Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That Tartar

Nick arrives at Bo and Hope's house and tells Chelsea he took the morning off so they could talk. She says she wasn't the one who walked out last night. He says he didn't exactly hear her telling him to stop. She invites him in. She says she was in shock because she can't believe he is being blackmailed again, especially by Kate. He tells her how the blackmail all came down. Chelsea thinks that doesn't make sense. She starts to head out so she can do something about it. Nick tells her not to even try, "I already told Billie what happened and..."

Chelsea interrupts, "You told my mom?"

EJ gets into Tony's car as Tony sits there looking through a pair of binoculars. EJ wonders what he is doing. Tony tells him he is bringing Sami to Stefano. He's watching what's happening in the Brady pub. He insists Roman will be the next one there and will lead him directly to Sami.

Caroline watches through the window and frets. Bo and Hope come in. Caroline is a basket case. She tells them about Shawn Sr.'s. disappearance and shows them his note. Bo reads it. Caroline wonders where he could have gone all alone.

Bo says, "This isn't like pa."

Caroline asks, "Where could he have gone?"

"Hard to say," says Bo, "After all, he owns his own bar."

Nick says he told Billie because he didn't have anywhere else to turn. He reminds her she was in Vegas. Chelsea says Roman told them they were in the clear, so the brush shouldn't mean anything. Nick says the hospital wouldn't see it that way. The administrators would see he compromised their integrity and he would lose his career, "My God, I’m a $6.95 an hour lab tech. I can't throw that away." He tells her about the scene with Kate at the Brady pub.

"What does she want from you," says the brat.

"Well," says Nick, "Now that I've had you and Billie, she probably figures she's next in line if she plays her cards right. And she wants to make sure EJ is the father, whether he really is or not."

"Did you change the results," asks Chelsea.

"I didn't run the tests," says Nick, "But I did write a report. What was I supposed to do?"

Chelsea yells, "Is that all you care about – yourself? Maybe you should talk to Marlena or some other psychiatrist."

"I don't need a therapist," says Nick, "I need you. If I get you, then I'll need a therapist."

EJ says he was the one Stefano charged to look after Sami. Tony says Stefano is dying and won't be around long enough to make deals. But only one of them will inherit the empire. Tony thinks it will be himself who will be assuming his place on the throne.

EJ asks, "Can you hear yourself, Tony?"

Tony laughs, "Constantly. So go ahead and preach. Someday you'll find yourself in the gutter smelling of urine and cheap wine. That could happen to you, you know."

Hope tells Caroline not to worry, "Bo is on the case."

"Things just keep getting worse and worse," says Caroline. She says OMB hasn't been the same since Colleen's name came up. Caroline blames herself for badgering him about her.

Bo returns and tells them OMB has gone back to Ireland – Probably to Galway. "He's gone home," says Caroline.

OMB walks into the sanctuary. He kneels at the back pew, prays and then he looks up and says, "I came for you Colleen, to tell you how sorry I am."

Chelsea and Nick argue. Nick wants to know why she won't have sex with him. She wants to know why that is the only thing that would prove she cares. He says it's not the only thing. She says she's uncomfortable doing it there in the house, just like he was uncomfortable doing it at Maggie's place. He suggests they go to the Willow Stark Memorial apartment. She can't – it creeps her out. He wonders why he is the only one putting effort into the relationship.

EJ asks, "What happened to you Tony? You used to be a decent man. You didn't want any part of the Brady war. What went wrong? What turned you into this... creature that sucks the happiness out of others?"

Tony snorts, "Is the same Elvis, talking to me about inflicting pain on others, who put a bullet in John Black?"

EJ says, "I live with what this family made me every single day."

"Then I'll ask the same thing," says Tony, "What happened to you?"

"I was raised a soldier," says EJ, "That was what father always said, wasn't it – that nothing else matters if you are a good soldier. I believed that my whole life."

Tony grumbles, "Until you fell in love with that tartar Brady... of all people. Pathetic!"

EJ thinks it's ironic. He is becoming the man Tony used to be, "It's uncanny. Tigers are actually stalking me. You still could be that man if you looked inside and saw how miserable you have become." He asks Tony to help him end the vendetta, or it will not end well for any of them. Tony lifts his binoculars and spies Roman parking his car around back, "Perfect!"

Bo tells Caroline not to worry. He says Hope and he will find OMB and bring him home. Caroline is unglued. Hope takes her to make the elixir that solves all problems, tea.

