Friday, June 22, 2007

If The Earth Doesn't Move, You Move On

Chelsea staggers down the stairs with a "what happened" look on her face. Nick bounces out of the kitchen with coffee.

Well, folks, if you don't have at least a 48" TV, you won't be able to see the full smile on Nick's face. He thinks it was pretty amazing. Oddly, he's ready to go back upstairs. He asks Chelsea if she wants to go up with him. Deflowered Chelsea blushes and smiles her little brat-smile. Nick repeats his request.


Billie and Kate sit in the pub and talk. Kate thinks Billie's biggest problem is selling herself short. Billie is proud her security system was her own doing. Kate's career, on the other hand, is going down the toilet. She's locked out of her office and her bank account is frozen. They turn their attention to Sami. Billie can't believe Sami didn't press charges. Kate says the rape is Sami's story but the only thing they have is her word, and they know Sami is a liar.

Billie insists Sami wouldn't lie about this, and they both need to support Lucas. Speaking of Lucas, Motormouth himself walks in. He asks if they are talking about him. Since Lucas is the center of the universe, what else could they be talking about?

Sami is in for the amnio. Dr. Jacobs explains the risks. Sami signs the consent form. Dr. Jacobs leaves. Marlena tells Sami she doesn't have to do this. Sami insists she does, "If I don't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that EJ is not the father, I'm afraid I'm gonna lose Lucas.

Marlena asks, "What are you saying?"

Sami says, "Basically, how do I prove EJ is the father so I can dump this possessive, defensive gasbag I'm stuck with?"

Marlena thinks Sami is underestimating Lucas. Impossible. Sami wouldn't blame him if he wanted to leave her, "What kind of man would want to raise another man's child."

"Willingly or unwillingly, half the guys in Salem do it," says Marlena, "Including John." She predicts Lucas will accept it. Sami falls apart. That's what she used to think but Lucas has changed. Sami is afraid he will hate the baby because it will remind him of what EJ did to her.

Lucas wants to talk to Billie – alone. Kate protests but leaves, "I see, the banishment continues. I'll go powder my nose."

Billie is glad she got out of business with EJ before she got in the same kind of hot water as her mom. Kate listens as Lucas tells Billie Sami is getting the amnio. Billie tells him it's natural for him to be concerned. Lucas says, "There's nothing natural about that SOB raping my wife, all right? And now I have to raise his baby – no thank you."

The brat says she didn't mean to snap at Nick, "It's time to rock and roll." Nick buys into that immediately. He's ready to do some rockin' and rollin' with her. Chelsea says she meant it's time to shower and get to work. Nick suggests showering together. Chelsea makes excuses. Just because they had sex doesn't mean they have to grope each other all the time, "I know this wasn't your first time."

"Are you mad at me," asks Nick, "I didn't disappoint you, did I?"

"No," lies Chelsea, "We're golden."

Nick babbles, "So, like, we're a couple now. If anyone asks, you gotta tell them you're taken."

Chelsea yells, "Is that why you had sex with me? To mark your territory and show Jett I'm taken? I thought you were better than that. So you think I still have a thing for Jett?"

"No," says Nick, "I think he has a thing for you."

Nick says he trusts her. He's happy for her and her new job. By the time she gets back he'll have the apartment ready. He wants to make her happy. She smooches him and tells him they are all right. Nick goes upstairs and Chelsea picks up the phone, "I need you right away I have a big problem."

Lucas doesn't blame Sami. Billie says she believes Sami was raped. Lucas says his problem is with himself. He promised he would welcome the baby, but can't do that if it's EJ's. He says Sami doesn't seem to care either way who the father is. Lucas can't raise EJ's baby as his own. Kate soaks it in.

Sami worries because of Celeste's prediction. Marlena reminds her EJ raped her, "And I didn't report it," says Sami, "And if the baby is his, we will keep this war up." Marlena suggests a meeting between the two families. Sami doesn't think that will work. Stefano has made it clear the price for peace between the two families is her marrying EJ. Marlena thinks Stefano is vile, but he loves his family and wants EJ to be happy. Sami refuses to be a DiMera harem girl.

