver's seat. "Ah, yes," says Jenna, "Max Brady the race driver. Well, I'm ready for Mad Max' wild ride."

Chelsea and Nick are up in the hotel room. Nick tells her they live in a world of unforeseen consequences. The unforeseen consequences, Artemis and DeMarquette, charge into the room. Chelsea wants to know what's going on.

Belle meets Shawn in the pub. No one else is there. Shawn lights candles at their table to prepare for the romantic celebration. Belle wants to know what they are celebrating. Shawn tells her he has found a place of their own, "It's something we can afford. It has a killer kitchen and built in babysitter."

Belle is intrigued. She wants to know more. Shawn announces he has arranged for them to live upstairs at the pub rent-free.

PrevuzeOne of Belle's many personalities, Belle-zebub the satanic ice-woman, emerges. Ironically, ice-woman spits fire. Her head turns 360° on her neck, "THIS IS THE WORST IDEA YOU HAVE EVER HAD!"

The room goes cold. Back in his den of evil, Satan cowers. Texas changes its state slogan to "Don't Mess With Belle."

Shawn imagines he can hear Aerosmith singing somewhere:

There goes my old girlfriend,
Another diamond ring...

They argue. Shawn says he has it all figured out. With his steady job at the garage and tips from the pub, he'll have enough money soon to get their own place. Belle rages at him for making decisions without talking to her. Shawn agrees, "You're right, my bad." He's not getting off that easy. Belle thinks he has ambushed her. Shawn backpedals like a wounded prizefighter. He says he didn't mean for that to happen.

Belle softens, "I love you but I don't want to move Claire right now."

Nick sends the kids off to brush their teeth. He tells Chelsea China Lee is in jail and until the marriage is annulled, he is the dad.

Max and Jenna are in the elevator headed upstairs. She presses the 'stop' button and jumps him. Literally.

Stephanie wants Jeremy to be straight with her. He insists he's trying to protect her. It's about to hit the fan and he's scared he might lose her. He tells her he thought he was helping people bringing them into the country. She wants to know more. "It gets ugly," says Jeremy.

Stephanie explodes, "My dad was right. You are nothing but a crook, you lying jerk!"

"I couldn't back out," pleads Jeremy, "These guys play for keeps."

Stephanie asks, "You think they will be there to help you when you get caught? No, you'll go to jail and I have to face the mother of all I told you so's."

"Well," says Jeremy, "I guess you're Daddy's little girl after all."

Jenna works her way down Max' body, "Going down, 12th floor. Intimate apparel." She resurfaces and whispers a few notions into Max' ear. Max drops his jaw. Jenna starts the elevator again.

"You are a bad influence on me," says Max.

Jenna says, "I know what I want, I know how I want it, and I want it now." She rips Max' shirt off, "But this isn't a proposition. Don't read anything into this."

Chelsea chuckles. She thought Nick was serious about being a parent. Nick says it's just for 30 days. He doesn't exactly know how he will deal with it. Chelsea suggests calling the cops and telling them China Lee abandoned him. He asks for her help, "It's temporary."

"Temporary insanity," she says, "Count me out."

"There's nothing temporary about the insanity on this show," he says.

Shawn says he didn't expect this. Belle says she didn't expect him springing this on her. She flashes her ring. She says it is a symbol of their future. Transparent and fake. Shawn thinks this is about Belle wanting to live with her ex husband rather than her own fiancée.

Belle thinks that remark was unfair. Only she is allowed low blows. Shawn thought Belle would love it there. She says she doesn't want another temporary home for Claire. Shawn is tired of living off Phillip's dime and wants to know why she doesn't feel the same way.

"Because Phillip actually has a dime," says Belle.

Stephanie wants to know why Jeremy doesn't just go tell his sob story to one of his hot babes. Jeremy shouts, "I'm not in love with any of them."

Stephanie whines, "What did you say."

Jeremy says, "I think I... just said I'm in love with you."

Jenna works her way down to Max' trousers. The trousers come off. Clothes fly. As Max stands there in the altogether and gets into things, she hauls out a pair of handcuffs behind her back.

