Monday, August 13, 2007


Steve and Kayla stand in their hallway with Pocket. "We talked about this, Sweetness, remember," asks Steve.

"How could anyone forget," asks Kayla, "We beat that poor dead horse to a pulp."

They find the door open. Patch sneaks in and finds Randall. Baby Depot got there early and he's setting up. Patch tips him and Randall leaves. Kayla thinks they sure got the order there quickly. She reminds Steve it's only temporary, so she only bought several thousand dollars of baby paraphernalia instead of really splurging. He says he knows her and she won't be able to let Cufflink go.

Jeremy is on the phone trying to connect to Mike. He can't get a connection. Stephanie walks up. She asks if something is wrong, "You have to ask," snorts Jeremy, "The cops are after me. Why is this happening? I'm the target of a witch-hunt. My friends are turning their backs and my parents are too busy to take my calls. I've got nothing."

Nothing stares, "That's not true. You've got me. I'm not going anywhere."

Chelsea stares into a computer at the pub, "OMG, it really is true."

Nick walks in with good news, "Mickey says the marriage doesn't mean anything unless China can prove an actually wedding took place."

Chelsea reminds Nick the last time Mickey gave accurate legal advice was during the Scopes Monkey Trial, "Take a look at this," says Chelsea.

Bo tells Hope he rummaged through the kid's backpack, "I found a cheap pickup."

Hope asks, "What? Kate followed us to the church?"

"No," says Bo, "It's a toy pickup truck. It has 'DOOL' written on the side panel."

"What does that mean," asks Hope.

"DOOL," says Bo, "It's a bomb!" Bo runs for the door with the toy truck.

Hope screams, "Bo! Bo!" Andre watches in the background.

Bo puts the truck into a 55-gallon tub full of water and cowers. He tells Hope to stay inside. He insists he's fine. Hope goes back to the tabernacle and tries the key. Andre sneaks in and watches.

Kayla shushes Inseam. Patch is restless. He insists he is OK with this. He just wants to know they are on the same page. He's worried about her. He wonders what will happen when CPS comes to pick their pocket. He wonders if she can deal with it.

Jeremy says Stephanie is really something. He doesn't deserve her. She loves him and is there for him. He says he can't talk about what he is up to. He just wanted to find an easier way than his parent's way. He grew up watching them work like dogs. He thinks it was noble but they should have been living better, like others there, rich Americans. The kids he ran around with had everything and their parents weren't killing themselves to get it. He decided life shouldn't be that hard. He decided to find an easier way.

"Looks like the easier way just got more difficult," says Stephanie. She says she has to go take care of a few things and will be there for him when he wants to tell her the rest. She leaves.

Chelsea shows Nick the videos of his wedding on the DVD China gave her. He thinks he isn't acting normal as he watches, "Maybe I didn't say, 'I do.'"

Chelsea says, "I don't think the preacher, in his sequined glory, would have pronounced you man and wife if you didn't. It looks like I am fooling around with a married man."

"Just when do we get to the fooling around part," asks Nick.

Bo pulls the toy truck out of the water filled barrel. He holds it up to his ear, "OK," he says, "If it blows my brains out, it's a bomb. If it doesn't blow up... I still won't have any brains." After holding it up to his ear for a long enough time to blow him to kingdom come, he says, "It's a damn dud. What is going on?"

Hope tries the key and finally gets it to work. She opens the tabernacle and pulls out a portfolio. "I'll take that," says Andre.

Nick doesn't remember any part of the wedding. Chelsea reminds him he was acting like he was out of it in Vegas. China walks into the pub and poses at the door.

Jeremy has come to see Max. Max tells him to take a hike. Jeremy says he is desperate.

Kayla insists she will be OK when Buttonhole leaves. Patch is still worried. Kayla reminds him she has been through this before. He reminds her she was devastated when Benjy left. Collar cries and Kayla gets up and tends to him.

Andre and Hope struggle. Hope tosses the package to Bo. Andre holds a knife up to Hope's throat, "Give me the folio, Bo!"

