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Gibbering Idiot

Bedlam reigns on Tinda Lao. Belle has a meltdown as she rushes to Shawn. She yells at him asking him how he is and then turns to Duck and screams, "What have you done?"

Soldier Duck defends his actions, "Hey, they were getting away." He turns to Phillip, "This is your chance... take the kid and run!" Someone, somewhere has the presence of mind to call a doctor.

Sami has a conversation with her baby. Maybe EJ won't ruin their lives. It has a really great father and maybe, just maybe, her wedding will be the happiest day of Sami's life. Lucas and Will barge in. They've been out having such a good time. Will is sooooo impressed by the way his dad led the guy on at the rental shop and tried to convince him they had ordered leisure suits, "I wanna be just like dad when I grow up."

"I wonder what he'll be like when he grows up," says Sami." Anyway, today is the biggest day of their lives. Lucas and Will go to change. As soon as their respective doors close, Sami proves Belle doesn't have anything on her in the mood swing department, "Oh, God, I might as well wear black."

The doorbell interrupts her spiral into depression. It's Celeste. She rushes in and gives Sami the good news that Kate discovered the photo of her and EJ in the car together. Sami has a meltdown, "WHAT! HOW? OMG! JUST SHOOT ME NOW."

"I have no idea how she got it," says Celeste, "I had it in the desk in the living room with a neon sign pointing toward the draw that said, 'Kate – LOOK HERE,' but it is beyond me how she found it. Your only option now is to tell Lucas the truth."

Foley asks Adrienne, "You crusin' for a boyfriend? You picked the wrong freak. Cut the touchy-feely crap and roll away from charm-boy." Adrienne protests. She says she was told this is a community room where they could get to know each other. Foley grabs her, "Well, now you know him, and now you know me. And if you want some, I can give you a really good taste of it."

"I wonder if your bosses know how badly you treat the patients, you orderly."

Foley erupts, "Who the hell you callin' an orderly? You think you're smart?"

Bo and Kayla listen. Bo says, "If he puts Adrienne in lockdown, there goes our chance of getting Steve out of there." Kayla radios in and tells her to back off from Foley.

Foley continues his tirade, "Who the hell do you think you are you miserable crip?"

Steve says, "She's my sister! She tried to help me."

Foley looks at Adrienne, "Is that true, four-on-the-floor? Are you here on a mission of mercy?"

That does it, Bo decides to go her rescue, "I'm going in there before Adrienne gets in any deeper."

Kayla says, "NO! Just give her a minute. Adrienne is sharp, she thinks fast."

"Right," says Bo, "It takes a real genius to want to break in to an insane asylum."

Adrienne admits it, "Yes, it's right, I'm his sister."

"I'd better report this," says Foley.

"It's true," says Adrienne, "And I am your sister, too." Foley is confused. "I'm a nun," she says, "I’m from the Sisters of the Order of Benedectine, the SOB's. " Foley asks why she isn't dressed like a nun. Adrienne explains they dress in street clothes to put people at ease.

"Well, Miss Holy-Roller, you save your comfort for someone else, because this sack of nothing is off limits, you got it?"

"May God have mercy on your soul," says Sister Adrienne.

Foley confronts Patch on the way out. He slides his tray onto the floor and tells him to clean it up or he will have to lick it up. Adrienne radios in the play-by-play and tells them the situation is getting hopeless. Kayla tells her she has to keep trying. Bo tells Kayla to keep calm and give it some time.

"Hey, pinhead," says Foley, "You want fries with that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Granger comes in and calls Foley out. Steve cleans the mess up. Foley tells Steve he'll be back for inspection and leaves. Kayla asks Adrienne to put Steve on the line. Adrienne tells Steve she is not really a nun, but she is his sister. She says someone wants to talk to him.


"Kayla, your wife."

"She left me here," says Steve.

"No," says Adrienne, "She didn't abandon you. Just talk to her."

