Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bad Mogambo

We are, once again, touching the sky. The brat and the snot are back in the galley chatting. Stephanie asks about Jeremy, "Do you think he's really into me?"

"Several times each night would be my guess," says Chelsea, "Maybe we shouldn't talk about this." Stephanie presses. She wants to know what Chelsea really thinks of Jeremy. Chelsea thinks he's an ass.

"With Jeremy, that's a compliment," says Stephanie.

Max walks into to Bo and Hope's house and finds a girl doubled over crying, "What's your name?"

"Ilsa." Max wonders who she is and what's going on. Ilsa is silent, except for the bawling. Max goes for tissues.

Jerkemy stomps downstairs and yells at Ilsa, "Hey, move your lazy butt! We've got a jet to catch."

Max walks out, "Hey, what is this, some preboard I don't know about?"

Sami, Lucas and Marlena are at the pub. The safe-pub. Marlena says John is out looking for another safe house, hopefully a little safer than the last safe house. Marlena tells them EJ tipped Roman off about Tony.

Patch, Roman and John trade macho stories about how things are going with the DiMeras. Patch says the DiMeras are a pack of rats. Roman announces EJ wants a peace conference. Roman says he isn't dumb enough to think EJ is genuine about wanting that, but it's close. He thinks the job they have to do right now is to find EJ.

"Or what's left of him," says Patch.

EJ lies tied up on the bed and tells Tony he is making a grave mistake.

"The grave is yours," says Tony, "You made the wrong choice protecting Samantha instead of Stefano." He tells Bart to get the shotgun and then turns back to EJ, "Do you have any last words, brother?"

Stephanie says Jeremy doesn't always treat her like crap, "Only when he's being nice to me." The brat thinks Jeremy's getting a free ride on Max' bankroll. She doesn't trust him. The snot gets snotty, "Do you know why you don't like Jeremy? Because you are his flip side."

"That's not true."

"Tell that to Nick," says Stephanie, "You don't like him because he reminds you of you.

Jerkemy tries to be smooth. He says Ilsa is just a friend. The friend is a basket case. "If she's such a friend says Max, what's her name." He's got Jeremy stumped there.

Sami can't believe EJ tipped Roman off to save her. Lucas jumps in, "Trusting a DiMera is like trusting a gator to get you across a river. He raped you!"

"And I have to move past that," says Sami.

Marlena agrees, "She can't walk around with anger inside her." No problem. Lucas is walking around with enough anger for all of them. He practically breaks the door off its hinges storming out of the pub.

Outside, Lucas finds Kayla and Ciara. Kayla asks about how things went at the safe house. Lucas says he doesn't think there is any such thing as a safe house. He asks if Kayla could forgive EJ if he raped her. Kayla stares.

Tony has rigged the shotgun to the door so it will go off when anyone opens the door. Bart tells him he is a genius. "Yes," says Tony, "The cops will break in only to find Elvis with a hole in his chest."

EJ says he would never betray Stefano. "BUT YOU BETRAYED ME," screams Tony, "You have no idea what I am capable of. Pity you won't be alive to see the first 100 days of my reign." Bart gags EJ and asks how they get out without setting the gun off. Tony tells him they will climb through the bathroom window. As they head out, Tony gives EJ a parting shot, "Rest well young prince, and flights of devils sing thee to thy rest." Shakespeare checks with his lawyers to see if they can sue.

Max gets on Jeremy about Ilsa. Jeremy says he picked her up at the Cheatin' Heart. He puts his arm around Max' shoulder and says, "It's a one-time thing... over and done. Are we cool now?"

Max says, "Now way man! We are nowhere near cool!"

Chelsea sees some of her old bad habits in Jeremy, but also thinks he doesn't respect Stephanie, "He ignores you when he isn't trying to get some." Stephanie thinks Chelsea is jealous because she gets to hook up with Jeremy and Chelsea has to settle for Nick. Chelsea defends Nick as Stephanie puts him down. Chelsea says Stephanie can do better than Jeremy. The question is, could she do worse?

Stephanie storms out as Jett jets in. He asks if Chelsea wants to talk. Chelsea tells him she thinks she has shot her mouth off enough for one day. But she doesn't let that stop her from talking anyway. She asks how a smart guy like him winds up with a jerk like Jeremy.

Kayla tells Lucas she went through what Sami went through. As usual, Lucas had no idea. "In time," says Kayla, "I was able to forgive him, but EJ tortured Steve and I don't know if I can forgive that." Lucas knows Sami wants to forgive EJ. Kayla tells him the babies need both Sami and him. He needs to be a father to them. She picks up Ciara and hands her to him.

"I forgot what this feels like," says Lucas.

EJ hears John and Patch talking outside the door. His deodorant fails him. Patch and John talk about what to do. John offers Patch the honors of being the first to enter. Patch twists the knob, but it's locked. The gag muffles EJ's screams.

