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Mad Dog One-Eyed Johnson

Chelsea sits in The Cheatin' Heart and applies her makeup. We get a sense of Bonnie-at-Alice's-déjà vu as Stephanie walks in and hugs Adrienne. After the hug, Stephanie goes over and meets the brat. Chelsea wants to know why they are meeting there. Stephanie announces Adrienne just bought the place and she needs their business. She also tells her Jett is on his way. The brat reminds Stephanie he's with his girlfriend, and when Nick sees them together he will stop being paranoid about their relationship. Stephanie reluctantly vows support.

"Nick is adorable," says Chelsea.

"Puppies are adorable," says Stephanie, "The earth didn't move with Nick, but Jett revs your engines."

Nick and Jeremy walk up. Stephanie mauls Jeremy. Chelsea grabs Nick and follows suit. Jeremy invites them to have some fun. Nick isn't into it. He and Chelsea sit down and Nick offers to meet later at Bo and Hope's. Chelsea insists they are staying there.

Bo has gone over to the pub to help prepare for the big 4th of July event. He banters with Caroline. She makes him promise not to ask Shawn about Colleen. Phillip walks in with Claire. Colleen takes her back to sample cookies. The kid is going to weigh 400 pounds by the time she's five.

Bo tells Phillip Shawn got a job interview with some parts company. He wonders if it's the same parts company Victor owns.

Belle helps Shawn dress for the big interview. Shawn has reservations. He says he isn't a salesman. Belle tries to encourage him. She tells him he knows about cars and parts, and that's what's important. She's certain he will get the job. She flashes back to her conversation with Phillip. "You sound like you have insider information," says Shawn.

"There you go," says Belle, "You're already talking like a businessman." Hugs. Shawn backs off. He doesn't want to wrinkle the shirt. Belle thinks she is worth more than a few wrinkles.

"Don't worry," says Shawn, "If we spend our lives together I'm sure you'll give me more than a few wrinkles."

They discuss how to fill out the job application. Belle becomes the interviewer. She gets close, "Hi... I'm Miss Abs-olutely in charge. And I like your abs... I'm a Wharton graduate."

"And I'm a mechanic," says Shawn.

"Yes," says Miss In-charge, "And I noticed you're good with your hands." Shawn reminds her he has a girlfriend.

"Is that a good thing," asks Belle.

"A really good thing," says Shawn, "Do you seduce all your interviewees this way? I should tell you I'm madly in love with my girlfriend."

"You're hired," says Belle.

"For what position," asks Shawn.

"Come upstairs and I'll show you."

"I have a plane to catch."

"We'd better hurry."

Bo figures out Phillip is giving Shawn the job. Phillip insists he doesn't have anything to do with the company.

"Except own it," says Bo, "You know, Shawn can make it on his own."

"So far he's fallen pretty short," says Phillip.

Bo tells him to stay out of Shawn's life. Phillip insists Shawn is his friend and he's not playing him. Bo suggests Phillip call Shawn and tell him what he is up to. Phillip says, "You're not helping him, Bo."

Bo sneers, "Neither are you."

Nick wants to go. Chelsea encourages him to stay. She tells him Jett is bringing his fiancée. She doesn't want to stay there without him. She knows he is worried about the night he and Jett argued, "But please stay... For me?" He agrees to stay. Hugs.

"I love you," says Nick. Chelsea stares and remembers Stephanie's lecture insisting she is hot for Jett.

After about a millennium, she backs off and says, "I love you with all my heart, Nick." She turns to the post next to her and says with exactly the same amount of enthusiasm, "And I love you with all my heart, too."

Nick heads for the bar, but Jeremy stops him and offers to buy him some ginger ale. Nick says he can buy his own drink. Jeremy tells him he's started a tab and everything is courtesy of the airline, since it's all a tax deduction. Chelsea comes up and asks if Jeremy is going to the big Brady-Horton party. Jeremy says he wouldn't miss it, but he'll need lots of liquid courage in order to be able to go. He insults Nick and leaves.

Shawn and Belle come down from their quickie. Shawn thinks he will still be able to make the flight. Belle says they will celebrate the new job properly when he gets back. Bo walks in. Belle wishes Shawn luck and leaves.

Bo and Shawn talk. Shawn wants to do things on his terms. Bo tells him things aren't exactly starting out that way, "Phillip set this whole thing up behind your back." Shawn asks how Bo found out. "Phillip was at the pub," says Bo, "And your old man is a cop. I figured it out in spite of that." Shawn asks if Belle knows. Bo dodges the issue, "She loves you, man."

