Friday, March 09, 2007

The Brood Mare

Sami thinks Celeste's idea is crazy. Celeste asks Sami if she wants to be free of this matter. Of course Sami does, but she asks if the only way to do it is to kill EJ.

"Certainly not, Sami. The truth shall set you free. But since you are either too dumb or too obstinate to go that route, you'll just have to whack the guy."

Well, Mimi Jr. just can't tell Lucas. That would be too easy. But she refuses to kill EJ. Celeste puts on the sales pitch. If she doesn’t destroy EJ, he will destroy Sami.

Mighty Joe Young brings Patch to see EJ. Steve tells EJ he has to get him out of there. EJ lectures him for trying to leave town. Steve claims he was ditching Kayla to be more available to EJ. EJ tells him Kayla was just in his office grilling him. Patch insists he never implicated EJ in nay way. EJ says, "You see, you don't seem to be able to handle your own wife. I need to take some matters into my own hands."

Patch blows his stack, "If you touch one hair on her head I will kill you!" Mighty Joe Young gets him in a choke-hold.

Max and Abby are winding things up at the garage. He tells Abby they have had a long day. She says she'll see him tomorrow. Or whenever. He asks if she is hungry. He wants to take her out to show his appreciation. Abby decides she'd like to go to the penthouse grill, "We haven't used that set in a long time." So, the grill it is. Max goes to wash up. Abby looks up the number in the phone book and very conspicuously circles it. She dials the phone and giggles.

Chelsea can't believe Nick slept with Billie. Nick says it was a one-time thing. Chelsea doesn't care how many times. Billie chimes in, "You called that night and asked me to asked me to get rid of him."

Chelsea is blind with rage, "I ASKED YOU TO GET RID OF HIM, NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM! I can't believe this. You are both such liars!"

"Mimi left town," says Billie, "Somebody has to fill in for her."

Sami reminds Celeste they are talking about killing Lexie's half-brother. Celeste says, "EJ may be Alexandra's half-brother but he's the monster that killed her." Sami says she may not be dead. Maybe she ran off with Tek. Celeste insists she wouldn't run away from her son. Sami won't even be free of him if the baby is Lucas', "He will always have power over you."

Sami stares like a zombie, "He'll tell Lucas."

"Even if the truth is he raped you."

"Lucas won't believe it," says Sami. And Lucas is such a great guy because???

"EJ will own you forever," says Celeste, "Until you give him a son."

Sami can't live like that. Celeste tells her she has to do something about it, "EJ Wells must die." With friends like Celeste, who needs enemies?"

Mighty Joe Young tells Steve he's calling in the Big Cheese – Dr. Kraft. EJ assures him there won't be any more trouble. Steve warns EJ again, but whispers this time. EJ thinks Brady women just don't listen to reason. What EJ wants is for Steve to stop fighting him, "You have a choice. You can spend the rest of your life in here weaving baskets, or be free."

Willow and Jed are together at a table in the Penthouse Grill. Willow tells Jed if he moves in with her they can make it. Jed wonders where she got the money. He notices the check is postdated. Abby walks in with Max.

Max says it's great to have her around again. Jed interrupts. He just wanted to tell them he hopes they both have a great evening. Max the smoothie suggests Jed and Willow join them for dinner.

Billie throws one excuse after another. It's her fault, not Nick's, "I fell off the wagon that night and Nick hopped on. The wagon, that is."

Nick checks in, "I was sooooo concerned about Billie's drinking I decided to jump her bones and make it all better."

Chelsea rants on, "Well my grandmother has been a little off lately. Why don't you pay her a feel-good visit?"

Chelsea goes into total meltdown. Billie says she will make it up to her. Chelsea bawls, "What mother would do this to her own daughter? My real mother would never have done anything like this!"

Billie cries, "I am your real mother. I made a mistake."

Chelsea storms out of the room, "You're nothing to me."

Jed thinks maybe he and Willow could join Max and Abby another time. Abby drives a bulldozer into the room and uses it to shove Jed back to his table. With Jed out of the way, Abby asks why Max would ask Jed and Willow to join them when they are on a date.

Billie gives Nick the old 'I told you so.' Billie says what matters now is Chelsea is crying her eyes out because she thinks they betrayed her. Nick heads for Chelsea's room, but Billie stops him and tells him to give her time, "She'll get over it."

Chelsea blasts out of her room like she's shot from a cannon, wheeling her suitcase behind her, "I'm outta here." Billie begs her not to go, but the brat heads out. Billie follows and screams.

Back in the apartment with Nick, Billie calls Chelsea's cell phone and leaves a message. Nick tries to call Abby.

Meanwhile, Meathead Max wasn't exactly sure it was a date. He hems and haws as Abby's cell phone rings. Saved by the bell.

Abby goes off to take the call. Nick tells her Chelsea knows. He wants to see if she has heard from her. No. Nick and Billie are really worried. Abby says if Chelsea calls she'll try to talk to her. Abby goes back to the table. She tells Max Nick and Chelsea had a falling out. Max asks if she wants to leave. Abby says, "I guess that's your way of saying this isn't a date."

Max babbles and finally comes up with, "This definitely is a date."