Seeing Patch is having trouble, John goes into action, "I'll just have to huff and puff and kick this door in."

Chelsea says the next time someone asks Jett to be honest he should lie. She hates the way Jeremy treats women, Stephanie in particular. She thinks he is dangerous, "He's wild unpredictable and irresponsible. I feel bad for Max because Jeremy is bad news."

Jett asks, "Has Stephanie ever told you anything about Jeremy's other business?"

"You don't trust Mr. Wonderful either, do you," asks Chelsea.

We get a dose of The Gospel According to Jeremy, "We're guys, Max. You know how it is, sometimes we like to get a little something on the side."

"I'm her uncle," snorts Max.

Jeremy jumps all over that little tactical error, "From what I hear you were a little more than her uncle not too long ago." Max reminds him the relationship isn't biological so he can be her uncle when it suits him. "You know how it works," says Jeremy, "You were on the racing circuit. You had all those dragstrip honeys waiting for you after the race. Don't tell me you never tapped into that action!" BUSTED!

Kayla tells Lucas babies don't care about DNA or bloodlines, "What EJ did was terrible but the love you can give is beautiful."

Shakespeare turns to his lawyer, "That was really bad. Can I sue them for using a lame line like that, too?"

Sami rages against EJ, "Lucas is threatened by this. I really love him, but..."

Marlena interrupts, "We both know what EJ wants is you."

John winds up for the big smashing run into the door. EJ hears the commotion outside and tries to scream. John heads for the door, but Patch stops him, "I think there's some bad mogambo going down here." He thinks Tony might have left a calling card, "We might be in for a big surprise if we open that door." He says he's going around back to look for some good mogambo.

John hands him a pistol, "You might need this."

"Are you sure man," asks Patch. John presses the gun into his hand.

Patch takes off with the gun, "Trust is a beautiful thing." John huffs and listens at the door. Inside, EJ breathes a sigh of relief.

Max says, "I have had my share of one-nighters, but I always asked the lady her name." OMG! The man is a saint! Max asks why Ilsa is crying. Jeremy is clueless, "She doesn’t speak English. Y'know, I love all this Dr. Phil stuff, but I have to go." He turns to Ilsa and tells her to dry her eyes.

Max tries to step in, "He's gonna take you home. You got money?"

Jeremy whips around, "Hey, Maximillian, she's not that kind of girl! She slums around for free." Ilsa sulks out the door. Jeremy says he will drop her off and see Max on the plane. Max says he will be there. Jeremy says, "No worries, right man?"

"No worries." Jeremy leaves. Max sighs.

Chelsea wonders why Jett asked that. He just wants to keep an eye on things. She thinks he doesn't trust Jeremy either. Jett says he didn't say that. He thinks he is a good judge of character. Chelsea thinks he is too trusting for his own good. Jett asks, "Who are we talking about now, Chelsea?"

Roman interrupts Marlena and Sami. He says he has found a new safe house and assures Sami it is a nicer place. Sami goes outside to tell Lucas.

Roman sits down and asks Marlena if she knows Tony well enough to be able to tell if he is a fake. Marlena is shocked, "What? Someone in Salem with a fake identity? Impossible!"

Sami joins Kayla and Lucas and tells them about the new safe house. GLORY HALLELUJAH! Lucas is a changed man. Ciara has completely turned him around. He hugs Sami. She asks what he did that for. He tells her that is for making him fall in love with her. And he loves her babies, too. Smooches. Kayla looks on and smiles.

Patch breaks a window in back. Now that Patch is in, John figures this would be a good time to go in the front door, which now is magically unlocked, and dump bad mogambo on everyone. KA-BOOM!

Chelsea backs off. She says all Jett needs to watch out for is Jeremy. Jett goes to run the flight check. Stephanie comes back in. She and Chelsea argue. Chelsea says she has something to tell Stephanie, but Stephanie can't tell anyone about it. She says she knows for a fact Danielle is cheating on Jett, and wonders if she should tell Jett.

Roman tells Marlena Anna insists Tony isn't Tony, "She kissed him and that's what tipped her off."

Marlena asks, "What is Anna doing kissing someone besides you?"


Only John Black, supersmooth superspy, could be a big enough bumbling idiot to wait until his partner had broken in the back way to avoid the bad mogambo awaiting them at the front door and then open the door before his partner has time to tell him what's going on inside, have a shotgun pointed at the victim go off, AND MISS.

John, Patch and EJ walk into the pub. John looks for his butt with both hands but can't find it. EJ says there was a family spat. John tells Roman what happened.

Sami and Lucas walk in. Sami stares at EJ. EJ stares at Sami. Lucas stares at EJ. Oh, the tension!