China comes to Nick and Chelsea's table and sits down, "How's a bout a big smooch for your wife? Was I the perfect bride, or what?"

"Bride of Satan," says Chelsea. China asks for time alone with Nick. Chelsea doesn't think that's a good idea. China shows Nick crayon drawings from his new stepsons. "To our new daddy." Chelsea says she knows what China is doing. She's working a con.

"In this case," says China, "What happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas. We're legally married." Chelsea rants, but Nick stops her.

Jeremy says he will tell Max everything if Max will help him. Max is sarcastic. Jeremy insists Max is in as deep as he is. Max says Chelsea and Jett know Jeremy is a criminal, too, and Stephanie will find out.

Jeremy panics and comes clean, "The trunks of designer knockoffs... That was just a cover for what I'm really doing. I've been smuggling women into the country from eastern Europe."

Kayla bounces Cuff. She remembers they forgot to get formula. Patch suggests ordering in, "How about Indian." Kayla remembers the couple downstairs has a newborn and she goes to borrow some formula. Patch rams a pacifier into Trouser's mouth to shut him up. He tells him this is temporary. He insists they won't let him down. Stephanie stands in the doorway and stares.

Bo hesitates. Andre repeats his order, "Give me the folio or I will kill Hope!"

Bo freezes. Andre asks, "What are you waiting for?"

"I'm thinking it over," says Bo.

Hope struggles. She taunts Andre about not really being Stefano's son. Andre shouts, "Give me the folio or she dies! One... two... three..."

Bo lays the folio on the floor and kicks it over to Andre. He stoops and has Hope pick it up. Bo tells him to let her go. Andre doesn't think so, "Maybe she'll ensure a good escape. I think she and I make a nice couple, don't you?"

Father Wallace interrupts. Andre tells him to pray for them and escapes. He leaves Hope at the door. Hope contemplates running after him but, hey, it's raining and she's wearing her new shoes.

Chelsea is upset. She thinks Nick is defending China. Nick wants to run with it. He says he's sure China is a reasonable woman. He says he doesn't remember the wedding, "I was a little out of it. I was stunned when a bomb went off – long story." China asks for a doctor's note. Nick says he didn't see a doctor. He suggests an annulment.

"I was thinking more along the lines of a lawsuit," says China, "Ka-ching!"

Ilsa was one of the women Jeremy smuggled, "They were all young and attractive."

"Thank God," says Max, "Chelsea wasn't involved."

Jeremy says he didn't really know what was going on. Rawlings said the women were desperate and were looking for better lives. He did it for the money but he didn't know what was going on. He insists he found them jobs.

"Yeah," says Max, "Servicing old drunks."

"They weren't just forced to turn tricks," says Jeremy, "They were getting hurt."

Max goes after him, "I'm gonna kill you!"

Stephanie says she came for the rest of her stuff. Patch tells her about Sleeve. They decided to take him in, "It's just for a few days.

Stephanie is speechless. Thank God for small favors. "I don't know what to say."

Kayla walks in, "How about good luck?"

"How come you never told me," asks the snot.

"If you still lived here, we could have," says Kayla. Stephanie wonders where Collar will sleep. She notices the only spare room will be hers. Patch says they will leave her room alone and put the crib in their room.

"I hope parenthood works out for you this time," says the snot. A referee flags her for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Kayla gets in her face, "Stop! Tell me what has happened with you."

China threatens to sue Nick for abandonment, pain and suffering. Nick says he will show her pain and suffering. He swears she picked the wrong guy to mess with. Chelsea beams.

Jeremy says he was an idiot but doesn't deserve to go to jail. He wants Max' help. He claims he lied when he said he slept with Ilsa.

"Who did sleep with her," asks Max.

"The guy the police are really after," says Jeremy, "Andre DiMera."

Bo wanders in the rain looking for Andre.

Andre watches and thinks, "Hope was wrong. I am Stefano's son and you and your brother are about to find out what that mans." He runs up behind Bo and skewers him.

