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Midnight Beach Blanket Bingo continues. Jeremy has to go, "See ya later, Max... and you, Chels-a-licious."

Chelsea says, "Sure thing, Jere-pukeus."

Chelsea warns Max that she does not trust Jeremy. Max says, "Chelsea, I'm about to give this guy a lot of money, so this is not what I want to hear right now. I mean the guy just got me agree to transporting knock-off designer clothes, so how could he not be trustworthy? "

Jett and Stephanie talk about Nick. Nick overhears Jett dissing him. He walks up to them and Jett says, "I shouldn't have said that behind your back. I'm sorry."

"You're right," says Nick, "You're sorry." He tells Jett to stay the hell away from Chelsea.

Daniels tells Sami and Lucas they need to stay in the apartment. Lucas says he will keep his eye on her. Daniels argues. Sami suggests he go with them.

Stefano and Tony come into the bomb scene. Roman has summoned them. He sees them walk in and says, "I thought there was a bad smell around here." He rants about what they did to Sami and Lexie. He wants to question Stefano alone. Tony leaves and Stefano apologizes for any misunderstanding. He claims his family is not involved in the incidents with Lexie and Sami. Roman lectures about the bomb and how Bo was hurt and Hope could have been, too. Stefano insists he would not lay a finger on Hope. Roman says the bomb has Stefano's name written all over it. Stefano says the bomb could have been down in the tunnel for years. "No," says Roman, "My staff tells me the bomb was fresh and I think it was planted by a DiMera."

Stefano asks, "How can you tell if a bomb was 'fresh' after it has gone off?"

"Mind your own business," says Roman.

Chelsea changes her tune. She tells Max Jeremy will be a good business partner. She also thinks Jett is OK. She tells him not to worry. Max points toward the Nick-Jett smackdown and asks what's going on. Chelsea zones. Max asks if she shouldn't be happy to see her boyfriend.

Jett offers to be friends. Nick rejects. He asks about Jett's fiancée and how she feels about him hitting on other girls. Jett claims Chelsea can decide whom she wants to hang out with.

Sami turns up the heat on Daniels. Lucas promises there will be no funny business, "I won't TP a single place while we are out."

Stefano wonders what reason his family would have to plant the bomb. Roman says, "You tell me." Stefano doesn't want to be remembered as a monster. "Well," says Roman, "You'd better check out Atilla the Hun, because that's your legacy."

Stefano has a choking fit. Tony steps in. Roman asks Tony if he planted the bomb or had anything to do with the attempt on Sami's life. Stefano stops choking, "This is preposterous. Samantha is carrying my grandchild."

The blood drains from Roman's face, "What the hell are you talking about? That kid is Lucas'."

"Ahhh," says Stefano, "I see I hit a nerve. Roman, this is a celebration! We will be one big happy family!" Roman chuckles.

Chelsea tells Max she and Nick are over. She gives him details about what happened today. Max says he isn't surprised. He likes Nick but self-confidence isn't one of his traits. He thinks Nick would feel inferior if Chelsea is hanging around with someone else, "He knows he isn't in the same league as you. Rich guys always get the girls."

"Well," says Chelsea, "That's a great view of women. No wonder you don't have a girlfriend." Max thinks maybe it's a good thing she broke up with Nick.

Chelsea lowers her head and whispers, "He broke up with me."

Jett says, "If Chelsea is too hot for you, that's your problem." Chelsea walks up. Nick claims Jett is trying to hook up with her. He lunges for Jett. Max breaks them up. Mayor Snodgrass steps in and gives Max the Citizen of the Year award for saving Nick's life. Chelsea wants Nick to go home.

Nick asks, "What, so you and Jett can have some alone time?"

Sami, Lucas and Daniels explore the dock. They can't find the package that is supposed to be there. Daniels asks, "Hey, is this a drug deal?"

