Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One Night You're Hot, The Next You're Shot

Hope sleeps. Bo stares like a love-struck schoolboy. He strokes her face. She wakes up. She didn't realize she had fallen asleep. Bo thinks they were both worn out. Hope wonders why he got up then. "I just wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming." They both admit they missed being close like this. Hope thinks they could get even closer.

Patrick rants. He asks if EJ gave Bonnie money. He says EJ told him he gave her a wad-o-cash to deliver to him. Mimi interrupts. Bonnie says Patrick is trying to blame her for the money he lost. Patrick says, "Mom ripped me off again, and if I don't get my money back I'll call the cops." Mimi and Bonnie stare.

Max meets Roman at Chez Rouge. Max tells him about Spivey/Phillip. He and Mimi don't know how bad Phillip has been injured. They think Victor is behind it. Roman is skeptical. Since all the evidence points to Victor, any Salem cop worth his salt would automatically look the other way. Max says Victor is a man who gets what he wants. He says Kate suspects him too. "Keep me posted," says Roman.

"Victor plays dirty," says Max, "If anything happens to us you should know what we were up to."

Kate cries as Victor explains why he has done this. He tells her about the face transplant. Kate bawls, "How could you not tell me?" Victor scowls.

Phillip wheels. Kate rants. Victor stares. Kate is upset Victor didn't tell him Phillip was there the day she came over. Victor defends himself, "I knew you would be slighted."

Kate nukes, "SLIGHTED is when a friend snubs you in a supermarket. This is my son we're talking about. I'm going to see he has round the clock care. I'm calling Roman to see how many laws you broke." Kate takes her cell phone out. The mummy lifts his hand. The world stops. If they were standing by the Red Sea, it would part.

Roman asks if they confronted Victor. Max says they did and gives details of their meeting. Victor said the CIA was involved, but Max knew that was a smokescreen. Roman thinks Max and Mimi should give it a rest, "If Phillip is with Victor he's getting the best medical attention he can get. There is no law against hiding his son. You and Mimi should back off."

Mimi breaks up the fight between Patrick and Bonnie. Bonnie thinks it would be a good idea to call the cops.

Mimi walks over to Bonnie's purse and pulls out a wad-o-cash. Bonnie tells Patrick Mimi siphoned part of it off, "Go ahead and tell him what you did, Mimi."

Bo says he didn't see this coming. So what's new?

Hope likes to toy with her prey. She calls things off, "It will happen when it happens."

Bo quivers, "It could happen right now."

Hope backs off, "Did hell freeze over? "

Bo's balloon bursts, "I'm just saying if you want to get closer now's the time."

Mimi tells Patrick she found out Bonnie had been taking his money, "And I needed some cash. It was an emergency and I will pay you back. Is it OK?"

"No," says Patrick, "It's not OK. None of this is OK." He leaves.

Bonnie says, "Nice work, Meems, sweet."

Max agrees it's best to leave Victor alone. He did it for Mimi. Roman reacts. Max says he and Mimi are just friends. Actually he was hoping Roman would tell him to back off. He wasn't too thrilled about playing detective, "I wanted to leave it to the professionals. But since I couldn't find any professionals, I guess the Salem PD will do."

Roman chuckles, "Yeah, If you put your nose into Victor's business you could wind up looking like Jack Nicholson in Chinatown."

"I see you've had your nose in Victor's business a few times," says Max. He tells Roman Victor has been spending more and more time with Claire. Roman says he will make some calls. He cautions Max to be careful. Max leaves. Roman sighs.

Hope says it sounds tempting. She wants to take things slow. As he goes down in flames, Bo changes the subject, "OK... So, have you heard anything else from Lockhart?"


"Good," says Bo, "Lets keep it that way."

Hope says she won't do anything to jeopardize their relationship. The phone rings. Roman. Hope stands up, "Good Lord, I'm getting big."

"I'd think so," says Bo, "It's been almost a year."

Bo takes the call. Roman has been thinking about Nancy Everett turning down the reward, "Could there be a link with Victor?"

Victor folds Kate's phone and says Phillip has made himself clear. Kate wants to know what is going on. Victor says Weinstein is a miracle worker. The less people involved, the better Victor can accomplish what he wants.

The mummy sags as Kate asks Victor to share his master plan. Victor agrees and goes to fix a drink. The mummy slumps by the fire.

Hope comes down carrying a box of clothes to donate to charity. She sees a note from Bo saying he had to go meet Roman. On cue, Patrick shows up. Hope is reluctant to have him there. Patrick says it won't take long. He comes in and hands her the tickets, "Our trip is all set... tickets and itinerary... first class all the way."


Mimi wants to know why Bonnie needs all that money. Bonnie makes up a mortgage payment and debt sob-story. Mimi says she did the books for Alice's last spring and the receipts were coming in like crazy. "It's the restaurant business," says Bonnie, "One night you're hot, the next you're shot."