Hope apologies to father Wallace for breaking into the tabernacle. Father Wallace says the tabernacle hasn't been used in decades. They thought it was empty. Bo comes in and says Andre got away. His arm is cut, but he insists it is just a scratch. Not nearly as damaging as falling off a motorcycle. Father Wallace goes for bandages. Bo is dejected. He says they lost the one thing that could end the vendetta. He thinks they should keep it to themselves that Andre followed them because that piece of information will come in handy later. They decide to tell Roman and Abe but no one else. He thinks they will never know what was in the tabernacle.

Kayla insists they love Stephanie, but she doesn't recognize her daughter any more. She's just not the same person after returning from Dayton. She has changed and not for the better. This has nothing to do with Jeremy. Kayla remembers they were so close when it was just the two of them.

Stephanie says it's not easy to turn her back. But thinks maybe it's better if she leaves. She huffs out. Patch follows. He catches up to her out in the hall, "Wait! You are my baby. You're just as special as that kid in there. I promise, we'll give you a special, idiotic name, too. How about Bra Strap? He remembers the tiny little thing he held in his arms. When he held her he never felt so much love. He still feels it, "You're my little Sweetness. No one could ever replace you but, by God, we'll keep trying."

Max says he should have known the DiMeras were involved. Max wonders why Jeremy didn't come clean before. Jeremy says that's because Andre threatened him. He begs Max for help. Rawlings is Andre's detail man. Max says if Jeremy wants help, he'll get it for him. He dials his phone. He says he's calling his brothers, "We're going to the cops."

Jeremy stops him, "There has to be another way. I'm begging you."

"You want another way," asks Max, "You won't like it."

Nick says he has been blackmailed twice and that's enough for him. He puts his arm around Chelsea and says, "We plan to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together, and no money grubbing, opportunistic tramp from Vegas is gonna get in the way of that."

"You're wrong about me," says China, "I'm not from Vegas."

"You want to play hardball," says Nick, "I'm ready."

"Props to whatever movie you ripped that speech off from," says China, "Your hands are shaking. Give me what I want and I'll go away. $25 grand ought to do it. My half of the winnings from Vegas, or I'll have child services on this deadbeat dad like white on rice. I'm not a patient woman." She leaves.

Nick turns to Chelsea, "I now what you're thinking..." She interrupts with a kiss. "Or maybe not," says Nick.

Chelsea says that was for the real Nick finally standing up for himself, "It was kinda hot."

Max suggests going to Rawlings and having him shut the business down. Jeremy says Rawlings won't listen. He agrees to do his best, but makes Max promise he won't say anything to Stephanie, "I don't know who I can trust. Not even you."

"You got a choice," asks Max.

"Not that I can think of," says Jeremy, "You are the one guy who can save all of us." Translation: they're doomed.

Patch and Stephanie share a tender but tedious moment. "You can't expect me to get that excited over the first guy you bring home," says Patch.

"He's not my first," says Stephanie.

"Well he's mine," says Patch. They love each other. She will get the rest of her stuff later and will come by every now and then and change a diaper or two.

He goes inside to find Kayla and Belt bonding.

Bo has no idea how Andre is getting back to Salem. He figures they have to find him before he gets the folio to Stefano, "My family's lives are depending on it." Pan in on Hope.


Patch holds Pocket and says, "Let me tell you something, son. These women, they might be pretty, but boy can they be bossy." Kayla asks, "Did he just call you son?"

There is a ruckus on the Touch The Sky plane. Max beats the stuffing out of some guy as the guy yells, "Take it easy! Take it easy!" Stephanie and Chelsea run off.

Jeremy asks Jett, "You're carrying cops now? Is there anything else you want to tell me?"

Lucas asks, "You were there? Did you save me?" Sami nods. Kate breaks in, "No actually EJ saved you." Lucas looks up, "EJ?"