"Do you see John Black anywhere around," asks Sami, "Am I dressed as Stan?" They decide to hide and wait. Sami asks Daniels to search the perimeter. Daniels doesn't want to let her out of his sight. Lucas says he takes full responsibility. For some strange reason, that doesn't impress Daniels. As he leaves he says, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Lucas tells Sami she shouldn't be there right now, "The DiMeras could be involved. Have you thought about any of this?"

Chelsea claims she and Jett are just friends. She tells Nick to go. Nick wants to talk to her. He just wants ten minutes.

"Ten real minutes or ten DOOL minutes," asks Chelsea. They go off together.

As they leave, Max tells Stephanie this is why he stays single. She wonders what happened to Jeremy. "He left," says Max.

"Jackass," Stephanie huffs off.

"Well," says Max, "Doesn't anyone have a nice thing to say about this guy?"

Roman is confident the DiMeras will get life sentences. Stefano thinks they should sit down and work this out peacefully. He thinks that could be a new beginning for their families. Roman takes a parting shot, "Damn, you really are delusional."

Stefano asks Tony, "Just what have you been up to behind my back?"

Sami doesn't think the DiMeras are responsible for this. Lucas says whomever it is they are late. Sami tells him if this works out her dad will be thrilled. Her phone rings, "OMG, it's my dad."

Stephanie stomps around, "Guys suck." Max tells her not to take it out on all guys. A couple of babes give him the eye. Max points them out to Jett, "Wish me luck."

Jett asks Stephanie about Jeremy. She says she has called him three times, "Is he cheating on me?" Jett sweats.

Jeremy parades around Bo and Hope's house in a towel. He may be a jerk, but he's clean, anyway. He calls upstairs, "Jess, are you coming?" Jess comes downstairs and decides she wants some music. A car pulls up. Jeremy looks out the window and panics, "We're outta here. This isn't my house."

Nick and the brat stomp in. "Just say what you have to say and get out," says Chelsea.

Sami answers her phone. Roman asks if they can get down to the pub for a family meeting, "It's about Colleen, and it's information I think you will find interesting." Sami asks if she should bring Will. Roman says this would be a good time for Will to go visit Carrie and Austin.

"Are they still together," asks Sami, "That must be a new record for Carrie."

A siren wails in the background. Roman asks what that's all about. Sami says they are watching a show. She hangs up and tells Lucas they have to find Daniels. Suddenly, a mystery woman approaches. They hide and watch.

Jett claims he doesn't know what Jeremy is up to. "All guys are unmonogamous," says Stephanie.

"That's not even a word," says Jett.

Stephanie asks if Jett he wants Chelsea. Jett denies. "Lucky for you she and Nick are on the outs," says Stephanie, "When are you getting rid of that deadweight fiancée?"

Nick tells Chelsea he got mad when he saw Jett in her arms. He asks what she would do if things were reversed. Chelsea says she would have handled things with more dignity. He points out she went nuts when she thought he had a relationship with Willow. She wants to go. She thinks this is a waste of time. Nick apologizes, "You are the beast thing that ever happened to me."

"What a pitiful life you must have."

He tells her about his fantasy; he wants to walk into his ten-year reunion with a babe on his arm, and he wants her to be that girl.

She doesn't even know who she will be then. He isn't asking for a long-term commitment. Just until the reunion. Nick says, "I'll wait. I'll do anything for you, Chelsea, you know that."

Chelsea says, "I'm sorry Nick. It's over."

Sami and Lucas speculate about who the mystery woman is. She runs off. Daniels comes back. They all scurry and hide again as the figure comes back. "The eagle has landed," says Sami.

"I don't see any birds," says Lucas.

Stefano asks Tony if Roman is right, "Are you responsible for this? It was you. You planted this bomb. And what is this business about Alexandra? Don't tell me you are stupid enough to imprison your sister! You are not to do anything without consulting me first!"

Tony tells him the family is his legacy, "You're the one that created the Brady's as our enemies."

Stefano asks, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Tony says, "If you're not ready to finish them once and for all... I will."

