Friday, August 18, 2006

The Vigil

Bo and Billie discuss the brat situation. Billie says she is just as angry as Bo, but she can't believe he is cutting her out of his life.

Berserk Bo babbles, "I wish she had a desire to learn from mistakes. I wish I had been there when she was growing up, but I wasn't and there is obviously no way I can reach out to her."

Billie begs Bo to reconsider. Bo barks, "Billie, she is who she is. There is nothing we can do about that. We just have to accept it."

Abby wonders what Chelsea means by doing the right thing. Chelsea sees Belle come into the room. She tells Belle she wants to talk to her. Belle is caught up in a quagmire of self-absorption, though. She can't talk right now. She's too busy looking for Shawn and Phillip, "They got in a huge argument about Shawn being the father of my baby and we can't find them anywhere."

The brat wonders what that is all about. Belle explains the IVF thing.

The brat makes a helpful observation, "With the history you and Shawn have it sounds like you are matched with the wrong partner."

"I guess I'm just hoping there will be a miracle that will work this out for everyone," says Belle.

The brat asks, "What would you say if I told you I could give you that miracle?"

Mimi begs Shawn to wake up. She panics and calls an ambulance, "He looks like he's dead."

"Shawn Brady," says the EMS tech, "OK. We won't rush. He's been brain dead for years."

The brat elaborates, "The thing about miracles is you never know where they will come from. I know you never expect anything good to come from me. Billie and Bo thought they were getting a miracle when they found out I was alive, but instead they got me. If having your heart in the right place means anything, maybe I can do something for you."

"I would be grateful to anyone who could fix this mess," says Belle.

Belle gets a call. Phillip. He gets the lecture, "Don't move. I'm on my way home." Belle runs out without her miracle.


Abby asks what that was about. Chelsea says she has to do the right thing before the night is over.

Mimi gets Hope on the phone. She tells Hope about Shawn's condition. Hope rushes to the hospital.

Mimi watches the medical team work, "Oh Shawn please don't die."

Billie insists people change. It happened for her because someone loved her and never gave up on her, "You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. You accepted me for who I was and forgave me."

Bo growls, "Your father abused you and your mom abandoned you. There is no comparison."

"Chelsea didn't ask to be born," says Billie, "Now she is so afraid all the people who care about her will abandon her."

Bo says, "If she had admitted the truth..."

Billie bawls, "She's afraid, Bo. And her fear drives her to do desperate things."

Bo wishes he had a daughter he could be proud of, but he doesn't, and he is through with her, "Chelsea deliberately murdered my marriage. Because of her my wife is having a criminal's baby."

They continue to argue. Billie begs him to reconsider. She knows Chelsea is just a scared little weasel, "She wants to change but she doesn't know how. This could be her last chance."

"How many chances have we given her," screams Bo, "All we have proven is she can literally get away with murder. I have sacrificed everything for her. I am finished."

Abby works as Max comes in. Frankie follows. Abby sees Frankie and turns sour. Max asks why, "Does it have to do with your dad?"

Abby says, "Yeah, he got stabbed in the back by your brother." Frankie raises his eyebrows.

Hysterical Hope runs into the hospital. Mimi tells her Shawn has alcohol poisoning. Mimi thinks Hope should call Bo. Blithering Hope makes the call. Bo rushes out the door as he tells Billie, "Pray he makes it through."

"I pray for all of us, whines Billie.

Hope tells Mimi she can't lose another child.

"He is a child, all right," says Mimi.

Billie sees the brat tiptoeing into the house, "It's all right," she says, "Bo's gone." She tells her about Shawn's alcohol poisoning. The brat wants to go to the hospital. Billie thinks that's the best idea since Teflon coated tires. The brat insists, "This is the only family I have. I don't care if Dad hates me, I love him. I can't make it up to him, but I want to be there." The brat bolts.

Belle comes in carrying Claire and tells Phillip she was worried. Phillip wants to talk tomorrow. He should be so lucky. She sees he's been drinking. He tells her about the drinking contest. Phillip claims he won. Belle gets concerned.

Hope bawls as Bo rushes up. Mimi tells Bo what happened. Bo insists Shawn will make it through this.

