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Patch and Kayla come out of Roman's hospital room. Kayla is worried that he isn't responding yet. Patch tells her to be patient. She thinks it's ironic that the person who had a background check done on his own daughter's boyfriend would tell anyone to be patient. The little Johnson slut herself walks up carrying a load. Patch asks, "Are you taking a trip or something? What are you doing?"

Stephanie says, "No, Papa. I'm moving out."

"Good," says Patch, "Then I won't have to hear that 'Papa' crap any more."

The coroner's team covers Bart's body and works at the scene of his death as Stefano and Rolf speculate about where the key might be. Rolf leaves as Kate comes in. Stefano asks why she is there. Kate gushes. She heard he wasn't feeling well and just came for a little visit.

"Kate," says Stefano, "We've known each other too well for empty pleasantries like that. What are you really doing here?"

"I need your help," says Kate, "You are the only one I can turn to."

Santo says, "I release-a you. Justa walk away now."

"Yer bleedin'," says Colleen. She wants to check him out. Professionally, of course. He tells her since there is nothing more between them, she should walk away now or she might get in trouble. "It wouldna be the feerst time," she says, "nor, I fear, the last."

Hope wonders how different things would have been if Santo had just dropped off the ledge. "Somebody would have saved him," says Sami. Hope asks who. "I don't know," says Sami, some fisherman, Alex North, who knows. But I know he would have been saved because they were fated to be together, and if there is one thing you can't escape, it's your fate. That and long, tedious stories dragging out forever on DOOL."

Stephanie, Kayla and Patch argue about whether or not she should move out. Stephanie says when they are all together, things fall apart and one of them winds up storming out. "She's right about that," says Patch.

"You know what," says Stephanie, "I liked you a whole lot better when you were just a made up bedtime story."

There are still a lot of people who forget I'm a fictional character, though," says Patch.

Kate thinks maybe her timing is bad what with dead bodies lying around the room and all. She thinks maybe she should go. Stefano urges her to stay and fix drinks for them. Kate does, and they talk about Myth-Ick and their kiddies. Kate says she just saw EJ. "EJ," says Stefano, "I don't know anyone by that name." Kate tells him EJ was drowning his sorrows. Stefano points out that it was Lucas who turned Kate in. both of their children have become bitter disappointments and drunks. Kate says she came to ask for money to cover her company while it regroups. Translation: while it goes down the tubes. She assures him she will pay him back. Stefano tells her payback is of no concern to a dying man.

"You look strong to me," says Kate.

"Why did you chose me to help you," asks Stefano, "Why not John, perhaps?"

"I don't feel it's appropriate when you have been intimate with someone," she says.

"I see," says Stefano, "You have no one to turn to."

Kate says she came to Stefano because he has helped her before. "But," says Stefano, "All this time I have been sick you haven't visited me even once.

"Because you were too ill for visitors," says Kate, "Perhaps I should go."

"Is that it," screams Stefano as he flings his drink glass, "Without a dime? Are you not worth even that any more?"

"Business is slow," says Kate.

Colleen tends to Santo's cuts. She collects some dirt, spits into it and makes a paste. Santo thinks that's gross and will only make his wounds worse. She accuses him of being afraid of a little Irish dirt and rubs it on as he wiggles and protests. He tells her there is only one thing that will help him. He grabs her and swings her around onto his lap. She kisses his cheek, he takes the signal, kisses her back and we're off to the races.

Sami thinks Colleen had to keep her options open. Bo reacts, "Whoa, what options? She was committed to being a nun."

"Details... details," says Sami, "You know what sealed her fate? Lust. I think Colleen was done in by lust. Something I know a little bit about."

"Lust," repeats Lucas, "My favorite of all the deadly sins."

Oh, that old cut up Stefano was just kidding around. He wants Kate to ignore any dead bodies in the room and flying glass and stay. He says he's had a rough day. Kate doesn't think she helped it much coming in to ask for money, "I'm so predictable."

"And I am so alone," says Stefano.

"Maybe we can help each other," says Kate. Talk about being predictable... She promises to come back, walks over and kisses his cheek. Stefano goes for more. Kate obliges, "That doesn't seem like the kiss of a dying man – More like the kiss of a dead man."

