Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fishy Sauce

Marlena, John, Bo, Hope and Roman sit around and discuss the important things in life... a) The DiMeras b) Whether they should have a piece of apple pie after that big meal they just had. Everyone turns down the pie. Hope changes her mind, "I'll have a piece," she oinks.

Roman says now that Stefano and Tony are back they have to be ready for them. Bo vows to fight dirty if they have to, "I'll throw Chelsea at them."

"That's a pretty nasty thing to do even to the DiMeras," says Hope.

Marlena says, "Colleen Brady."

The ever-sagacious John says, "So that's where it all started."

Marlena says, "And until we find out what happened between her and Santo, the horror continues."

Stefano looks at a picture of Colleen, "You were the love of my father's life and the ruin of it." He looks at a plate. It was part of his mother's dowry. He says her match with Santo was prearranged.

EJ and Bart walk in. Stefano shows EJ Colleen's picture. EJ wants to know why Stefano has a picture of Sami. Stefano drops the Colleen bomb on him. Stefano says he never told EJ about this because it has always been a big family secret, "Only two living persons know the story. Shawn Brady Sr. and me."

"And the way Shawn's memory is fading by the minute," says EJ, "That pretty much means you are the only one who knows the story."

Stefano says, "We have to decide what to do about her."

EJ asks, "Do you mean Samantha or Colleen?"

As Stefano tells him it is Colleen he is talking about, Tony walks in and sneers, "Your place is not to question. It's to listen and do as you are told."

EJ says he has had it with Tony issuing orders. "Consider it a sneak preview of the rest of your life," says Tony.

Tony thinks EJ has failed the family. Stefano thinks that remains to be seen. He reminds Tony his slate is not without blemish. Tony insists his loyalty has never been in question and EJ has fallen in love with his little trollop. Speaking of whom, Tony asks what Sami's picture is doing there. Bart tells him it's Colleen. EJ asks what she has to do with their family. Stefano tells him she was the love of Santo's life. Tony thinks history is repeating itself with the weakest link in the DiMera chain. Tony thinks EJ can't be trusted. He wants Stefano to get rid of him.

EJ claims Tony is jealous, primarily of his relationship with Stefano. Stefano wants an end to the infighting. He has called this meeting to resolve all problems.

Rolf announces the arrival of Ms. Perrault. Celeste comes in. Stefano sighs, "Where is Alexandra?"

"She is not coming," says Celeste, "I won't allow it. If you ever go after her again, I will cut your throats."

Everyone wonders where Old Man Brady is. Caroline says "He said let sleeping dogs lie and then went fishing."

"But he doesn't own a fishing pole," says Bo.

"That doesn't make a lot of difference with Shawn," says Caroline.

Sami comes in with a surprise. She drags the mystery figure in behind her... ANNA!

Roman thinks she looks like she did the day they got married, incredibly beautiful. Sami tells them Anna wants to help them but is afraid of what the DiMeras will do to her. Roman vows the DiMeras will do nothing to her. He hugs her and welcomes her back.

Celeste tells Tony the sight of him makes her ill. Stefano is happy Lexie is safe. He assures Celeste he had nothing to do with her imprisonment, "That is something I would never do to a child of mine."

Tony pipes up, "Try telling that to Renée."

"HOW DARE YOU," screams Stefano. SLAP! Stefano orders Tony to apologize. Tony does so. Stefano says he has made allowances for Tony because he is his son, but will not tolerate disrespect. Stefano reminds him he is still head of the DiMeras. If Tony forgets that, he will live to regret it.

Anna says there was more than just one letter. She hauls out the pile. Celeste contacted her and said Stefano and Tony were back and that reminded her of the letters. Tony left them behind. She never read them and then found out the Bradys were interested in a Colleen Brady of Galway, Ireland. Colleen wrote the letters to Santo. Anna didn't give them to Tony because he has changed, and she didn't know how he would respond.

Marlena takes Sami aside. She says she was worried when Sami didn't show up earlier. She thinks Sami takes too many chances. That's Motormouth's cue. Lucas steps in, revs up his overactive set of jaws and lays into Sami. Sami thinks this is her destiny. Marlena shows her Colleen's picture, "That is Colleen. Do you see the resemblance?

Sami huffs, "This is spooky. It has to be the connection." Marlena thinks it was no accident she and Lucas found that letter on their honeymoon. Since then, there have been two attempts on Sami's life. Marlena wants her on high alert. By God, that does it. Lucas is taking her to a safe house tonight.

Anna reads one of the letters. It says Santo and Colleen met in a romantic way. Santo was in an accident near a church and Colleen nursed him back to health. Colleen may have been involved with someone else at the time. She wants to see him again but shouldn't.

