Friday, October 20, 2006

The Infamous Gloved Hand

Mimi counts cash and scatters it in frustration. Bonnie runs in and Mimi says her car died. She needs a ride and a new transmission. Bonnie suggests Shawn could fix it. Mimi reminds Bonnie she and Shawn aren't exactly on the best terms anymore. She shows Bonnie the money and says this is all she made in tips today. Bonnie thinks Mimi should wear less frumpy waitress costumes and that would help increase the tips. Mimi asks Bonnie if she can loan her $500. No go.

Hope comes into Chez Rouge and tells Maggie about Shawn's near disaster, the fight between Bo and Patrick and about Bo winding up in the hoosegow. Maggie gives her a hug.

Abby is visiting Stephanie in the hospital. Stephanie tells her Patch remembers her when she was a baby. Now she hopes he will remember Kayla, too. Abby says Stephanie can't force her parents to get together. Stephanie just knows it will happen someday. They discuss Max. Stephanie is concerned because he hasn't come to visit her.

Max graciously thanks Shawn for making sure there was noting left to salvage of his engine. He wonders why everyone just thinks they can drive his car into walls. Shawn corrects him, "Phillip drove your car into a wall. I drove your car through a wall. And I was pretty careful about it, too. I rammed it into an overstuffed couch."

Shawn tells Max Belle hates his guts right about now. Max asks why. "I've been a jerk."

"Yeah," says Max, "But I was wondering why Belle hates your guts." Max tells Shawn he has been leading Stephanie on and it's gotta stop.

John and Marlena are liplocked. John backs off amidst Marlena's protests, "I want to make an honest woman out of you. Officially."

"John," she says, "I've been married so many times I have honesty left to spare. Are you proposing to me?"

John takes a knee as Sami rushes in. Marlena asks her what she is doing there. She tells John not to forget where they were as she turns her attention to Sami. John gets a call and takes it outside.

Sami tells Marlena her life is over, "And this time you will hate me too."

"OK," says Marlena, "Tell me what you have done."

Bo tells John he's been suspended, "Lockhart is up to something and I need your help."

EJ tells Patrick they can't be seen together. Patrick wants out of the operation. EJ tells him to relax. He waves his glove at Patrick and says, "Brady's a fool. Nobody will ever find out about this."

"Ah, yes," says Patrick, "EJ Wells... the infamous gloved hand."

"And Patrick," says EJ, "My trusted colleague. Follow my orders and no one will ever know we're the ones terrorizing the good people of Salem. And the Brady's too."

John comes in to see Bo. Bo fills him in on the fight with Patrick. After John gets over the shock that Patrick didn't kill him, he tells Bo he thinks it's a food idea to keep his distance from Patrick, "What if the man is innocent? Have you even considered that?"

"Awwwwww maaaan," whines Bo.

Patrick says he didn't want to get mixed up with killing someone. EJ tells Patrick Eve Michaels got in the way and had to be eliminated. He thinks it was a stroke of genius to plant incriminating evidence in Patrick's apartment.

Patrick says, "Killing Officer Michaels and making Max' car explode wasn't enough for you. What about my family? My sister was hurt in all this, too. The police think whoever is behind this is also behind the embryo switch."

"You know the Salem PD," smirks EJ, "They never get it right. You and my other employees are in this with me." He slaps him with the glove, "I've allowed each of you to wear this IN PRIVILEGE. It carries with it an obligation. You will honor your agreement. If you don't... well, don't try me."

"Are you threatening me," asks Patrick.

Sami tells Marlena about the blackmail. Marlena is shocked, "How could you? Do you have any idea how concerned Carrie was about never hurting you?"

Sami thinks for a minute and then asks, "Concerned enough to keep her mitts off Austin while I was dating him and she was married to Lucas? Besides, what about Lexie? She came up with the lie."

"Lexie isn't my daughter," says Marlena, "You are playing with people's lives."

Sami is sorry. Marlena can't look her in the eye. Sami wishes she could take it back but can't. She tells Marlena about Lucas and Will moving out. She begs Marlena to help her. Marlena is heartsick, but doesn't know what to say.

"Say you still love me and won't give up on me, too," begs Sami.

Bonnie tells Mimi she's broke. Mimi points out Alice's is packed every night. She wants to know what Bonnie has been spending her money on. Bonnie won't say and doesn't think that's any of Mimi's business, anyway. Bonnie suggests Mimi go to Max and then decides to go have a beer.

As she walks off, Mimi asks, "Are you sure you can afford it?"

Maggie brings Hope tea and sits down to talk. Hope thinks her baby is a miracle. "Not really," says Maggie, "These days it's not that uncommon for elderly women to have kids." Hope talks about Bo's rage. She's terrified something bad could happen. Maggie assures her things will get better. Maggie has to make a call.

As Maggie heads off, Mimi comes up. She asks how Shawn is. "He's good," says Hope, "Fine. Thanks to you, anyway. You saved his life." Mimi is glad he's OK, but hasn't heard from him. Hope asks how Mimi is doing.

