Monday, June 18, 2007

Checks Are Like Neon – Cash Only

Chelsea sneaks downstairs as Nick sleeps on the couch. She tiptoes over to the front door, opens it and goes outside. As she starts to close the door, Nick calls out to her, "Chelse – where are you going?" She tells him to go back to sleep and says she's off to the beach. It's the middle of the night, but everyone is going to go hang out. He wonders if she is having a midnight swim with Jett Carver.

Jerkemy makes a toast to "Maximus Brady bucks." He thanks Max. Max says his hand was shaking when he signed the loan papers but toasts Touch the Sky.

Jeremy wonders if Jett, the Jester as he calls him, has the sizzles for Chelsea.

Sami and Lucas go through the garbage bag as the ticking continues. Suddenly an alarm rings and Lucas slams Sami against the wall. Realizing no one has blown up, they go back to the garbage bag and find an alarm clock.

Meanwhile, back at Doug's place, paramedics bustle about in the bomb aftermath. Bo thanks John for what he did down in the tunnel. John thinks the bomb wasn't meant to kill. Bo says, "The DiMera's aren't going to make it easy on us."

Hope can't believe Lexie was walled up all this time. Marlena says she has talked to the hospital. Lexie is OK physically. Hope shows Marlena Colleen's picture. Marlena thinks it's Sami. Hope tells her it's Colleen Brady.

Jeremy presses. Jett reminds him of Danielle – his fiancée, and then goes off for more beer. Jeremy asks Stephanie to leave so he and Max can talk business. "You talk business all the time," says Stephanie.


Chelsea tries to talk Nick into having some coffee. He reminds her she said they would talk when he woke up. She invites him to tag along at the beach. They argue about Jett. Chelsea says, "I was just talking to him because I was upset about us."

Marlena tells Hope Shawn refused to talk about Colleen, "Santo loved her until the day he died and that's the connection to the Brady-DiMera feud." They think her resemblance to Sami must be the key. "That's what Stefano said," says Marlena, "Sami is the key."

John thinks Tony must be the person who set the bomb; or maybe EJ.

Lucas stops the clock. "This isn't funny. This is not funny at all," says the king of practical jokes.

"You think I'm laughing," asks Sami. Sami thinks maybe the DiMeras did this. She gets all over him for risking his life trying to save her. She doesn't want to go into a safe house. The clock goes off again. Lucas takes care of it. He smashes it against the wall and it flies apart. They discover a disc inside.

Back in their apartment they argue about whether they should tell the cops about finding the mystery disc. Sami puts it in her computer.

Marlena shows John the picture of Colleen and asks, "Who is this."

John looks at the picture and then gives her his patented eyebrow shuffle, "Is this a trick question? It's Sami. Or maybe Sami's evil twin."

"Sami is her own evil twin," says Marlena.

John thinks it's time for a family sit-down. They need a game plan. Bo decides they should do it at the pub. John chuckles, "Are you sure this isn't Sami?" He and Marlena leave.

"The fun is just beginning," says Bo.

"Unless you're watching DOOL," says Marlena.

Stephanie tells the jerk not to talk to her that way.

"What's the big deal," he asks.

"Not you, that's for sure, she stomps off. Jeremy turns to Max and says, "This is a slam dunk. Big money. Are you interested?"

Chelsea insists she just talked to Jett about how tonight was supposed to be special for her and Nick, "Whenever we try to take this to the next level, something keeps getting in the way."

"That thing that keeps getting in the way is you," says Nick.

"Me," she asks, "Who is the one who slept with who's mom?" A referee runs in and gives Chelsea fifteen yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.

"We're not quite past that are we," asks Nick. He vows his undying love, "Let's stop trying to act like we're in a teen movie."

"You're right," says Chelsea, "Teen movies are a lot more sophisticated and entertaining than this." He thinks maybe she found someone else.

"I want to move forward," says Nick, "If I'm wrong and that's not what you are thinking or feeling, then just let me know."

Jeremy says, "I'm selling the chance to be Max Brady, top of the VIP list on the Vegas strip. We're going to do more than Touch The Sky, we're going to Own it.