Bonnie goes for another beer. Mimi goes through a drawer. She finds Bonnie's ledger. Bonnie comes out and grabs it, "Give it back now!"

Abby paces. Max arrives. She tells him there has been a black van coming around all night. She has him look out the window.

Victor tells Kate, "Phillip is brave. Brave, yes. Intelligent, no. We should be proud of him. He's gained a new appreciation for life. He wrote me from Germany. He said when he walked away from Claire he walked away from the one thing he loved. He didn't think he'd get a chance to be a father to her again. It broke my heart." Stone is brittle. It breaks easily.

Kate wonders why Phillip didn't contact her. Victor says, "When a man needs comforting he turns to his mother. When he needs a problem fixed, he turns to his father, especially if his father is loaded. I filed a custody suit on Phillip's behalf and Shawn and Belle are going to lose any claim they have to that little girl."

The mystery van screeches away. Max comes back inside. He tells Abby it could be kids. Abby thinks it's gangsters who want to shoot the office girl.

Max offers her a ride home. Abby asks, "Are you sure Mimi wouldn't mind? It'd hate to make her jealous."

Victor says they both owe Phillip, "If we had told him about Claire's paternity in the first place, maybe he wouldn't have run off to war."

Kate says, "I'll feel guilty about that for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Victor says, "When it comes to interfering you haven't learned anything. I told you no good would come of lying to Phillip. But you had to have your way. What's that about? Look at your children. You've driven Austin out of Salem again. You've driven Lucas into Sami's arms again. Billie's life is miserable again. I will not have that kind of a life for Phillip."

"Oh, I see," says Kate, "I am the parent who failed."

"No," says Victor, "I am saying we both failed and we have to make amends. And we're not the only ones. Belle was supposed to be his devoted wife. Shawn was supposed to be his best friend. They both betrayed him. And now it's time for them to pay. I need you to swear you will never tell anyone what we talked about here today. If anyone found out about it, Phillip could lose face. It's us against the world. Can you do that?"

Kate says, "If you weren't so arrogant you would realize I've always been on Phillip's side no matter what."

Bo and Roman are at the Chez Rouge bar. Bo can't believe Roman's story. Roman thinks Victor is spending a lot of time with Claire. Bo thinks it's suspicious. Bo slaps Red's mug shot onto the bar. They think she kidnapped Claire. They wonder if Victor was behind it. Bo doesn't know, "but she was throwing a lot of money around."

Patrick says they are tickets to Cabo San Lucas. Hope didn't even know Lucas had a cabin. She tells him to cool it. Patrick says he held up his end of the bargain and it's time for her to hold up hers.

She says she is only going on the trip because of a sense of obligation. She asks about the change in itinerary, "Did you think you would take me some place warm and sweep me off my feet? We will have separate rooms. This is nothing more than a business transaction. You realize that don't you?"

Bo and Roman speculate about Claire's kidnapping. "Why would Victor do that? We have to connect the dots," says Bo.

Victor says he knew he could count on Kate. She says if he knew that he wouldn't have kept her in the dark in the first place. Victor thinks he underestimated Mimi and Max. He thought he had thrown them off the scent. Kate says he didn't – they just wanted to find Phillip because they care about him.

Victor isn't convinced, "Mimi cares so much she gave up his unborn child. Claire doesn't even recognize Phillip any more. He doesn’t want pity. He wants to come back strong and whole, except for missing a face and leg. We have to put Max and Mimi on ice."

"Just send them over to spend some time with Hope," says Kate.

Max and Abby argue about Mimi. Abby thinks Mimi has him into stuff that's not his business. She thinks it's more than friendship.

"I don't have to explain," says Max, "You are not my girlfriend. I like Mimi. I think she's a good person."

"At least you finally admitted it," says Abby. She storms out.

Max gets a call from Kate. She asks to meet him and Mimi. He will have Mimi come to the garage, "You won't believe what I found out," says Kate. Max stares out the window.

"Well done, Kate," says Victor.

"Just make sure you don't hurt them," says Kate.

"Don't worry," says Victor, "I just need them both in the same place."

Mimi says the books show Bonnie didn't pay off anything. She took out a second mortgage. She wants to know what she is using the money for. Bonnie says she made an investment, "Guaranteed to pay off serious money in about three months."

"What did you invest in," asks Mimi, "Swampland in Florida?"

Bonnie says she will be rolling in dough. Mimi gets a call. Max asks her to come to the garage. Mimi will be right over. She tells Bonnie the conversation isn't over.

Patrick guesses he doesn't know Hope as well as he thought. "You know me as well as you ever will," says Hope, "We are friends – that's it."

Patrick says he isn't discouraged. Hope will change her mind about him. He leaves. Hope stares.

Bo wants to go full steam ahead investigating Red and Victor's relationship. Roman reminds him he is suspended. Abe ordered him to keep his butt out. "Of the Wells investigation," says Bo, "But this is different. Don't you want to know what Victor is up to?"