"She knows," says Shawn, "I don't believe this." Shawn rants. Bo tries to calm him down. Shawn says, "This job will put me out of town most of the time. The job isn't to help me. It's to get me out of the way."

Belle meets Phillip at the pub. He tells her Bo figured things out. Belle thinks she should grab Claire and go back to the house. Phillip says, "Claire is OK. She's with a babysitter." Belle wonders how Phillip got a babysitter on the 4th of July. Phillip comes clean, "Victor is the babysitter."

Calm down, folks, that was not Mt. St. Helens blowing again. Belle freaks, "How could you do that to me?"

Jeremy asks Nick if the soda is strong enough for him. Bonienne comes to the table with a round of shots. Jeremy asks her to join them. She says she can't. She's on duty. Jeremy makes a toast, "Here's to mad-dog one-eyed Johnson.

Bonienne grabs him and gives him a warning, "Insult my brother again and you'll live to regret it." She tells them all to drink up as Jett and Danielle walk in. The pair comes over to the table and they all share hugs and hi-fives.

Jeremy checks out Danielle, "Jett, your fiancée is hot... uh, beautiful."

Nick introduces himself. All sit down for a rockin' old time. Danielle says it's good to be able to put faces to names, "Chelsea, Jett has told me so much about you."

Jett breaks in, "All good, though."

"Almost too good," says Danielle, "except, I understand you're not the world's best SUV driver." She orders white wine. They all wonder why they aren't meeting someplace a little fancier.

Patch walks in. Stephanie says hi to him as she walks back to her table. Patch and Jeremy lock in on each other's eyes.

Belle lectures Phillip about Victor having Claire. He swears he won't let anything happen to Claire again, "Don't you trust me?" Belle calms down and takes a seat. Phillip asks when the last time was she had a day to herself.

"When I was like... a 12 year-old girl," says Belle.

"I didn't realize it was that recently," says Phillip, "Anyway, today we're going to the beach."

Shawn says, "I feel like an idiot."

"That's been happening a lot lately, hasn't it," asks Bo.

Shawn and Bo argue about whether he should go to the interview. Bo encourages him to go, "Phillip can get you in the door but he can't keep you there." Bo tells him a story. When Shawn was four years old, he got a remote control car. The first thing Shawn did was take it apart, "Well, actually you didn't take it apart... You drove it into a wall over at Victor's house."

Bo says if Shawn gets the job and climbs the ladder it will be because of what he does, "With your skill and ability, you ought to be able to make it clear up to the first rung."

"You're right," says Shawn, "I can take this job and shove it right back down Phillip's throat. Thanks for reminding me of what's important. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna do it for my family."

Shawn starts to leave. Bo gets a call and hands the phone to Shawn, "It's Mimi. It sounds urgent."

Bo goes into the kitchen to put the food in the fridge. Shawn says, "Mimi, calm down... When did she do this? I will take care of it... I'll call when I land, OK?" He hangs up. Bo comes out and asks if everything is OK. Shawn insists things are just peachy.

Bo says, "I know panic when I hear it in somebody's voice. What's up with Mimi?"

"She's beside herself," says Shawn, "She's run out of things to lie about."

Belle says she has to go the big picnic. Phillip insists he will get her there in time. He predicts Shawn won't take the job when he hears he is behind it. Belle suggests calling Shawn and spending the day with him, too, if he is going to be in town. "Well," says Phillip, "Go ahead, give him a call." Belle wants Phillip to make the call.

Adrienne offers Patch a drink, "I ain't drinkin'," says Patch, "I'm trying to keep a clear head. It's a challenge for me these days."

Stephanie comes over. She tells Patch she was able to locate him by following the flames shooting out of head.

"I'm a combustible kind of guy," says Patch. He cautions Stephanie to cool it with the booze.

The little snot goes sarcastic, "Yes, Daaddddyyyyy." She takes off.

Patch asks Adrienne what she thinks about Jeremy. "He's a world class jerk," says Adrienne.

Back at the table, Stephanie says she wants to leave. Too bad, Jerkemy wants to dance. Patch watches and seethes as they sashay across the dance floor. "It's just a dance," says Adrienne.

"That's not just a dance," says Patch.

