Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ghouls And Knee-Crackers

Lexie has a case of the nerves as Celeste helps her apply her makeup. Celeste tells her not to be nervous. Lexie bawls as she looks in the mirror and says she thinks she's aged ten years. Celeste tells her that's common on soap operas. Lexie thinks this was a mistake. Celeste tells her to speak from her heart when Abe arrives. Dr. Berger comes in with bad news.

Anna asks why everyone is looking at her. They are shocked she wanted money for helping them with the DiMeras. Sami volunteers to step in for free. Lucas vetoes. Sami snorts, "Are you speaking for me now?"

Lucas doesn’t care who he is speaking for just so he is speaking.

Hope volunteers to go in. Bo doesn't want that. Hope gives him the raised eyebrow and asks if he is speaking for her now. Anna insists Hope would be safe, "Distracting men is my life's work." She looks over at Roman.

"Anna, we'll talk about your reward later," says God's gift to women.

"That could be interesting," says Anna. Hope decides things are settled.

Stefano tells EJ he and Sami can now assure Colleen and Santo rest in peace. Stefano promises he will control Tony. He accepts responsibility for the man Tony has become but Tony is the past and EJ is the future. Stefano says making peace is a hollow victory if they keep fighting among themselves. Suddenly, Stefano has a choking attack. EJ sits him down and calls for Rolf.

Dr. Berger says after the transplant Abe has been complaining about headaches. This could be an infection resulting in rejection. They won't know for several days if things are OK. Dr. Berger says Lexie is welcome to stay, but Lexie decides not to. Dr. Berger leaves.

Lexie tells Celeste this is a sign she is supposed to leave Salem and never come back.

Stefano insists he is fine. Rolf tells him he should be in bed. Stefano tells Rolf he should be in a retirement home. Stefano decides a little rest might be good. He tells EJ to talk to Tony. They need a united front. Rolf takes Stefano off.

Tony comes in and EJ tells him Stefano is resting. Tony reminds EJ he keeps refusing to save Stefano. Tony thinks EJ is blind to Samantha and his responsibilities. EJ wants to be brothers.

"Cain and Abel," suggests Tony, "You're the anointed one and I will be cleaning up your scraps for all the Days Of Our Lives."

EJ says they can be equals, brothers. Tony thinks it's a fantasy. The crowning achievement of his life will be when he watches EJ die. Feel the love.

Sami insists she should be the one to go in. Lucas again vetoes it, and takes her aside.

"I think we should stick with the original plan," says Hope. Bo reminds her there is no original plan. Patch walks in and stops the bickering, "There's only one person who could pull of an inside job like this, and you're looking at him."

Bo thinks Steve could still be susceptible to the DiMeras powers of suggestion. Patch denies it. He says he remembers Anna. He turns to John, "I don't expect your forgiveness."

Magnanimous John says, "They cut into both of us, but we're still standing, right? And, hey, they gave me some great drugs during my recovery." They share a hug – a guy hug. Patch says going to the mansion is his way of getting past what the DiMeras did.

Marlena says, "The road back starts here, not at the mansion, with us telling you how much we appreciate you wanting to help."

Lucas tells Sami to let the family handle the DiMeras. He wants the amnio. Sami says, "I'm doing this for us."

Lucas yells, "You're gonna put an end to everything, including our marriage! And we have so many minutes invested in this marriage I don't see how you can throw it away now."

Sami says, "What are you griping about? This is already one of your longer marriages, anyway."

Steve makes his case. Bo wants him to take more time, "The answer is no. You're not coming in on this."

Tony tells EJ he was dealt the lucky hand genetically. He looks at the picture of Santo and tells EJ it's his ticket to everything. EJ disagrees. He says Stefano wants his life to be remembered for more than bloodshed.

Tony sees through that one, "If his health came back tomorrow, he'd go right back to his old ways. He's not as soft as you think he is. Crush him and he will have a dungeon room waiting for you."

"Then I'll be careful not to disobey him," says EJ.

"If you do," says Tony, "even the memory of his father's face will not save you."

Celeste tells Lexie there is no such thing as signs. That's like Colonel Sanders telling the world there is no such thing as chicken. Abe needs her. Lexie wonders why Abe would need an unfaithful wife. Celeste asks if Lexie is walking out on Theo. Lexie says she will call and explain things to the kid. Celeste says, "That boy doesn't need an explanation. He needs a mother, and if you walk out that door I swear you're going to regret it for the rest of your life."