Stefano says, "I was hoping you would notice."

Doug reads, "I would gladly fall to a thousand deaths to feel your lips on mine. Your face lit by the fire was more beautiful than even a Raphael painting. From that kiss came the promise of a new life with you by my side."

Bo says, "Wow. That must've been some kiss."

"Yeah," sighs Hope, "I wonder what a great kiss would be like."

Colleen and Santo are hotter than the fire beside them. Colleen breaks it off and says they have to stop. "If we stop," says Santo, "That woulda be the same as stopping living."

"Yer a mana the werld," says Colleen.

Santo tells her if he could possibly be satisfied by another woman he wouldn't put her or himself through this, "I only want one thing from you."

"Yea, and don' we know what that is."

"I want you to be free from doubt," he says, "I want you to be a woman, my woman.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital the arguing over who is moving out and who isn't continues. Kayla hits Stephanie with all the problems she will face, such as expenses, the fact that she is supposed to be still in school and points out her airline job isn't steady. Stephanie says all that is covered.

"So," snorts Patch, "You are moving in with Jeremy."

Adrienne pops in and says, "No. She's moving in with me." The hospital is nearly destroyed by the crashing lead balloon.

Colleen cackles, "Ye want me to be your woman. You and yer fancy language, ye should go to Dublin and be an actor. Ye could certainly be in Juno and the Peacock. Yer certainly a peacock."

"I assure you," says Santo, "It's not that small."

"In that case," says Colleen, "You were askin' me to be merely a woman, and I'm askin' you to be rid of that peacock I've been seein' and askin' you to be just a man. My man."

Kate seems to have gotten Stefano's blood pressure moving back up. She thinks maybe they should cool it, because of the audience. "I don't see anyone but you," says Stefano. He goes over to his desk and writes a check. He says he doesn't want what might be their last conversation to end it anger. Kate doesn't know when she will be able to repay him. "We'll keep it as an open account," says Stefano, "And if I go to my just reward, you can keep it."

"You knew why I came, didn't you," asks Kate.

"We are what we are," says Stefano.

Kate turns around and asks the cop if it's OK if she takes Mr. DiMera upstairs, "He seems to be feeling a little tired." The cop OK's it. She goes back to Stefano and whispers in his ear, "Are you sure this is all right?"

"I can't think of a better way to go," says Stefano.

As they turn the corner and head up, Kate says, "I always demand the money in advance, but that's the first time I've ever worked the deal right in front of a cop."

Santo apologizes for being pretentious, "English is not-a my first language."

"Then spake ta me in yer own language," says Colleen, "Yer eyes will tell me whatcher saying." He takes a knee and pours out his undying love in Italian.

"I love it when you talk dirty," says Colleen.

Julie reads on, "The beautiful flow of those words, simple, sincere, and the tender, ti amo."

Everyone in the room gasps and looks at each other. Lucas catches on, "He just dropped the L-word, right?"

"And in Italian," says Julie, "The language of love."

"Oh," says Lucas, "I was still thinking 'Lust,'"

Doug goes into action and turns to Julie, "Ma carissima, would-a you like-a to hear my Italian?" They practically clear the table right there and go at it, but the jeers from the crowd stop things before they go too far.

In the meantime, Tony busts into the pub. Typically, Bo overreacts and rushes him with a gun. Tony tries to convince him he's not Andre and says he just had his hand on the key. Bo wants to know where it is and threatens to blow his brains out. If he's neat about it, that might be a good thing for Bo because if there is one thing he needs it's some gray matter. Once again Tony swears he is not Andre. Bo says, "Well, convince me before I pull this trigger."

Tony says, "How's this..." He smiles big and says, "They're GREAT!"

Adrienne says she's sorry to spring this on Patch and Kayla, but she thought it would be a good solution. As the argument continues, Adrienne says, "I'm staying out of this."

Patch jumps all over her, "How is inviting Stephanie to live with you staying out of it?" Stephanie insists it's all about Jeremy. "You don't even know who he is," snorts Patch.

"Yes I do," says Stephanie, "He's the man I'm going to marry – with or without your blessing."