"Shouldn't we call it Own The Sky Airlines, then," says Max.

Jerkemy tells Max, "If you really wanna make it big, and I'm talking serious money here, we might have to bend a few rules – you know, like the rule about having to pay back the money we borrowed from you."

Max hesitates. Jeremy asks, "Are you up for that, my friend?"

The paramedic finishes with Bo. She says she has to take him in to be checked out. Bo seethes. He's going to be chained to a desk. Hope says he can run things from there. She can be the one in the field.

Sami and Lucas listen as the voice from hell comes out of the laptop, "I had to find some way to get this to you. I have info about how the feud began. I'll leave a package for you at 9PM tonight near pier 18. Please don't tell anyone and please come alone – please."

Sami looks at her watch and sees it's almost 9PM. She starts to rush out. "We're not going anywhere," says Lucas.

Max doesn't want any part of something illegal. "I'm not talking about big stuff," says Jeremy, "No weed, no blow, no guns." Jeremy tells him he has a line on designer clothes knock-offs, "Ten grand will make forty." Someone needs to tell him it takes a lot more than forty grand to be on the top of the VIP list in Vegas.

Stephanie stops Jett and asks if he is mad at her. He says he just doesn't want to make trouble. If anything gets back to Danielle, he's cooked, "From now on, I'm keeping away from Chelsea."

Nick says, "If we're gonna be together, then we should make each other feel happy and loved."

"So basically," snorts Chelsea, "You just wanna know when we're gonna get laid, right?"

He insists it's not about that. He wants to know what she wants from him. He wonders if he's just some guy she thinks she owes something to. Chelsea whines, "You do deserve an answer."


Lucas and Sami argue about whether she should go to the docks. He thinks Tony and Stefano want to grab her again. Sami thinks she should take a chance in order to get info on the feud. Lucas thinks she's acting like a selfish brat.

Marlena and John are at the pub. They talk about who's coming to the meeting – basically everyone except Kayla, who is off at her all-important family relationships seminar. OMB comes up to the table and wonders if they forgot to invite him and Caroline.

Hope says she is serious. Bo says, "I think you are enjoying this – the adventure, the intrigue, the mind-numbing boredom."

Hope admits maybe she is enjoying it. "We've done some of our best work together," says Bo, "And not just on the job."

Hope gives him a naughty smile, "You bet we have."

"That too," says Bo, "But I was referring to raising kids."

"But the only kid we have raised is Shawn," says Hope, "and he's an idiot."

"True," says Bo, "But our big accomplishment is we got him out of the house."

Hope says, "The DiMeras are ignoring the wrong Bradys – the ones who can be a threat. This time I go over to the DiMera mansion. It's time I dealt with Stefano face-to-face."

Bo suggests, "Threaten to marry the guy. That'll put the fear of God into him." Bo doesn't think it's a good idea for Hope to go see Stefano alone.

Hope asks, "What will you do – jump up and tackle me?" They argue whether or not she should go, using the same boring script as Sami and Lucas' are using for their argument.

John tells them this is going to be a family meeting. They need to talk about Colleen Brady. OMB has a heart attack, "You are all asking for trouble. Just listen to me."

Marlena says, "Come to the meeting and we will listen."

"Not until hell freezes over," says OMB as he stomps away.

Max says this one isn't for him. Jeremy tells him if he weren't interested he would be back at the garage. "I know you. You're not a Kiriakis. When you were growing up, you didn't wet your bed on satin sheets."

Max objects, "I'll have you know I wet my bed on satin sheets just last night."

Jett likes Chelsea but tells Stephanie her boyfriend is out of control. He tells her about the fight with Nick. He doesn't want trouble or any part of Chelsea.

Chelsea says she hasn't been fair to Nick. He's her best friend. He has believed in her more than anyone else. She can't tell him if they have a future together, "I just don't know anymore."

"Apparently you do," says Nick, "And I do too." He stomps out. She chases and tells him no one has ever meant more to her. She asks for more time. Nick says, "I can't keep doing this to myself."