Chelsea says she is out of there. Nick thought they were in this together. Chelsea says there are limits. She votes for foster care. She accuses him of putting someone else's happiness ahead of theirs, "You're a magnet for the needy. When do I get to be at the head of the line?"

"It's only 30 days," says Nick, "Are you saying we can't deal with this for 30 days in order to save our relationship?" Chelsea stares at him. Nick continues, "Because I hope that's not what you are asking."

Belle says she won't turn on Phillip. Shawn wants to know if she really wants to live off of Phillip. Belle asks what Shawn would do if the situation were reversed. Shawn claims he would give Phillip money, but not let him live with them, "Because how could all of us live in a tiny room above the pub?" He thinks Phillip is going to do everything he can to get Belle back. Belle insists that won't happen. Shawn wants her to go tell Phillip that or he will do it himself.

Chelsea twirls her hand in the hot tub. Nick comes out. He wonders if there is such a thing as being too nice, "It's not a far cry from nice guy to doormat." He says when they get back he will talk to Mickey about foster care. Jett watches from the next room. Chelsea says she doesn't know too many girls who would stay by their boyfriend after he got married in Vegas on a whim. He reminds her he was in Vegas, but his brain was scattered across Sami and Lucas' hallway.

"It's not how it's supposed to be," says Chelsea.

"It will be better when we get rid of the kids," says Nick.

"No," says Chelsea, "when you decide your girlfriend gets priority in your life." She goes into the next room and asks Jett if he wants to go dancing.

Stephanie can't believe Jeremy said that. It's the first time he ever said he loves her. Jeremy protests. He's sure he's said it before.

"'I love you in your bikini' doesn't count," says Stephanie. She thinks he uses her and takes her for granted. She is done with it. She says he isn't the only guy in the world as she storms off.

Jenna cuffs Max to the rail. Max gets nervous, "I'm not into this kind of thing."

"This is the deal," says Jenna, "You stay here and I go home."

"You go home," asks Max, "You ought to turn pro."

"I am a pro," she says.

Max yells, "What the hell is this all about?"

Jeremy joins Stephanie at the bar. He thinks opening up to her was a big mistake. She thinks he told her he loved her to get out of a tight spot. He insists not. "Then say it again," says Stephanie, "I dare you."


She talks about the attractive side of Jeremy and the bad side. The speech about the attractive side is a lot shorter. It has finally hit her he is too insecure and scared to own what they have.

Jeremy asks, "Are you giving me my working papers?"

"Of course not," says Stephanie, "I'm too stupid for that. I'm saying if you can't be real with me, I'll find someone else."

"Sounds like you already found him," says Jeremy, "Anybody I know."

The main candidate for his replacement stands naked as a jaybird handcuffed to the elevator rail. Jenna pulls out her cell phone and takes his picture. Max begs, "Tell Rawlings I'll do whatever he wants."

Jett thought Chelsea had taken him off her list. The brat says she changed her mind because he puts her first. Jett asks Nick if he wants to come with them. Cold stares fill the room. Jett wants to know what is going on.

Belle settles down. She thinks they should take a time out. She says she knows Shawn wants to get away from Phillip because he feels guilty about not telling him about this child.

Phillip limps in, "I hope I'm not interrupting."

"Of course not," says Belle, "What's up."

Phillip says, "Claire has been going off about that CGI movie that's out. I was thinking we could all go." Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! SORAS ALERT! Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!

Shawn says, "We're taking her and moving out tonight." He actually talks pretty well with his foot lodged in his mouth.

Phillip thinks it's short notice. Shawn tells him about the pub deal. Belle thinks Shawn is acting like a little kid caught cheating. Shawn insists this is what they both want. Phillip turns to Belle and asks her to look him in the eye and say that.

"Come on, Nick," says Jett, "I wanna see what you have on the dance floor."

"You've obviously never seen him dance before," says Chelsea. Nick thanks him but says he has decided to stay there, "Have a blast." Jett and Chelsea leave. Nick broods. The kids come out and ask if they did a good job brushing their teeth. "It ought to be a great job," says Nick, "You've been in there a half hour." He sends them to watch TV and says they will go home in a while.