Patch is speechless. As Kayla's jaw hits the floor and shatters, a voice over the loudspeaker says, "Cleanup on aisle seven."

John frisks Tony. For the moment he stops Bo from turning him into a splat on the wall. Crafty old John says he can figure out whether or not he is really Tony, "I'm going to ask you a couple of questions about your island girls, Lulu and Lilly."

Tony chuckles, "You mean Leelee and Lola?"

That did it. Now everyone realizes this is Tony, except for Lulu and Lilly over in the corner. Bo puts his arm around him and apologizes for nearly blowing his face off. Tony understands. After all Bo is a Salem cop and no one should ever expect anything less than total incompetence from them.

Tony tells them what happened at the DiMera mansion. "Bart ate the key and then Andre skewered him – permanently."

"We gotta cut him open," says Hope.

Cut him open," says John. The crowd says in unison, "Cut him open. Cut him open."

Except for Sami, who goes another direction, "GROSS!"

John makes sure he has his Leatherman. He, Tony and Bo head for the grand opening.

Sami thinks rather than standing around and being sick, they should get back to the letters.

Julie reads on, "I meant to insult you, comparing you to a peacock, to see if I could make you angry and drive you away, to protect my future as a nun. But that future was not to be so easily secured."

Santo asks Colleen if she wants him to repeat it in English. A guy from the audience yells, "NO! We've heard enough!" Santo asks what it is her heart desires.

"Maany tings," says Colleen.

"Love," says Santo.

That sends her running, "I dint say that." He chases her down and turns on the afterburners. He accuses her of being afraid. She insists she is not.

"They why are your hands shaking?"

The paramedic tells Rolf the blade severed Bart's aorta and he bled to death. John barges in and takes charge. He tells Rolf they need to cut the body open, "He swallowed some key evidence." Roof protests but John threatens to run him in for obstruction of justice. He tells the paramedic to do it in the ambulance.

As the EMT's leave, Kate wheels Stefano back into the room. Stefano is much improved. Kate looks up and sees John, "NEXT! "

Colleen can feel everything she ever wanted sliding down the old poop shoot. It's all being replaced by doubt. He's asking her to break her vows. He says that will lead them closer to each other. He wants her to come into his world. She thinks he is leading her into sin. "Love is not a sin," he insists.

"Apart our lives are rich and full," she says, "But here, alone tagedder, we are askin' for nutin' but heartache and eternal damnation."

"A small price to pay," says Santo.

Stefano orders John to leave. "You don't give orders any more, pops," says John, "Someone got killed here tonight. That makes this a crime scene." Kate thinks she should go. John tosses her purse at her, "That's a good idea."

John chases Kate as she leaves and catches up with her outside, "Kate, what are you doing? Have you totally lost your mind."

"No," says Kate, "That was Stefano I was with, not you. Just in case you're interested, there is a lot more life left in Stefano DiMera than you realize. See you later, old friend."

Patch is stunned, "You're going to marry Mr. Steal Money From Kids?"

Stephanie says he hasn't proposed formally, but she knows he plans to and she plans to say yes, "We've talked about it."

"Talk is cheap," says Patch.

"So is your daughter," says Adrienne. Stephanie huffs off.

Adrienne apologizes, "I thought if it was a choice between Jeremy and me, you would want it to be me,"

"No contest," says Patch, "Will you keep an eye on my baby girl?"

"I'll keep two," says Adrienne.

"That's more than I could do," says Patch.

Adrienne leaves and Patch accuses himself of being a rotten father. Kayla just thinks he's overprotective. "I blew it, Sweetness," he says, "I just pushed Stephanie so far away she might never come back."

Stefano tells John Tony and Bart had an argument. John asks about Andre. Stefano says he was drugged but if he sees Andre, he will tell him John is looking for him.

Tony brings a baggie holding the key and hands it to John. "Bart sure had an interesting diet," says John.

"You have no respect for the dead," says Stefano. John wonders what else the key opens beside Bart's chest. He thinks whatever it is will end the feud.

