Thursday, May 24, 2007

Leaving My Panties Behind Wherever I Go

Today's episode is an abbreviated verson done with only the audio of the program available.

Chelsea and Nick dance around doing the nasty. Nick can't do it. The presence of Maggie looms. Chelsea thinks Maggie looks at her like the Slut of Salem, "Leaving my panties behind wherever I go." If only Nick had a place of his own. Chelsea discovers the newspaper and thinks Nick already has a place in mind.

Belle is certain they will find Claire. Shawn thinks they won't.

EJ wants Tony's guarantee he won't harm Sami or the child. Tony's only concern is Stefano. EJ tries to comfort Sami as she cries in captivity. He tells her Stefano needs stem cells.

Nick hems and haws around about the living arrangement.

Sami is a basket case in captivity. She's not letting them do this. She insists they don't know who is the father. EJ tells her about Celeste and her ritual.

Marlena blathers to John about how strong he is, even in a coma. She needs him awake now more than ever.

Shawn tells Belle he had a dream about Claire too, but then he woke up. He tries to drag Belle back to reality but that's a rougher trip than trying to survive the storm in the sea. She berates Shawn for talking about reason and logic when she is talking about miracles.

Marlena knows John can hear her. Even near death it's an impossibility to shut her out. a doctor tells her about a new technology that might help John, but Marlena refuses to send him out of state.

Sami struggles, but EJ assures her the child will not be harmed. Tony tells her he, not Stefano, is calling the shots.

Nick doesn't want to rush into things. Chelsea discovers Willow hanging around. She says she came back for the newspaper. Nick kicks her out and swears he has no romantic interest in her. Chelsea thinks they slept together. Nick denies it. Chelsea wants to know if that is true why he was helping her in the first place.

Shawn and Belle go over the same old ground. Belle accuses him of thinking both her and Marlena are crazy.

Marlena insists she isn't giving up on John. The doctor asks how long she is going to keep holding out hope.

Sami freaks when she sees Tony. He's supposed to be in prison. She says he's as sick and depraved as ever. Tony takes that as a compliment. Sami vows to keep her baby from Tony's clutches.

Nick thinks the authorities will put two and two together about him stealing the brush. If he doesn't help Willow, she will sink them both. Chelsea isn't OK with his plan.

Shawn doesn't think Belle is crazy. Dumb as a rock, yes, crazy, no. It's just that she has been through so much. Belle tells him if he gives up on Claire he is on his own. She goes to see John because someone in a coma thinks more clearly than Belle.

Tony tells Sami time has run out. He orders her into surgery. EJ intervenes but Sami calls him a fraud and a coward. She begs EJ for help as they drag her off.

Marlena tells John she has to get back to Belle, but Belle comes in to see John.

Shawn bumps into Willow. She says she thought he might like to know how his baby is doing.

Chelsea wants Nick to tell Willow to get lost. He tells her he believes she didn't set the fire at Bo and Hope's. She tells him she wants him to stay away from Willow. No more helping her. Then next thing she'll be asking him to help with the bills and pay for her apartment. Nick comes clean. He tells Chelsea signed a lease for Willow and paid for the apartment. He's doing it for them. If he does this willow will leave them alone. Chelsea tells him to grow a pair and either tell Willow to take a hike or she's gone. She doesn't want him hanging around with a gold digging whore.

Shawn tells Willow to stop it. All she cares about is herself. Willow denies it and says he should be sensitive about his unborn baby.

Belle rambles on to John. She wants a sign. Marlena tells her he can't do that.

Sami has a meltdown. EJ tells Tony to get his hands off of her.

Shawn claims Willow's baby is not his. Willow says she can prove it and has found someone else to take care of her. She won't let him near the kid.

Chelsea lays down the law. Nick says he gave Willow his word. Chelsea tells him to stand up to her – to do it for them.

Belle knows she can get through to John. Marlena suggests they try again tomorrow. As Marlena tries to take her away, John won't let go of Belle's hand.

Tony tells EJ they aren't just taking blood, they are also taking the fetus. EJ says they will have to kill him first. Tony chuckles.


Hope says, "Watch what comes out of your mouth." Willow asks, "What're you gonna do, grandma?" Hope says, "I'll make it my business that you never get to see your child."

EJ says, "The only way you're ever gonna stop me from leaving here is cold-blooded murder."

Belle and Marlena beg John to come out of his coma.

Shawn says, "They're gonna hit her with everything they've got. The Brady's are going to war."


Blogger Bulldog said...

Just like Prevuze I, too, am on the road. Thank god for computers in motel lobbys, otherwise I'd be having the PT's (Prevuze Tremors).

I'm surprised they had Nick actually telling the brat about Willow this quickly. I figured that secret wouldn't come out for a year at least.

Tony's sure come back like a lion. Maybe that was a condition Thaao made or else he wouldn't come back if they made him wimpy like before.

Thanks for the Prevuze. I can relax now!!

6:19 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

A Prevuze!! Even if it is late. In fact, at this point I'm going to wait to actually read it until tomorrow morning. When I'll NEED something to start my day.

If Prevuze actually gets something posted tomorrow, it will just be a double pleasure.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate that somebody actually put the prevuzes up! I love them!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

FINALLY!! It gets interesting!!


I hope he doesn't take Sami's baby, but somehow I am thinking he will since we already know Stefano is comming back.

Which brings me to the question....where the hell is Lucas?
Okay so he thinks Sami is meeting this lady from The Knot. Well seeing how Sami is having a high risk pregnancy and shouldn't be up running around, don't you think he would have gone with her or at least be checking on her???

Note to Prevuze, I too would love to write for you!!!
I think Theresa and I would be a GREAT team. And Bulldog could do all our funny pics for us!!

Or does that scare you too much?

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why they are doing this whole thing about Claire being missing? Is there a point to this or is this just buying time for something else?
So Shawn thinks Belle is crazy?..... I'm not even going to touch that one!!!!!
And who didn't see it coming? The 'presto chango' of E.J. - First, good guy / next, bad guy / next, really really bad guy and now, good guy. I hate the fact that th writer's WANT viewers to actually feel sorry for A RAPIST!!!!!
And I'm soooo glad Chelsea told Nick to stand up to Willow. She has been playing Nick since the day they met up in the hospital. Nick should ditch them both and find a really NICE girl to hook up with like, like, like??? - ok, nevermind.

8:59 PM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

much as i really detest willow, neither shawn or hope has done the right thing in regards to her offspring. shawn refuses to believe her child might be his..despite the fact that he, like all the other salemites, refuse to use protection during sex.
hope, on the other hand, is hell-bent on taking willow's child away from her, by fair means or foul.
the holier-than-thou brady clan strikes again!


5:03 PM  

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