Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Always Have Good Ideas In Bed

Jack wonders when he is getting out of the hospital. Jennifer tells him he can go home now. Jack springs into action but realizes things are complicated between them now that he might live. He says the three of them need to talk about what they are going to do.

Passion on the rooftop... Carrie calls things off. Austin wants to know why it isn't wrong they are trapped in relationships with people they don't love.

Carrie says, "I wonder about that too. I mean, it can't possibly have anything to do with the fact we made our own stupid decisions. But we have to let each other go."

"I'd rather just be wrong," says Austin, "I'm finally realizing love sucks like a DOOL plot. And hurts." He dives back in. It feels right to Carrie. He wants her. She wants him. The Hand lurks.

Sami busts into Bo's office, introduces EJ and asks Bo to dust the envelope and do DNA tests on it. Bo says he has to ask a few questions first. He wants to know if a crime was committed.

"Yes," says Sami, "We believe a DOOL script was delivered in this very envelope." Bo doesn't buy it. Sami says he just has to trust her – it's a personal issue.

Bo stands up, "Sami, why do I get the feeling you are the one hiding something from me? Like maybe you are the one who committed a crime?"

Sami asks, "If I did, why would I bring the evidence to the police? I just need a favor."

Bo is skeptical, "When it comes to you and favors and DNA tests, I get nervous."

"OK," says Sami, "I'll just take it to my dad."

"Yeah," says Bo, "Let's just call him and tell him you are up to something."

Meanwhile, a cop drags Kate in kicking, screaming and griping. Sami bumps into Kate on her way out and finds it interesting she is there.

Kate wonders what Sami is up to. Sami says, "At least I'm not here being questioned like a common criminal. What did you get arrested for, soliciting?"

Kate threatens lawsuits for Sami and the cops. Bo steps up and tells her she was brought in for questioning about a crime. Kate wonders why he didn't just call her. "That would have made too much sense," says Bo.

EJ suggests they leave. Sami is enjoying the show too much. She pulls Bo aside and tries again. Bo says he doesn't have time. Sami begs and Bo gives her two minutes. Sami asks for him to help her with the envelope.

Bo suggests she take it to a private lab. Sami says private labs take forever. She tells Bo if he helps her, she will talk to Hope for him. Bo wants none-o-that. Sami changes course and promises to stay clear of Hope if he helps her. She works him like a puppet. She tells him Austin proposed; this isn't a crime; it's about Austin and how much he means to her.

Bo caves in. He agrees to do the tests, but will bill her for them, "This is the last favor I ever do for you."

Eve comes in and Bo asks her to take the envelope down to the lab. Ever protests but Bo turns away from her and goes into his office with Kate.

Sami says she wishes she knew why Kate was there, but is happy the envelope is being tested.

Carrie whines, "How can I do this to Lucas?"

"The same way you did it a while ago," says Austin, "It's better to do it now rather than in a year or two or ten."

"What will you tell Sami," asks Carrie.

Austin says, "I'll tell Sami I love her but I love you and I want to be with you. I want us to be together forever."

"And I want to be with you more than anything," she whines.

"All you have to do is say yes," says Austin.

Jack says he really did want Jennifer and Frankie to be married. Now that he isn't dead he's sorry.

"You're sorry you're not dying," asks Jennifer.

"No," says Jack, "As long as the drugs work, I'll be able to watch JJ grow up, walk Abby down the aisle... it's just the rest of it."

The nurse brings the discharge papers in. Frankie starts to leave. "Don't you dare," says Jack, "I wish there were some way to clear up this whole mess that I made, but I don't think I should be going home with you. I can't."

Outside, Jack says this isn't his home any more. He decides he'll go to a hotel. Jennifer refuses. She shoves the John Black style bag-o-pills in his face and says it's her job to manage his medicines for him.

"OK," says Jack, "I'll stay in the guest room." Frankie comes inside and offers to help Jack go upstairs. Jack tells him he can help him up to the guest room, "In the eyes of the law I am dead. I made my bed and I will lie in it up in the guest room. I've made this more complicated. Thanks to my timing you haven't even consummated your marriage yet. You..." Oops.

Bo gives Kate the third degree. He asks if she talked to anyone about the missing evidence. Kate says no. Bo says Kate has been protective of the brat. Kate says Bo has too. Bo says, "Yeah, well you thought if Chelsea got off Hope would turn against me and that would mean I am available for your daughter."

