Monday, December 11, 2006

Bad Career Move

We pan through a hotel room. Clothes are strewn everywhere. Steve and Kayla are in the tub together. It's the only way she can get him to bathe. Kayla feels like she's died and gone to heaven. "I'll bet these last few months must've been hell for you," says Steve.

"It's been longer than a few months," says Kayla, "I lost you such a long time ago. But death in Salem is such a trivial thing that I never lost hope I'd see you again. That's why I never could be with anyone else. I tried once with someone, but it didn't work."

Patch asks, "So you haven't been with anyone else?"

"No," says Kayla, "You're the only man for me. And definitely worth the wait."

Max and Mimi step into Kate's office. Kate tells them she's busy, but they say it's about Phillip. They tell her the man in the photo is Phillip and go through the Spivey story. Mimi tells Kate any additional information about him is classified. Kate goes into action. She starts to call Victor but Max tells her he already knows the whole story. Mimi says she thinks Victor knows where Phillip is.

Belle, Shawn, Victor and Claire are having a meal at Chez Rouge. Belle thanks Victor for helping get Claire back. She will never let her out of her sight again. "Except when she is with me," says Victor.

Shawn says Belle and he have decided to work things out. Until Claire is used to him they have decided to cut Victor's visits down.

Northern Italy. John, Marlena, afterglow. Studies have shown that sex among senior citizens is just as satisfying as with younger people. Marlena says, "I'll give you a euro for your thoughts, but I think I know what's on your mind."

"Sorry," says John, "The ceremony was a dream wasn't it?"

"Our wedding was beautiful," says Marlena, "You did all of it yourself. I'll never forget that for all the Days Of Our Lives. The fountain... the champagne... Stefano's empty crypt. I had a thought. Just because his body wasn't there doesn't mean he's not dead. I think they are playing mind games with us."

"No," says John, "They would never play with something that trivial. Stefano is alive. He knows I'm on to him."

"He is a dangerous man," says Marlena.

Enrico sneaks around. He picks the lock on their door, draws his dagger and enters.

Mimi says they think Victor took Phillip from the hospital. Kate wonders why Victor wouldn't tell her he did that. They want her help to find Phillip.

Victor is shocked, "I help you save Claire and this is the way you express your gratitude? Do you know what it would do to her if I just vanished? You are making a serous mistake. Claire had a father the first year of her life. Where is your respect for him?"

More sap and splash from Patch and Kayla. He says there are years he can't account for. Kayla suggests a specialist. Steve thinks he's wasted too much time on couches, "Somebody went to a lot of trouble to keep me in the dark, well, half in the dark. I don't want to put you in danger again, but if it comes to that you have to be strong enough to let me go."

Enrico sneaks around in John and Marlena's room. He plunges the dagger into the bed sheets. Marlena whispers to John, "That knife is practically a toy. I would never have used something that lame when I was the Salem Serial Killer." John whirls and twirls into the room. He puts the moves on Enrico, who is no match for John's cat-like coordination. John turns him into a human pretzel. The hotel busybody hears the commotion, runs out into the hallway and gasps, "What's going on?"

John has his prey on the floor in a half-nelson, "Enrico, what took you so long? All right, tell me where DiMera is. And if you say, 'I don't know,' those will be your last words."

Enrico chokes, "Stefano is muerto."

John grits his teeth, "Arevaderci pal. El Capo sent you here to kill us!"

Enrico says, "I am just a hired hand."

"Bad career move," says John.

Outside, the police bang on the door. John tells Marlena to get rid of them. Marlena goes to the door and asks if there is a problem. The busybody looks over the policeman's shoulder. Marlena blushes and says, "It was just rough amore. John likes it that way."

Mimi hopes Kate can get Victor's flight plan to and from Atlanta. Kate says she can do better than that. She calls Lucas and asks where Victor is. She finds out he is at Chez Rouge and heads out to get the information they need.

Shawn explains the situation to Victor. It's kind of like Forrest Gump explaining things to Einstein. Victor is no Einstein, but, let's face it, Shawn is no Forrest Gump, either. Shawn thinks Phillip abandoned Claire. Victor insists, "Phillip didn't abandon Claire. He just bugged out on her with no warning or word about where he would be. Would you have stayed around and watched another man raise your daughter?"

"I watched another man raise my daughter," says Shawn.

Victor throws a few trump cards on the table, he says Belle is a single mom squatting with her parents (the family that squats together, stays together) and Shawn is shacking up with a prostitute, "Neither of you is fit to be parents. I am the only stable influence in her life. I'm not going to let you push me out."

Kayla says she won't walk away. "What if I'm some kind of a criminal," asks Patch.

"Then I'll visit you in jail and bring you a cake with a file in it."

"What if I was married and had a gaggle of kiddies," he asks.

"Then I'll kill you," she chuckles, "I am not walking away from you."

Patch says, "I'm always gonna worry about losing you again."