Colleen will pray for Mr. DiMera. She offers to shake his hand and be friends. He will leave, but insists first she call him Santo. She does. He picks her up, whirls her around and asks her to go dancing. She giggles but the mood changes when young OMB walks up and says the sisters need her. As she leaves he asks if she will come. "We'll just have to wait and see, won't we Mr. DiMera?"

Julie says that's the last of this batch of letters. Sami says Colleen was fated to die for love. They were meant to be together. Lucas treads on thin ice, "Then why aren't you and EJ fated to be together? You look like her... he looks like him..." Sami doesn’t think that's funny. Lucas just doesn't know when to stop. The dolt presses the issue until Sami explodes. Lucas backpedals, apologizes and says he took it too far. He hugs her. Sami isn't into it, "Lucas I'm going to kill you."


Lucas last remaining brain cell withers and dies.


Kate tells Chelsea, "You are a Brady and a Roberts, and that is one hell of a combination."

Jett says, "If you don't have someone you love to come home to, then you might as well not come home at all." Abe says, "My job is all I have."

Kate says, "I slept with Stefano DiMera." That jumpstarts Roman's heart, "You did what?"

Stephanie says, "I need to calm down." Jeremy grabs her and yanks her, "NO! You're not going anywhere!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh YUCK!!! I just have to spit after Kate/Stefano geezer sex!! ICK!!!!!!!!!

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate and Stepheno bumping ugly's... eeeeewwwww... thank god we didn't have to see it!

6:48 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Let us pray:
"Dear Lord, we thank you for the blessing of NOT having to watch Stefano and Kate do the horizontal mombo, thereby scarring all of us for life with a visual that will make us want to rip our eyes out...Amen."

{{shudder}} eww.

However, a bit of speculation here, what IF Kate and Stefano ended up together, then Lucas could be come his new "evil spawn"
and EJ would be free to be with Sami.

I gotta tell ya, I just cringe every time Stephanie says "papa".
I really hoped we were done with that. Guess not.

As for the Colleen/Santo thing, I am soooo over it. It got boring a long long time ago, and now they should just put it out of it's misery. It used to be fun but now it's just tedious and starting to be annoying.
Even Soap Opera Weekly is dissing the Collanto story. They point out that instead of giving seasoned characters like Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla, Marlena and John decent storylines they have reduced them to "talking heads" who sit and narrate a less than interesting sub plot that so far has created more questions than it has answered.
Enough already!!

7:08 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I'm with Deb on the whole "papa" thing. It sounds so ridiculous it makes me want to puncture my ear drums.

Great Prevuisms today, and especially loved the picture of the devil with Kate and Stephano...LOL. Speaking of which, GROSS!

Thanks for a great post!

7:23 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Kate hooking up with Stefano - great plot line, but totally contrary to the past SL. Last time Kate/Stefano were involved in a story she was frightened & repulsed by him because he was the one who got her into prostitution lo those many writers ago.

And as for the visual, as Prevuze said, Oh! The humanity! LOLOL

All hilarious pictures today. I especially appreciate the Prevuze exclusive of the writers' meeting. I do believe they (the writers, not Prevuze) are secretely being paid by the network to totally ruin the show so TPTB will have the excuse to cancel it in 2009.

Except for the fact that it looks like we will be back to the tedious tweenies again on Tuesday, this was a great kick-off for the weekend.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

Amen Deb, AMEN!!! That is just gross, gross, why are they going in this direction with Kate, can't they do something else. And when is Kate finally going to go down for the bad things she's done. Sami always gets caught yet Kate seems to keep on doing all the things she's doing. They need to give Kate what she deserves!

By the way

Thanks....and also I love Prevuze....lets me catch up on the soap since I work. :-)

7:33 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Oops! My bad. It was Bulldog who provided the "Humanity" picture (great by the way).

While I'm at it, let me mention a couple of other things:

"Yer a mana the werld," says Colleen. I had to clap my hand over my mouth to keep from spitting out a mouthful of latte on that one.

"Yer certainly a peacock."

"I assure you," says Santo, "It's not that small."
I do believe Prevuze should have provided an "R" rating on this report. HAHAHAHA

As for myself, I'm enjoying the Santoleen storyline, if only for the opportunities it give Prevuze to crack me up with the literal translations of the accents!