Roman and Anna come in. Roman says he got Bo's message asking him to come. Bo shows him OMB's note. He knows OMB went to Galway. He and Hope have booked a flight and are going to go find him. Anna says she is hungry. Roman lectures her for thinking of food at a time like this. Bo tells her the kitchen is closed, but she can rustle something up.

Anna is shocked, "Me cook?"

Roman suggests a donut place around the corner. "They make great donuts," says Bo.

"As only a cop would know," she says. Anna says she can tell when she isn't wanted and huffs off.

Roman turns to Bo and puts his hands up, "Don't ask."

"I didn't say anything," says Bo. Roman wishes there were something he could do. Bo says there is. He asks him to reach out to EJ.

OMB prays. He remembers being in the sanctuary with Colleen. "Scared out of yer britches aren't ye Shawn," she asks, "There's nothing to be a-skeered of, and I'll be there with ya." She steps him through the ritual and shows him what will happen. OMB smiles.

Nick tells Chelsea she's a million miles away lately. We wish she were, anyway. Nick goes on, "Haven't I always been there for you? I need you right now. I need to know you are there. I thought we were there for each other. Nothing's changed, has it? It's like we're back to square one."

"No," says Chelsea, "I slept with the square one."

Roman doesn't want anything to do with EJ. Bo says they have to resolve this thing. Roman asks if Bo would reach out to EJ if he had raped his daughter. Bo apologizes and says he will handle it himself when he gets back. He thinks EJ is the most levelheaded DiMera and, because of his feelings for Sami, he is their best shot for making a deal.

Shawn Sr. prays. He hears Colleen lecturing him because he left his book at home, "Ye hafta learn yer prayers."

Little OMB sees Santo walk into the sanctuary. He gives Colleen a look and says, "We all have to keep our promises to God."

EJ wants a response. Tony says he was a different person once – Long ago. He was well respected. He turned his back against the DiMeras and paid dearly for it. He didn't want to be like Stefano, but realized there is no fighting it. The Phoenix always wins in the end. So he decided he wanted the DiMera empire for all his trouble. He became the perfect son and will be Stefano's successor.

EJ says he can't let him do this. Tony asks, "So what are you going to do to stop me?"

All Nick wants to know is where he stands with the brat. Ever since they slept together she has pulled away, "Was I that bad?" Chelsea insists that's not it. "If not," he says, "then it can only be one other thing – Jett."

Roman says he won't sit down and break bread with the DiMeras. Bo doesn't want his little girl growing up with the vendetta going on. Suddenly, Roman does a 180º and agrees to talk to EJ. He thinks EJ may agree but Stefano and Tony won't. Bo says they will cross that bridge when they get to it.

Little Shawn studies his catechism. Santo comes up to him and introduces Stefano, "He would like to play wit' you."

OMB pops out of his trance, "If only we'd never met, Stefano, and stayed strangers forever."

Tony says he will carry out Stefano's orders and EJ can't prevent it. EJ asks, "So you're gonna follow Roman to get to Samantha?"

"By the end of the day I will have delivered Samantha to Stefano," says Tony.

"He's gonna take her babies," says EJ, "My children. His grandchildren." EJ nukes. Tony pulls a gun and says if EJ crosses him he is dead.

Chelsea says this has nothing to do with Jett. Nick doesn't buy it. She says, "I'm sorry if you're insecure, but it still doesn't have anything to do with Jett."

Nick rants, "Were you thinking of him when we were having sex?"


"Then who was it," he asks, "Who were you thinking of when we were having sex?"

"My mom."

Oops. Time for damage control. "Chelsea," he says, "That was different."

She doesn't want to talk about it. She says she will get over it someday, but can't right now. He has to stop pushing her, "No means no!"

"I don't think so," says Nick, "I think it means you don't want me in that way." He turns, pouts and leaves. SLAM! Chelsea goes to the door and watches.

Roman agrees. The vendetta has to stop. He thinks this is a longshot though. Hope comes back out. Bo and Hope say they have to get ready for their flight. On the way out, Bo asks how things are with Anna.

"Let's just put it this way," says Roman, "Dealing with the DiMeras will be a very nice break."

EJ tells Tony to put the gun away. Tony puts it away and says, "From this moment on, there is a race to see who inherits the DiMera fortune. Father is challenging us. And I won't disappoint him."

"I'm not going to let you harm Samantha or our children," says EJ, as he leaves. Tony calls Bart and tells him to get his lazy backside to the Brady pub. He hangs up and says, "It's not gonna take long now."