Chelsea storms through the garage looking for Abby. She sees the grill's number circled in the phonebook, and heads for the restaurant.

Patch assures EJ he will be a good soldier, "Just don't hurt Kayla, and get me out of here." EJ says that will be difficult. But he'll see what he can do. He says he will be in touch and orders Patch not to call him. EJ leaves.

Sami stares at the cross in the sanctuary. Celeste tells her she knows what she has to do, "What's stopping you from killing an evil man who will bring pain and suffering for all the Days Of Our Lives ?"

"What if I get caught?"

"We won't."


"Of course I will help you," says Celeste, "In the name of my daughter we are going to rid the world of Stefano's heir."

Sami says, "Oh, I get it... It's like Sampson in the Bible. He's powerless without his hair."

"And we will not be found out," says Celeste.

Sami wants to know what Celeste knows about killing someone. Celeste reminds her she was Stefano's mistress. Celeste doesn't think people would go to great lengths to catch EJ's killer. Sami says he knows her father and he would. Celeste turns up the steam. She wonders what if Lucas isn't the father, "If EJ is the father he will find out. You have something he wants – Something to use to gain power over him. He wants you, Samantha."

Nick offers to get Billie a cup of tea. "Tea isn't what I need right now," says Billie.

Nick assures her they will get through this. Billie thinks she broke her little girl's heart in the worst possible way, "We have to think of a way to deal with it." Billie says it won't just blow over. If he believes that, he doesn't know Chelsea.

Abby wonders why Max invited Jed and Willow over if this is a date, "You're not scared of being alone with me, are you? There are no tires or spark plugs here."

"Just sparks," says Max. Abby loses her appetite. Max says, "You are beautiful. So..."

Suddenly, Abby reels in horror as she sees dreaded Aunt Maggie walk into the restaurant. Abby covers her face.

Jed asks where Willow got the check. She can't say. All she call tell him is in order to earn the money, she just has to run an errand. She asks him to slip the check under her mattress at the Y. Jed agrees, but he doesn't like this. Abby interrupts. She asks if Jed wants to join them, "Please say yes." Jed wonders what he would do with Willow.

Willow says she will cancel her order and have Jed's dinner sent to Abby's table. She leaves. Jed comes back with Abby. Abby says, "Max, isn't this great? Jed is going to join us."

"Great," says Max. He looks around for that bulldozer.

OK, now that things are set up, it's time Maggie can discover Abby. Maggie sees the threesome and goes over to intrude, "I don't want to intrude." She turns to Jed, "You take very good care of my niece Mr. Stark." She throws a look at Max, decides to leave her gun in her purse for now, and heads back to her table. Abby looks across the room and suddenly announces she has to go.

Max and Jed stare uncomfortably at each other.

Across the room, the brat tells Abby her whole life is ruined.

Sami says EJ wants he baby, not her. Celeste has seen how he looks at her.

"Like I'm a brood mare," says Sami.

"If you offer yourself he will come to you," says Celeste, "You should set up a secret rendezvous."

"You're suggesting I ambush him?"

"You can do it," says Celeste. Sami refuses. Celeste says, "Votre vie est pas de seule. God speed Samantha, and good luck." Celeste leaves.

Chelsea nukes. "Nick was naked with my mom. I have to live with that image for the rest of my life."

Abby says, "I know what you are going through."

"I don't think you do," says Chelsea, "You didn't lose your parents."

"Yes I did," says Abby, "Several times."

"Your real mother isn't a lying whore," says Chelsea.

"I sure thought so when I caught her with Frankie," says Abby.

"I have to leave," says Chelsea, "What reason is there for me to stay?"

"Your dad."

"He hates me."

"He would care if you were gone," says Abby, "And so would your mom and Nick and me." Chelsea says she will keep in touch. Abby again suggests talking to Bo.

"He will just say I brought it on myself."

"Let's just get you fixed up," says Abby, as they walk toward the mirror. Pan to shoes under a stall door... Willow!

Jed says Abby told him she's into Max. Max thinks she might be into Jed. Maggie looks at them from across the room and waves like a... uh, busybody aunt. "I'm not so sure about her aunt," says Max.

Sami storms into EJ's office, "I'll get the amnio, but I want something in return."

Willow listens as the girls talk. Abby insists she talk to Bo. The brat agrees, but says he won't care. He thinks she was working with Patrick. The girls leave. Willow sneaks out of her stall. She puts on a glove, picks up a hairbrush and smiles.

Abby arrives back at the table. Dinner arrives. Maggie waves. Willow leaves. Abby stares. OMG – the action!

Abby says she has suddenly lost her appetite.

Dr. Kraft confronts Patch about her missing phone. Patch denies he knows anything about it. Mighty Joe Young searches him and finds it.

"I thought we had an understanding," says Dr. Kraft. Steve insists it won't happen again. Dr. Kraft tells Mighty Joe Young to take him back and restrain him. Patch struggles and screams as the big ape hauls him off.

Sami will get the amnio, "If the baby is Lucas' what then?"

"I care about you, Samantha," says EJ, "If the baby isn't mine, I won't bother you again. If it is, the bond between us is unbreakable."