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, "Papa" makes me want to puke! Michelle, please don't punture your eardrums. Your comment made me LOL. Thanks

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EWWWWWW!!! I can't believe (actually I can!) Kate has slept with both Stefano and EJ, father and son. And I also do think that Lucas could probably be Stefano's son because I read somewhere that Bryan Datillo would love to be a Dimera (could be a clue).

8:31 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Kate and Stefano--gross. The power of kisses in Salem on Dimera men is amazing. Anna "identifying" Tony and Kate "realizing" that Stephano isn't as sick as he lets on. Hmmm, if that's the case, why the bother with the stem cell mumbo jumbo?

Since when do paramedics perform recovery/autopsies? Wouldn't that chore be performed at the morgue by a qualified pathologist?

Stephanie is still a whiny brat. Don't they have dorm rooms at Salem University? Do these kids really go to college or just talk about it? Seems like a foreign concept to them.And here's an old issue concerning Chelsea--did she ever finish her community service?

Colleen and Santo are hotter than the fire beside them. Colleen breaks it off and says they have to stop. "If we stop," says Santo, "That woulda be the same as stopping living."
Like great-aunt like grandniece for old Colleen and Sami.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Now Nick, Pard and Doug can welcome Kate into their "I've done it with someone as well as a parent of theirs" club.

Once again, every time Prevuze uses that picture of the devil it sends me into fits of giggles. I don't know why but it does. So you top that off with the peacock and Kate making the deal in front of a cop Prevuisms and I had a difficult time reading it all the way though without LOL and giving myself away.

All tagedder now, Prevuze, yer da graaatest. Happy Friday!

8:52 AM  
Blogger ladymara9 said...

You know what, I'm getting a little annoyed with the "geezer sex" comments. I'm 55 years old and wish to the gods that I had that much passion left in my life. Over 50...go for the gusto!

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

Your Prevusims really rocked today. I could comment on so many of them!

I'm glad to be seeing a little more of Kate!

Kate to Stefano: "I don't feel it's appropriate when you have been intimate with someone," she says.

"I see," says Stefano, "You have no one to turn to."

Do we forget she was intimate with Stefano too? Or is it not considered intimate when you're a high-priced call girl? She must be a reallllllllly good "friend" for the kind of money she's asking for. And he didn't hesitate, huh? Or maybe it's because he's been so deprived. Gosh, I need to shut up!

Bravo on the Papa crap. That's an endearing term. If she hates her dad so bad, why doesn't she call him something else? And the talk about her being cheap? Yeah. I have a hard time believing this girl was the racecar driver and that she'd take all Jerkemy's crap too. Although, maybe Max's rejection did a number on her. Yeah, right. Big loss there.

Talk about spewing drinks across the room!!! A peacock? "It's not that small." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

BTW, you guys are always putting Salem PD down. I work for a PD and I am highly offended that you think Salem PD is anything but great. Some of these guys that work here would fit right in with Salem's finest. GUFFAW!!!!!!!!!!!

Previews: Kate to Chelsea: "You are a Brady and a Roberts, and that is one hell of a combination." What about the self-destructive Reed part? Wasn't grandpa a druggie and a loser and all that kind of stuff? Heck, so was mama for awhile.

Stephanie says, "I need to calm down." Jeremy grabs her and yanks her, "NO! You're not going anywhere!" Oh, no, please tell me that it's not going to be foreplay again. I'm really sick of them "making up."

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Maxine said...

You know what, I'm getting a little annoyed with the "geezer sex" comments. I'm 55 years old and wish to the gods that I had that much passion left in my life. Over 50...go for the gusto!

You go girl! I've still got the fire inside, too, only I call it hot flashes.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

Hey, Bulldog. Doug is in the club? Splain that one please

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Doug is in the club cause Julie is Addie's daughter. He married Addie, but was in love with Julie. After Addie passed away, he married Julie.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

you know how they say that when you have sex with someone, it's like you're having sex with everyone they've ever had sex with? i guess that means stefano and ej are a little bit closer now than they were before. ew.

10:25 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Kristi, I agree. Kate had sex with Stefano before and worked for him as a hooker.