Humphrey Bogart steps in and says, "You blew the line. You're supposed to say, 'You'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.'"

EJ says Tony's plan to turn Stefano against him won't work. Tony says all he has to do is sit and wait until Stefano dead. Tony will be the sole DiMera heir, "Peace with the Bradys would be boring, kind of like watching DOOL. I don't back off and I will not take a back seat to a coward like you."

EJ has a suggestion, "Maybe you should fall in love with a woman and donate the body parts to Stefano."

Bart comes in, "I have news from the front. There is a Brady gathering at the pub, and there is a stunning blonde in the mix. It's Anna." That shuts Tony up. EJ thinks this would be a good time to put Tony's loyalty to the test.

Lucas wonders what kind of a marriage they would have if Sami were dead. "At least I wouldn't have to listen to your mouth running all the time," says Sami.

Lucas wants the amnio and a safe house. Sami doesn't want to be in a safe house. Lucas tells her, "You want to be there be there for us, Sami."

"Do they allow husbands in safe houses," asks Sami.

"Absolutely not," says Lucas.

Sami thinks it over, "Maybe it's not such a bad idea, then."

Steve thinks the Bradys don't trust him. Roman says if they need him they know where to find him. Poor, dejected Steve leaves.

Roman gives Anna a pre-dialed cell phone. Tony answers. "Guess who," chirps Anna.

Tony plays dumb. It's not a stretch, "Who?"

"You know very well who," snorts Anna, "I heard you had been released and I thought I would swing by and see for myself. I found something that belongs to you."

"My heart," asks Tony.

"No," says Anna, "You never had one. I found letters written in Italian from Colleen to Santo."

Tony asks, "Are you free tomorrow night?"

"I'll get free," says Anna, "Make sure the usual ghouls and knee-crackers aren't around."

Tony hangs up and tells EJ it was his ex. He looks at his phone, "No number – those clever Bradys. They block caller ID."

EJ asks, "What did she want?"

"With Anna," says Tony, "half the fun is finding out."

When Lexie was trapped in the tunnel of doom, all she could think about was seeing Theo and asking Abe for forgiveness, "Abe may say the words but the doubt will always be there." She's afraid of hurting him again. Hugs.

Lexie bawls. She says Celeste must think she is a coward. Celeste says she's just human like the rest of them. Celeste rationalizes, "That's why I let the DiMeras use me – So I could get my baby back home."

EJ can't wait to meet the lovely Anna. Tony says, "You should be more concerned with your future – when I am in charge of the family."

Stefano walks in. He overhears Tony's remark and chuckles. EJ asks what is in the letters. Stefano wants Elvis to find out why Anna is at the pub. EJ leaves to do his father's bidding.

Tony asks if it's smart to send EJ. Stefano asks if Tony is questioning his judgment, "EJ will either prove himself worthy or disappoint me." Stefano cuts an orange, "If he disappoints me, it will be his loss."

Lexie thanks Celeste for saving her from making yet another terrible mistake. Dr. Berger comes back in. She says Abe is resting and his fever has gone down. Lexie asks to see him.

Lucas declares the conversation over. No so fast, buckaroo, Sami has more to say.

Before they can get into anything more, EJ walks into the pub. Roman introduces him to Anna. "Charmed," says EJ, "My friends call me EJ."

"What friends," asks Sami.

EJ says, "For once my loyalties are evenly split between the DiMeras and the Bradys."

Dr. Berger warns Lexie Abe is sedated, and leaves. Celeste smiles. She is so proud of Lexie. She comes form a dastardly family but has a good heart. She thinks Lexie deserves a reward. Celeste opens the door. Theo, who has been aimlessly wandering the halls of the hospital unsupervised, comes in.

Tony is pleased Stefano realizes how weak EJ is. "He isn't the first man to be distracted by a beautiful woman," says Stefano. He is sure EJ will come around. If he chooses Samantha over Stefano he will learn Stefano can have contempt for that which he holds dear.

Patch interrupts, "Hey," he says, "Just like old times, isn't it? Patch mocks being electrocuted, "Bzzzzzzzzzt." He chuckles and taunts.

EJ says he is prepared to cover for Anna and tell them she is there for innocent reasons. Anna says, "When Tony sees me he'll be so hot to get his hands on the letters, and me he'll play."