Stephanie and Chelsea walk into the passenger area and talk the Jett-Danielle situation over. Max interrupts. Stephanie hears the oven ding and runs to get her cookies. Max sits down, "We need to do something about Jeremy."

"Like what," says Chelsea.

"Like get him away from Stephanie."

EJ says he doesn't approve of Tony's tactics. Lucas gets macho, huffs, puffs, gestures and postures, "By tactics do you mean how far your family will go tot get the stem cells?" So much for being a changed man. Sami tells Lucas to back off.

Mr. Macho don' care, "We're going to the new safe house." He drags Sami out of the pub. On her way out, EJ winks at her.

Bart and Tony are back in the car. Bart wants to know how Tony is going to break it to Stefano. "Break what," says Tony.

Bart says, "You just whacked your father's youngest son. Aren't you afraid of how he's going to take that?"

Tony says very slowly, "I'm in charge now."

Jeremy interrupts Max and Chelsea. Stephanie comes out and asks where he has been. Jeremy says, "Max and I had business... didn't we buddy?"

Max snorts.

Jeremy asks Stephanie for a bottle of water. Stephanie says, "Sure, what else are flight attendants (Translation: door mats) for?" She heads for the galley and Chelsea follows.

Max gets in Jeremy's face. He says he wants to check out the merchandise when they land. Jett comes in and wonders what the ruckus is all about. Jeremy says Max is just reaming him out for being late. He salutes, "Won't happen again, sir." Jerkemy heads up to the pilot's cabin.

Stephanie suggests Googling Danielle and seeing what she is up to. Chelsea agrees, "Then we can tell Jett..." Stephanie interrupts. She thinks Chelsea will use the situation to get closer to Jett.

"You are such a cynic," says Chelsea. Stephanie walks off.

Roman asks EJ if he's ready to pay Tony back. EJ says he still isn't ready to testify against Tony. Roman says that isn't what he had in mind. He wants to set a trap with EJ as bait. EJ agrees, but under one condition. Roman has to put EJ in the safe house, too. Marlena overhears, and says she doesn't like that. She wants EJ away from Sami. Roman backs Marlena up.

Patch holds Ciara. He and Kayla make over her. Kayla didn't realize how much she missed this feeling. "I think my baby has a baby jones," says Patch.

"No," says Kayla, "It's a baby Brady." She says raising Stephanie was bitterest because Patch wasn't there, "I wish we had a second chance to raise a baby together."

Patch does a double-take, "NOW? While we're still in the Stephanie Slump? "

Patch gives a nervous chuckle, "Sweetness, You really had me going there for a minute. You're kidding..." Now it's Kayla's turn to give a nervous chuckle. Patch says he has business to take care of. He smooches her and says he will catch up with her later.

Bart says, "Stefano will go cloud cuckoo when he finds out what you did to Elvis.

Tony says he will have Stefano committed and threatens to wipe the Bradys out all by himself, "And when I'm finished, they will look back to the days with Stefano as the golden age." FF Tony.


Stephanie says, "I could never get sick of you, Jeremy Horton." Tonsil hockey ensues.

Max says, "It's just business." Jett asks, "What kind of business is it – Touch The Sky or that little side operation you and Jeremy got going?"

Anna tells John, Marlena, Bo and Hope, "The man who's here now is not Tony. I shared a bed with Tony. I should know."

Stefano says to Tony, "You have done irreparable damage to this family. Elvis will never trust again."


Blogger JLG1985 said...

Please get the Jeremy/Stephanie/Jett/Danielle storyline over - PLEASE! This is ruining the great storyline DOOL has going right now. I am loving the Colleen/Santo scenes - which is a nice change of pace from all the routine drama on soaps. Oh, by the way, did Anna come back just to eat?? Please give here a decent storyline.

5:25 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I think they are giving Anna a "semi" comic role, for what I don't know, the regular actors make us laugh without really trying as it is.

DOOLism of the...decade??:
"I'm her uncle," snorts Max.
Bravo Prevuze for pointing out the moronically obvious, he's her uncle when it suits him.

I am really getting tired of DOOL doing the "let's not show any of the action" thing.
We don't get to see how EJ escaped the rifle. We get the build up, then POOF nothing.
Now we know how Chelsea felt when she slept with Nick (who said that?)

And now Kayla wants a baby?? What is this the YEAR of the baby on DOOL? Who's next, Anna? Caroline?
Enough with the kids already.

5:41 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"And now Kayla wants a baby?? What is this the YEAR of the baby on DOOL? Who's next, Anna? Caroline?
Enough with the kids already."

I think the writers at DOOL are just beefing up the brat-pack inventory for 5 years down the road (if the show survives that long) when they can all be SORASed to teenagers!