"Well, I'm not on the streets," says Mimi, "Of course, if I want to snag Shawn, that seems to be the place to do it. Mimi tells Hope about Willow's profession.

Max says he got involved with Stephanie because she was there. Shawn says, "So you kind of used her."


"I sure hope I never do anything like that," says Shawn

"I don't know how I'm going to break it to her," says Max.

"You can't avoid her forever," says Shawn, "You've got to talk. It's the only way, unless you can work it like I did with Willow and somehow get her to overhear you and stomp out."

Stephanie doesn't understand why Max is avoiding her. Abby talks about the note and says the car was sabotaged – the accident wasn't Stephanie's fault.

"Then why doesn't he come to see me," moans Stephanie.

Abby tries to be upbeat, "It will all work out."

Patrick tells EJ not to strong-arm him. EJ reminds him he gave him a lot of money to pay off the doctor to falsify the results of the paternity test. He wonders what Hope's reaction will be if she finds out, "If you cross me, and she finds out that is Bo's baby she is carrying, then you can kiss your little future with her goodbye."

Max tells Shawn he's right. He has to tell Stephanie. Abby comes in and says she was just visiting her. Max says he is going to see her right now. Abby hands Max a huge bag to take to Stephanie. She says she just happened to buy it at the hospital gift shop for him to take. She also says Stephanie is dying to see him. Max heads for the hospital. Abby tells Shawn Stephanie is so lucky to have a guy like Max. She's never met a guy like him.

Shawn asks, "Do you have a thing for Max?"

Hope pumps Mimi for info about Willow's profession. Mimi tells her it's true. Just by coincidence, Maggie and Willow walk in right then. Mimi says, "If you don't believe me you can ask her." Hope jumps at the chance. She runs up to Maggie and Willow and asks, "What is going on?"

Marlena thought what Sami did to Carrie was monstrous, "Do you care about anybody but yourself?"

Sami claims she does, "What about Carrie? She's going to confront Lexie and ruin her chance of getting together with Abe. And she will tell Dad and get him on her side. Mom, please I can't lose Dad. I'll die. "

"I understand," says Marlena, "I know what you want me to do. You want me to get him to forgive you."

"Will you talk to him," says Sami.

"No," says hard-hearted Marlena, "If I were to go to everyone you ever hurt and beg forgiveness for you, it would take a lifetime."

"I'd say you have several of them as many times as you've come back from the dead," says Sami, "But what about you? It would be enough if you would forgive me." Marlena can't. She tells Sami this is the last straw. She got herself into it and has to get herself out of it.

"Because you can't be bothered," bawls Sami, "Or because you'd rather marry John again?"

Bo reminds John that Lockhart worked for the DiMeras. John reminds him Lockhart saved them all on the island. Bo says, "If I am right, more people will get hurt. You can get information out of him that I can't."

Patrick admits EJ has him cornered. He wants to know when this will end.

"So do the viewers," says EJ, "There is no deadline. This will continue until I'm ready to reveal my true identity."

Bonnie chuckles while she talks on the phone.

Mimi looks at a check and gasps, "A five-course dinner for two and extra champagne. So much for being broke. What are you up to?"

Bonnie talks on her phone, "Don't mention we had dinner together. Too bad you're preggers, Lauren, and I had to drink all that fancy champagne by myself. You can buy all the bubbly you want when the baby's here."

Hope asks Willow to excuse her and Maggie. Once Willow leaves, Hope asks Maggie about Willow, "Is she a hooker?" Maggie doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it. "That tells me what I need to know right there," says Hope. She asks Maggie why she would have hired her. Maggie says Shawn asked her to do it. Hurricane Hope heads out the door to find Shawn.

Abby claims she doesn't have a thing for Max. She thinks he's hot, but asks Shawn not to tell him she said that, "He's got Stephanie now. She's really into Max."

Max arrives at Stephanie's room to fix that. She's thrilled to see him. He's glad she's doing OK. He apologizes for the crash. She says it's not his fault.

The doctor walks in. Max leaves the present and waits outside. Stephanie opens the sack. The doctor looks inside and says, "Well, Miss Johnson, I'd say that young man is rather fond of you." Stephanie goes google-eyed and sighs.

Sami wipes her tears. Marlena tells her she's now shown her true colors. She knows Sami doesn't want her to marry John. Marlena tells Sami she is stuck in her old behavioral pattern. She's worried professionally and as her mother, she loves her, "And I pray for you. But if you think you can manipulate me one more time, you'd better think again."


Bo rants about Patrick. He knows he's up to something. He says his situation is similar to John's when Marlena was married to Alex North. John says he will work with Bo, "It won't be easy but I know where we can start."

Patrick says, "You like to play games."

"I do when I know I'm going to win," says EJ.

"When your luck runs out I will not take a fall for you," says Patrick, "Don't underestimate Bo."