"You are the woman EJ loves," says Marlena.

"A man does not rape a woman he loves," says Sami, "I hope before he dies someone harts him like he hurt me."

Nick stands at the door and tells Chelsea he misses her already. He wishes her a good flight. She promises to call. Smooches. "I love you," says Nick.

The brat says nothing, but just nods. She walks back inside. Stephanie stands there munching a bagel, carb-loading for the flight. Chelsea makes the big announcement, "Nick and I spent the night together."

"I know," says Stephanie, "Jeremy told me. He saw the two of you going at it hot and heavy here on the couch."

Chelsea has a conniption, "He what? He's probably posting pictures on MySpace."

Stephanie wants details, "Did Nick rock you down to your soul?"

"Not exactly," says Chelsea, "I blinked and it was over. He was really sweet and gentle but I didn't feel anything. I think there is something wrong with me."

"You aren't alone there," says Stephanie.

Billie says Sami did what she had to do to save Lucas' life, "DNA doesn't mean a damn. All the baby needs is your love." Lucas wonders what he is going to do on Christmas, Thanksgiving or weekends when EJ shows up. He thinks Tony, Stefano and EJ will corrupt the kid and turn it against him. He doesn't know if he can do it. Billie asks if he has discussed this with Sami.

"Oh, heck no," says Lucas, "That would be the intelligent thing to do so I can't do that. What do I say – raising EJ's kid wasn't in your wedding vows, so I can't do it? I don't know what I am going to do."

Marlena thinks punishing EJ wouldn't solve anything. Right now Marlena just wants to get her hands on him, "But we don't do that."

Sami says she had the chance to kill him, but she couldn't, "I would be lost without Lucas, but if this baby is EJ's..."

"It's not," declares Marlena, "These test results are far too important to leave to chance."

Sami about faints, "Are you saying you would rig the test results?"

"That's exactly what I propose," says Marlena, "You say the word and your worries are over."

Sami is absolutely shocked. Marlena insists no one will know. Sami speaks from experience, "Someone always finds out. What if something happened to the baby and Lucas found out? This would cause too many sleepless nights. There is no way I am letting you do this." Marlena notes the old Sami would have jumped at the chance. Sami can't go through another lie like that. Dear, innocent Marlena just doesn't know what she was thinking when she suggested rigging the test results.

Sami goes sappy on us, "You were thinking you love me, just like I love you."

Billie thinks Lucas should talk this over with Sami. Kate eavesdrops. Nick walks in. He takes a bullhorn and announces, "HI EVERYONE! I GOT LAID LAST NIGHT! Hello Billie! Hello Lucas!" He looks directly behind them and says, "Hello, Mrs. Roberts!"

Lucas and Billie turn around and see Kate standing there. They let her have it with both barrels for listening to their conversation. Nick asks how Sami is doing and they give him a report. Lucas goes to call Marlena and check up on Sami. Nick says he will check up on her when he gets to the hospital. Billie is glad to hear he and Chelsea are doing well and he still has his job at the hospital, "I've been out of the loop ever since she moved in with Bo and Hope."

Nick extols Chelsea's virtue. Or lack of it. Kate joins in and asks how Nick is doing. He chirps, "Mrs. Roberts, I have never been better!"

"I lost my virginity last night," says Chelsea, "I wanted it to be special. Stephanie thinks Chelsea has seen too many chic flicks. She says sex is the one subject you can't flunk. Chelsea says, "I wasn't just looking for someone who wanted to grab ass."

"Don't knock it till you've tried it," says Stephanie.

Chelsea asks, "Is that how it is with you and Jeremy? Uh... Is it wrong to think about other things when you're doing it? I kept thinking about him doing my mom."