Kayla says, "You are never gonna lose me." Smooch. Fade to candle.

Victor asks, "Do you realize how much Claire stands to inherit? Shawn, you have to stop looking at the world through the windows of the Brady pub. In fact, windows are something you should stay away from altogether. I am the only chance she has. I am not letting you take that from her."

"We are her parents," says Shawn, "We will decide what is best for her."

"We'll see about that."

Kate tells Willow she is there to give a message to Mr. Kiriakis. She doesn't want to disturb him. She wants to slip it in his coat pocket. Willow gets Victor's coat and Kate puts the note in there. At the same time, she lifts his car keys, "Oh Victor, now we'll find out what secret you've been keeping from me." She leaves.

Patch and Kayla drip dry, "You smell good," says Kayla, "You should bathe more often." She tells him about lying in bed and remembering how his body smelled, "Somehow I managed to get to sleep anyway." She didn't have him, but she always had her memories. Patch says they will make new ones. They will never be lonely again. Kiss.

Marlena says, "My husband is multo passionate. It won't happen again. The policeman has to inspect the premises. Marlena hesitates, but invites him in.

John sits in bed looking like the cat that just ate the canary. Marlena gets in with him and tells him the cop has to inspect the place. The policeman takes a quick look, congratulates them and leaves. They pop out of bed. John shows her Rico in the closet, "I know where Stefano is."

Marlena asks, "Where do we find him?"

John says, "No! We don't do anything. You are outta this!"

Marlena says they are a partnership. John won't apologize for wanting to protect her. Marlena reminds him she went to NJ to prove she could take care of herself. She proved it all right – wound up trapped in a box.

"Stephano trained me to be an assassin," says John.

"You're better trained than I am," says Marlena, "but I am just as smart as you are. If Stephano is alive, we are both in danger." They argue about who needs whom most. Marlena steps right off the edge of the cliff. She screams, "I love my life and would walk through hell to spend one more day with you. If Stephano is alive we need each other."

Kayla knows Steve and Billie have feelings for each other. She asks if they are in love. Patch says, "Maybe Nick wanted it to go that way but he had no history. Truth be told I am two different people. Two people, one eye. What a rip. I wasn't as good as you were. There were other women. The thing is, I kept things casual and in the moment. I think Billie did too. Maybe that's what we had in common. We both did it to avoid getting hurt. I told her I was planning on ending things with you."

Kayla says, "I won't pretend Billie is my favorite person but I don't want to see her get hurt. Killed, maybe. Hurt, no. She will be devastated."

"No," says Patch, "I think she's been expecting this all along."

Max and Mimi are back at the garage. Max tells her they did the right thing even though Victor wanted them to keep their mouths shut. "Keeping my mouth shut isn't my strong point. And I'm even worse when it comes to opening it and telling the truth," says Mimi.

Max asks if she regrets not having a baby. "With Shawn," says Mimi, "I would be having a baby with a man who loves someone else. That is proof things happen for a reason."

Victor screams at Shawn and Belle, "I will take action."

"We are done here," says Shawn, "Belle, I want you to leave so I can talk to Victor man to imbecile." Belle takes Claire to go look at the Christmas tree.

"So once again you're going to do an imitation of a man," says Victor, "What are you going to do, drive another car through my house, or maybe a knife through my heart?"

Shawn wants Victor to back off. Victor says he will never be the father Phillip was, "Claire belongs to Phillip. His name is on her birth certificate."

"They named her 'Phillip,' " asks Shawn.

Victor stands up and tosses money on the table, "You're going to regret this." Shawn doesn't think so. He thinks Victor is a bad influence on Claire. Victor threatens, "You will remember this night for the rest of your miserable life."

He stomps off. Willow helps him on with his coat. Victor sticks his hand in the pocket and says, "Where are my keys."

Willow says, "They must've fallen out when Kate left you a note."

Victor pulls the note out of his pocket and reads it, "I know all about Phillip – Kate." Victor thanks Willow and leaves.

Kate wanders around the Kiriakis mansion and hears music. She sees a light coming out from under the secret door, "Phillip?"

Max says, "Yeah, I guess you're better off not having a baby with a man whose heart belongs to someone else."

"I just hope the baby is better off," says Mimi, "What about you? You want kids don't you?"

"I don't think I'd be a good father."

"Are you kidding," asks Mimi, "This place is like a little boy's heaven!"

"What if it was a girl," says Max.

"Who is your biggest competition," says Mimi.


"Your daughter would be the luckiest little girl in the world," she says.

John wants to protect Marlena. She says she can't sit around waiting for him. She will do anything, "I will live by whatever rules you lay down."

John caves in, "OK, you win. We will go speak with el Diablo together, OK?"

"Thank you."

John pulls a pistol out of a drawer and tells her to put it in her purse just in case. Marlena gives a cold stare, "What do I need to know about this?"

