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Who Needs A Swimsuit?

Nick calls and leaves a message for Chelsea from the lab, "All hell is breaking loose."

Kate walks in with Mr. Lewis from the hospital board of directors, "We've been talking about you."

The brat asks Max when he's going to tell Jeremy he wants out.

Jeremy asks Stephanie if she has come up with any ideas how he can convince Max to stay in on the deal. Stephanie tells him she has been busy for the last few hours doing her job, "Use caution while opening the overhead bin, refrain from using the call button while the flight attendant is playing tonsil hockey with the pilot..."

Jeremy asks if Stephanie knows what Max likes. She says he likes fast cars and easy women. Jeremy wonders if Max likes blondes or brunettes and then decides to get him one of each. On the way out, Stephanie tells Jeremy, "Oh, by the way, he likes Lincoln Park. It's one of his favorite bands."

Jeremy follows her into the passenger area. He tells Stephanie to go get some glasses and then proposes a toast to the five of them, "To friends, partners and the summer of '07." The glasses touch the sky.

Bo tells Patch Stefano discovered Hope. He listens as Stefano badgers Hope and tries to wake the pile of human debris on the couch. Bo radios to Hope and says he's coming in. Patch stops him. He says he knows a better way. Stefano asks Hope to empty her pockets. She pulls out her cell phone and shows him that's all she has. He asks her again why she is there. He pokes her and threatens something very unpleasant if she doesn't come clean, "I'll bring back Kayla! "

Roman paces. Doug joins him outside. Roman says he's thinking of sending a squad car over to Stefano's. Doug thinks that would raise red flags. "You're right," says Roman, "Maybe I should send the National Guard." Doug says he thinks they should wait, and goes back inside. Roman chews his jaw.

Julie shows Ciara Doug's long hair in old pictures. Ciara fusses. They find a picture of Jeremy at about 7 years old. Doug thinks Jeremy has a good head on his shoulders.

That would be Stephanie's head. Jeremy says he's going to stay and conduct some business and Jett can take Stephanie and Chelsea back to the hotel. The trio leaves. Jeremy tells Max he thinks the flight attendant outfits are too conservative, "Maybe if we hiked the skirts a little..." Max tries to talk about their side deal. Jeremy stops him short and says he has to leave.

Stefano tries to intimidate Hope. He grabs her throat. Patch comes in to the room and yells, "Get your hands off my woman!" He apologizes to Hope, "I know you wanted to keep that under wraps." Patch guesses maybe Tony and the crowd on the couch had too many glasses of wine. Being a professional orderly, he checks them out and guarantees they will be fine. He turns to Stefano and says, "Now, my baby and me have some business."

"You and Hope," laughs Stefano, "You expect me to believe that?"

Patch signals for Stefano to keep it down, "Just don't breathe a word of this to Bo." Bo listens in on the conversation and wonders what Patch is up to. Stefano asks if this is true. Patch says this has been going on since he was in the nut house. He and Hope smooch like teenagers. Patch says, "One thing led to the next and before we knew it..."

Bo has a conniption and radios in, "Hope, talk to me. What is going on?" Face sucking is going on...

Mr. Lewis says Kate has been telling him about how much she appreciates what Nick has done for her daughter-in-law. Nick assures him it's nothing. Kate tells Mr. Lewis Nick is sooooo modest. She predicts Nick has a bright future. Mr. Lewis tells him to keep up the good work and leaves.

Once Lewis is gone, Kate turns into Cruella DeVille, "That's right, "Keep up the great work Mr. Fallon, because if you don't, the lights could go out on that bright future."

Stephanie, Chelsea and Jett have arrived at the hotel room. Stephanie wants to go down to the casino. The brat wants to hit the Jacuzzi. Stephanie asks Jett to borrow twenty dollars. He gives her the bill and she leaves. Jett and Chelsea go into the room, where they find a huge party in progress. Jett turns to Chelsea, "I think we would have been better off in the casino." He catches a garter as it flies his way.