"No," says Steve, "You're gonna get me in trouble. I follow orders. I have to turn you in." He walks away. Adrienne calls for him to come back.

Meanwhile, back on Fantasy Island, Shawn lies in a pool of blood, Phillip holds Claire and Belle panics. Duck tells Phillip this is his chance to get away. Phillip says he didn't want this to happen, and asks how Shawn is."

"He got him right between the eyes," says Belle, "So there can't be too much damage."

Gabby comes in and reams Duck out for shooting Shawn. She says she has called the cops.

"Claire doesn't need to see this," says Phillip, "We're getting out of here."

Belle blocks his way, "You're not going anywhere. You'll have to kill me first." Claire asks Duck to lend Phillip his gun. Shawn asks if Phillip is going to steal his kid while he's laying there bleeding to death. "That's not now I wanted it," says Phillip.

"It's always about what you want," says Belle, Haven't you learned it should be about what I want? Nobody else matters to you. Not even Claire." She begs him to give Claire to her. Phillip swears he will never let her go.

Celeste and Sami drag out the old Mimi-Rex, Mimi-Shawn scripts as Celeste insists Sami has to tell Lucas and Sami refuses. Celeste brings up a good point – if Lucas really loves her, he will forgive her. If not, she's better off without him.

Adrienne tries to give Steve the wire. He says he has to report that as contraband. Adrienne agrees, but only if he will listen for just a minute. Steve agrees. Kayla pours it on. Steve tells her he's "in training." Kayla says they have to get him out of there. She begs him to listen to Adrienne and do what she says. Adrienne almost brings Steve around but Dr. Granger walks in with EJ. Steve tells Kayla what is happening.

"Steve is talking to himself," says EJ, "My instruction was to get him in line, not turn him into some kind of gibbering idiot." EJ approaches Steve. Adrienne sweats.

Shawn says Phillip will grab Claire and then leave her with a nanny while he counts his money, "Some father!"

"What kind of father are you, Shawn," asks Phillip, "Running away with her and endangering her life? My daughter could have been killed by sharks, starved to death or killed by infection. Yeah, you really love her. I'm really sorry it had to come to this." Phillip walks off with Claire.

Duck yells, "Semper Fi, Dude!"

Shawn screams at Belle to go after him. All things considered, Belle would rather stay and snivel. Shawn insists, and Belle chases Phillip.

"You really think she's a match for a marine," asks Duck.

Shawn staggers, "You shot me you miserable... miserable..." Shawn collapses. Gabby screams.

Lucas comes out and models his monkey-suit. Sami tells him before they go to the church there is something she has to tell him. All Lucas wants to hear her say is, 'I do.' Sami starts to tell all. Lucas, of course, stops her, "I don't want to hear this. I don't need to hear this, so please, don't tell me."

EJ asks Steve if he will introduce him to his imaginary friend. He announces that Dr. Granger has just released Steve into his care.

Kayla listens and freaks. She decides she's going in there. Bo asks how she is going to do that without putting Roman's butt on the line and endangering Adrienne. "Details... details," says Kayla, "When the going gets tough, the tough panic."

Patch tells EJ, "I can't go with you." He points to Adrienne, "I'm going with her. Kayla told me to." EJ walks over to get a good look at Adrienne. Adrienne bites her nails.

"Hello, Adrienne," says EJ, "You know I used to have an aunt who was a nun and I always wondered what was beneath those long flowing robes of hers." EJ parts her gown and finds the wire, "Testing... testing... 1-2-3... I'm assuming I'm talking to Bo and Kayla... this is EJ Wells coming to you from the common room of the state hospital for the mentally insane."

Bo radios in and tells Steve to give the earpiece to EJ. Bo tells EJ, "You have no legal right to take Steve out of that hospital. We'll overlook the fact that Kayla and I don't either." EJ tells Bo the judge is an old family friend and released Steve into his care.

EJ drops the wire and tells Steve it's time to go. "I'm supposed to leave with her," says Steve.