He walks off. Chelsea says, "Nick, don't do this."

Sami blows up at Lucas for calling her selfish. She admits to being a brat, though, "If I can find a way to do it, I have to stop Stefano from taking stem cells from his own grandchild."

Lucas stops her cold. He says he thought Sami was certain the baby was his.

"The baby is yours no matter who the biological father is," says Sami. Lucas thinks it's time to find out who the real father is. Sami is afraid to have the amnio.

Lucas says going to the docks is more dangerous, "Let's get this over with now. The sooner the better."

The audience wakes up and says, "AMEN!"

Lucas wants her back, "I want us back." Sami apologizes for being selfish and agrees to the amnio, "But I want a favor. I want you to come with me."

Lucas is as dense as crushed steel, "Of course I'll go to the hospital with you."

"No," says Sami, "I meant I want you to go to the docks with me." Lucas huffs.

Chelsea decides it's time to go have some fun. She tries to convince herself it is the best thing. She leaves. Nick watches and follows.

Stephanie says Nick is not the type of guy to drink or do things without thinking. Jett says she is wrong. "What," asks Stephanie, "Did you guys get together and decide this was the night you would all act like jackasses?"

Jeremy insists he will take the risks and Max will rake in the profits, "Liberty, freedom and big bucks for all. You turn down that and you look like a chump."

Bo and Hope go round and round. She bats her eyes and convinces him, against his better judgment. Bo sets up the conditions, "No secrets or keeping info from me and no taking risks you don't have to." Hope promises. They shake on it. Bo hauls her in for more.

Jeremy goes through the plan one more time. Ten grand in – forty grand out. Simple and clean. Max agrees, Do you need another check?

"Checks are like neon, dude," says Jeremy, "They point right back to your bank account. Cash only." He tells Max to meet him on the tarmac tonight before they take off and they will seal the deal.

Chelsea comes up behind Max and covers his eyes, "Guess who." He says he was wondering what happened to her. Jeremy decides to let Chelsea and Max "focus" and leaves to do his thing, "Tonight Maxie." He looks over at Chelsea, "Later sexy."

"I can' see right through him," says Chelsea, "He's my boss, but I don't trust him."

Jett says he has more things to worry about than Chelsea's boyfriend. "Don't like the competition, eh," says Stephanie.

Jett laughs, "What? Me compete with that lizard? You gotta be kidding me, come on." Nick stands in the bushes and watches.

Bo has to go to the hospital. Hope won't leave him until she knows what's wrong with him. In that case, they'd better wheel him into the psych ward when they get there.

OMB says the Bradys are always welcome there, "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have any customers at all, but I just pray you don't dig up something that might just destroy us all." He walks off. Caroline follows.

John and Marlena sit back down. Marlena tells him they are doing the right thing, "The truth may be hard but it's better off in the light."

"One thing is for sure," says John, "Stefano has done his dance on us for the last time in all the Days Of Our Lives."

"Do me one favor," says Marlena, "Don't ever leave me. Never."

"Never," says John, "That's a fact." Kiss.

Sami begs Lucas to help her with this. He says he won't let her do it alone, "Lets get to the docks before nine."

They rush out but run into Officer Daniels. Sami tells him, "I'm pregnant... Cravings, you know. I need Chinese food." Daniels refuses to let them leave. FF Sami.


Nick says, "I'll wait. I'll do anything for you, Chelsea, you know that." Chelsea says, "I'm sorry Nick. It's over."

Tony yells, "You're the one that created the Brady's as our enemies." Stefano asks, "What the hell are you talking about?" Tony says, "If you're not ready to finish them once and for all... I will."

Sami and Lucas wrestle with officer Daniels. Sami stops and gasps, "It's you!"

Claire sues Shawn and Belle for divorce.


Blogger Applecheeks said...

Caffeine, I can get into my first day back at work with a clearer head.

LOL (and clapped) at the Time Continuum! That explains the one minute, forty second bomb count-down that actually went about five minutes.