Stephanie's bagel comes back up, "EEEUUUUUUWWW..." Chelsea thought she was over that. Chelsea says she knows Nick wanted her. Stephanie asks, "What do you want?

Chelsea says, "I don't know, and that's why I called you."

Stephanie asks, "Did you sleep with him because you were into it or did you think you owed him a freebie?"


"Does Nick make you feel like you want your hands in his pants 24-7," asks Stephanie, "Maybe it will happen, but not with Nick."

Chelsea says she just can't break his heart. Stephanie counsels her to go for a clean break, "You can't sleep with him and fake it. That's not love. It's pity."

Billie hopes Chelsea realizes how lucky she is. As he leaves, Nick tells Billie realizes how lucky he is, by God.

Billie tells Kate about the hairbrush planting and Nick stealing it, "Roman let them walk."

Kate perks up, "Roman was involved?"

Billie swears Kate to silence. Kate swears she won't tell anyone. Billie senses insincerity, "I mean it, Mom, not a word to anyone." Crafty Kate keeps her mouth shut. Lucas comes over to their table and announces the amnio is about to start.

"Don't you think you should get over there," asks Kate.

Lucas snorts, "Don't tell me what to do."

Kate removes the dagger from her heart, "OK. Fine. Give my regards to Sami." Lucas heads out the door. Kate huffs.

Nick walks into Sami's room with flowers. He says the flowers are from Chelsea and him. Sami asks how things are with them. Nick grins from ear to ear, "BETTER THAN EVER!" Sami hopes things stay that way. Nick says he will check up on her later. She tells him to make sure the tests results aren't messed up.

Dr. Jacobs brings in Jane Yamomoto to do the tests.

Kate bumps into Nick in the hall. He shows her where Sami's room is if she is there to see her. Kate says she's not there to see Sami, "I'm here to see you."

Chelsea says she doesn't pity Nick nor is she into mercy sex. Stephanie thinks she's not into sex at all, at least with Nick. Chelsea asks, "So if the sex wasn't hot between you and Jeremy, you'd dump him?"

"It's more like he'd dump me," says Stephanie, "Turn-ons come in surprise packages. You aren't in love with Nick. If the earth doesn't move, you move on. What about Jett? You look at him like you want to rip his clothes off with your teeth and jump his bones.

"You're sick," says Chelsea.

Stephanie says, "You want Jett Carver. You want him bad."

Chelsea smiles and thinks about the possibilities. Finally she says, "You need to run your dirty little mouth though the rinse cycle. And stop acting like a pole dancer looking for her next lap dance."

"Why," asks Stephanie, "Because I did the nasty before you did?"

"Listen to how you talk," says Chelsea, "There isn't anything nasty about sleeping with someone."

"There is if you do it right," says Stephanie, "With enough practice you'll forget about Nick."

Chelsea says Nick is the best thing in her life. Stephanie suggests a new life and a new guy.

"I'm not into one-nighters," says Chelsea.

"Why not make it last more than one night," asks Stephanie.

Chelsea says, "You are a slut!"

"I'd rather be that," says Stephanie, "Than imagine my mom... EEEUUUUUUWWW...

Chelsea says, "You make me sound like some shallow crotch grabber, which I am not. And why would I leave Nick for some guy who is in love with another woman?" She doesn't want to hear any more about Jett, decides inviting Stephanie over was a bad idea and ushers her to the door.

"I'll see you at work," says Stephanie. She giggles, "So will Jett!"

Kate tells Nick she's there because Lucas is worried about the test. He tells her Sami is in good hands. She thinks his work in the lab must be fascinating. Nick says, "Let's cut to the chase... what do you want?"

"I want the test results to prove EJ is the father, beyond a shadow of a doubt."

Lucas walks into Sami's room. Dr. Jacobs wrinkles her brow. She sees something on the monitor and can't believe she hasn't seen it before. Everybody in the room gasps in unison, "IS SOMETHING WRONG?"

"There is nothing wrong," says Dr. Jacobs, "With either one of your babies. Congratulations! It looks like you're having twins!"