"There has been a change in plans," says EJ. Patch don' wanna go. EJ says, "Steve, remember, you're one of us, now."

The doctor attends to Shawn and says he will be OK if he gets plenty of rest. Shawn, of course, says he can't rest. The doctor tells him to leave little things like the fact his daughter has been kidnapped to the sheriff. He leaves. Gabby offers Shawn a drink.

"No," says Shawn, "I gotta keep my head clear."

"That shouldn't be a problem for you," says Gabby. Shawn says he has to go find Belle and Phillip. Gabby says he is too weak, but Shawn insists.

Once again, Sami tries to tell the truth but Lucas-the-doofus won't have it.

EJ and Granger start to escort Steve out. The bonkers brigade gets restless. Granger tells them all to settle down or they will spend the rest of the day in lockdown. The rabble storms the Bastille. EJ assures them they aren't going to hurt Steve. Foley comes in and tries to pull a couple of them away. Things get out of hand. Screaming. Yelling. Chaos. The lights go out. More screaming.

"What's going on," asks Kayla.

"It sounds like Steve ordered another pizza," says Bo, "And somebody up there doesn't like anchovies."

Gabby begs Shawn not to put himself in danger by chasing after Phillip and Shawn. The sheriff hauls Duck out in handcuffs and tells them he has to run him in. "Lock him up and throw the key down a volcano," says Gabby.

"This is the thanks I get," says Duck, "I took you in when you had nowhere to go."

The sheriff asks if Shawn wants to press charges. He says no. He goes over to the wall and digs the bullet out. He gives it to the sheriff and tells him to keep it as evidence. "And put it on record that Duck was paid by Phillip Kiriakis." The sheriff hauls Duck off.

Gabby tells Shawn Duck did three tours in Nam, "He wanted to die a hero not drink himself to death or shoot innocent people." Gabby wants to know how Shawn turned out so good if he comes from the same family as Phillip. Shawn says a couple months ago he wasn't so great. He was running from responsibility like it was chasing him with a knife. But he turned his life around and now he would never do anything so stupid as run from responsibility to an island and endanger Claire's life in the process. Gabby says she will go look for Phillip and Belle. Shawn won't let her, but Gabby takes a couple of fingers and pushes the weakling into a chair, "I owe you. And I'm the type of girl who always pays her debts."

They decide to go together. Shawn goes and gets one of Duck's guns, but Gabby grabs it from him, "No more guns!"

Lucas just won't let Sami tell the truth, "I just want to know one thing... Do you love me, do you want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together, do you want a house with a white picket fence?"

"That was three things," says Sami.

Will comes out and takes a few pictures. Sami wants to get rid of him and tells him to go download them. Will runs back and Sami makes another feeble attempt at that concept she doesn't quite understand called the truth. Lucas stops her, "This will be the wedding of your dreams, one of them anyway."

Bo and Kayla decide they have to get inside right away. They start to get out of the car, but Adrienne and Patch hop inside. Kayla looks at Steve, "Do you know who I am."

Patch zones, "Kayla..."

Gabby forbids Shawn to take the gun. She wonders if he is up for this. "I have to be," says Shawn. They leave. Pan to the gun sitting on the counter.

Sami really, really, really needs to tell Lucas something. Lucas really, really, really doesn't want to hear it. He leaves. Sami takes rationalization to a new level, "This time, I really tried."

Thanks, Debi…
(Click to Enlarge)

Kayla says, "Everything is gonna be all right now."

Bo says, "OK, kid. Buckle up. We're outta here." Bo starts the car. FF Patch.


Hope says, "I just want you to be safe, OK?" Bo smooches her, "I love you, Fancy Face." Hope says, "I love you too, Brady."

Steve tells Kayla, "I know I'm dead without you."

EJ hands some papers to a goon and says, "This, gentlemen, is a day that will change the lives of some people irrevocably."