Since Kate has had sex with a father and his son and Nick has had sex with a mother and her daughter, can Nate be too far away? ;)

I am over the Santeen story. It has gone on for far too long. Why don't they just let the scenes play out instead of having them intercut with the dummies reading/talking about the letters?

Is Kate actually going to give Chels the $50,000 or just keep it and offer Nick sex in return? Nick was so stupid to give it to Kate in the first place. Egads...

11:08 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Deb, I hate the "Papa" thing too.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"By the way

Everytime I've clicked on your link, I've gotten a 404 Error- Page Not Found.... Bad link???

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so hope and julie are sisters with different fathers?

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Please...No More Papa. Is this a soap or a bad version of The Waltons? Sometimes it's Dad, then it goes back to Papa. Pick one and might I suggest Dad. It's more trendy, don't you think?
And, can we at least give Chelsea some shoulderpads or boob pads or something to create the illusion of a figure? Olive Oyl!!!!

1:11 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Yes, Hope and Julie are half sisters. They have the same mother, different father. Julie is also Hope's stepmother as she is married to Doug, Hope's father.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. Here's one I bet nobody's thought of. If Stefano needs anything other than stem cells, which can only be harvested from the unborn, then why doesn't he remember he has another grandchild...another Dimera Seed...another prodigy.....the evil and twisted.....Theo Carver!!! OOOOOOOOOO

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the "They're greeeeat" line for the way Bo could tell if it was Tony (the tiger)! :)

Great as always Prevuze

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad someone other than myself can't stand Stephanie call her dad papa. I get sick of hearing her say it.

Also why is EJ wearing a ring that looks like a wedding ring on his right hand. Is that so when he gets rids of Lucas and he thinks Sami will married him the next day he can covert the ring over to his left hand? I personally don't care but with all the twist and turns going on I'm thinking did I miss something.

As far as the older characters getting together. I just wish they weren't so stiff about it. I almost gagged when I saw Marlena and John kissing on Sami's couch. I was like get a room:) Hello your daughter is missing.

I love the Prevuze!! Keep up the great work.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my first ever post, I just had to comment on how hilarious Prevuze was tody. I spend my lunch time reading it everyday, who needs to watch tv when you've got Prevuze!!!

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chelsea is cute but her outfits are horrible for her figure. It looks like she is wearing a potato sack sometimes. What the stylist thinking when they pick her clothes out.

James did an awesome job playing Santo today. He is a really good actor but he nailed today.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not going to comment on ANYONE'S age here, I just want to point out that Kate is a very attractive and vivacious woman - where as Stefano is supposed to be on his death bed. The way I read it - it sure seemed like Kate was performing a favor for the money she was just loaned. Maybe there's more to their relationship????

Oh, I'm sorry... I really can't take the whole 'accent thing' much longer!!!! Why can't the writers actually come up with storylines from the present? It's soooooo funny how they blew through the whole finding Tony thing yet their spending WEEKS on the whole Colleen/Santo stuff! It's like their making it as they go along!!!! (Sorry for griping!)

And Patch/Kayla/Sexanie - It's very unfortunate that Steffy is soooo blind to Jerkemy's ways! That girl better start getting abuse counseling! Attention: Marlena!!!!!

Claire will be leaving for college soon!

Great Prevuze again!!!! Love reading more than watching!!!!

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's Celeste? She needs to be in on some of this action. And what happened to Abby? She'll be in menopause by the time they write her back into the show. All these people need her to "be there for them." How can she do this to her town, just leave them in their time of need with no Abby to talk to.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL at "Lucas's last brain cell withers and dies." I can identify with that. Sometimes I feel that way in front of the TV watching Daze.
Bravo on the "geezer sex." 55 is right around the corner and things still work.


5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I don't see why we need to see Kiki's
" if you like GREY'S ANATOMY CLICK ON "
link for the past 7 days on here. I'm here for Dayz prevuze, not for other advertisments. If the link was broke, maybe the page owner/host broke it...?

9:27 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Ok so my favorite laugh out loud comments were "Good now maybe I wont have to hear that papa crap!" And "They're GREAT!"
I love reading your posts because then I can skim through the gross Marelena /John makeout scenes!

5:50 PM  

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