Lucas searches for a barf bag.


Jerkemy tells Max, "All we need to do now is deliver the goods, split the take and party in Vegas."

Kate says, "I want you to do the smart thing." Nick says, "Make sure EJ Wells is the father no matter what the truth is."

Lucas says, "No, Sami, EJ wants you, all right? That idiot wants you for himself."

Stefano says, "You let me down. EJ says, "I let you down... How, father?" SLAP, "You lied to me and that is the one thing I will not tolerate!"

Belle, Shawn, Phillip and Claire get together for their own family meeting. Belle speaks her mind. The silence is deafening.


Anonymous tj7812 said...

DAMN!!! Too many people kept speculating where Kate was, and now she's back..... I was hoping she had gone off to Tinda Lau or maybe got lost in a typhoon....

5:50 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Well now we know for sure Sami is having twins, the only question is, will they both be EJ's or both Lucas's or one of each?

Rumor mill says they are both EJ's, but with everyone and their brother plotting to change the results I wouldn't be surprised to have it come out the babies are Austin's!!!

So Chelsea and Nick did the deed...and now they are going to talk about it, and talk about it, and talk about it.......
Anyone else plan on holding their ears and saying lalalalalalalala?

Forgive me for once again pining for the "good old days" but remember when a couple got romantic back in the day, how it was semi soft core porn? And no one ran around after talking about whether or not it was "good for them"? I miss those days!!!

DOOLisms of the day:
Lucas says "What do I say – raising EJ's kid wasn't in your wedding vows, so I can't do it?"
Maybe that wasn't in the vows Lukass, but there was that little part about ..for better for worse... Remember that??


Lucass again "What kind of man would want to raise another man's child."
Well off the top of my head here, Roman, Bo, Shawn Sr, Phillip, Stefano, Mickey, Austin, Steve, Neil, Harper. Not to mention all the women raising other women's children.
Grow up Lukass!

6:23 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

Good grief! That converse between Chels and Sexphanie was pretty coarse. I don't think this is the way to improve the show.

Billie was so stupid to tell Kate anything she wants kept secret. Will she never learn?

If Kate blackmails Nick, all Roman has to say is he didn't throw the brush away. Who's going to belive Kate over Roman?

Lucas better hope EJ is the father of at least one baby. EJ, at least, has money.

6:25 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Good Lord! They have really made Steph a brainless bimbo. Maybe that race car accident she got into last year knocked a few wires loose. Or, perhaps while she was off the show Tony kidnapped her, brainwashed her, and now when someone flashes a Playboy centerfold at her she turns into a sensless slut. HAHAHA

Lucas better hope EJ is the father of at least one baby. EJ, at least, has money. LOLOL How true!

Loved the pictures of Lucas's idea of a safe house, the recycled script for today, and the DOOL 90210 crowd.

One of the many DOOLisms of today: Marlena offers to have Sami's test results doctored. HELLO! That is so unlikely that for a moment or two I actually considered that maybe this scene was someone's daydream.

Great Prevuze!

PS: I agree tj7812, I enjoyed the Kate-free zone while it lasted.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Wouldn't it be great to see Marlena and Kate tiptoeing around the lab and each other to doctor the amnio results?
I guess I shouldn't have speculated on Kate's whereabouts so much, cause, boom, she's here.
I meant Rex and Cassie yesterday, not Rick and Cassie.
I agree with maurine about S and C's conversation being course. I didn't realize "the first time" was supposed to be fireworks and the earth moving.Stephanie has definitely turned into a character I could live without.
Wasn't it not too long ago that Lucas didn't care who the father of Sami's baby was? Is this just a ploy to shove Sami into EJ's arms and Lucas back into his mother's smothering embrace? As to raising another man's child, I agree with Deb, the list is endless for DOOL and all the marriages, switching of partners and reconfiguring it's a wonder that a person can FIND someone they're not related to to procreate with in Salem.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

It's kind of a contest as to which is the more unbelievable - that Billie would tell Kate anything secretive at all or Marlena offering to doctor test results.