Little Stefano plays with a truck and offers it to Shawn. Shawn sits there like a bump on a log. Colleen walks up and encourages him to play, "Stefano wants to share his lorry wit-cha." Shawn takes it and he and Stefano walk out. Shawn looks back at Santo talking to Colleen.

Shawn Sr. watches the scene, "You broke our promise to God, Colleen. It wasn't me. You know who it was." All the ghosts disappear. Shawn looks confused.

Bo and Hope get home and tell Chelsea about OMB. They say they are going after him. She asks what they are going to do about Ciara. Poor Kayla drew the short straw and they are going to dump Ciara on her. Chelsea tells them Jeremy is there, but she will be fine. Bo and Hope go to pack.

Anna gets into Tony's car. Tony thinks it's Bart and he snaps, "Do you know how long I've been waiting?"

"I've missed you too," says Anna, "What are you up to, Count. Are you spying on someone?"

"As a matter of fact I am," says Tony, "Please go." Anna says she wants to finish their evening, which was so rudely interrupted. Tony says, "Go back to where you were holed up."

"That would be with Roman," says Anna.

Tony wretches. Anna says, "I've been thinking about you, Tony – having dangerous thoughts."

Tony says, "Frankly, Anna, whenever you are thinking it's dangerous, not to mention downright scary. So, specifically what have you been thinking?"

Anna says, "Whether or not that old magic would still be there."

"At my age," says Tony, "It would be magic."

EJ comes into the pub. He says he got Roman's message. Roman snorts, "Sit down."

EJ smiles, "You forgot to say please."

"SIT DOWN! My family is tired of being terrorized by the DiMeras. It's time to end the vendetta."

EJ agrees and he thinks Stefano might agree also, "If it's presented in the right way."

Roman says, "The Bradys want to meet. We want to end the war, so we can live in peace for all the Days Of Our Lives."

EJ says Tony now only lives for one thing – to get Sami. And he's using Roman to get to her.

Young OMB runs through the sanctuary after Colleen. Old OMB wanders through. He looks at Colleen's plaque and reads the inscription, "She gave her life to God, and now she sings with the angels."

Anna tells Tony it seemed like old times the other night at the mansion, "It was wonderful."

"Yes," says Tony, "Until someone drugged the wine."

Anna gasps, "You can't be thinking I did that!"

"I don't know my dear," says Tony, "But I really don't care. If you'll excuse me..." Anna drags him over and kisses him.

Roman tells EJ he's suspicious of any warning that comes from him. EJ stresses that he is trying to help and is concerned for Sami's safety. Roman thinks that's strange coming form her rapist. He promises he will nail him eventually. "Any nails," says EJ, "will be the ones in your daughter's coffin. You want peace? There's only one way to do it. You have to take Tony out."

"I'm not into that lifestyle," says Roman, "I only date women."


Marlena tells Sami, "You cannot give Stefano stem cells, because if you do your babies will die."

Anna tells Roman, "I'm not kissin' anybody else until they buy me a decent meal."

Hope asks, "What do you think he was praying for." Bo says, "One of two things. Either Colleen's soul... or his own."

EJ is tied up and gagged. Tony says, "There is only one punishment for treason. He sticks the gun in his face, "DEATH!"


Blogger Brendamouse said...

Then who was it," he asks, "Who were you thinking of when we were having sex?"

"My mom."

Oops. Time for damage control. "Chelsea," he says, "That was different."

Eewwwww! But understandable. I don't think there would be any aphrodisiac on earth to get me in bed with some guy that slept with my mother.
And yeah it was different, Billie thought you were great. But then again, she was smashed.

5:45 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I think Prevuze missed one here --

"Shawn Sr. watches the scene, "You broke our promise to God, Colleen. It wasn't me. You know who it was." All the ghosts disappear. Shawn looks confused."

Shawn looks confused? How could they tell? Doesn't he ALWAYS look confused???

And I love Nick, but I'm getting real tired of him being a wimpy, whiny, wet noodle -- he needs to grow a pair and stand up for himself.

6:13 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Ok - I'm confused... When Bo says "This isn't like Papa" - it then says:

Colleen asks, "Where could he have gone?"

Did the scene go back to the sanctuary? I know it keeps flipping back and forth but this part here confuses the crap out of me cause all I kept thinking was "wait - is Colleen alive? or is this another Colleen?... It's a bit hard to keep up and I have to work late tomorrow so I won't be able to catch this episode.