Sami snorts, "There is no bond between us, Elvis."

"Well we will find out," says EJ.

Sami leaves and yanks out her phone, "It's Sami. I need to see you. It's urgent."

Nick has tried everyone he can think of. He thinks they should call the police. "And say what," asks Billie, "My daughter ran away because I slept with her boyfriend." The blood drains from Billie's face, "Oh, God, how will I explain this to Bo?"

Nick shoots straight up, "Bo! We have to call him!"

Billie couldn't possibly. Nick urges her to do it. Billie calls.


Chelsea leaves Bo a message. She knows he doesn't want to talk to her but she's headed over.

Willow watches and contemplates the hairbrush. Willow smirks. FF


Sami tells Nick, "I'm desperate. I need test results that show if the baby I'm carrying is Lucas'. That's not too tough, right?" Nick does a double-take.

Bo is totally disgusted. He says to Billie, "You did not sleep with Nick Fallon, did you?" Billie gives exactly the same look we always got after Ricky said, "LLLLUUUUUUCCCCCCYYYYY?????"

Chelsea lies down and thinks, "Goodbye Salem. Goodbye, Dad."

Willow is back to her old hobby. Fire rages. Willow says, "Oh, no!" In the background, Hope says, "Bo?" Is someone there?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did Celeste say in French?

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a french canadian, so I'll try to help !

"Votre vie est pas de seule"
really has no sense !

If I translate it word to word : Your life is not the only.

Well in english it does mean something, but it is very poorly translated in french !
It should be : Votre vie n'est pas la seule.

And even in the context, I don't understand why Celeste said that... Prevuze ?? :)

6:04 AM  
Anonymous MomofDNA said...

I think it's like "Your life is not your own anymore" or something like that. Could mean it's not just HER safety, it's the baby's as well...or that EJ will stalk her forever and she'll never be free of him...

6:08 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

English. French. Doesn't matter. This sounded liked one of the lamest, time-killing episodes ever! I can only agree with Prevuze, "OMG - the action."

Abby has no big brother. Jack, even when he was around, couldn't chew gum and walk at the same time. I hardly ever saw Abs IN a car, let alone work on one. So when and how did she become such a car mechanic?? TLT

Despite the lame episode, Prevuze as always made it funnier than heck! Bless you!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

""Votre vie est pas de seule"
really has no sense !

...In other words, it fits right in with everything else on this show!

Part of the problem is, there is a Prevuze typo in there. What Celeste actually said was, "Votre vie et pas de seule." Roughly translated it would be "Your life and not only." Hey, who needs a verb in there? Verbs are overrated. Anyway, I think the interpretations of Anon and momofdna would have to stand. In other words, she's trying to tell Sami it's not just her life she has to be concerned with anymore. She has to consider either Lucas' little angel or Satan's spawn.

Sorry about the typo. It's tough enough to keep up with all the verbal diarrhea in English, but somehow we manage. In fact, I would like to dedicate this episode to Miss Priscilla Snodgrass, my high school keyboarding teacher who predicted I would never type faster than 15wpm with a wind at my back. I'd like to see Miss Priscilla keep up with motormouth Lucas.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha !

I bet she would like to see you going now ! I really think you do a great job by the way, and don't be so hard on yourself ! When I said I didn't make sense, I never thought your typo was the problem, but (like you said yesterday) just bad scripts ! ;)

7:03 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Maggie, the owner of a competing restaurant probably wouldn't be at the Penthouse but it helps them create these time-wasting scenes.

LOL over Sami's confusion of heir/hair. And great use of Abby and the old blonde joke. Hey, did you hear about Abby who was working at the garage and accidentally locked herself inside the car?

Great Prevuze to get us thru to the weekend! :D

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Celeste doesn't think people would go to great lengths to catch EJ's killer.

This plan of Celeste's strikes me as incredibly stupid. How about the DiMera clan as possible people who would be interested in finding EJ's killer.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Celeste is trying to get rid of Sami for going after Lexie. If EJ doesn't kill her the cops will string her up for murder, again.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"don't be so hard on yourself ! When I said I didn't make sense, I never thought your typo was the problem"

To us English-speaking types who stumble through French, "et" and "est" sound very much the same. I suppose I should also dedicate this episode to my college French instructor, Professor Grandebouche, who once passed European French cigarettes around in class for us to sample. Mon Dieu! I'm still light headed from that experience, which probably accounts for some of the weird things you read in Prevuze.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aunt Maggie... begone. Leave dear Abby alone, she's FINALLY getting herself a man. There is a lot of pent-up, sexual frustration in that garage.

10 bucks says Abby will jump Max in a random backseat one of these days.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has happened to Lauren and the Mimi/Phillip baby? She should have given birth mths ago. Looks like Victor would be after the little bastard instead of Claire.

Looks like we have another "Who killed JR" I mean EJ, story line coming up..could be interesting.

Great Job Prevuze!!

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't Professor Grandebouche mean Professor Big Mouth?

10:55 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Doesn't Professor Grandebouche mean Professor Big Mouth?

OMG! Who'd a thunk it!

4:38 AM  

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