"Where is home," says Artemis.

"Good question," says Nick.

Jenna sneers, "Mr. Lowell says you guys are even now."

"I don't even know a Mr. Lowell," says nekkid Max. He hesitates, "Oh, he's that rat bastard from the plane!"

The elevator stops. The doors open and Jenna walks out. The ladies club stands outside and they all take in the show. "Going up," asks Max.

Jeremy says he thinks Stephanie already has his replacement. She says she doesn't play those games. She's not trying to change him, but there is room for improvement. He asks for her patience.

"Say it again," says Stephanie.

"I love you," says Jeremy.

Stephanie smiles, "You better." Kiss. "Last one to the hot tub pays for the mini-bar," says Stephanie.

They wave at Jett and Chelsea on the way out. Chelsea says, "There is a couple that survived a breakup."

Jett asks, "Can we say the same for you and Nick?"

Nick sits on his couch. He answers a knock at his door. Max stands there in a towel. Nick stares and asks, "Trick or treat?"

"Trick," says Max.

"What happened," asks Nick.

"Ask the hotel handyman," says Max. Nick tells him about the kids. Max says he will help.

"Oh, thank you," gasps Nick. He hugs him. A guy hug, of course. They decide they have to get outta dodge. The kids come out and leave with Nick. Max starts to dress as Stephanie and Jeremy walk in. Jeremy wants to know what is happening, "Why are you standing there in half of a pair of handcuffs? Somebody's been naughty!" Stephanie leaves. Jeremy stares.

Jett says he noticed the energy was bad upstairs. She says Nick thinks she should be there for him no matter how crazy things get. Jett wonders if Chelsea has outgrown Nick.

Nick passes by with the kids acting like kids. Chelsea wants to go dancing.

Belle asks to speak to Shawn alone. She tells him no decision has been made. She says they are done talking. Belle thinks Claire is happy where she is and she thinks Shawn is dealing with stupid macho things. Phillip listens as they argue. Belle says she isn't leaving Phillip's house until they have a permanent place to call home.

"Please don't choose Phillip over me," says Shawn, "If you do..."

Belle-zebub interrupts, "If I do, WHAT?"

"Just don't," says Shawn. FF Belle.

Claire stands at the podium, "I am honored to be the Salem High class valedictorian. It has been a lot of hard work, especially since I was born into a family where the smartest one was the hammer in my dad's toolbox..."


John tells Bo, "It's not hard to see how wide open and vulnerable the Bradys are right now."

Santo says, "It is-a your life-a. Leeve eet for yourself-a. And if you a-want to go leeve behind thee convent wall-a, go – with a-my blessing." She kisses him. Things heat up.

Shawn tells Belle, "The friendship is over. It's war now. This is Phillip's war, and if you don't believe me, you go over there and ask him."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Pocket with his bottle! Great Prevuze, as usual! Thanks!

6:28 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I'm so sick of Belle, what guy in his right mind wants to live with his fiance's ex-husband?

Loved all the prevuisms and the pic of Pocket with his bottle was hilarious!

6:41 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Great Belle-a-paloosa this morning! The pictures of Steph in the hot tub and caption about pocket in the pocket were no slouches either.

The whole conversation between Belch was lame, but saved by the usual, brilliant Prevuisms.

My DOOLism for the day - Chelsea complaining to Jett, "Nick thinks I should be there for him no matter how crazy things get." Uh, Chels, how about the craziness that Nick stood by you through?

Great Prevuze today. Monday's can be worthwhile after all!

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She flashes her ring. She says it is a symbol of their future. Transparent and fake.

I just spit diet coke all over my desk!

And Michelle is right, no man on this planet would live with his fiance's ex.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Tripp said...

Funniest unintentional line of the show today? Jett telling Chelsea she has outgrown Nick. Um, yea, SHE'S the mature one. *eyeroll*

Great Prevuze.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

LOL at the "SORAS alert!" Can't wait to see Claire the next time she appears on screen. High school might not be that far off.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Max should cash in on this experience. He could encourage Jenna to post the pictures on the internet and then rejoin the racing circuit in the Viagra car.