Kate protests, "I had nothing to do with the missing evidence. The last I heard Hope was pregnant with Patrick's baby before Chelsea's trial. The next time you want to harass me call my lawyer first!" Kate storms out.

Sami watches the show, "She is hiding something and I think I know what it is."

Jack says he can't believe he brought that up. Jennifer scolds him, "Not that it is any of your business but Frankie and I have not been together since you came back."

Jack says he won't leave them in limbo, "It's time to move on. You married Frankie. You wouldn't have done that if you didn't love him. I want you to live your life with a man who respects you. I'm tired. We can talk about this later... or not. I'll see myself upstairs."

Jack bounds up the stairs like he's ready for the Olympic Pentathlon. Maybe we all should take some of those pills. Jennifer opens the bag-o-pills pills and organizes the bottles.

Frankie says, "He is the one you love and the father of your children. You don't love me the way you do him. We should be glad for the time we had together. Everything is going to be OK."

Carrie turns away from Austin. She says she loves him and always will.

"I hear a huge 'but' coming," he says, "not to mention the one I see walking away from me."

Carrie says, "It doesn't mean it's OK for me to break my vows again. All tonight proves is I was weak."

Austin asks, "You're gong to deny our love?"

"I'm so sorry," she cries.

Austin says, "You don't want to hurt Lucas but you don't mind hurting me over and over again."

Carrie says, "Austin, you shouldn't love me I'm no good for you. Poor Sami has always been compared to me. But she would never do this to you."

Austin rants, "She loves me so much, she loves Lucas and she loves Brandon. Look what she did to them. Look what she did to me."

"You forgave her."

"I'm a forgiving person," says Austin Almighty, "The way I grew up I have to be. I try not to judge people."

"That's strange," says Carrie, "I could have sworn I just heard you being judgmental about Sami. You should judge me. I deserve for you to hate me."

"We both made huge mistakes," says Austin, "I think you are making a big one right now."

"Everything I have done lately has been incredibly selfish," says Carrie, "I won't betray Lucas again tonight. Sami has turned her whole life around to prove she is worthy of you. This can never happen again."

Carrie leaves. Forlorn Austin calls her name.

Sami wonders if Kate has been sending her the notes. EJ suggests Sami should just go directly to Austin. Sami says Kate has obviously done something, "I wonder what Bo thinks it is."

Kate tells a nervous Eve to relax. She thinks all the evidence leads to Bo. Eve says, "Bo Clouseau is a hell of a cop. He won't give up until he solves the case." Kate assures her Bo won't solve this one.

Bo looks at a picture of Hope and dials his phone.

Sami asks Kate, "Well, have you picked out your prison overalls yet?" Kate asks what she and EJ are doing there. Sami says she is planning a surprise for Austin and EJ is helping her.

"What kind of a surprise involves a crime lab?"

Before Sami can snark back, Eve brings in the McDNA tests. Sami looks at the results and says, "OMG!"

EJ asks, "What?"

"They found your fingerprints on the envelope," says Sami.

EJ huffs and starts to walk away. Sami asks him why his fingerprints are there. She remembers handing him the note without the envelope. EJ says, "Samantha you don't seriously think I had anything to do with writing that note."

Sami says no. She also says except for Lucas' no other prints were found and no saliva either. She keeps getting a strange feeling she knows who the person is. The Hand stalks.

Jennifer tells Frankie he was her first love. She meant every word of her vows. So did Frankie, but he won't hold her to them. She tells him she loves both him and Jack. Even Jack wants her to be with Frankie. That upsets her and she is angry with Jack for shutting her out of his decisions and pushing her away when things get tough. She doesn't know what to do. Jack comes downstairs and sees them talking.

Carrie an Austin are back down in the apartment. Austin speculates Sami is working on a presentation and has gone to the copy store. Carrie points out how dedicated Sami is to the business as well as to Austin. She asks if Austin can live with her decision.

"Do I have a choice," asks Austin. They go to their separate rooms.

EJ and Sami return. Sami says the tests were a complete waste of time and money. EJ says her only option is to tell Austin the truth.

Sami says, "Don't worry. I'll come up with another idea. I'll sleep on it. I always have good ideas in bed. I..." Sami chuckles, "Sorry."

"I know what you meant," says EJ.

"You're a really good friend," laughs Sami, "I mean, we haven't even known each other that long."