What happened to Lucas' comment just yesterday that he wasn't going to leave Sami's side for a second? Now she's finally having this supposedly risky test and he's off having coffee with Billie.

And, again, not being familiar with medicine at all, as big as Sami is getting now shouldn't you be a little leery of a doctor who hadn't found TWINS before now? Where did this gal go to school, the Lexi Carver School of Medicine?

Great Prevuze, as always, to get us to the weekend!

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, we shouldn't have conjured up Kate again by wondering where she was. I absolutely dispise her character.

I can't believe the conversation between Steph and Chels. Talk about disgusting!! GAG

The pics and prevuze are awesome as ever!!!

8:26 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

I am surprised that Lucas isn't with Sami. I mean, she's his wife. At least Marlena is there.

That would be hilarious to have Kate switch the test results and then have Marlena switch them back. LOL

I guess Jer is a big stud and makes the earth move for Sexphanie each time. It's a wonder she doesn't feel the earth move when he's having sex with another girl and realizes, "hey, Jer is cheating on me!"

nuSexphanie has never seemed to like Nick. I so miss Abby. I think they should recast her, but don't turn her into a sex maniac like Sexphanie. One of those is more than enough!

Maybe Chelsick can get some self-help books to help move the earth. Plus, it seems like Chels is totally blaming Nick. I mean, is he supposed to do all the heavy lifting?

9:10 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

Maybe Billie could sit in on Chelsick's next encounter and give points. After all, she seemed pretty pleased with Nick's performance.

9:12 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

And yes, Lucass has totally changed his tune. He told Sami the baby would be half her and that was enough. Now, he's basically saying if he's not the father, it's over.

He should talk to Philip, Shawn Sr. on how to handle the situation.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I'm eating lunch and watching some of DAYS and just had to comment...

Lexi is telling Celeste she's going to just leave town so she doesn't hurt Abe and just call and explain things to her little boy. How in the world would a little 5-6 year old understand a mom who disappeared (how did they explain her absence to him I wonder?) and then came back but just "called him" to explain why she wasn't coming back to him. BIG ABANDOINMENT ISSUE for the poor child I would imagine.

I'll run this by the Prevuzers who have children, but I would bet anything that a mother's first thoughts and concerns would be about her child - seeing him, taking care of him - not whining around about what her ex-husband (or nearly ex-husband) feels about her!

Meant to mention this a few days big as Stef is on "family" and how it is the end all and be all for him you can't tell me that portraits or pictures of his father wouldn't have been shared with his kids or been hanging around the mansion.

As for Kate, if they keep Anna around for a while I'm going to enjoy seeing Kate's reaction to Anna flirting with Pard. HAHAHA

10:38 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

In response to Applecheeks, Yes, Lexie should be worried about Theo, not how she feels or Abe or Tek or anyone else. As to Abe's feelings, she should have been thinking about that before she played around with Tek whenever her libido took over. Geesh, can't that woman keep her pants up?
I'd like to see Kate's reaction to Anna too. I think Kate likes to have the I'm a slinky, sexy, worldly older woman market cornered.

LOL on Billie giving Chelsick pointers

11:39 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

Abe was impotent and he wasn't even willing to do anything. A girl's got needs and Tek fulfilled those needs and more. No, she shouldn't have cheated on Abe, but Abe shouldn't have dismissed her and his marital responsibilities so quickly.

I too was surprised that EJ had never seen a pic of his gf before. I'm sure Tony has and that's why he hates EJ so much.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Chelsea call her real mother,Morticia Adams and tell her about doing the deed with Nick and that she sent DVD's of it to Uncle Festus & lurch?

12:29 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

Anybody taking bets on how long it will be before Chelsea realizes she's pregnant? Yeah, I know, responsible old Nick would use a condom -- but remember, Rex and Mimi were using protection and she got pregnant anyway . . .