Anna has more than a dozen letters. John tells Caroline they need OMB there. He wonders what it was about Colleen's death that sparked the war between the DiMeras and Bradys.

Stefano asks to visit with Lexie. He wants to apologize to her for the imprisonment. "Over my cold, dead body," says Celeste. Stefano is prepared to do whatever it takes to make it right.

Celeste tells him his legacy consists of two power hungry sons who hate each other and are vying+ for their father's love and approval, and Benjy, who is afraid of him, "And your one surviving daughter who has been tortured by you and your bastard sons to the brink of insanity."

Tony jumps in, "Come on, Celeste, tell us what you really think."

Stefano turns and tells Tony to shut his yap. "His master's voice," says Celeste, "But I do know, turn a hard hand to an animal and eventually they will turn on you. Am I right, Bart?"

Bart speaks his mind, "Uh..."

Celeste goes on, "Where is Dr. Rolf – The madman who keeps you alive? This is your lot. Not a loving family but a band of vultures just waiting to pick at your bones." Stefano reminds her of how close they were once.

"The next time we are close, I hope it will be at your funeral."

Tony tells Stefano, "I'd kill her if I were you... I'm kidding. Really. Oh, Celeste stay, you're family."

Roman serves Anna a drink, "It was strange seeing you walk through that door after all these years."

"Good strange or bad strange," she asks.

"Spooky strange," Roman says it took courage for her to come back with the letters. Anna says it wasn't courage, since she just intended to drop the letters and run. They salute their daughter Carrie.

Anna tells him if Tony comes looking for the letters she will need someone wash her back. "You already asked me to watch you back," says Roman, "Now you want me to wash your back?"

"It must be seeing you again through the Irish mist," laughs Anna.

Bo says they don't have Santo's letters back to Colleen. They may be at the DiMera mansion, "And no one here is welcome there."

"We need someone who would be welcome in the DiMera mansion," says John. The entire group turns in unison and stares at Anna.

Stefano holds a pile of letters tied with a ribbon. He tells Celeste to try to enjoy herself. Bart serves the soup. He spills a little as he comes to Celeste and she calls him a clumsy idiot, "It's OK," says Bart, "It's cold soup. They call it 'Fishy Sauce.'

Celeste grits her teeth, "Vichyssoise."

"Yeah," says Bart, "That's what I said." He asks Rolf if he wants to get in on some of the chow. Rolf says he has already had dinner.

Bart turns and says, "Yeah, Whatever he catches with his tongue."

"I heard that," says Rolf.

Stefano says, "When things go out of balance, chaos follows. Order must be restored. I am not in the best of health."

Tony brings up the stem cells. EJ reminds them that Sami is carrying his child. Stefano empathizes with EJ not wanting to lose his child. He gets up and taps the letters in his hand, "Wars are won and lost and nobody remembers why. Our war began because of the tragic death. When my father was in Ireland. He met a beauty and she became his whole life. Colleen Brady changed the course of our family's history. But love did not conquer all. She was murdered in cold blood. A Brady took a Brady's life. My father never recovered. So in a letter on his deathbed he made me swear that I would seek vengeance. I have tried to carry out his wishes faithfully. And I will do that for all the Days Of Our Lives. But when my day comes do I gather you all around my bed and tell you to stop this vendetta, or do I stop it here, now, and forever?"

Anna says she did not mean to say "wash my back." She will have to lie to Tony. Roman remembers that as her best event. Anna seems to remember another event Roman thought was her best. John and Bo walk up and spare us the details.

Anna says, "You Brady men have more charm and looks than the law allows. If any of you had a fat bank account, I might still be a member of the family." John makes sure his checkbook is well hidden. Bo asks Anna to look around the mansion for the letters. "What," she asks, "Are you guys crazy?"

"Of course, but we still want you to look around the mansion," says Bo.

Hope has arranged to get the letters translated. Marlena says if they can't get that done, OMB will have to tell them the truth.

EJ thinks the personal vendetta has taken over their lives. Tony says Stefano forced the vendetta on them. EJ thinks this is why Tony has been terrorizing Sami.

Tony rages and tells Stefano to forget his legacy. Celeste says the past can't be wiped out.

Tony asks if it makes a difference if Sami's child lives or dies, "You've been marked. We all have, and nothing you do is gonna change that."

Shawn Sr. walks in. Anna says hello. Sami wants to know why he never told her she resembled Colleen. OMB tries to walk away. Bo stops him and wants to talk about it. The entire family corners him.

Shawn says, "She was murdered in the most horrible way imaginable. Murdered by a DiMera. Their hands are stained with her blood until they are delivered to the devil himself."

Stefano tells Tony to get out if he has such disregard for the family. He will not tolerate disloyalty.