Bo wants EJ to get rid of Tony so they can reason with Stefano and put and end to the feud. "It's time for you to put up or shut up," says Sami.

The mother and child reunion continues at the hospital. Lexie promises never to go away again. Theo seems pretty happy in spite of that.

EJ says he will call Stefano and tell him Anna is there to reconnect with her family. Lucas says he's going home to pack. Sami stops him and tells Roman they have to go to the hospital and then she wants him to put her in a safe house. Lucas thanks her. She says she doesn't want to lose him. Smooches. EJ stares.

Patch helps himself to a drink.

"You have the manners of an ape," says Tony.

Patch says, "Maybe you should have worked on that when you had your people tinkering with my gray matter."

Stefano suggests Tony take out the garbage. Patch reminds Stefano, "Without me, you wouldn't have the pre-owned kidney. Kayla thinks I'm back to being my old self, but I'm not. I found Anna at the pub planning a recon mission. Maybe she'll deliver some letters but the Brady's are putting someone on the inside." Stefano tells him he did good. He offers him a cigar and tells him he will join him on the balcony.

Steve leaves. "So," says Tony, "Anna has fallen in with the Bradys."

"Not shocking, is it," asks Stefano.

Elvis calls. He says Anna is just having a friendly visit. It's a family party, "Tony has nothing to fear form Anna. She's just passing through."

Stefano tells EJ he did well. He hangs up and says to Tony, "Contrary to what Steve said, Anna is here for social reasons."

"You believe him," asks Tony.

Stefano says, "Your brother has disappointed me more than you." He says he wants to rest and leaves it to Tony to handle the pest in the garden. Tony says he will take care of Anna too. Stefano leaves. Tony lifts his glass and toasts, "To the former prince. May he soon rest in peace."


Sami says to Marlena, if I don't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that EJ isn't the father, I'm afraid I'm gonna lose Lucas.

Lucas and Billie sit in the pub. Lucas says, "There's nothing natural about that SOB raping my wife, all right? And now I have to raise his baby – no thank you."

Stephanie says, "You want Jett Carver. You want him bad." Chelsea licks her chops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love Lucass. In the end, he will be the end of his own marriage, and I can not wait for the day.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree I want EJ and Sami to be together, and I was Stefano to make Ej his sole heir that way Tony will not make a mess of anything.

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Okay, I admit it...I'm getting interested. Great Prevuisms today!

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Sami wants to prove EJ IS the father? Was that supposed to say Sami wants to prove EJ IS NOT the father to save her marriage to Lucas?

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait for EJami. They are so cute together. Still it is kind of gross to be with the person who forcably impregnated you. At least since the babies (I think we all know she is having twins by now) are EJ's instead of Lucas's they have a good chance at being attractive.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for Ward, Wally and the Beav. My first chuckle of the day.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

What's up with Celeste saying there's no such thing as signs??

I loved ALL of the pictures (I'm still chuckling over Happy Claire and the Cleaver Clan.) And I can just see Humphrey coaching from beyond. Soon Pard will probably say to Anna "I remember the day the DiMeras marched in - they wore grey, you wore blue..." HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze today. :D

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay. So, like, is Steve faking to get the DiMeras to trust him? Is that what he's doing? Or is he really not done with the brainwashing stuff? I hope he's trying to gain their trust but he's no longer suseptible to the brainwashing. I hope he just wants a little revenge.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Well all the characters are in place, now LETS HAVE A SOAP OPERA!!

Pard can hook back up with Anna who can cheat on him with Tony who will turn out to be Andre who will kill the real Stefano and replace him with an evil twin (as opposed to this new "nice" Stefano) who will kidnap Marlena and brainwash her into thinking he is her husband then she will try to kill John who will turn out to be the long lost baby who was secretly born to Colleen and fathered by Santo!!!!!!!!!

DOOLism of the day:
"I think we should stick with the original plan," says Hope. Bo reminds her there is no original plan.
Finally!!! Someone admits they don't use plans on DOOL!!

So is Steve all "cured" or not??
Kayla has enough faith that he is to leave him alone in Salem but yet the Brady's don't trust him.

SHANE where are you when we need you??? SHANE! COME BACK SHANE!!!

8:00 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

You've got that right, Deb! Let's dump Jerkemy and most of the other useless twenty-somethings and bring back SHANE! And Eugene & Calliope! Or Vivian & Ivan! (And thanks, Deb, for the Renee/Tony history. It all came back as I was reading it.)