Jeremy hands Max a note, "I have a contact here named Kevin Ramsden – he has set aside a few tickets to a Lincoln Park concert." Max is ecstatic. He wouldn't miss it. Jeremy also has back stage passes. Max is as excited as a schoolgirl, "I can't believe this! I am so..."


Jeremy turns around and sees his friend Kye Rollings. "You suck," says Jeremy.

Kye falls apart laughing, "GOTCHA!" Jeremy introduces him to Max. Kye is thrilled, "MAX BRADY – THE RACE DRIVER? Hey, I won a lot of money betting against you back in the day!" Jeremy gives Kye keys to the trunks and Kye hands Jeremy a wad-o-cash. Kye leaves. Jeremy gives Max his take and tells him to go out and have a good time. Jeremy leaves Max standing alone in the plane.

Max is stunned, "WOW!"

Jett tells Chelsea the motley crew in the hotel room is a bunch of pilots and flight attendants. Chelsea sees some guy passed out on the floor with Kleenex stuffed behind his glasses, "He flies planes? Great!" Jett assures her Mr. Kleenex is a flight attendant. She should have been able to tell by his tight sweater and mini skirt. Jett goes to check things out.

Mr. Sleaze gives out a big laugh after winning his poker hand and tells the girls at the table with him to remove their tops. Chelsea walks up to the table and introduces herself. She asks where to go so she can get some sleep. They tell her the beds and chairs are spoken for. "Newbies get the floor, Shelby," says one of the bimbos.

Patch and Hope maul each other. Bo whispers for them to get out of there. Stefano clears his throat. Patch excuses himself and says he forgot they had an audience. He says he got carried away. Stefano says to Hope, "Well, I never did understand what you saw in that cretinous Bo Brady." Patch and Hope start to leave. Stefano stops them and tells Hope wants to get together over dinner since they were once an important part of each other's lives. He kisses her hand and apologizes about the misunderstanding. Hope and Patch leave.

Once they are gone, Stefano goes over and pours water on Tony and tells him he is useless. He storms out. Tony stares.

Outside, Bo and Hope hug. "Hey man," taunts Patch, "She's a great kisser!" He says he has to go back inside, "See ya later Fancy Face!" Patch scoots before Bo can kill him. Hope stops Bo from chasing Patch and tells Bo he was amazing. She also tells him she got the information they were looking for.

Bo says, "Now we can close the book on Colleen Brady."

Patch runs around the room with a plate of food whistling, "Doo Dah." He switches the spiked wine and sits down at the table as Anna and Tony walk in. Anna accuses Tony of slipping her a Mickey. Patch holds up his bottle of wine and asks if that is what they were drinking. Tony inspects it, "Yes, I believe it is." Patch says it tastes fine to him.

Patch invites them to join him. Anna says she has to get back. Tony wants her to stay, "Seeing you again reminds me of the man I used to be and the man I want to be."

Anna is coy, "That is up to you." She kisses him and leaves.

Once they are alone, Patch gives Tony some advice, "Never say, 'The man I used to be.'"

Tony seethes, "OH SHUT UP!"

Kate tells Nick to make sure EJ's name is on the form as the father. If those aren't the results she threatens to tell Mr. Lewis about the hairbrush. She gives him a parting shot, "Don't even think about mentioning this to Chelsea or anyone else, or you will be sorry. Is that clear?"


"Have a good evening." Kate leaves. Nick stares.

Chelsea tells Jett she's out of there, "I just saw a guy throw up in that plant." Jett suggests they hang out together.

Hope swings the baby around and says, "I'm so happy to be back here with my little bug! You too, Ciara." Bo, Roman and Doug look at the letters. Julie offers to swing by the university and see Nancy Mangino to have them translated. Julie's Italian has gotten rusty since last week when she translated the first letter. Roman hopes they have enough there to figure out what is going on.

Anna staggers in. They help her to a seat. She begs Roman for a favor, "Take me to bed with you!"