The doctor comes out and tells them about Shawn's condition. They may have to do dialysis as a last resort. Hope begs him to help Shawn. The doctor says, "His blood alcohol level is... well, let's put it this way: his blood could sterilize every piece of equipment we have in the hospital. He's fighting for his life. Only time will tell when or IF he will recover." Stares, hugs, tears.

Abby excuses herself. Max thinks she is being harsh. Abby remembers catching Frankie and Jennifer... Flashback...

Take one fresh and tender kiss,
Add one stolen night of bliss;
One girl, one boy, some grief, some joy-
Memories are made of this.

"I don't think I'm being harsh," says Abby, "since Dad may be on his deathbed." She turns to Frankie, " Stop chasing after your wife."

Frankie says he and Jennifer care about each other. Max points out all Frankie and Jennifer want to do is go to a family wedding. Frankie is sorry Abby feels this way. He wishes she would understand her mother is in a difficult position.

"You mean like the one I caught her in," asks Abby. Abby suggests Frankie back off, "What if Dad doesn't die. JJ shouldn't have to live in a bad rerun of My Two Dads."

"I love your dad," says Frankie, "I want him to get well. Your mother asked me to stay. I'm not going anywhere." Frankie walks out.

The AlarmPhillip is passed out leaning on the counter. Belle watches and judges. She eyes the pot sitting on the stove, picks up the lid and gives Phillip's little nap the gong. Phillip jumps halfway across the room. Belle asks about the evening's activities. Phillip tells her he drank Shawn under the table, "I want to go back to sleep."

"0h, no, no, no," says the shrew, "You think drinking Shawn under the table is something to be proud of?"

"Just be happy we're both OK," says the imbecile. He collapses. Belle stares.

The vigil continues. Mimi remembers Phillip and calls to see if he is OK. Belle answers. Mimi asks if Phillip is OK. "I think I did more damage than the booze," says Belle.

Mimi tells Belle about Shawn. Belle panics. She tells Phillip what's up, helps him on with his jacket and they head for the hospital. Belle will drive. Claire will baby-sit.

Hope shakes as she pours coffee, "How could this be happening? We just lost Zack." Hope and Bo hug. Hope says, "I can't lose another child, Bo, I just can't."

Bo says, "No." Billie and the brat walk in and watch.

Max chases Abby and tells her this is none of her business. She points out Jack and Jennifer are her parents and this is adultery. Max talks about Frankie and Jennifer's past. Abby knows he still loves her and it was amazing of him to get Jack into the clinical trial, but this has been hard for all of them, "You have no idea what it is to accept your father is dead, then alive, then dead, then alive, then dead, then alive, then dead, then alive, then dead, then alive... I love my father and don't want to lose him again, either to the disease or Frankie."

Max tells her even if her parents get separated Jack will always be a part of her life. "Not if he doesn't get better," says Abby.

"We keep people alive inside of us," says Max, "I believe your father isn't going anywhere and you need to believe that too."

Hope sees the brat across the room. She charges, "OMG! You have no business being here."

"I just wanted to talk."

"I don't care what you want," says Bo, "That's your problem. You think life is about what you want." He re-disowns her. Billie suggests they go. The brat just wants to see how her brother is. Billie sticks up for her.

"I am concerned about my brother," whines the brat.

Hope goes for the jugular, "Just like you were concerned about Zack?"

The brat says, "I don't expect either of you to think I am concerned about Shawn, but just let us stay here until we find out how he is."

Bo gives up the fight, "I don't want to see you. Stay out of sight."

Max gives Abby a tissue. She says she's embarrassed about getting so upset. She should be off doing her job. Max says he is her boss but also her friend. He's not trying to minimize her problems but she's an adult now. She shouldn't let this stuff affect her so much. He gives her the standard line, "If you ever need anyone to talk to, I am here for you." Hugs.

Belle rushes into the hospital dragging Phillip. Mimi gives the health update. Chelsea asks if Billie sees how upset Belle is for Shawn. "It's none of our business," says Billie.

The brat thinks if Belle and Shawn were together Shawn would have something to fight for, "I don't want to see Phillip get hurt, but it has to be awful to be married to someone who doesn't love you."

"It must be awful to be married to Belle... period," says Billie.

Hope lays into Phillip. Bo piles on, "Not too smart huh?" Bo gives us the alcohol poisoning Public Service Announcement.

The doctor comes out. Shawn is stable and can have visitors. They ask if Shawn is able to hear what they say. The doctor says most likely he can hear them. Hope thinks Mimi should go in. Forgotten Belle stares. Phillip looks on.