Also loved the Dope-on-a-Rope series, Indiana Bo in the tunnel, and Claire's disguise.

Today's DOOLism:
The voice-on-a-disc telling Lumi he/she "had to find someway of getting this to you". Uh. Whoever it was found a way to deposit a huge trash bag in the middle of Lumi's bedroom. A simple envelope containing a disc would have been so much harder to pull off??

Love the Prevuze team!

6:52 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Jerkemy, the Time Continuum...LOL!

7:07 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Sami and Lucas listen as the voice from hell comes out of the laptop, "I had to find some way to get this to you. I have info about how the feud began. I'll leave a package for you at 9PM tonight near pier 18. Please don't tell anyone and please come alone – please."

I agree with Applecheeks, if the garbage bag migically found its way into their bedroom, why could'nt the package with the feud info. be left there too?
And why won't Officer Daniels let them leave? I thought he was assigned to keep the unwanted from getting in not keep the dimwitted lovebirds from getting out.
Is Marlena's character reduced to making banal observations and reassuring herself about Squints? Can she actually contribute something, like save Claire from her parental nightmare

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I agree with Prevuze, those really high rollers in Vegas could probably give $40,000 in just tips.

I know I've asked this before but not knowing medicine I still don't get why obtaining stem cells is OK with Sami but an amnio isn't? Is an amnio really more dangerous? Or is this just another lame time-killing DOOL illogic thing?

I LOL over Max's satin sheets, Bope's big accomplishment getting Jr. out of the house, Dope on a Rope and Claire's disguise.

Prevuze is the only thing to get me thru a Monday morning!!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Spoilers....I got spoilers.......

Sami learns she's pregnant with twins this week! BUT Tests indicate Sami's twins are EJ's!
Interesting twist, having both the babies be EJ's. Wonder if they will bring Eric back to tie him to this story line?

Stefano catches Hope in the DiMera mansion!Because she is such a SUPER COP, she probably just walked up and rang the doorbell, LOL

Phillip and Belle receive the final divorce papers this week.Now watch, she won't sign them

A little perturbed they didn't finish the Belle/Claire thing they start today, but you can't have everything I guess.

An update for those who have signed my Bring Dr. Drake Ramoray to DOOL petition, I now have 352 signatures. Ideally I would like to have 1000 to send it to the DOOL powers. So if everyone could email/forward/tell everyone they know DOOL fans and Friends fans alike that would be really cool.
I plan on finding a few Friends message boards today and try to work on them, wish me luck.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone just shoot me... Sami and Lucas!!!! ARGHH! Maybe someone should remind Sami she's pregnant! Why is she doing this? And why doesn't she let 'the Brady's' do it? And why doesn't 'WIMPY LUCAS' stop her? And why does she dismiss EVERYTHING Lucas says to her???? This HAS to be the most frustrating storyline!! SHE'S PREGNANT!!!! WHY DON'T THE SALEM POLICE DEPARTMENT ARREST E.J. FOR RAPE?

Sorry, my rantings!

Keep up the GREAT work!

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time continuum... GREAT STUFF. I watched the bomb clips last night on Windows Media. As the Windows media counter was ticking away, thought it would be neat to compare it with the clock on the bomb. Your graph is pretty accurate. Keep up the good work!

9:13 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Sami and Lucas wrestle with officer Daniels. Sami stops and gasps, "It's you!"

Who do you think it is? Celeste or perhaps a Dimera underling like Rolf? Maybe Carrie or Jack or ...
how about Kate, we haven't seen her for quite some time now

12:34 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Once again I need to point out,
This Evelyn lady had Claire for...what a month??

Before that they were on Tinda Lau 2 or 3 months?

Isn't Claire supposed to be on anti-rejection meds????????????

Reality reigns on DOOL.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Deb, that was a rant I sent to my sister after reading Prevuze (and seeing today's show).

I would think the first thing you'd do is get the poor kid to the hospital and have her checked out; make sure she was on her meds. Sheesh!!

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get the Jerekmy thing? can anyone clarify

4:04 PM  

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