Tony rages. He says he has never been disloyal. Stefano thinks he is trying on the crown before the king is dead. Tony says if that were the case he wouldn't have tried to save his life, "And EJ is interested only in his bimbo." EJ attacks. Stefano separates them and says the family is at a crossroads. Nothing can be decided until they put aside their differences, "You are brothers. Act like it. Embrace each other."

OMB says he warned them and now they have gone off and dug up the dead, "God have mercy on you." He sulks off.

John asks Anna if she can get close enough to Tony to look at the letters.

Anna will do it, "If the price is right."

Stefano wants Tony and EJ to put their differences aside for the sake of the family. They pout and then walk toward each other and share the most unenthusiastic embrace in history. Stefano says Celeste may leave if she wants to. He will call if he needs her and asks her to tell Lexie he loves her. She leaves. Stefano asks Tony to follow her.

Tony snorts, "Why don't you ask Bart?"

Stefano growls, "I want it done right for once. Now go."

Stefano invites EJ over to show him something. It’s the reason he thinks only EJ can end the vendetta. He holds up a picture of Santo, "I want you to look at this picture, and then you will understand why you mean so much to me."


Patch tells the crowd in the pub, "There's only one person who could pull off an inside job like this, and you're looking at him."

Lucas yells at Sami, "You're gonna put an end to everything, including our marriage!"

Lexie has her back turned. Celeste says, "That boy doesn't need an explanation. He needs a mother, and if you walk out that door I swear you're going to regret it for the rest of your life."

Stefano has a choking attack. EJ sits him down and calls for Rolf.


Anonymous Michelle said...

Does anyone else think this episode is going to get a lot of zapping? And that picture of Santo looking EXACTLY like EJ...give me a break! Well, I guess it's better that DOOL 90210! Great Prevuze, as usual!

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture of Santo looking like EJ is hilarious! It's so cheesy that it's hilariously funny. Are the writers deliberately trying to make this show any dumber? After all these years of wondering why the Dimeras hate the Bradys we're only given this sappy old love story for a reason? All of the bizarre things that the Dimeras have done to the Bradys have been over an old man's broken heart. How lame. Snore......

7:05 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

The reason for the vendetta is sure lame but, WOW, this episode packed more DOOL history into it than the entire preceeding year!

The DiMera clan in a knock-down, drag-out powow;
Anna back and she & Roman toasting their daughter, Carrie;
Tony reminding Stefano about Renee;
Celeste mentioning Benji;
Using Anna & Tony's past relationship to get Anna in the door.

What a welcome relief from the Fly-by-Night crowd.

I did a spit-take on the "craving for a donut" picture. WHEN will I learn not to have anything in my mouth when reading Prevuze?? HAHAHA

7:11 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

This episode sounds good. Who was Renee? All I could think of is Renee Jones plays Lexie.

I want Deidre and Drake to find a better way to kiss. Their kiss yesterday was so gross and nasty. I almost lost my lunch.

I hope Sexphanie discovers that she isn't the only plane Jer is boarding. Then she can crawl back to Daddy and tell him he was right.

I so want Jer and Jett and Sexphanie to get on that plane and Touch the Sky. GOODBYE! Jer looks like a total idiot. I cannot believe he is a Horton. Why hasn't he had any scenes with any Hortons? Why hasn't Jett visited Abe? Or at least mentioned he visited Abe?

Max is an idiot too. Giving his money to Jer. And why does it seem like Max doesn't have a lot of money? Did he squander his racecar earnings?

I so want Alison Sweeney's hair stylist. Her hair always looks fabulous!

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I completely disagree with you, Michelle. As I was reading this I was thinking how good this episode sounds. It'll be interesting to see all of the DiMeras together, the Rolf/Bart comments, Anna (I wasn't watching when she was on it before) and the crowd surrounding OMB. Altho I'm sorry they let the old coot wander off again without making him tell them what he knows.

I was wondering about Renee, too, and what the story was about that.

I LOL over Lucas' overactive set of jaws and Jr. being the Brady patriarch. If that happens they really ARE doomed. HAHAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today and I think Daze is on the right track with this story. :D

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification yesturday Bulldog.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Someone else can look up the full history and give a better explanation than this - but the short (and probably innacurate)version (as I remember it) is that Tony & Renee fell in love and were going to be married. Then Stefano put a stop to it by revealing that they were brother & sister. There was much heartbreak and angst.

I think Renee married someone else and THEN they found out that she wasn't Tony's sister after all.

More heartbreak and angst. I don't recall exactly how Renee died and what provoked Tony's remark to Stefano.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Sexphany'!!! LMAOOOO She really is very stupid. Marlena and John's kiss yesterday was gross. I tried not to look. But if you notice they look really into it. Why doesn't Max have any money? He's a 'famous' race car driver, right? He should have money. I guess the writers don't want him to have any hahahaha. Great Prevuze today. Love Nick threatening to hit Jett's fist with his face! :D

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this line:
""Consider it a sneak preview of the rest of your life," says Tony.