Abby tells Max about Belle coming by. "And Chelsea stopped by, too. She was acting kind of bizarre."

Max asks, "What do you mean 'bizarre?'"

"Normal. She was talking about miracles," says Abby, "She said it had to do with... an explosive secret she discovered when she was at the hospital."

"The last person handling anything explosive should be Chelsea," says Max.

"She said it had to do with paternity," says Abby, "I told her she should tell the truth. She said it could ruin lives and she had to decide whether or not to spill the beans. I think she is trying to do the right thing."

"I don't know if she knows what the right thing is," says Max.

"This waiting is making my skin itch," says the brat. Billie tells her to be patient. The brat doesn't want to lose Shawn. Her brothers are dropping like flies. Billie goes to the deli. She tells the brat to stay away form Bo and Hope. "I will," she promises, "I just wish there was something I could do for Bo and Hope."

Belle and remorseful Phillip go sit down. Hope is nervous. Bo says Shawn has a lot to live for. Hope says, "I have to call Patrick." She stops cold, "Uh, would you mind?"

"Do what you have to do," says Bo.

"Thank you for understanding," says Hope, "I'm really glad you are here." Hugs.

Mimi sits beside Shawn's bed and cries, "Shawn, I am so sorry. I had no right to force you into those custody terms. Now you could die and never know Claire is your daughter because of me. I have kept so much from you. I care so much for you. I promise that I will tell you everything this time."

Shawn lies comatose. Mimi frets. FF.


Austin says to Lucas, "I dunno, Just listening to you talk about Sami it sounds like you are still in love with her. Are you?"

Sami and EJ sit in a car amidst flashing lights. Sami says, "Did you do this on purpose?" EJ asks, "What?" Sami says, "You don't want me to get married today!"

Bo yanks the brat away from Shawn's bed and across the room as she conceals a file folder. Bo says, "What are you doing? Stay away from him!"

Hope says, "If Shawn dies, I'm afraid our family will die with him."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Hoo Boy, even before I got to Prevuze report about the alcohol poisoning PSA I could see it coming. They are so heavy-handed when they try to do this stuff.

LOL at Belle's "entitlements".

Here's my TLT for the day: If Phil drank Shawn under the table, wouldn't he be suffering from alcohol poisoning too?

Great Prevuze.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Claire will baby-sit."
Too funny!LOL

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those pictures had me ROTFL.
Loved that Claire will babysit.
Great job!

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Phil drank Shawn under the table, wouldn't he be suffering from alcohol poisoning too?

No--he has a hollow leg!! Bwahaha!!

7:58 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"No--he has a hollow leg!! Bwahaha!!"

Prevuze got a belly laugh on that one.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Mimi not hear the doctor say Shawn can probably hear what people are saying to him? Or maybe she does really mean it this time...NOT!

10:28 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Did Mimi not hear the doctor say Shawn can probably hear what people are saying to him?"

Mimi DID hear the doctor say shawn can probably hear what they say. However, as we have established many times on Prevuze, Mimi ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. One thing that wasn't in Prevuze was after the doc told them this, he proceeded to tell them, "But please, don't ovwewhelm him." He meant for them only to go in one at a time, but I'd put what Mimi is telling him in the "overwhelming" category.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Max told Abby "You're an adult now". I wish someone would say that to Sami when she starts harping about Roman and Marlena getting back together. Or Bo just about any time.

I LOL over the PPD picture and a moving one! HAHAHA As always the highlight of an already exceptional Prevuze.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

I LOL at the thought of Belle using a pot lid to wake up Phil (although the first time I read it I though Prevuze meant she used it on his head)!

The moving picture didn't come through until this afternoon. It's even better than I imagined. ROFLMAO

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Heidi said...

Ha for Claire babysitting

And on a side note...why the hell is Billie going to the DELI at that hour of the day...I mean honestly people

7:09 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"why the hell is Billie going to the DELI at that hour of the day"

It's the hospital deli. She just decided she wanted a bite to eat. I think they just wanted to get her off screen.

4:44 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

In Billie's defense, I always get food to eat when I'm stressed! Hahaha! In which case she should be eating all the time with Chelsea around.

LOL at Belle's entitlements and Claire babysitting.

6:50 AM  

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