STOP THE PRESSES! Danielle breaks a nail. Salem hasn't seen a tragedy like this since the SSK choked Alice on her own donuts. Chelsea offers her a file. Danielle heads for the restroom. Nick, Jet and Chelsea make small talk and discuss beautiful Danielle. Chelsea decides she wants to dance. Nick says maybe later. Jett jumps right in and volunteers to take his place. Chelsea asks, "You don't mind do you, Nick."

Nick says Chelsea doesn't need the OK from him. Chelsea decides to hit the john before dancing.

Adrienne thinks if looks could kill Jeremy would be dead by now. She thinks Steve is trying to be a good dad. Steve says he just doesn't want Jeremy treating Stephanie like a piece of meat. "I don't see Stephanie resisting," says Adrienne.

Jeremy's hands start to wander. Adrienne has to restrain Patch.

Belle slides her phone over to Phillip and tells him to call Shawn. Phillip says it's her phone and slides it back. They slide the phone back and forth and argue about who should call. Phillip loses and makes the call.

Shawn tells Bo Mimi just wanted to vent. His phone rings. He thinks it's Belle and answers. Phillip says, "This is Phillip. Is Bo there?"

"Yeah," says Shawn, "He told me. Phillip apologizes for his tactics. Shawn says he's still going on the interview. Phillip says he's thinking of taking Belle to the beach.

Shawn thinks that's great, "Claire loves the sand."

"She's with Victor," says Phillip.

Shawn has a conniption, "Does Belle know?"


"Just tell Belle I love her," says Shawn. He hangs up.

Bo wants to know what is going on, "I want to know what Mimi said, because it sure short circuited your thinking."

"All of my circuits are short," says Shawn.

Phillip tells Belle Shawn was cool with the interview thing. Belle and Phillip salute the beach. She thanks him for reminding her to have a little fun, takes his hand and off they go.

Shawn says Mimi just wanted to make sure he got the divorce papers. He just doesn't want Mimi, Phillip or anything to get to him. Bo tells him to go kick butt at the interview. Shawn leaves. Outside, he makes a call, "This is Shawn Brady. I need to change my ticket to Indianapolis ASAP! Just go ahead and book it."

Back inside, Bo is a little flustered with diaper changing duties. He removes the old diaper and finds... WHEW! Doodlebug has been doing more than doodling. Minutes pass. Ciara lets out a squeal. Then, Hope hears Bo yell downstairs, "OMG! HOPE! WHATEVER POSSESSED YOU TO STORE THE PAINT STRIPPING COMPOUND NEXT TO THE BUTT PASTE?"

Stephanie tells Jeremy to back off while her dad is around. Jeremy thinks the whole situation is amusing. "Nothing will be funny about eating thorough ad straw the next six weeks," says Stephanie.

Jerkemy grabs Stephanie, "Can I have that kiss now?"

Patch pats him on the shoulder.

Jerko asks, "Can't you see I'm busy?"

Patch says, "I think it's time you and me had a little talk."

Nick thinks he and Jett are pretty lucky. They are both doing what they love and they both have pretty girl friends. But he and Danielle are a step ahead with the engagement. Jett says he can't figure Danielle out, "Have you ever felt like the woman you are crazy about just doesn't feel the same way about you?"

Chelsea walks into the bathroom and overhears Danielle talking on the phone, "I can't... I'm out with Jett at some hole. I hate this as much as you do, baby, and I'll be back in your arms before you know it... I Love you too."


Hope asks, "Why didn't you tell Bo the truth – that his dad's not coming today." Caroline says, "I think you know. Shawn doesn't want to dig up the past."

Nick asks, "Danielle is having an affair?" Chelsea says, "I think that we should do something." Nick says, "It's none of our business." Chelsea says, "Jett's my friend. I'm not gonna just stand back and watch him get his heart broken." Flash to Jett and Danielle dancing.

Bo says, "Tell me you're not involved in something illegal." Max drops his jaw.

In an incredible plot twist never seen before on DOOL, Sami pushes Lucas away and gasps, "Lucas, we can't do this!"


Blogger ghsoapster said...

I've got an interesting plot twist in regards to Santo/Colleen. What if Santo/Collen = Stefano/Marlena. I keep remembering Stefano kidnapping Marlena and trying to force her to be his Queen of the Night. What if Santo became obsessed with Colleen and tried to force her to be with him and when the Brady's tried to rescue her OMB accidentally killed his sister.

It would be inresting in that EJ raping Sami and forcing her to be with him is like history repeating itself.

Doubt it would happens, as the show seems intent on white-washing the rapist. But it would be interesting if this great romantic tale of the great love story of Santo/Colleen wasn't exactly as Stefano is claiming it to be.