Bo quickly asks for clarification as visions of four months worth of dirty diapers run through his head. Roman offers to run her back to the hotel. Hope thinks Anna shouldn't be alone. Roman says he has work to do. Anna is indignant, "You can't possibly think I meant I wanted to have sex with you!" Roman says they will talk about this later.

Anna gasps, "You think I still have the hots for you! I just had a night from hell with my ex, and don't want to jump in the sack with the other!" Roman storms out with her. As she hits the door, Anna turns to the crowd and says, "We must do this again sometime."

Roman has his own parting shot, "Are you guys having fun? I hope you are having a good time." Roman and Anna leave. The group falls apart laughing.

Chelsea walks through the room full of partiers wearing a towel. Everyone in the room prays the thing stays up. Mr. Kleenex grabs her ankle and Chelsea kicks herself free of his grasp.

Bimbo #1 says, "It looks like Shelby is gonna do the hot tub."

Bimbo #2 says, "She looks like jail bait to me."

She goes outside and tells Jett she feels like she's in Junior High all over again.

Aw, come on," says Jett, "We're not acting anywhere near that mature."

She gets in the tub. Jett says he's not down in the casino because he doesn't want that kind of temptation. Chelsea thinks Nick's lack of trust is annoying, "Nick kept freaking out that I was coming here. Why can't he just trust me, huh?"

Jett smiles, "I'd be worried too. I mean, the last time Vegas saw something as hot as you was during the Pleistocene Ice Age."

They splash each other, slap, tickle and fight. Stephanie and Jeremy join them.

Nick looks at the vile full of Sami's amnio fluid. He remembers Kate's warning not to tell anyone and says, "Sorry, Kate."

It's a hot time in the old tub tonight. A lonely, unanswered cell phone rings.

Stephanie and Jeremy make out. Jeremy looks over and tells Chelsea to smile more. She gets out and says she wants to get some sleep. She thinks the people in the party room are obnoxious, "They told me I could sleep in the bathtub." Jeremy leans over and whispers a little advice.

Chelsea interrupts the card game. Mr. Sleaze is ready for the tops to come off. Chelsea tells the girls at the table he is bluffing, "Whenever he bluffs, he pulls that chain around his neck and that's what he is doing right now." The bimbos call Mr. Sleaze's bluff. Sleazo gives Chelsea a dirty look, tosses his cards and leaves. The girls invite her to stay and play some real poker. She peeks out toward the hot tub and thanks Jeremy.

Bo gets an email from Chelsea, "At least that's one Brady we don't have to worry about. I'm glad there's one Brady that gives me peace of mind."

"With a mind like yours," says Hope, "One is about all you can handle." Hope wonders how Steve is doing at the DiMera mansion.

Tony thinks Steve has switched bottles and put on the act with Hope because he is in collusion with the Brady's.

Patch is fascinated by the word collusion, "Why do you think that – because I swapped spit with Hope, my lover? I didn't expect you to buy that story. Your daddy didn't."

"Of course not," says Stefano.

Patch claims he was scoring points with the Bradys. Hope now thinks he is on their side. Patch flops down on the couch and invites Stefano and Tony to have a seat if they want to know what the Bradys are up to.

Stephanie mocks her routine as a flight attendant as she pulls her hand through the water, "In the event of a water landing, use your seat cushions." She shows everyone her seat cushion. Jeremy pulls her over and uses her seat cushion as a flotation device. Chelsea comes out and gives them great news – there are cots they can use. A girl brings out her cell phone as it rings.

Chelsea answers and tries to talk over the noise. She tells Nick she is glad he called. Max interrupts, "Hey, everyone, I'd like you to meet the new Mrs. Max Brady!" Suddenly, things get very quiet. Max turns to Bimbi and chuckles, "I told you they'd believe it!" He asks her, "Why don't you go order room service or something?" Bimbi bounces off.