"Seeing someone buck naked the first time you meet them forms a special bond," says EJ.

"I guess you're right about that," says Sami, "Thank you for keeping my secret and helping me."

"You're welcome," says EJ, "I'd better be going. Tell Austin the truth." He starts to kiss her. Sami's deflector shields come up and it turns into a peck on the cheek. Sami bounces into her room.

EJ hesitates at the door. Carrie comes out of her room and asks what he is doing there. EJ says he ran into Sami downstairs and what with all the business with The Hand he thought he would walk her up. He assures her the eyeful he got up on the roof will go no further. Carrie says, "You must think I'm horrible."

"Actually," says EJ, "I completely understand."

Sami hops into bed with Austin. She kisses him and asks if he is asleep. Not any more. "Austin, I want you to know how much I love you. Thank you for making tonight the happiest night of my life."

Sami starts to get serious. "I just want to hold you," says the worn out Austin.

"I love being in your arms," says Sami, "And knowing we're going to be together for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Austin says, "I have to tell you something."

Kate asks Eve if she found out what the tests were about. Eve says they were testing for fingerprints and DNA, "The envelope only had Lucas' and EJ's prints on it.

Kate asks, "What's that little tramp up to?"

Evil Eve says, "The only one I'm worried about is Bo Brady. This isn't just a case to him. He's not going to give up."

Bo is on the phone with his pal Hank, "I need to call in that favor. The hotel switchboard keeps a record of all the phone calls guests make, right? Yeah... well... that's the problem. I don't have a warrant, and I need the records for Kate Roberts."

Jennifer asks their first job is to nurse Jack back to health. Frankie wonders, "Then what?" Jennifer doesn't know. She says if Frankie wants to leave she wouldn't blame him.

"You want me to leave," asks Frankie, "I told you as long as you want me here I'm not going anywhere." They hug as Jack watches.

Frankie apologizes for pushing her. He says she was right when she said they need to take things one step at a time. And the first step is to help Jack recover. Jennifer says she does love him.

"Do you mean you love me or Jack," asks Frankie,

"Yes." Jack watches as they hug.

Bo tells Hank he owes him one as he looks at Kate's phone records on his computer monitor.

Kate tells Eve no one could know about this as The Hand stalks. The Hand sure gets around.

EJ tells Carrie he knows what it is like to be attracted to someone you can't or shouldn't be with. He thinks Sami would do just about anything to be with Austin.

"That's why Austin and I can never be together," says Carrie, "This is just how it has to be."

Sami asks what Austin has to say and wants to know if she should be nervous. He tells her how much she means to him. She says he means everything to her. She says she thinks she'd die if she lost him.

As Austin looks at her, Sami morphs into Carrie and she says the same thing.

"What are you thinking about," asks Sami.

"My future."

"Oh, Austin." FF Austin.



Abby says, "I'm turning into a huge fan." EJ says, "Actually I have a job for you." Abby asks, "Really?"

Shawn says, "Anything to make you feel more secure about us... our future." Mimi says, "Actually there is something you can do."

John asks, "So what are you getting at?" Marlena says, "I need us to separate."

Austin says, "I think we should get married as soon as possible." Sami squeals and throws herself into his arms.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If EJ is innocent shouldn't he be just a little bit curious about why his finger prints are on the envelope?

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, what an entertaining way to begin my day!! I am from Alabama and the picture of Phillip and the Talladega Nuts almost made me spit my tea on my monitor! Ha Ha Ha

6:46 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

OMG! Prevuze, you might have outdone yourself and that's saying something. It's really a toss-up today to decide what made me LOL more - the John Black style bag-o-pills, the huge butt walking away from Austin or Ricky Booby.

Unbelievably funny Prevuze today, all of the pictures and comments were fantastic!! :D

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh God, why do John and Marlena have to come back??

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the transporter pic. I think its stupid the way they have people get around like that in no time at all.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I wasn't missing John and Marlena at all...why DO they have to come back?! Better question...where the hell have they been? Seeing as Phil was in an accident and Belle is in the hospital...soo soo silly.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Sami don't want Austins ugly butt! She is just buying time for her TRUE love, Lucas to come back to her and Carrie's delusional! She actually said "Lucas doesn't want Sami" NEWSFLASH Carrie perfect princess, He does and he IS going to choose her over you soon enough! Liar! cheater! Ho-bag!

1:13 PM  

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