Thursday, May 03, 2007

Torturing Kittens, Tearing Wings Off Butterflies

EJ sits at breakfast and reads his paper. Billie comes up to him. She reams him out for spying on Bo with her system. He denies it. Billie says, "Our contract is null and void. Kind of like a DOOL script." EJ claims he has no idea what Billie is talking about. Billie suggests he can ask Phillip, if he can find him. Billie says she just talked to his office and Phillip has left the country without a return ticket.

Shawn and Belle are packed and ready to go. They leave to find their future. Phillip lies zonked in the hallway.

Shawn's big plan is to hitch a ride on a fishing boat. He knows they will be safe and happy before Phillip opens his eyes. Duck stops them, "That's a bet you will lose, boy scout. Here's a new one for you. I'll bet you ain't going anywhere, kind of like this plot."

Bo and Kayla sit in his car and wonder how it's going inside the loony bin.

Roman wheels Adrian in. Nobody told Mighty Joe Young about a new patient. Roman acts like he doesn't care and tells him to have a nice day. Mighty Joe Young wheels Adrienne to a corner. Adrienne checks her wire and whispers into it, "I'm in." She doesn't see Steve. Bo tells her to sit tight. She asks for how long. Bo tells her a half hour, and then apparently the storm troopers will move in.

Kayla is nervous. If they don't get Steve out of there today they won't get another chance.

Billie rants. EJ is more interested in what she said about Phillip. He wonders where he is. "Wherever Shawn and Belle are," says Billie. EJ gets up and leaves Billie talking to herself.

Shawn wants to know what Duck is doing. "Helping out a fellow vet," says Duck, "Phillip told me you might make a move. I'm here to make sure nobody gets an unfair advantage."

"I hate to tell you, Duck," says Shawn, "We lost Saigon and this is 2007." He and Belle turn to leave.

Duck says, "Hey, kid, not so fast."

Shawn turns and asks, "What are you gonna do – knock me down with your beer breath?"

"No," says Duck, "With this." He holds up his pistol, "If you have any brains left, you'll turn your lady around and go upstairs." Apparently, Duck doesn't want them to go upstairs.

Shawn and Belle wonder what Phillip promised him. Shawn tells him he should have held out for the big Kiriakis money, "You'll have to shoot me." He turns to Belle, "Trust me... we'll be fine." Belle prays as they walk away. Claire puts on her combat helmet.

Phillip wakes up with a big headache, "Brady, when I get my hands on you..." He collapses again, "Oh, Claire!"

Bo asks Kayla, "When did you turn psychic on me?"

Kayla blithers, "We're gonna lose him forever."

Adrienne says, "OMG!" They bring Steve in ad Adrienne gives a play-by-play, "He's on his feet but he's not all right."

Kayla tells her to be careful, "Granger is dangerous." They sit Patch down and walk away.

Adrienne says, "It's feeding time, and it doesn't look tasty." Foley and Granger the danger leave. Adrienne radios, "This may be my chance. Wish me luck."

Kayla obsesses, "We're gonna get you out of there, baby. I swear this time we will."

Shawn and Belle walk slowly away. Duck tells them he is not kidding. BANG! "Next time I'll show you how good my aim is instead of shooting into the sky." Gabby runs in to find out what the shooting is about.

"He almost killed us," says Shawn, "He's drunk or crazy or both." Gabby tires to talk him down.

Duck is wild-eyed, "I take on a mission, I see it through." Gabby stands in front of him, "Go ahead, pull the trigger. You'll have to shoot me too."

Steve plays with his food. Adrienne tries to get through. Steve drools. Adrienne says she wants to help him. Steve fumbles around, "I have to eat alone."

Bo and Kayla listen as Adrienne tries again. Steve says he can't make any trouble, "Granger doesn't like trouble."

Bo's phone rings. He gets out of the car to answer it.

Patch says he doesn't know Adrienne. She reminds him of Duke and Billy. Steve was there for her even though she was born after they left.

"I think I killed somebody," says Steve.

"No," says Adrienne, "I did. You said you shot him to protect me."

"Maybe," mumbles Steve, "Maybe I didn't shoot him, but I've done terrible things. I deserve to be punished."

A guy from the audience screams, "Yeah, but we don't so get on with it."

"You couldn't help it," says Adrienne.

Steve asks, "So I didn't shoot my father?"


"I lied to help you," he asks.


Back in the car, Kayla prays for him to remember.

Kate sits in her car and talks on her phone. She barks instructions for the person she is talking to. She wants her schedule cleared for the rest of the day. EJ gets into the car and tells her she should keep her doors locked. He wants answers, "I want to know where Phillip is. Now, that doesn't sound like such an unreasonable request, does it?"