They invite Max to join them in the hot tub, "Did you bring your swimsuit?"

"Who needs a swimsuit," screams Max, as he does a cannonball into the Jacuzzi, clothes and all.

Chelsea tells Nick what Max just did. Nick asks her to go somewhere quiet. Chelsea hangs up.

Chelsea asks Max, "What's with the 180? I thought you were going to back out of the deal?"

"HEY," chuckles Max, "IT'S VEGAS, BABY!" Splash and play."

Bo insists Steve can handle things. He asks if Hope is ready to pay up. Hope claims she won the bet. Bo says there is no way Roman is sleeping with his ex. Hope thinks four months of dirty diapers have him scared. Bo visualizes Hope in bed doing what he wants every night for the next month. He hopes he won the bet in spite of that image. She tells him to enjoy it while he can. Bo obeys and gets started.

Patch tells Tony and Stefano Hope has pictures of the letters. Tony tells Stefano Patch can't be trusted. Stefano says if the Bradys are interested in finding out who murdered Colleen they should sit back and watch, "Trust me. If the truth is ever known, that family will never recover." FF Stefano.


Bo says, "You didn't!" Roman says, "I did. I slept with Anna." Pan in on Hope.

Belle asks Phillip, "Well... I was wondering... if you could help Shawn find a job."

Kate tells EJ, "Break out the cigars, baby because you are the father.

Marlena says, "I'm sorry things weren't different." Sami looks at the test results and bawls, "E blubber J's blubber the blubber father blubber."


Blogger ghsoapster said...

Oh, thank god it happened off-camera. So didn't want to see JT Roman in the sack with Anna. Wayne Northrup would have been another matter entirely.

4:26 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I just don't know what to make of Steve. One minute he rescues Hope, then the next he tells Stefano and Tony that Hope has pics of the letters?
Who's side is he really on?

I agree with ghsoapster I am sooooo glad we didn't have to witness Pard and Anna do the mattress mambo. It's bad enough we had to watch Patch play tonsil hockey with Stick woman, ewwwww.

And the 90210/Touch This Guy Airlines crowd plays Viva Las Vegas. Yippeee....zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thank God for TiVo and Fast Forward!!!!

6:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI - its Linkin Park...just thought you might wanna know : )

6:51 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

FYI - its Linkin Park...just thought you might wanna know : )

At least it's a step up from Clay Achin'.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I'm betting Steve is on the "good" side. Telling the DiMera's that Hope got pictures of Colleen's letters isn't exactly divulging state secrets.

And how funny was this, Stefano says to Hope, "Well, I never did understand what you saw in that cretinous Bo Brady."

Never mind that the DiMeras would never let Patch parade around the manor like he has been or that Stefano would have believed for a minute that Stope were involved, the Patch/DiMera dynamic has been a hoot to watch.

LOL at all the Prevuisms and pictures today...Kate's lip injection especially.

Not only are the Touch A Nerve group a waste of time, we get to have a plug for Linkin Park. I guess NBC owns a piece of that band now?

Thank God for Prevuze!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Can someone explain exactly how some old love letters are going to "close the book on Colleen Brady forever"? What do they think she wrote in there, "Oh, by the way, this is how I'm going to die..." ??

I LOL over Vegas hoping the brat doesn't stay there. I'm sure Touched in the Head Airlines will be prominently mentioned in Vegas travel brochures.

I also got a chuckle out of the guy making a bundle betting against Max and the threat to bring Kayla back. HAHAHA

Terrific Prevuze on a gloomy day! :D

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am NOT a prude, but it infuriates me that the show is almost PROMOTING teenage sex (even if they are college-age). If the writer's were smart - they'd offset the 'image' with a consiquence or two... if you know what I mean (Penicillian -sp?). With kids out of school (and able to watch) the writer's need to step up and if they are gonna add the 'youngins' rollumping in the sack, can we at least send a POSITIVE message to the tweenie-viewers? Sheesh!!!!
Ok, back to the Prevuze. Great job today! I'm back to LOVING Steve again and his 'ad libs'.
Keep up the GREAT job!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Yeah, consequences would be nice, but unfortunately this #@$^ show moves so slowly we won't get to see any consequences from this flight until Christmas.