1:34 PM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"As for Kate, if they keep Anna around for a while I'm going to enjoy seeing Kate's reaction to Anna flirting with Pard. HAHAHA"

Ooooh.. I can just imagine the green-eyed monster coming out now!!!

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

TY for the laughs -- it looks like an episode I definately Won't be watching.

Dang we get 3 solid GREAT Days and then more of the trash :( But I guess I'll try and be happy ALL the days aren't garbage...

Wonder if maybe Sami thinks she got herself a little karmic payback since she has some idea now of how AUSTIN felt when she raped him?! No, I doubt that's crossed her mind, plus Austin didn't have the chance to make a choice.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone tell me if Days hired a teenage boy to do their writing? Are you kidding me? The way Stefanie talks - she sounds like a real pig! I so miss the old 'redhead' Stef. At least she seemed so much more mature and self respect... I would welcome a storyline of space aliens capturing Stef in Dayton and replacing her character!!!! At this point ANYTHING would be better than to think Stef turned so drastically!
Again, I question why EJ has not been arrested for rape? Even though the victim may not report it - if prosecutors find out, they press charges for the state... Oh ya I forgot we're talking about the police force run by the Brady's. They're too busy trying to decide which 'Brady brainiac' is going to infiltrate the Dimera mansion...

And as far as Lexie and Celeste... why hasn't Lexie filed a police report? Oh ya, I forgot we're talking about the police force run by the Brady's. They're too busy trying to decide which 'Brady brainiac' is going to infiltrate the Dimera mansion...LOL!

And ditto about Kate and Billie returning! Can't the writers please give these two better parts than one skulking around town listening in on other's conversations and the other one basically being the town doormat for everyone?

Marlena offered to change test results... Ok sound the alarms... she must have been captured and brainwashed by Tony... Marlena would NEVER offer that!!!!! She was ,is always will be tooooo gooooody-goooody! Something is wrong!

And finally, Sami is JUST NOW CONCERNED that Pukas might leave her? Hey how about thinking of that when you were sneaking out with EJ? Completely disregarding Pukas's wishes? She claims she has waited sooo long to be happy with Lucas, then why does she constantly go behind his back?

I have to admit, I haven't had the desire to actually watch Days in over a week. Thanks to Prevuze, I find it more entertaining with their 'little comments'.
Keep up the GREAT work!

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Go back into your hole. Thanks!

10:59 PM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

OK, I have watched this show since 1984, thru the good and the bad. If they keep up this Sexphony/Jerkemy/Chels/Nick crud, I will have to switch over to the "other" network that shows mature shows. I'm sorry, I'm not a prude, but I just don't find their conversations to be valid, impressive, mature, spunky, funny, good, following any other storylines, etc. It's just filler, and soft porn filler at that. I'm actually embarrassed to have my kids in the room with me when DOOL is on lately, "just in case" something is shown or said in bad taste as it has been *frequently*. Please, is there someway we can write them to voice our concerns/contempt??? Like, c/o DOOL NBC etc???

12:35 AM  
Blogger miss peaches said...

well for starters i am beginning not to like lucas and chelsea darn maybe them two should hook up lmao. but as for kate she is just up to no good. now for sami i wish her and ej would get together me and hubby had said not long ago that ej was gonna turn and wanna be nice he has been in love with sami since way back in the begin with austin and kari. now to nick and chelsea she is gonna do him so wrong after all the stuff he did for her. but hey if it didn't happen it wouldn't be true soap opera fashion would it? oh yeah wassup with the stephanie don't like her role no more like the red head betta and steve lord and where is kayla? also long tyme someone who left and came back as someone else bonnie? yes i have to totally agree as i read about billie and kate and what she told her i was like hmmm something aint right.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just when the show can't get more repulsive. It does

NONE of these younguns stand up to:

Jack/Jen, Steve/Kayla, Bo/Hope, Mike/Margot, Mike/Robin, etc...

9:05 PM  

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