4:11 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I have another interesting thought about Santo/Colleen. What if their story is a kind of take-off on the old "Romeo and Juliet" legend? Perhaps Santo drugged Colleen to make it appear that she was dead (we all know the DiMeras know how to do that!) so that he could steal her away and keep her forever, but somehow before he could spirit her off to his lair the Bradys buried her alive and she died "for real" that way? You have to admit, that would be one of the most horrible ways imaginable to die, and it would explain how Shawn could claim a DiMera killed her, and how Stefano could claim that a Brady killed her. Thoughts?

6:08 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Hold it hold it!!
Shawn is interviewing for a job selling auto parts? Whatever happened to him being an engineer??
Didn't he design and build the engine that was so famous everyone and their dog wanted to invest in it??
The engine that made Max famous?
Anyone anyone?????

Since when did Belle become Miss Hot Pants?? What was up with her jumping Shawn for a quickie before he leaves??? And did we really need to see that?

I like your theory and I agree that OMB was responsible for Coleen's death.
cfish: I LOVE your theory!!!
That would be absolutely PERFECT!!! DAMN I hope the DOOL writers read Prevuze!!!

Spoiler Updates
Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the feud will NOT end. Stefano is plotting against EJ with Tony to get the babies' stem cells. Then the true paternity of the babies will come out.

Also from SOD, the whole Phillip-Mimi baby drama is finally going to play itself out.
Shawn is going to rush to Mimi's side but not tell Belle he went.
When he comes back he will start to push Belle away, because she lied to him about the job (you know the interview he didn't go to because he lied and went to see Mimi instead).
Belle starts to fall for Phillip and then Phillip gets a weird phone call with a baby crying in the background.

6:12 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Thanks for the spoiler updates, Deb -- I was wondering why, all of a sudden out of the blue they decided to shove Mimi back into the picture. Now I just wonder if they're planning to write Philip off the show by having him leave to be with Mimi to raise "their" child? And I'm all confused about Belle and Shawn too -- when did they get all lovey-dovey and boyfriend/girlfriend on us? Did I miss a year or something?

And as for Shawn's engine, I think it went up in smoke (literally and figuratively) because the engineering that made it so fast also made it less safe -- hence the reason that Philip's crash and Max's crash were huge fireballs. At least I think the writers explained it away something like that.

6:24 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

All good comments with lots to think about. And yeah! Exactly when did Shelle become all lovey-dovey? Wasn't Shawn thinking about law school before? And isn't Mimi and Phillip's baby about 7 years old now? Had some good laughs with Prevuze today!

7:15 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

If Mimi comes back to town how will she act towards Adrienne, who now owns a club just like Bonnie did? Too funny.

Maybe Shawn can design an engine for Touch This Guy Airlines and things will really get hot up there.

Now that Belle is showing interest in Phillip after all the drama and issues, I hope he drops her friendship and leaves her without him and Shawn (cause she'll be Sami and push him away) as he develops a wierd psycho liar relationship with Mimi and their labmonster

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy, it sounds like Day's 'sex-craved' writers (for Steph & Jerkemy) are starting to overflow into Belle and Shawn's scripts... Please no... A month from now Belle will end up being a brunette with biker tatoos and mauling Shawn everytime she see's him... (sound familiar).
C'mon writers, quit making Day's into soft-porn. The origianl and faithful viewers really don't need to see all of the 'gruesome' details between Sexanie & Jerk-*ff!

8:00 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I do know the DOOL powers that be have not announced that Mimi will be comming back physically, so not sure about where that is going.
I do know the baby will play a part in some kind of drama.

Okay so Shawn's engine had design flaws. But that doesn't mean he still couldn't design and build them does it?? Or maybe he just "forgot" he was an engineer.
Yeah that's it, he forgot.

One thing I forgot to mention, another past character will be returning in the the next few weeks. SOD doesn't say who it is, BUT I do know that Billy Warlock aka Frankie has been released from his contract with The Young and The Restless. Wonder if that means he will be packing his bags and heading home to the Brady clan?
Wonder if he will be the one who solves the mystery? He IS the only Brady with more than two functioning brain cells after all.

If not Frankie, then who???
Anyone care to guess??
OMG maybe someone heard our cry and it will be .....SHANE!!!!!

8:01 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Jack and Jennifer? SHANE?