Sami tells Lucas, "You don't think it matters and won't change anything, but I have to tell you something that I think will change everything."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so annoying how wishy washy Lucass is. One minute he's telling Sami to tell him the truth and the next minute he doesn't want to hear it. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't run around with his fingers in his ears, yelling "Na na na, I can't hear you." What a ass.

4:39 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Multiple DOOLisms today:

Celeste: "Your only option now is to tell Lucas the truth." D'oh why didn't WE think of that?

Kayla: "Adrienne is sharp, she thinks fast." How smart can she be? She agreed to this idiotic scheme.

Phillip: "Claire doesn't need to see this," Unlike the time she saw her mom and dad do the mattress mombo while she was in the playpen at the foot of the bed

EJ: "My instruction was to get him in line, not turn him into some kind of gibbering idiot." Umm I think the writers beat them to it long ago, Elvis.

Kayla: "What's going on?" WE'VE been asking that for months and we don't have an answer Kay, what makes you so special?

Some breaking news:

Bart returns May 10th
Anna Brady DiMera returns (no date yet)
Lexie returns (no date, other than this summer)

Abby is leaving this week
Willow departs June 4th

Belle, Roman, and Marlena have all signed new 2 yr contracts.
Sami, Lucas, John, Kate, Bo and Hope all signed new 3 yr contracts.

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Just Asking said...

Three year contracts? What will they do when the show goes off the air in a year?

5:27 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Three year contracts? What will they do when the show goes off the air in a year?


6:19 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Anonymous - that was exactly what I wondered. Lucas has been DEMANDING the truth out of Sami for days. And now he doesn't want to hear it??? Puh-leeze.

Shelle shocked, going back in time, the great magazine cover - all great ones today.

I did almost choke on my piece of toast when I got to the part of the bullet hitting Shawn "right between the there can't be too much damage". HAHAHAHAHA

Must....keep....reading.....Prevuze! Thanks.

6:24 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

LMAO at the "go back in time" and "Must stop watching DOOL" pictures. You guys are great. Prevuze always starts my workday out on a high note.

Please, oh please, is it really true that Bart is coming back?? I just LOVE him -- he makes the inane drivel of the DOOL storylines (such as they are) tolerable. And please, oh please, is it also really true that Abby is leaving soon? Her only purpose on the show right now is to be everyone's conscience, and it's getting really TIRESOME (of course, I could say that about just about everything to do with DAZE . . .). AND please, oh please, is it really true that Willow is leaving in June? I couldn't stand her from day one. I just hope that doesn't mean that Nick wimped out and didn't turn in the hairbrush or tampered with it in some other way -- he was one of the few bastions of integrity left on the show . . .

Keep up the good work, guys!

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

"If he puts Adrienne in lockdown, there goes our chance of getting Steve out of there."

Never mind that Adrienne will be in LOCKDOWN!

Bo is so sensitive.

6:39 AM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

just in case anyone is interested:

Main Entry: rat·bag
Pronunciation: 'rat-"bag
Function: noun
chiefly Australian : a stupid, eccentric, or disagreeable person

you guys, they picked an australian word. are the writers-gasp- attempting to actually use continuity????

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Prevuze. I've missed a few days, so you may already have commented on this, but I saw a magazine cover that said Joe Mascolo is coming back. Does anyone know if this is true? Please God it is!!!!


7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't really care about everyone else just tell me that EJ is sticking around.

7:34 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I saw a magazine cover that said Joe Mascolo is coming back. Does anyone know if this is true? Please God it is!!!!

As far as we know this is true, as well as all the other changes listed in Deb's post above.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

rat-bag - you guys, they picked an australian word. are the writers-gasp- attempting to actually use continuity????

Continuity - you just sent all the DOOL writers scurrying to the dictionary.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish the DiMera's would all leave the show. Don't they have anything better to do than play with a handful of people in a small town?? Let the people in Salem mess up their own lives. I don't know why I still pay attention to DOOL, but I do enjoy Prevuze's comments. Thanks for making it fun.