LOL at the pictures (Claire wailing in Belle's arms) and loved the Prevuisms like Lucas who "didn't care who he was speaking for, just so long as he's speaking." HAHAHA

Fabulous Prevuze again.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

So Sami wants to prove EJ IS the father? Was that supposed to say Sami wants to prove EJ IS NOT the father to save her marriage to Lucas?

Thanks for the heads-up on that typo, Anon. Sami definitely said she has to prove EJ IS NOT the father to save her marriage.

Although, Lucas has been acting like such a dork lately, she probably wouldn't mind it if she doesn't save the marriage.

9:21 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

I too am an EJami fan. I used to really like Lumi, but since they got married Lucas has acted like a Neanderthal. He's always yelling, punching people, ordering Sami around...And the scenes between Sami and EJ are fabulous. Plus, James Scott is HOT!

Where is the scene where Roman confronts Sami about what Stefano told him? Does Roman not believe Stefano and is just writing it off? He could at least pull Marlena over to the side and say, "Listen Stefano claims EJ is the father of Sami's baby. Have you heard anything?"

The writers already gave us the shaft when Sami telling family about EJ's deal was done off screen. They could at least give us this scene.

Okay, Sexphanie needs to leave Chels alone. Sexphanie, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Your himbo is cheating on you girl!!!

I liked the scene with Chelsick yesterday right before they went upstairs. A little disappointed we didn't get to go up with them.

And what's up with Jer always parading around in a towel? Is he supposed to turn viewers on? He is not attractive, sexy, hot, etc. He is a dolt.

When are we going to find out about his record? Why didn't Steve hotfoot it to Roman and ask him to do a background check on Jer? Granted Sexphanie already knows about it, but we don't. Jer was probably involved in some pyramid scheme.

I also thought it was rude when Max and Sexphanie were dissing Nick in favor of Jett. Frankly, I'd rather date Nick than Jett.

9:35 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

Oh, and Sami finds out she is having twins (which isn't surprising since she's a twin and so is her mother), but I bet one was fathered by Lucas and one by EJ.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

At least since the babies (I think we all know she is having twins by now) are EJ's instead of Lucas's they have a good chance at being attractive.

Ouch! Harsh. Very harsh.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I'm iffy on Steve being cured, like I wrote a few Prevuze ago, he probably thought he killed Kayla and through her in the ocean and she is now appearing in beauty pageants.
I agree with Deb, let's have a soap opera, not a campy mock adventure show. Loved your sl Deb.
Celeste doesn't believe in signs? Maybe road signs or signs of insanity.
Can the writers please make Lucas less of a bullying whiner? Have him start drinking to cope with the feud.
I wonder again, where is Kate? Coma? vacation? Court? getting the goods on Sami? plastic surgery? actually working?

11:23 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"I wonder again, where is Kate? Coma? vacation? Court? getting the goods on Sami? plastic surgery? actually working?"

Wow! Wouldn't that be a stretch for any of the characters... ACTUALLY WORKING!!! No wonder Kate hasn't been seen lately!!!! hahahaha

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could go another week without Kate, THANK YOU!!


11:59 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

Well, someone needs to work. Lucas isn't at Mythic anymore. EJ is dealing with the fam.

I guess Kate is dealing with the ICC or whatever on her own. And is Billie with her?

12:44 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I forgot about any man that's not mine Billie.

Maybe she's bugging the Dimera mansion

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

Great Prevuze!! Awesome comments -at just the right places - esp since this looks to be a rather intense episode

The one that made me roll was:
"Lucas wonders what kind of a marriage they would have if Sami were dead. "At least I wouldn't have to listen to your mouth running all the time," says Sami"

It's like I soooo totally agree!!!

1:37 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Maybe Kate and Billie are visiting Rick and Cassie, where ever they are.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick and Cassie? That would be Rex and Cassie.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Fwickafwee said...

bring back Vivian and Ivan!! Whoo!

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, all you guys had me roaring today, especially you Prevuze. Celeste not believing in signs???? Who writes this crap? The lack of continuity is just astounding. I'll admit this storyline takes be back in the day...Euge & Calliope, SHANE, SHANE, SHANE
Oh that would be so cool but you know it ain't happening.

7:21 PM  

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