Claire steps out of her vehicle, surveys the barren landscape and says, "That's one small step for man..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am confused as to who are Jeremy's parents.
Weren't they Mike and Robin
who were both doctors?
How could Jeremy grow up POOR???
Or was just Robin a doctor - but still growing up poor!

4:53 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Jeremy was poor because, although his parents were doctors, they were actually trying to help people instead of rip them off. This practice has been outlawed in the United States.

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Brandy said...

My guess is Willow's baby is going to save Stefeno!

5:09 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! The R2D2/C3PO pic and Claire landing on the moon --- PRICELESS!!!!!! Thank goodness I have learned to just let my tea sit on my desk when I read PREVUZE or I'd be cleaning up a mess right now!!!

6:16 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I am a little confused to as to why Jeremy was poor. Lets see where this goes.

Again great Prevuze. =)


6:17 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Bo tells Hope he rummaged through the kid's backpack, "I found a cheap pickup."

Hope asks, "What? Kate followed us to the church?"

Great belly laugh first thing on a Monday morning, thank you Prevuze.

Hmmm, Nick says he isn't acting normal in the wedding vid. Duh! You don't need Mickey the missing, mummified attorney to tell him that he was acting strange after his head injury from one of Salem's numerous hidden bombs. I'm sure we'll get treated to an "Oh, what a fiasco, what do we do now" sls until this is resolved.

Loved all the nicknames for pocket today too.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I promise, we'll give you a special, idiotic name, too. How about Bra Strap? LOLOL

Another great Prevuism that got me going - Mickey and the Scopes Monkey Trial.

I had discounted the theory that Jerkemy was smuggling women in the trucks for several reason, all of which still make this turn of the SL to be totally ridiculous and a spectacular example of TLT:
1. Those trunks were pretty darned small to hold a person, plus I didn't see any airholes.
2. I doubt that a fairly small plane, like the TTS jet, has a pressurized, heated hold in which case the women in the trunks would be dead, lifeless popscicles (much like Lucas) by the time they got to their destination.
3. Wouldn't US Customs INSPECT trunks coming into the country?
4. I can understand the logic in hiding women you are trying to smuggle into the US from Eastern Europe. But, say you COULD get around the problems posed by #2 and #3 above, why would you have to keep them in trunks to go from Salem to Vegas?

LOVED the R2D2/C-3PO picture. HAHAHA

7:03 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I agree with you Applecheeks, why hide them in trunks from Salem to Las Vegas. Hey, they could have been the stewardesses on Touch This Guy airlines for free, new stewies for every trip.

Also, with the Dimeras involved, how could even the most self absorbed person like Jerkemy delude himself into thinking that these women were being transported for philanthropic purposes?

7:18 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Also, with the Dimeras involved, how could even the most self absorbed person like Jerkemy delude himself into thinking that these women were being transported for philanthropic purposes?

Self absorbed - yes. Intelligent - no.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is the best "Claire" comment I've read so far. Great.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Brandy - did you mean "Ilsa's" baby instead of Willow's? That might make sense, she could have Andre's kid who'd ultimately save Stefano. Of course this means 15 more months of her pregnancy with a "near death" Stefano.

Doesn't it look like if they all keep running to Mickey they could recast the part?

No applause, please, for calling it correctly that Andre would get the folio away from Ho and Dope. LOL over Bo being brainless regardless of whether the truck exploded or not. HAHAHAHA

Loved Zipper's various names and R2D2. Thanks, Prevuze, for making another Monday morning a grea one!

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Brandy said...

Bulldog--- I really think EJ got Willow pregnant, and they somehow got the baby when she died.

I guess we will have to wait and see, but there is not telling how long they will drag the SL out.

8:51 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

OK, now, when Pocket needs a new diaper, is that called "Pocket Change" ??? HAHAHAHAHA, sometimes I crack myself up!!

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cfish, brilliant obsevation. luv it!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Well, I had to catch Prevuze at lunch today instead of at breakfast, so with every "Pocket" nickname, I almost choked on my iced tea instead of my OJ. Oh my goodness... at 'Bra Strap' I lost it. You guys are the best.. thanks for the laughs!