Kate says she has no idea.

EJ whispers, "Don't make me do things I don't want to do. Tell me. Please."

Duck hyperventilates, "I'll count to ten."

"When you get past five, you're over our heads," says Shawn, "Put the gun away."

Phillip staggers down, "You were right, Duck."

Shawn says, "Phillip, you'd better check out who is in the foxhole with you. He's a guy who would point a gun at Claire."

Phillip tells them they can go, "Just leave Claire. You won't give up and, neither will I. Round and round we go. So what do we do, any suggestions?"

Kate asks, "What? Are you bored with torturing kittens and pulling wings off butterflies? Leave my children out of this." EJ presses her. Kate says, "He went to an island."

EJ tries to stay patient, "Manhattan is an island, Borneo is an island, no man is an island... Kate wants to know why he wants to know. "I'm not inclined to scratch that itch today," says EJ.

"Maybe I'm not inclined to give out that information," says Kate. EJ makes subtle threats and Kate finally tells him, "He's on an island called Tinda Lao. Please promise you won't hurt him... or Shawn either."

"I have no intention to," says EJ as he leaves. Kate sighs.

Phillip rants. He never thought things would get so out of hand. Belle says it needs to stop now. Phillip agrees. He's willing to sign something there so they feel comfortable heading home, "We'll find a way to work out shared custody. You agree and we'll end this whole thing tonight – over and done with. What do you say?"

Adrienne works on Patch. He tells her he's a soldier. He does what he is trained to do and she is a liar. She shows him their mother's bracelet and tells him about Kayla's necklace that matches it. Kayla is in love and would do anything for him.

Kayla frets and listens. Steve denies that he knows Kayla. He tells Adrienne to go away or he will get someone. Kayla sits in the car and begs, "Let her in, Steve."

Bo gets back in the car and says it was Marlena on the phone. He says Shawn and Belle called again. Phillip tracked them down. Bo has to get to the island. Kayla tells him he can't leave until Steve is safe.

Patch don' wanna talk any more. Adrienne says she will do the talking. She tells him the pigeon story. Steve remembers the broken wing. Duke wanted him to get rid of it, but he remembers nursing it back to health. He remembers the bracelet, "KAYLA!" Adrienne turns up the melodrama.

Steve starts to come around, "Aaddrriieennnneee... Aaddrriieennnneee..."

Rocky Balboa grabs him by the lapels, "Hey, dat's my line, buster!"

EJ gets back in Kate's car and kisses her. An associate of his broke in and watched the surveillance tape. Kate asks whatever happened to Brandy Mathis, "Does that ring a bell, or is it just an anagram."

"You're a clever woman," says EJ, "That could get pretty dangerous."

Kate doesn't care about anything except Sami and Lucas not getting married. EJ says it won't happen. He will delegate the trip to Tinda Lao and stay in Salem to make sure of it.

Gabby asks Shawn, "What are you waiting for?"

Shawn says, "GI Joe is holding a gun." He turns to Phillip, "And you are talking like a reasonable guy – which you aren't." Phillip tells Duck to put the gun away.

Gabby says she will make coffee and they can all sit around a talk about the situation.

"Don't bother," says Shawn, "We're leaving. I have thought things over and have made my decision. Phillip, I don't believe a damn word that comes out of your mouth."

EJ tells Kate he will send a soldier to Tinda Lao, "There is only one problem – how to get him out of his cage."

Memories come to Steve, "I'm one of them... They keep telling me... The voices... I can't... If Kayla... If there is... I am so confused... If there is a Kayla... then maybe I am not one of them."

Kayla begs Bo. They can't leave Steve in there one more day. Bo says, "If I have to, I'll break in there and bust him out myself."

Kayla says, "You can't do that. They will arrest you and throw you in jail."

Bo says, "So what? He'd do it for me." So much for that emergency trip to Tinda Lao.

Adrienne says, "There is a Kayla! She's real and she loves you. She is right outside. She's waiting for us." Steve says he can't go. She hugs him and begs.

Mighty Joe Young discovers them, "HEY! No contact between patients! This guy is a freak. Move away or you will be put in the dreaded DOOL Therapy Room. Is that what you want?"

"Sounds like our plans are about to be shot to hell," says Bo.

Shawn and Belle think Phillip would say anything to get them back to Salem and then he would take Claire from them and run.

"You mean like you did," asks Phillip. Shawn tells Belle to take Claire and go. She won't go anywhere without him. Shawn orders. He asks Gabby to escort them down to the dock.