Someone please clarify.

Other than that - I love Prevuze. It rocks.... I wish there was a way to get the prevuze for what would've aired had it not been for the tennis. All these channels on cable and DOOL couldn't have aired on Soapnet at the least to give us the "repeat" of what would've aired had it not been for tennis.

Ok - time for some tea.... I'm a wee bit emotional today... LoL

7:12 AM  
Anonymous t67days said...

--There's only one way to do it. You have to take Tony out."

"I'm not into that lifestyle," says Roman, "I only date women."

LOL - THAT cracked me up !!!

Also, loved Roman's pic about the drive-in. Thanks, Prevuze, for all the laughs. I always read Prevuze in the mornings before anything else - great job!!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you brendamouse. I would never sleep with a guy who had slept with my mother. I am not a Chelsea fan but why she ever got together with Nick after he did Billie is beyond me.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Angel - I think that was meant to read either Caroline or Hope. I had to read that a second time, too.

And cfish, I completely agree about Nick! I really liked him until he caved to Kate instead of just going to Pard, Bo, Lumi and telling them all what she was trying to do.

So many great Prevuisms today - tigers stalking EJ, the great new crude-o-meter (it should rate something from every episode) and I don't know why but I laugh every time I read "young OMB". HAHAHAHA


8:21 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Great Prevuze as always! And almost* LOL at Mary Kay's tonsil rape pic.

Great Crude-O-Meter.

Roman made the Brady/DiMera family sit-down sound like a scene out of The Sopranos. Now they just need a neutral meeting place and a neutral party to mediate. I wonder what the rookie cops who solved Zach's hit-and-run are doing? They came off as the most intelligent, level-headed people in town.

*The auditors are in this week, camped outside my office in the conference room. Have to temper my usual raucous reactions to the dastardly, delectable Prevuisms. It's really cramping my style!!

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Tripp said...

Well, to stand up for Nick sleeping with Billie, it's not like he married her and had a child with her (see: Addie/Doug/Julie) so it is very possible to move forward from that. But since the show insists on throwing 1,000 other obstacles towards Chelsea/Nick the big one easily gets lost.

I can't believe though it's up to Chelsea telling Nick to do the right thing though!

9:10 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Ok - I'm confused... When Bo says "This isn't like Papa" - it then says:

Colleen asks, "Where could he have gone?"

Did the scene go back to the sanctuary?

Sorry. That was a typo. It was Caroline talking. It has been changed in the original post. Thanks for the heads up.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont blame chelsey for not wanting to hop back in bed wth nick.
how many girls would want a guy like nick who finally scores with a girl that he pretty much stalks. goes on the internet under a diffrent name, which almost got her raped by the real guy.
then goes off when she talks to another guy.

and he tells her that if she cares about him then she would sleep with him again

note to chelsey run as far as you can because i see a jan/shawn situation coming soon

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Prevuze rules! I love the Irish accent typing: "Thank the Lard" etc. Hi-LAR-ious!

Question: does anyone else think that Patch might be the one who shot John, not EJ?

10:33 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Anonymous: I think it was Lexie who shot John, not Patch.

And now that we know Jett is an "undercover brother" I wonder what will happen there?

Now some spoilers:

Max confronts Jeremy about what "Touch the Sky" is really transporting. The question is will anyone care?

He's back! Andre is pretending to be Tony again!Oh yeah, things are gonna get good now!

Nick finds out who is the father of Sami's twins this week.
BUT will he tell US?

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is Andre?

11:49 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Andre is Tony's lookalike cousin who has impersonated Tony in the past

12:02 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

And Andre, like every other good Salemite, has died at least two times (when he was impersonating Tony and was "shot" by John and when Tony chased him into the swamp and he was swallowed by quicksand).

Was there a third I'm forgetting?

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's weird seeing Chelsea ask Nick if he only cares about himself. They seem to have switched roles. He used to be a goody goody and she... well okay. She's still a selfish little brat who doesn't care about anyone who's not a "hot" guy to make out with or someone to help get her out of trouble. I just hope we won't see Nick climbing telephone poles and getting electrocuted only to survive unscathed anytime soon.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVED the Prevuze today :D but I have just one question I hope someone can help me out: why do is Roman called 'Pard'? Just curious! Thanks!

6:09 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

why do is Roman called 'Pard'?

Because he says it so much. It is short for "Pardner" and it goes back to his Kris Kostichek days.

7:18 PM  

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