6:02 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

BTW, LOVED the "professor had to learn Italian" pic! Sure explains the snail's pace at which the translation is progressing. I mean, come on, Julie speaks "a little" Italian, and she translated that first letter on sight! Oops, sorry, there's TLT again!

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John looks for his butt with both hands but can't find it. Love it!! LMAO

6:11 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I agree Cfish, they have to have a new crop of young blood to carry on the stupidity of the current crop of Soras'd idiots.

Are they leading up to some in the air confrontation with Jerkemy vs. everyone and perhaps a crash or Jerkemy hijacking his own plane?

Max vs. Jerkemy- only I can treat my nieces like crap

NuStef vs. Jerkemy--You are an abusive cheat

Brat vs. Jerkemy--You're just a jerk.

International man of mystery, Jett vs. Jerkemy--you're going down for illegal whatever

Come on with the letters. Let's get this sl moving. The kids can stay up in the air for another week or so.

I forgot, where did they leave Shelle and Phil? Looking for Mimi? I thought Shawn went to Indy and back already. Is Phil still listening to a baby cry in the background over the phone?

6:45 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I forgot, where did they leave Shelle and Phil? Looking for Mimi?

Looking for their butts with all six hands. No luck there either.

Actually, we left Shawn and Belle at the picnic with Shawn talking to Max about the possibility of a job back at the garage. Shelle were happy as a couple of little clams and almost as intelligent.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I started to list all the hilarious Prevuisms in today's show and would have ended up copying the entire Prevuze. Just too, too funny today!

On top of the pictures already mentioned I got a big laugh out of OMB's trip down Elm. And, oh my, the last two censored links have actually lived up to their label. HAHAHAHA

Maybe Prevuze will have to have a "censored" rating system. GO for Generally Offensive, PG for Pretty Gross, R for really insensitive, and XXX for....well, you know.

In response to the last commentor in yesterday's episode - no, they haven't given any reason why EJ, AKA, "The Glove" did anything except to just mess with the Brady's.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Not wishing any ill will on Patch or EJ but how Keystone would it have been if the shotgun had blown one or both of them away? Squints the Superspy indeed! HAHAHAHA

Jenni's picture threw me for a second. I thought it was going to have Julie saying she wants another baby. Well, for DOOL why not?

Loved "it's a baby Brady" and the censored link. Excellent Prevuze, thanks!

8:11 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Stephanie needs to seriously dump Jeremy the womanizer. Geez, I really wish Mike Horton would make a guest appearance and kick the living s*&^ out of him!

One question: at the end of the prevuze, it says FF Tony, etc what does this mean?

10:07 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

One question: at the end of the prevuze, it says FF Tony, etc what does this mean?

FF = Freeze Frame

We probably shouldn't have to make a special effort to say it since they do it practically every episode. But today was really special. They did the FF on Tony, and then kept panning in! OMG! Sometimes I could just wet my pants watching the spectacular special effects on this show.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Ohhhhhhhhh yeah! they do do that. Its kind of a neat effect.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole storyline with Jerkemy, Sexanie,Undercover Jett, Minimum-on-Smarts Max and all the rest of the 'tweenybop', could we please move on with this story and get to the end.
Who doesn't think that Jerkemy (and Max unknowingly) are transporting either drugs or laundering money (hence the Vegas connection)? At least let US in on the 'sting' operation against Jerkemy. Then maybe it would be alittle more tolerable (knowing Jerkemy is gonna get what's coming to him). Let's just hope Stef doesn't get caught in the middle (wait, did I just say that?).
And do SOMETHING with the Nick and Chelsea storyline... Nick should drop Chelsea like a hot potato... I still don't understand why he is so drawn to her? She has NOTHING to offer him... Maybe he should move in on Sexanie... at least then he'll be able to 'get alittle'...
Ok, enough...

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well ive been thinking, if this girl that jerkmy has at bopes was crying and he didnt even know her name......wonder if he is smuggling girls in as slave labor/hookers/brides,etc. then jet would be FBI to uncover the prostitiution ring.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea about the smuggling. That would be quite a twist and would actually explain Jerkemy's unruly treatment of women.

I just hope whatever they are planning to reveal, they do it soon. I don't know how much more of this storyline we can handle!

1:49 PM  
Blogger jwilhite said...

max should've insisted on knowing what he was getting into in the beginning

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ug with the early 20s stuff but yeah to the rest! love the prevuze and the wording on John deciding it was a good time to break down the door lol! lucas....well what can anyone say about lucas and his mood swings - pms?

great pics and captions! TY!

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tape Daze and have been catching up on episodes. Yesterday I saw OMB arrive at the church in Galway. How is it that a devout Catholic whose sister was a novice doesn't know how to make the sign of the cross? Dope did fine. He REALLY didn't pay attention at those communion training sessions. Father Mallory will be hitting him upside the head soon!

3:13 AM  

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