They leave. Shawn turns to Phillip, "There you go. They're gone and we won't have to spend all the Days Of Our Lives looking over our shoulder. We used to be friends. I'll try to remember that someday. It's over." Shawn turns to leave.

BANG! DOWN GOES SHAWN! Duck slurs, "It's over all right, boy scout. Over and done with."

Phillip grabs Duck, "YOU CRAZY DRUNK!"

Belle comes back and freaks out, "Shawn!" She turns to Duck, "What did you do?"


Foley asks, "Who the hell do you think you are you miserable crip?" Steve says, "She's my sister! She tried to help me."

Bo says, "I'm going in there before Adrienne gets in any deeper." Kayla says, "NO! Adrienne is sharp, she thinks fast. Just give her a minute."

Belle says, "You're not going anywhere. You have to kill me first." Phillip holds Claire and says, "I'm not letting her go. Not now, not ever."

Lucas says to SaMimi, "I've got a great idea for the wedding. When everyone stands and faces you as you come down the aisle, how about if we have Will put whoopee cushions on all the seats?"


Blogger Bulldog said...

If there's any reader out there who actually thinks Jr. is toast I have some rather swampy land for sale. ;}

It's not Kayla who's psychic, it's that guy from the audience yelling get on with it. HAHAHAHA

I LOL over Will's plans for the wedding, which I'm looking forward to...along with tomorrow's Prevuze as always. Thanks!

7:49 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I just can't get my brain in gear this AM, even with Prevuze and a nice large latte!

But, LOL at all of the pictures - Doc falling down stairs, "What Not To Wear", Sami's rabies shot, and the great "pants on fire" caption! Also loved the guy yelling from the audience.

Those sleeping pills must be pretty weak no longer than they knocked Philip out.

And why are Belch in such a hurry to get off the island where (1) there is no extradition treaty with the US and (2) their parents know where they are and are on the way to help?? Just asking my daily, useless TLT (the logic thing) questions. ;-)

8:11 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

It's not Kayla who's psychic, it's that guy from the audience yelling get on with it. HAHAHAHA

But... Uh, BD, that was actually a Prevuze comment, so... that would make Prevuze psychic... Maybe I'd better tone it down a little... or at least take my meds.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It'll take a month for DOOL to get to tomorrow (Sami and Lucas' wedding). I just want them to get over with it because I'd really like everybody to know the truth about what happened to Sami instead of believing the lies. This whole rape is bad for young women to watch because they'll think it is okay to keep rape a secret. Hopefully, when Sami finally tells the truth people do believe her.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Marlena's Letter Opener of Death said...

This show really needs me right now.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous The Ghost of James Reilly said...

Foley asks, "Who the hell do you think you are you miserable crip?"

Um....unless he's talking about Philip, or unless Steve has decided to take sides in a Los Angeles gang feud, this is a really dumb comment. Nice to see my spirit lives on.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous The Ghost of James Reilly said...

I just realized Foley was talking about Adrienne. That makes it all better then!

2:07 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

DOOLism of the day:

Kayla is nervous. If they don't get Steve out of there today they won't get another chance.

At least until they can watch the next Hogan's Heroes re-run and get another clever "cant miss" escape plan

Sami and Lucas's wedding can't happen at least until May 24th.
That's the day scheduled for Tony DiMera's return.

And speaking of DiMeras, Soap Opera Digest reports Joe Mascolo has signed up to come back as Stefano!!!

This could explain the stale drawn out plots that we have been forced to endure for the past few months.
They have been waiting for Tony and Stephano to get back.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

You know, Deb, I wondered about that statement from Kayla, too. Why if if they don't break Steve out of there TODAY it's NEVER?

Actually, I was pretty shocked they had Adrienne talking to Steve so soon. I figured in typical Daze fashion they'd have several days of her trying to find Steve, then several more days trying to get to him to talk to him, then weeks trying to break him out of there, etc. and them getting out of there would be this year's Christmas miracle.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Marlena's letter opener of death said...

I thought I read where the wedding starts on the 8th. Maybe at soapoperafan?

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Marlena's letter opener of death said...

One last thing before I start celebrating Beer O' Clock -- so EJ's going to send Steve to Tinda Lao to deal with Shawn? Am I reading that right? How's Steve supposed to leave without everyone knowing about it?

3:52 PM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

well, supposedly granger the danger (lol) is in cahoots with ej...i guess we are supposed to assume the whole state hospital is corrupt, and ej can just "pay" to get steve out whenever he wants.

2:28 PM  

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