A few good ones might be Jerkmy ending up HIV+ and Steph having to get tested and freak out waiting for the results.
Or the old stand by pregnancy scare with Chick, oh yeah those two would be STELLAR parents.

And now, for the record, my theory on what happened to Colleen Brady.
At one point OMB said "she died in the worst way imaginable, because of a Dimera".
Then Stefano said "she died at the hands of a Brady. A Brady killed a Brady".
Okay follow me here:
We know Colleen was pregnant with Santo's baby.
I think, she died in childbirth.
Since she was a Brady, the people attending the birth would have been Bradys, and since Santo got her pregnant, he was the cause of her dying while giving birth.
So...she died at the hands of a Brady, because of a Dimera!
AND I still think her baby survived, and OMB took it, hid it and told everyone it died. That's why he is so scared to talk about it for fear someone will find out.
AND the baby, will turn out to be.....JOHN BLACK!!

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Deb~

I agree with your theory 100% It would certainly answer a bunch of questions viewers have had for years.

If all this is true though there already is a child that is Brady/DiMera ~Claire~

Belle is John's Daughter and therefore a DiMera

Shawn is a Brady

Now Sami's babies don't need to end the fued.


9:35 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Well, I certainly like that theory, and it makes sense to me. I laughed so hard with the picture of Nick and Kate lol too funnY~

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK my theory on the Colleen DiMera thing, I think that OMB is the love child of Santo and Colleen. Yes she died in childbirth and her parents raised OMB as Colleen's brother, telling the story to him that way for all the days of his life. But somehow he found out and kept it inside for many years afraid to divulge the info. Just my guess.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Claire still wouldn't be a Brady/Dimera child, because Bo is actually a Kiriakis...making Shawn a Kiriakis, too.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

If Stefano told EJ and Tony that Colleen was their grant aunt that would mean she was married to one of Santo's brothers right?? Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

And the worse possible way to die would be to die married to one, but loving anutha!

Can I get a WOOT????

10:54 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Anonymous said...
Claire still wouldn't be a Brady/Dimera child, because Bo is actually a Kiriakis...making Shawn a Kiriakis, too.

Well, Bo is still a Brady, because his mother was a Brady -- by marriage, to be sure, but still a Brady.

And when I listened to the "great-aunt" thing, I thought he said "HER" great-aunt, meaning Sami's.

And I thought it had already been proven that John was Forrest Alamain, nephew to Vivian Alamain, Philip's surrogate mother?

But I like the OMB as love child raised by his grandparents as their son (hence Colleen's brother) idea ...

1:05 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

Sorry, I forgot to ask --

Theresa, what does "WOOT" mean? I'm not up on all the texting abbreviations, I guess.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I think what was meant by Claire being a Brady/Dimera was that IF John Black ended up being the child of Colleen.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Loved Kate's lip injection photo.
Getting tired of the Bradys and Dimeras tiptoeing around the Colleen subject. Just spill it!
I can't believe the Brat isn't joining the ?fun? in Vegas. She would have dived right in last year and Steph would be the one trying to hold her back.
I don't know what to think about the theories concerning Colleen and OMB. Perhaps OMB isn't a Brady either so there aren't any Bradys in Salem. Who knows.
I wonder if Nick had to doctor the results to make the babys EJ's

1:37 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

OK nomintating myself as the official DOOl biographer...

Claire is NOT a Brady/Dimera any way you look at it.

John is really Forrest Alamain brother of Lawrence Alamain and not a Dimera.
Shawn is the child of Bo, who is a Kiriaks. It doesn't matter that Caroline was married to OMB, that doesn't make her a "blood" Brady.
And as we all know Stefano is all about BLOOD.