Roman says the department went through hell with the Wells lawsuit. They can't afford another mixup. Bo says, "Claire is my granddaughter. I gotta get to the bottom of this."

Victor offers Kate a drink as a peace offering. Kate says he would need a blowtorch to take off the chill. She doesn't want anyone to get hurt. She knows what he will do to people he hates. Mimi isn't her favorite person, but she doesn't want her to get hurt.

Victor turns on the sarcasm, "How loyal, Kate."

"Max and Mimi had good intentions," says Kate.

"I promised Phillip I wouldn't hurt them," says Victor, "I just need to keep them on ice until Phillip goes to Montreal. Look at us. Here we are under the same roof – a family again."

"For the moment," says Kate.

Mimi arrives at the garage. Max watches out the window. He tells her about the black van. Max says he talked to Roman. Mimi asks if this black van has something to do with Victor. She's spooked, so she goes to call the Salem PD. Of course, the phone is dead.

Bo is back home. He asks about the box of old clothes. He wants to know if he is supposed to put it in the car and offers to take it to the church.

"I'd rather you did something else for me tonight," says Hope, "He drops the box on his foot and struggles for words, "Are you sure?"

Hope kisses him, "Does that answer your question?"

"Rather clearly." Upstairs.

Lauren loves the lobster at Chez Rouge. Bonnie thinks she shouldn't be eating such rich food. Lauren wants more money. Bonnie says when the baby pops out she will come into a boatload of money. They will go 50-50 if Lauren can be patient. Lauren says Bonnie had better come through or her gold mine will disappear.

Kate sits with Phillip. Victor comes in to share the tender moment. He holds out his hand to Kate. Phillip waves his head like it's on a swivel. Kate takes Victor's hand. They dance. The mummy smiles.

Max checks the phone. He says he just talked to Kate, and can't understand why it's dead. Mimi takes her cell phone out to make the call. They hear a noise in the other room. The lights go out. Max goes to investigate. CRASH!. Mimi screams, "Max! What's happening?" She sticks her head into the dark room to see if Shawn has just driven through the wall. FF.


Sami rants, "You said that I'm so spineless that a couple of compliments and some drinks from EJ and I'll jump into bed with him. Lucas, is that really what you think of me?"

Abby whines, "I could've warned Max before they tried to hurt him." Nick the Geek says, "No." Abby says, "I'd rather die with him than live without him."

Shawn says, "I can't work with you any more, EJ."

Willow says to Hope, "Your son just dumped me. I want to know what you're going to do about it."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Finally, Pard told Max what most of the audience has been thinking for weeks - if Vic wants to hide Philip so what? It's his son!

And I agree with a comment made Friday - what is the whole thing with Victor moving heaven & earth & Phil's face to get Claire? Meanwhile, he's ignoring the fact that Philip's BIOLOGICAL child is out there. I'd think Vic's time would be better spent making sure he gets that baby for Philip.

Mommy.....Mummy....My My what a good Prevuze today! HA

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, we get it. You hate Hope. Could you tone it down a bit??

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved when you said that Hope didn't even know Lucas had a cabin!! LOL!!

8:24 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Why does Willow think Hope is going to do something about Jr. dumping her? She pushed for Jr/Belle to be together even when she was supposedly happily married to Phil.

I agree with Applecheeks point about what Vic is doing isn't illegal. Neither is using Jr. as a courier, so why did EJ cave in to Bonnie's threats either?

I loved "If Philip found out he could lose face" and Meems checking to see if Jr. crashed into the garage. HAHAHAHA

Don't change a thing, Prevuze! If people don't like the comments they don't have to read it.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Ok, we get it. You hate Hope. Could you tone it down a bit??"

As soon as Hope does.

See, every reader thinks we slam her characters more than the rest. The truth is, we think the Salemites are all nuts. And by gosh, it is our pledge to slam all characters equally and mercilessly.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was with Victor's comment about how Mimi gave up the biological child with Phillip? Didn't Phillip also give up his own child?

10:57 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"What was with Victor's comment about how Mimi gave up the biological child with Phillip? Didn't Phillip also give up his own child?"

My sentiments exactly... Phil signed those papers so fast, he didn't care at all about that baby! Why should he get a chance with Claire?

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mommy - mummy...too funny!

Victor's getting a little wacky. Good for him! Hopefully the "new" Phillip will put a little fun into some of these stroylines.

And what's up with Willow? This character is getting more annoying by the scene.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"What was with Victor's comment about how Mimi gave up the biological child with Phillip? Didn't Phillip also give up his own child?"

Let's see...

Victor's last name: Kiriakis
Phillip's last name: Kiriakis
Mimi's last name: Lockhart (or Brady, depending on your point of view)

I think that had something to do with it. Just a hunch.

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know what to think anymore except that Bo, Mimi, Willow and Shawn and Kate and Victor all need to get a life..and grow up big time.

7:05 PM  

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