"He can't control his emotions and that's a weakness," says EJ, "No more face-to-face meetings for us, either."

Patrick threatens, "If Bo gets wise I won't hesitate to sell you out."

"If you do," says EJ, "That it will be a serous mistake. And your last." He whaps him with his gloves.

Sami tries to tell Marlena how she feels. "Let me try it," says the shrink, "You think I'm a terrible mother. You can't blame people for the terrible things you do. Although I wasn't there for you when you were growing up, John was. It isn't all about your feelings, Sami. You said you want to be better. The only person who can change you is you.

Sami says she made a mistake coming there and storms out. She turns to give Marlena a parting shot, "Have a nice life with John."

Sami bawls out in the hall and just happens to run into EJ. He asks how she's holding up. She tells him not well. She tells him about the note and everyone finding out about her blackmail, "They all hate me. Especially my son. When I find out who this is I'm going to kill him." EJ stares.

Stephanie looks at a lame purple-sparkly teddy bear with a heart-shaped note that says, "Be Mine." Max walks in and she says she loves it, "This is so sweet." Max says he shouldn't have gotten her that and vows to look at presents from now on before he gives them to someone. He stammers, "I mean, I think you're really terrific. We've been hanging out together. I've come to respect you as a competitor and a friend. I'm glad you're feeling better. Now that you are I have to dump on you. I think it's time for us to move on. Sorry."

Stephanie and the machines she is attached to go berserk in unison.

Mimi lectures Bonnie about the expensive meal. Bonnie claims it was a business dinner. She says she took a banker to dinner to try to talk him into a loan. Mimi sees through it, "Sure! Bankers really want to give loans to people who waste money on expensive dinners. That wasn't a banker. I know exactly who it was."

Willow asks Maggie what Hope said. Maggie advises her to stay away from Shawn.

Hope storms into the garage and goes up to Shawn, "What do you think you're doing sleeping with a hooker?"

Shawn asks, "Isn't that what they are for? "

They have Stephanie in oxygen. The doctor thinks it was a panic attack. He instructs her to keep the mask on and keep calm.

The doctor and nurse leave. Max comes in as Stephanie cries in her oxygen. He apologizes for upsetting her, "I'm here for you. Except for when I dump on you. I'm not going anywhere." She nods.

Shawn says he was just trying to help Willow out. Hope wants to know how much he paid. He can't believe she said that. She lectures him, "I will insist that you be a man. Your little girl needs a father. If you can't get your act together that girl will have an unhappy childhood. Is that fair?"

"Fairness went out the window for Claire when she got a goof like me for a father," says Shawn.

Mimi accuses Bonnie of wining and dining a geezer to try to get his money. Bonnie plays along and says Mimi figured it out. Mimi thinks there is something else going on, "If you are lying to me you are out of my life. I'm going to make sure I'm the only liar in this family."

EJ tells Sami he worries about her. He decides he has to be the one to lift her spirits. She thanks him for being such a good friend. She tells him about Lucas and Will moving out. He says it's their loss and he invites her back to his apartment for music and wine.

Marlena calls John. She suggests picking up the conversation where they left off. He has a few loose ends to tie up and then will be there. John hangs up and tells Bo he's on the case. He makes a call to Patrick. He tells him he's glad he was exonerated and offers to buy him a beer in return for his help on Morgan Island. They arrange to hook up tomorrow.

John hangs up and tells Bo, "We're on."

Bo says, "You'll find out I'm right. Then Lockhart and whoever he's working for are going down."


Patrick says to John, "Why am I beginning to feel like this isn't such a friendly little drink we're having here? It's starting to feel like one hell of an interrogation."

Mimi says, "I'm your wife, Shawn. I have a right to know..." Shawn interrupts, "You have no rights with me, Mimi."

Marlena says, "Sami is still the same selfish, conniving little wench she always was."

EJ tells Sami, "I adore the bad girl in you." Kiss.


Blogger Bulldog said...

AAAAAHHHH! Prevuze is back - I can function today.

OMG, LOL over it not being unusual for older women to have babies. Well, in Salem anyway. They have got to stop having Marlena and Hope having a baby. Enough already.

What's up with Abby preaching to Stephanie that she can't force Steve and Kayla together? Her whole life Abby yammered about Jack and Jennifer having to be together.

Great Prevuze today. Welcome back!

6:20 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Bulldog beat me to the punch. I was about to nominate Abby for the Pot Calling The Kettle Black Award for her advice to Steph. HAHAHA

Also LOL at Bulldog's pic of the brat and Kate. Isn't that the truth! Kate's outfits (and tacky jewelry) would look at home on any pro. And I don't mean the professional business woman she's supposed to be.

Re: Sami's snipe at Marlena about being too busy to care....I expected Prevuze to call a penalty for hitting below the belt on that one.

Great Prevuze, now, I can manage to get back to work.

8:33 AM  

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