OMG is not the child of Santo and Colleen because there are pictures of him and Colleen together when he was a child and she wasn't old enough to have been his mother.
The picture of Colleen was mentioned to have been taken sometime in the 40's. OMB is at least 70 so he would have been born in the 30's.

All that said, I should retract my earlier prediction that John is the child (smacking myself for not remembering who John really was).

Other possible baby suspects:
Henri VonLeuschner - Frankie's father, which could explain the Brady's total exceptance of Frankie and Max as Bradys

Or maybe it's one of the dozens of Horton kids? Tommy, Addie, Mickey, Bill, Marie????
Could be why SOW reports they are going to trot Grandma Alice out for a few episodes soon.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I like all these theories about Colleen and Santo! I never could figure things out like everyone else, and I can't remember a lot of the family histories, so this is certainly getting interesting!

1:40 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Alice Horton is Colleen Brady, just kidding.
But why should the Brady's have all the Dimera fun.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Theresa, what does "WOOT" mean? I'm not up on all the texting abbreviations, I guess.

WOOT is a military term... essentially it's a high five, without the high.... and five....

And Deb
OMG is not the child of Santo and Colleen because there are pictures of him and Colleen together

They have pictures of God and Colleen together? WOW I missed that one. LMAO

I still think they said "your great-aunt". I saw a pic somewhere with the closed caption turned on...damned if I can find it though!

1:54 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:07 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Yes, Stefano said to EJ " Your great aunt"

2:09 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

Sorry, had bad grammar in the other post and wanted to correct it.

Brendamouse, I think you've hit the jackpot!!!!!

- There were maps of Brady AND Horton house locations found in the DiMera tunnel.

- Alice was a hospital volunteer for most of her life, and Colleen nursed Santo when he was sick/injured/whatever.

- The Hortons and Bradys have long been close, perhaps because they share common blood.

- Bo is conveniently NOT a blood Brady, so there wouldn't be any question of an incestuous relationship (at least not with Bo and Hope -- I need to think about the rest of Salem!!! Oh, wait, Sami and Lucas -- they'd be second cousins -- is that legal?).

I know you were kidding, Brendamouse, but the more I think about it, the more I like it!! ;-)

2:11 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Theresa - that's what I get for trying to type and look at family trees!

Okay now, OMG (yeah that's OH MY GOD)
Alice Horton is Colleen??

It would explain TONS!!
First, it would explain Doug's reaction (and them showing it in a flashback) to finding Hope and Bo in bed together back in the day before they found out he wasn't a Brady.

It would explain Jack's reaction to Abby dating Max. True Max isn't a Brady by blood, but then again we aren't sure WHERE he came from.

Sami and Lucas second cousins though, while not illegal in ALL states, still kind of ewwwww.
And the fact that they had a child together makes it even more icky.

I am holding out for Addie Horton to end up being the baby. It would fit with regard to age, and would totally explain the aforementioned reaction of Doug.
Tom Jr. and Addie are TWINS!!!!!!!!!!! Born in 1931!!!!

Besides Grandma Alice is like 100 isn't she??? A bit too old.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

I sure have enjoyed Prevuze DOOL. I like reading all these comments too. I find myself getting very confused though as to who is who and who their parents REALLY are!

I have been watching DOOL since about 1992. Lately though I fast forward most of it or just read the Prevuze here.

My aunt married her 2nd cousin...but they didn't have any kids. I guess it's not so abnormal as it may seem.

3:38 PM  
Blogger chaya said...

Prevuze - I don't know how anyone can be as funny as you so consistently. I'm jealous!!!

Certainly I'd rather read you than watch the show ...

4:14 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Prevuze - I don't know how anyone can be as funny as you so consistently. I'm jealous!!!

Thanks, but, hey, when you've got the most hilarious show on TV to work with...

4:48 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Rebecca, If you think YOU are confused, think of us poor souls who have been watching DOOL since the SEVENTIES!!!!

8:59 PM  

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