Chelsea thinks they should take a break, some time to figure things out. Nick says he doesn't need time. He knows what he wants. He kisses her. She gives him the wet dishrag treatment. He reminds her of the night they met at Dune. She remembers he came to her rescue. She kisses him.

Jeremy sneaks in from the kitchen, but sees them going at it. He backs out again. Chelsea stops Nick. She wonders what if her dad and Hope walk in, "Maybe we should go upstairs."

"Are you sure," says Nick.

"I'm sure."

The figure stalks. Sami runs up and stops her. Sami, Lucas and Daniels subdue her. Sami asks about the disc.

She hands Sami a package, "Everything you need to know is in there. Just let me go."

Sami asks, "Do we find out what's in the package or find out who she is first?"

Stephanie apologizes and says she wants Jett to be happy and Chelsea is the girl who can make him happy.

Max introduces Gigi. Gigi giggles and jiggles. Max takes Jett aside and asks if Gigi can come on the first trip with them. Jett OK's it.

Max goes back over to Gigi and extends the invitation to Vegas. She accepts and the happy couple jiggles off.

PrevuzeJeremy comes up and kisses Stephanie. He makes excuses. He tells her didn't call because he didn't want to ruin the surprise. He hands her a jewelry box with a bauble inside. She thinks it must have cost a fortune. "Nothing is too good for you," says Jerkemy.

Stephanie wonders why Chelsea hasn't called. Jeremy gives them a report on the antics in Bo and Hope's living room.

Stefano lectures Tony. He says he gives the orders – not the other way around. Tony says he trusted Stefano once, but he's not the same man he used to be. "John, Bo and Steve Johnson are all still alive. If I had made half the mistakes you have made, you would have my head on a platter." That does it. Stefano wants a family meeting. Tony thinks that is absurd, "It won't work."

Roman walks back in and announces, "We're gonna fill that tunnel with concrete, so something like this doesn't happen again. It's also a great way to destroy any evidence that is down there, not to mention wasting a lot of good concrete. So we need access to the mansion to get into the tunnel from the other side. Will a cement truck fit in your living room? "

"Only if Shawn is behind the wheel," says Stefano.

Roman leaves. Tony rants, "I barely recognize you, father. Whatever happened to that powerful man I once admired?" Tony leaves. Stefano takes a deep breath.

Sami pulls several envelopes out of the package, "OMG. More letters. Where did you get these?" The figure begs them to let her go. Sami uncovers her and gasps, "OMG! It's you!"


Marlena says, "Colleen Brady." John says, "So that's where it all started." Marlena says, "And until we find out what happened between her and Santo, the horror continues."

Lucas points to a picture of Colleen and tells Sami, "You're in this. You're in this all the way up to your beautiful ears."

Stefano asks, "Do I gather you all around my bed and tell you to stop this vendetta, or do I stop it here, now, and forever?" Flash to Tony and Elvis.


Blogger Deb said...

I really wish DOOL 90210 would just hurry up and play itself out. I am soooooo tired of the Jeremy/Chelsea/Jett/Stephanie/Nick love triangle (or in their case pentagon) I could just scream.
Than GOD for TiVo and fast forward.

Okay so it seems EVERYONE EXCEPT Roman knew Sami's baby is EJ's. How does that happen?? Didn't he see the billboard as you come into town?
He obviously got the memo about Sami and Lucas changing their phone numbers, he called her cell.

DOOLism of the day (maybe even the week):
Lucas tells Sami she shouldn't be there right now, "The DiMeras could be involved. Have you thought about any of this?"
I don't know where to begin on this? Sami THINK? Does Lucas realize what he is asking her to do? And the DiMera's COULD be involved?? Thank you Mr. Obvious!

And now ladies and gentlemen I present the best unintentional Prevuism ever:

Nick apologizes, "You are the beast thing that ever happened to me."


6:32 AM  
Anonymous Tripp said...

Okay, was this supposed to be a love scene? I have always like Chelsea/Nick and can get over them breaking up but why rush the sex part before it? Ugh, this show drives me nuts.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

And now ladies and gentlemen I present the best unintentional Prevuism ever:

Nick apologizes, "You are the beast thing that ever happened to me."