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I wonder if Judi Evans is thinking why did they bring me back to do the same thing I was doing as Bonnie?? HA

Jr. is headed for Indianapolis. Maybe while he's there he can get a job as head mechanic at the speedway and with his brilliant engine designs whip those racing teams into shape. Obviously they're floundering without mechanical expertise. ;}

LOL over Snarly and the butt-paste and Jr. maybe reaching the bottom rung. HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze for a Monday morning wake-me-up!

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Frog said...

Prevuze missed a great Prevuism-opp. "Patch and Jeremy lock in on each others eyes." More like "Lock in on eyes to eye". HARR! (Sorry.)

8:10 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

RE Frog's comment: I always love it when Patch says, "Look in my eye." LOL!

8:41 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Everybody can take the half hour drive or six hour flight to Indy and participate and/or watch the Brickyard 400.
Brickyard isn't til August, but who cares, they have knock off designer clothes to wear from the Touch the Sky jet, 3 drivers and people with too much money and not enough sense

8:46 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I forgot, they also have Shawn the engine designer

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Thingsareneverwhattheyseem said...

Everyone keeps mentioning how Colleen was the love of Santo's life, but I've yet to hear that he was the love of hers. I wouldn't be surprised if she was in love with someone else and Santo, desperately obsessed (a trait that all those DiMera men seem to carry) raped her. She and her true love faked her death and she fled from Ireland to live out her life in peace.

9:33 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Thingsareneverwhattheyseem --

Hmmmm, that would explain why Colleen's love letters to Santo were written in Italian -- SHE didn't write them. The DiMeras probably faked them to try to convince the Bradys that Colleen was truly in love with Santo ...

9:39 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Interesting theories about Santo/Colleen. Only thing you can bet for sure is that DOOL's eventual outcome will be far LESS interesting. HAHAHA

As for who is returning? Bet it's just Shawn dragging Lauren and the new Kiriakis/Lockhart.

Great Prevuze today. Loved the "Man-to-Maggot" caption.

Everyone from Prevuze to the commentators had keen observations about Shawn:
Bo, "You know, Shawn can make it on his own."
"So far he's fallen pretty short," says Phillip.

Whatever happened to him being an engineer??

Didn't he design and build the engine that was so famous everyone and their dog wanted to invest in it??

Jr. is headed for Indianapolis. Maybe while he's there he can get a job as head mechanic at the speedway and with his brilliant engine designs whip those racing teams into shape.

Maybe Shawn can design an engine for Touch This Guy Airlines and things will really get hot up there.

ALL of them Prevuze-worthy.

And "Mr. Roamin' Hands and Rushin' Fingers" also being plagued with Premature Haulassification...ROFLMA!!

9:50 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

Thoughts on who I would like to see come back: Frankie (yes, he is about the smartest Brady these days... maybe cuz he's not really a Brady by blood?), Shane would be the best person to bring back.. he just might solve the mystery surrounding the whole "vendetta"...

Now, thoughts on who TPTB will most likely bring back: No one that really matters. Maybe Lauren, just long enough to start some drama with the Phimi baby, and then they'll just drag that storyline out until New Years or beyond. I doubt they'll bring back anyone else who really matters. They probably figure they've done their "good deed" towards the audience by bringing back the DiMera clan.... OH JOY....

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Maggie said...

"Now, thoughts on who TPTB will most likely bring back"

I just hope it's not Mickey.

11:10 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

When did Chelsea turn 21? Isn't the Cheating Heart a bar? I couldn't tell from the Prevuze if she had alcohol or not. Are they trying to turn Nick into a raging alcoholic? He always heads for the bottle, not that there's anything wrong with that, but it'd usually a " I drink alone to get drunk alone because my life sucks"
I realize in some states people under 21 are allowed in bars with people who are their legal guardians, such as WI, but not in IN. Did the Cheating Heart morph into something more than the last time I saw it? (pool tables, jukeboc, bar)

12:22 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Spoilers I Got NEW Spoilers
Colleen and Santo's letters are translated! About time, geez how hard was it to translate cell phone pictures of old letters!

Grandpa Shawn travels home to Ireland this week!Huh? What does he do get lost and wander on to a plane?

Marlena goes to the safe house to see Sami and Lucas.For someplace no one is supposed to know about, this "safe house" is Grand Central!

Kayla tells Steve that she wants them to have another baby!Umm Kayla? You're like what 45? 46? 47? Do you really want to be putting this kid through college on a Social Security income?

2:17 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

I agree Kayla might be too old to have a child, but women all over the world and even the US have a child late as 66.She is the same age as Hope.

3:43 AM  

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