"The bullets come out this end," says John. He says Enrico says Stephano is under guard at a hospital. Marlena thinks they have to leave right away.

"You're a hell of a woman, Doc."

"Isn't that why you married me," she asks.

"No," says John, "It was the rough amore."

Patch won't pretend Billie hasn't been supportive. She visited them in the hospital.

"You mean she visited you," says Kayla, "You're you sure this is what you want?"

Steve plays dumb. He doesn't have to try too hard, "This?"


Max thinks it was sweet of Mimi to say that. Mimi says he has a big heart. She doesn't know where she would be without him, "You stood by me even when it cost you Shawn's friendship. You're one in a million. You're a definite keeper."

"A keeper," says Max, "That would be a new concept for you, wouldn't it? "

Shawn tells Belle what Victor said, "He was furious. He's coming after me."

Kate pounds on the door and yells, "Phillip? Are you there?"

Victor comes into his house and screams, "Kate? I know you are here." Kate keeps yelling for Phillip.

Steve says it's like he never left Kayla, "I'm your Patch man. I'm your husband. You're it for me. You always heave been. I'm home." Kiss.

Ernest Hemingway steps into the scene, "How come I never could come up with great dialogue like this?"

Mimi... Max... eyes... lips... closer... closer... Mimi's cell phone rings. She checks the incoming number, "It's my mom. I should probably... promise to call me if you hear anything."

"You know I will," says Max.

"All right," says Mimi, "See ya."

"Yeah," says Max, "See ya around."

Shawn says Victor warned him he would always remember this night. Belle says they did the right thing for their daughter. Shawn promises he will get his life together, "I will make you proud of me."

Belle says, "The way you just handled Victor, I already am."

Victor finds Kate. She orders him, "Open the door." Victor opens it. Mommy sees her mummy. Kate breaks down, "Phillip! My beautiful boy. I missed you so much. Please don't go away again." Victor stews.

John and Marlena leave Enrico in the closet. John thinks he never should have agreed to this. Marlena says, "I think it's a good idea. It will make you safer. If you are careful enough to protect me, that means you will be protecting yourself," too.

John scrunches his face, "People actually pay you for that kind of logic?"

"No," says Marlena, "I usually don't come up with stuff that good. From now on I am stuck to your side like glue," says Marlena. The elevator doors close.



Patrick says, "Mom ripped me off again, and if I don't get my money back I'll call the cops." Mimi and Bonnie stare.

Victor tells Kate, "I filed a custody suit on Phillip's behalf and Shawn and Belle are going to lose any claim they have to that little girl."

Bo says, "Claire is my granddaughter I. gotta get to the bottom of this."

Patrick hands Hope the tickets and says, "Our trip is all set... tickets and itinerary... first class all the way."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

EEEEEEK! I can't wait to see S&K in the bath!

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Marlena whispers to John, 'That knife is practically a toy. I would never have used something that lame when I was the Salem Serial Killer'." HA!

I also loved Willow's STD collection and E.J.'s logic for wanting Sami as the mother of his child!! Hilarious!! Thanks Prevuze!

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victor being no Einstein and Shawn being no Forest Gump had me nearly choking on my cereal.LOL

7:47 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Well I had to stop reading Prevuze so that I wouldn't keep laughing when I hit "They named her Philip?" HAHAHHAHAHA

And Kilroy and Squint's graffiti were a hoot.

The Tommy Horton reference was great! (For newer viewers who wonder about that, he was the oldest son of Tom and Alice who went upstairs to get a pack of cigarettes and was never seen or mentioned again.)

Prevuze, you're amazing!

8:34 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I echo all of the comments above, plus "sex among senior citizens can be just as good", meeeeoooowwww Prevuze. That was bad! HAHAHA

Marlena to John, "I'll live by whatever rules you set down." You mean, like, 'stay out of it'??? We see how well that went over.

I'm so relieved that the mystery of Tommy's whereabouts is finally revealed.

One of the best Prevuze yet. Thanks!!

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are kidding! I knew this show defied logic but he really was never mentioned again????

1:01 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"You are kidding! I knew this show defied logic but he really was never mentioned again????"

We heard from the proverbial "reliable source" that they had him come back for a short while and kind of made fun of the situation by having him in his first scene come down the stairs he had gone up and dissapeared years before. Can't verify it -- didn't see it.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why on earth is Victor so obsessed with Claire all of a sudden? She's his grandkid whether Shawn or Phillip is her dad, so why should he care? And Phillip was never portrayed as the evil scheming type.

Right on with EJ's nonsensical reasons for wanting Sami to have his child. If he's so concerned about his highfalutin pedigree and his family being "steeped in history" and all that crapola, why would he want the mother of his child to be descended from a working class Irish family and Marlena of uncertain parentage? He should just let Kate have his baby...she's not too old to have a baby on DOOL.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Two people, one eye. What a rip." AHHHAHAHA

6:16 AM  

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