Well, it's not the first one, and it won't be the last one until they come up with a spell-checker that is more intelligent than the author.

"That shouldn't be hard to do," she says.


7:54 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

why rush the sex part

What else ya gonna do... ratings are down, school is out, minks are out of hibernation...

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not watch DOOL - I rely on Prevuze.

Today I was on the NBC board and the Shelle fans said that Claire was going to Shauwn and Phillip just walked in and picked her up. The Phelle fans said that Claire walked to Phillip instead.

Which scenario is true?


8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucas tells Sami she shouldn't be there right now, "The DiMeras could be involved. Have you thought about any of this?"

this confirms it... Lucas is a FREAKIN' GENIUS! How stupid do they have to make this character? I can't even imagine what Brian D. is thinking about his character with Days!!! He's probably started drinking... for real!!!!!

All of this Jett, Jerkemy, Chelsea, Stefab*tch and Sap-sucker Nick - is just plain filling. Days writers are TRYING to catch the attention of a young audience (while on summer break) - and I can't imagine any 'youngsters' would even think this whole love triangle is nothing more than STUPID!
And could we please do something with poor Max? He is like a fish floundering out of water! Give this guy a life, with a purpose (and maybe a girlfriend)!
Jerkemy and Jett could take the first flight of 'Fly By Night Airlines' and fly off into the sunset for all I care! They are just plain boring (and sooo predictable).

One thing... I am sooooo happy that Claire has finally beeen reunited with her mom! (sorry Claire, the party's over!) LOL!

Keep up the GREAT work Prevuze!

8:22 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Ditto everything Deb said and the other comments also. Loved the "beast" misspelling! I HATE the summer storylines!!!!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Loved the brain on Shelle, Max "dropping acid", and Stef's Prevuism about Shawn and the cement truck. LOL

I had the same reaction as Deb to Pard not knowing Sami's baby could be EJ's. Where the heck has he been? Oh yeah.....in DOOL limbo.

And is Nick's 10 year reunion (I hope he means high school) imminent? That would make him 27 or 28, about five years older than I thought he was supposed to be (and 15 years older than he acts)!

I rely on Prevuze to let me know what I can zap at night. With all the stupid JerJeNiChelseNie scenes looks like I can make a short night of it tonight. Thanks, Prevuze!

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I don't watch any other soap so I was wondering - do the rest of them waste the entire summer every year with the teen storylines like DOOL? I was tired of the 90210 bunch with the first Jere-pukus/Jett scene.

The woman on the docks - is this when Anna is supposed to arrive?

LOL over "Is this a drug deal? Hey, do you see John Black anywhere around?" HAHAHAHA As well as the unintentional but accurate beastly Prevuism and your brain on Shelle.

Great Prevuze today, thanks! :D

8:57 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Anna returns June 21st, Thursday.

So yeah, that's probably her on the dock.

There have been rumors swirling around for a while that Brian D. has been trying to free himself from his DOOL contract. But since he is part of such an imprortant storyline, the writers can't let him go without either killing him off or re-casting, neither of which they are willing to do.

The rotten scripts for his character may be a punishment for his trying to leave. I would think they would be giving him really good scripts in order to make him want to stay, but no one ever said the DOOL writers were Mensa members.

Brian has GOT to be sick of playing a jealous nut case with an anger management problem.

And all I can say about the DOOL 90210 crowd is they are the stupidest group of people I have ever seen who weren't legally mentally disabled.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

To Anonymous' question above about Claire, it seemed to me Jr. was in the doorway and Phillip walked up to the doorway and Claire could've gone to either one but ran with open arms to Phillip.

And it was so funny, as Applecheeks pointed out yesterday, Claire also yelled "No, no, no!" when Belle wanted to take her from Phillip. HAHAHAHHA

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steph* and Simy are perfect for each other. Gagging! So not going to last between those two.

2:31 PM  

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