10:10 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Bulldog: Andre couldn't save Stefano either, he isn't any more related than most of the rest of Salem.
He would need EJ, Lexie, or Benji to have a child to get stem cells that were "compatable".

I don't think Jeremy was physically smuggling women in the trunks. The women were more than likely passengers with faked ID's and stuff.
And to get around Homeland Security they would have to fly on a private airline that didn't check ID's, passports or question fake tickets.
The other trunks were either empty or had the women's luggage in them.

So now that Nick is "forbidden fruit" so to speak, Chelsea is all hot for him?? Yeah so much for her changing into a "good" person and all.

I feel so bad that DOOL writers saw fit to put Steve and Kayla into another "Benji" situation.
It almost broke my heart when they had to give him up, and now they are going to do it all over again with the Phimi baby.

UNLESS of course the baby that turned up at the hospital isn't the Phimi baby at all, but in reality, Willow's baby who was fathered by EJ.

No no wait, that would be an actual plot twist that would require finesse, dramatic plot lines and writing talent. None of which, as we know, is present on the DOOL writing staff.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

pocket change! good one cfish LOLOLOLOL And Bra Strap cracked me up but she's more like a jock strap.

and another observation... if the baby gets into the flowers will he be a Pocket full of poseys? ha ha

I got a million of em!

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just curious to where this Santo and Colleen s/l is going. I think all of the storylines could be decent if there was more substance. I read somewhere that James Scott doesn't like playing a love sick psycho I just hope he himself doesn't get so sick with this storyline and what the future hold for his character that could possibly decide to terminate his contract with Days before 2009.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

Too bad if J Scott does not like playing a love sick physco. He's way to HOT and plays the part well. I hope we see more EJAMI in the future. Lucas has caved into Mommie dearest too many times, atleast EJ is more of a man.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous BKG said...

Somehow I missed just who is Jeremy's mom and dad? It is driving me crazy!!! Please help save what little sanity I have left. MY mom wants me to find this out and is constantly asking if I did it. Help me please.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

WOW BKG, you sound about as deperate as Stephano is for a son that's a REAL man!

Courtesy of Dustin's web site:
the Horton Family Tree:

Click here for Horton Family Tree

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Well that worked well...NOT!!


1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right about J Scott playing the part of EJ well. I think Sami and Lucas act more like brother and sister in a way. When they bicker it's like listening to children. I think Lucas loves Sami but only when she is good. EJ loves Sami when she is good or bad. He loves her unconditionally. Poor EJ doesn't know how to love anyone. He is always trying to win the love and respect from his father. Just trying to be a good solider. Sami is so afraid of giving in to him because for the first time in a long time her family has accepted her and if she goes to EJ she will feel like she is going backwards.

I thought it was "funny" how Roman and Brady did have toy truck when they were little. I guess it must have really effected OMB when he was little.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One problem to the baby being Willow's---didn't they do a DNA test on the 'DEAD fetus' and determine that Shawn D wasn't the dad? (Yes, I know that the lab at the hospital in Salem is ANYTHING if not secure:P )

As for Nick--I hope an eye wasn't the only thing he found in Vegas. If they don't give him some gonads, they might as well write him a theme song...."wimpy-wimpy-wimpy"


3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why they said Shawn was not the father of Willow's baby and then they dropped the story. I guess the storyline wasn't important enough to go into further detail.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks forthe horton family didn't Carrie who isn't THAT much older than Jerk (from what I remember getting past child bearing age), go off with Mike Horton??? If so how does that make sense age wise??? OOO I forgot this is DOOL...and where is Nick on the tree?

7:53 PM  
Anonymous That Rock won't Roll said...

Jeremy never actually said he was poor, he just didn't like how he grow up around trust funders while his parents were hard-workers making their money, but was inspired by his pretty-boy trust-fundies to make easy money, thus acting like a pretty-boy trust-fundie in the process.

6:44 PM  

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