Thao always brings it,even when the writing is sub-par.

All this Santo-Colleen stuff. I saw another 'Days' site the other day, someone posted that the feud began because Roman was a cop and the DiMeras were criminals. That was the "true" start of the feud. Now we get James Scott in a fake mustache? Please.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Just for you Applecheeks:
Renee DuMonde's history -

Quick summary:
She is the daughter of Stefano DiMera and Lee DuMonde.
She married Tony, then found out he was her brother. Then married David Banning. Stefano "died" and left everything to Tony and Renee on the condition they lived in the mansion together. Also the first one to have a male heir got a bonus. David was not into living at the mansion and also found out Renee still had the hots for Tony (ewwww). She tricked David into getting her PG, then lost the baby in a horse back riding accident.
Then she made Anna have a boating accident so she lost her baby as well.
Then Renee married Alex Marshall.
Then while rooting through stuff in Alex's office she found a second will written by Stefano leaving HER everything. Figuring out that was why Alex married her, she had a huge party and when everyone got there proceeded to pick everyone apart and tell them off. The party ended with her telling Tony she still loved him and wanted him back. (eww again)
Then they went upstairs and . . .
(GREAT BIG EWWWWW) then next morning the maid found Renee dead.
It turned out Tony wasn't really Tony, but Andre and he killed Renee.

So there you go. Thanks again to Beth's Days Page.

Who wrote this stuff and why can't DOOL re-hire these people.
THIS is what a soap opera is all about after all!!!!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deb, thanks for the history and you took the words RIGHT out of my mouth!! Can y'all imagine what Days would be like with writers like these still around? Certainly not filled with the b/s that it has been for the past several years. Sad!!!

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last I heard, Tony isn't really Stephano's son at all. Or at least that's what his mother, Daphne, told him years ago. He got blood tests done that supposedly confirmed it. I wonder if they've just rewritten that part of history or (now this could be interesting) it's just that EJ doesn't know and Stephano doesn't know that Tony knows. Yet.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought some might be interested in this......

On Thursday, June 21st, Joseph Mascolo (Stefano) will do a live blog event at The event starts at 4pm PST, 7pm EST. You can visit the site now and leave your comments and questions.

*Thanks to Dustin's Days Page*

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Bulldog, perhaps you are right. Maybe I'm not giving the show a chance, but I can't help being pessimistic about where this storyline or the show, is going. Some (most) of it is just so annoying and stupid that I can't help but feel like they're going to get our hopes up, only to disappoint us again. I hope you're right! As a person who scheduled college classes around the DOOL time slot almost 20 years ago I am reluctant to give up on it, but how much more can a person take? LOL...I will try to be more optimistic from now on.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hope has arranged to get the letters translated. Marlena says if they can't get that done, OMB will have to tell them the truth."

So, I guess Salem doesn't have access to the internet? Couldn't Hope or Marlena or Anna just type the letters into google translator?

1:44 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Now, now Anonymous. Yes they could do that OR they could use the University's Italian professor that Sami was heading for the day EJ kidnapped and took her to see Tony. But, that would mean

1) The writers were intelligent or

2) That they actually read each other's scripts or watch the show or

3) There was someone responsible for story continuity.

Since none of this exists at DOOL, logic is just never a part of the equation. HAHAHAHAHA

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Frog said...

Yeah, and what happened to Julie who translated the first letter just fine - she suddenly develop amnesia and forget her Italian? :P

2:50 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Hellooooo, anyone remember Julie speaks Italian.

Which brings up another thing that has been bothering me.

Why does Anna have the letters that Colleen wrote to Santo?? And why does Stefano have the letters Santo wrote to Colleen?

Wouldn't the letters TO Colleen belong to the Brady family and the letters TO Santo to the Dimeras?

For that matter how did Coleen who was IRISH come to write letters in ITALIAN??? Wouldn't they be written in English or Gaelic??

Also, to anonyous:
Tony DiMera is the biological son of Daphne DiMera and a man named Enrico, but he grew up believing that he was Stefano's son.
Later Stefano did adopt him.
So Renee and Tony's relationship is not as much of an EWWW as I originally thought, but still not right.

2:54 PM  
Blogger ghsoapster said...

But didn't they they say that Tony was really Stefano's son? Or was it that Tony and Johnboy are half-brothers.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

john and tony are half-brothers through daphne dimera.

and this episode rocks. i don't care if it's convoluted or rewrites history, at least it attempts to acknowledge and honor dool history which is way more than this show's writers have done in years. the dimeras are the best family in daytime.

12:44 AM  

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