7:56 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I like that Tony/Stef and especially Bart are coming back. Get Rolf and Victor in the picture and all of the villians can be on there.

"Lucas-the-doofus". HAHAHAHA And I know just how Philip feels in that picture, it happens to me sometimes when I'm trying to get thru DOOL.

I can't see the large picture yet, maybe it will pop in for me later.

Great Friday Prevuze! Will there be a special Saturday edition this week? (Hint. Hint.) >:}

8:15 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

On my comings and goes post:

My source for all is the one and only Soap Opera Digest who reports:

NOT ONLY are Thaao Penghlis (Tony), Joseph Mascolo (Stefano), Steve Blackwood (Bart), Leann Hunley (Anna) and Renee Jones (Lexie)returning,

Bill Hayes (Doug), Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) and Will Utay (Dr. Rolf) are all returning!!!!

On the goings report:

Again SOD is reporting Annie Burgstede (Willow) has been released from her contract and will be leaving as of June 4th.

Ashley Benson (Abby) announced on her own message board that she will be leaving.


The ceremony goes off without a hitch even though Kate and EJ are there. At the reception at Chez Rouge, the drama begins.

Marlena surprises them with a slide show of photos of Lumi through the years. A telltale shot of Sami and EJ in the car pops up unexpectedly.

Lucas suspects Kate and ends up throwing cake in her face. Its Lucas’ way of saying, ‘I love you, but you’re not going to ruin my life and you’re not going to convince me that Sami isn’t for me.’Sami is embarrassed.Lucas surprises her by being understanding and proclaiming his love.

Lucas sweeps Sami off her feet and on their way out pass EJ. Sami hits EJ with a left hook and knocks him out.

Back at the apartment Sami tells Lucas about saving him. He knew all along there was more to it and she is shocked. He tells her that if she had told him in the beginning a lot of heartache would have been saved. She tells him about the trade with EJ, and how she didn’t want to do it but he forced her. Again, Lucas is understanding. To him it was an ultimate sacrifice. Lucas also feels a bit guilty because she did it for him.

Lucas tells Sami that even if the baby is EJ’s he’ll love it because its half Sami’s. Lucas has a chance to leave but says no, that they will face this together.
They consummate their marriage in a fun and sexy manner.

This all comes from a SOD interview with Alison Sweeney.
According to Alison "It’s so romantic and such a satisfying success story for Sami and Lucas. They earned this ending."

Now if we can just get Belle and Shawn off that damn island and Steve out from under DiMera control, and John out of the coma, and and and and and and..........

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

So Deb, it is evident you can see into the future.

What I wanna know is, am I gonna lose this big ball of fat on my hips?

Please read crystal ball twice before responding, my hips are tricky!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is DOOL really going off the air in a year or was that just conjecture?

11:35 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Is DOOL really going off the air in a year or was that just conjecture?

DOOL's contract with NBC is up in 2009. It is expected they will announce about a year from now what their plans are.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this blog!!!! I look forward to reading it everyday, as I don't even bother with the show anymore.
Anyway, I'm so glad that Sami will finally be married!!!! It's about time!!!
I know a lot of people hate EJ, but I love him. I hope he sticks around.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad that Sami is going to end up with the Doofus. I hate that character. The guy who plays Lucas (don't even know his name) is rather ugly too. She should have ended up with EJ (he is hot) and then EJ could have become a good guy.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I hate to admit it, but I missed Bart. Love him. Glad he's coming back. And Dr. Rolf, he's coming back from the dead too? You gotta love this show. The lunacy never ends!

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Lorinda said...

In my opinion.....I agree that Sami and EJ would make an awesome couple. But, I think it would be better if they got together and Sami turned "evil" again. EJ is so hot and they make a gorgeous couple. They could be a real power-house for the dark side! On the other hand it will be great to see Sami finally get married to someone who seems to really accept her! :-)

8:07 PM  

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