Reading Santo's accent I almost expect him to say "Thatsa one spicy meatballa". (I'm know, I'm aging myself, many Prevuze readers won't remember that commercial at all.)

LOL over Pocket in Patch's care and the best Prevuism "Because Phillip actually has a dime." HAHAHAHAHA

Great Monday morning Prevuze!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From anon1: I noticed that Claire is now making fave requests on movies. This means she has graduated beyond Mama and Bye Bye. Hmmm. I wonder if she still lives on a diet of all cookies. Anyway, Belle should remember how she felt when they had to live in the room on Tinda Lao with the island girl that had the hots for Shawn. She wanted to get out so bad she took Claire and ran away. But, that would mean she would have compassion for someone other than Belle, right?

8:11 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

'Stephanie smiles, "You better." Kiss. "Last one to the hot tub pays for the mini-bar," says Stephanie.

They wave at Jett and Chelsea on the way out. Chelsea says, "There is a couple that survived a breakup."'

Wait a minute -- did I miss something? When were Steph and Jerk ever in a "breakup" ?? Seems Steph has been bending over backwards to keep that from happening (I hope not literally ---"shudder"!!!).

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought I could care less about the other storyline unless it's the DiMera/Brady feud I do enjoy seeing Pocket and Steve together. I also read there are some new changes and the actors are working nights and weekends in order to do some retakes. Hopefully by the end of the year all of the storylines will be good to watch:) I know the actors must be working really hard. I can't wait to see it.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

Oh, how very annoying Belle is. I hope Shawn walks away and sues for custody as he is the stable parent and has an actual job. Belle just mooches off of her parents and Phillip. Yes I know Bo and Hope have helped Shawn out in the Willow deal, and Max gave him an advance on the ring, but Shawn can take the ring back, and set himself up nicely, and provide for himself and Claire. Forget Belle and Phillip. They are both spoiled rotten brats. Maybe the Phimi baby will be their's in the end, and that'll give them something to focus on besides ruining Claire's life and Shawn's life. Go away Belle. You are too bipolar for the average person to tolerate, and that is from a bipolar person stating this. Hey Belle, try Lithium or Depakote, it works wonders. Another thing Shawn has in his favor was her mental breakdown and her post-partum depression that HE had to step in and take care of the baby cuz she wouldn't respond to Phillip way back then. Sooooo many reasons Belle deserves Phillip and NO claire. Jeez, sorry for venting. Just my opinion.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You made many good points in your venting. C'mon vent somemore. This is good stuff. And on the Steph/Jerk breakup, I think if she turns her back to him, sticks out her bottom lip and pouts, the writers consider that a breakup. I wish that worked as well with my husband.
I was concerned earlier that the Brady clan didn't come out to the hospital like they did in the past. When Stephanie was sick and Belle had the baby and Kayla and Steve were isolated, Mama, Daddy, Benji, the whole push was there in droves everyday. Roman gets stabbed in the gut and Lucas tries out a career as a popsicle and where is everybody? All this horrible stuff happening to the Bradys and OMB is nowhere to be seen. Guess he doesn't care as much about that family as we thought he did.
Geez, there I go venting this time. I'll hush.....anon1.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

There was a rumor floating around last week that Frank Parker (OMB) was fired. If that's true maybe they're scrambing for a replacement and didn't have anyone hired when these episodes were filmed. Of course that could be false, I haven't read it in the soap magazines yet.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he's not sick. The last few times I've seen him on there, he didn't look too stable.
See? We do care about the cast.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to make you feel better... I've taught my children that saying "that's a spicy meataballa". Everytime we have "ssspagett", they say it. So it does live on, and yes I guess that means I must be old too!! LOL :)

As for Belle, can someone please use those handcuffs that were on Max, cuff her to a bed... and leave her there... PLEEEAASSEEEE??

Susan :)

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget to duck tape her mouth shut.
I have a solution for Nick and those bad acting, hyper stepkids of his. Dump them on Kayla and Steve. I think they're thinking of opening and orphanage/pool hall.

11:30 PM  

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