Friday, August 11, 2006


The brat has a fit. She tells Billie everything is wrong and she needs her help. Wah-Wah.

Stephanie joins Max in the garage. She offers to help with the car. Max says that's sweet, but she has done too much already. Stephanie wonders if he's nervous about the competition helping, "Or, maybe you don't see me as competition."

"It's not that," says Max, "It's because of the turbocharger. We have a big advantage with it, but there are a few bugs to work out with the patent, like the fact that turbochargers have already been patented by someone else."

Stephanie asks to see the plans. Max accuses her of wanting to get an edge. They struggle and stare at each other. Stephanie says she always has a way of getting what she wants as she feasts her eyes on what she wants.

Patrick comes to Hope's door. Hope bawls, "Thank God you're here!"

Bo is in the pub. He tells Caroline he's not giving up on finding who stole the evidence. Caroline says Hope should know it wasn't Bo. Bo orders a bowl of chowdah. Patch comes in and asks what's up with the investigation. He reminds Bo of their deal. Bo says as soon as gets his life together he's going to help Patch. Too bad... Patch really needs the help. Patch says he's feeling something for Kayla as she walks in the door.

"Hmmm... Maybe this case isn't so cold after all," says Bo.

Austin and Sami are both talking on separate phones. Austin is talking to father Jansen. Sami is making other McWedding plans. There is a knock at the door and Austin answers.

EJ is at the door. Sami tells him they are getting married tomorrow. Kate stands behind him, "No! Please tell me that's not true."

The brat tells Billie her community service assignment is to work as a file clerk at the hospital. Billie wonders why that's so bad, "You should be thanking God you aren't in jail."

The brat plays the 'poor me' card, Oh, you think I'm not feeling guilty enough?" Billie has no sympathy. The brat wonders if Billie could help her postpone it.

"No," says Billie, "Something good may come out of this."

"What, that I can wear orthopedic shoes and be bored all day?"

"No," says Billie, "This could turn into a career."

"No," screams the brat, "You could not pay me enough. I would rather be in prison."

"That may just happen if you don't get down there today," snaps Billie. The brat leaves to enjoy her last hours of freedom. Billie wonders where the embryo-switchers were when the brat was born.

Max grabs Stephanie and tells her she isn't getting what she wants. He takes the plans and tells her they are confidential. She claims she knows everything about the plans and grabs them back. Oops, she grabs Max along with the plans.

Kate has a cow. Austin tries to calm her down. He says he doesn't expect her blessing but it would mean a lot for her to be at the McWedding. Kate agrees to come, "If you're going to persist in this lunacy there is nothing I can do about it."

"Thanks, MOM," sneers Sami.

Kate wonders why they are moving the McWedding up, "Is there some kind of... emergency?"

"NO," says Austin, "We just decided not to wait."

Sami says everything is lined up, but they have some other things to do, including invitations.

Ms. Kate Roberts reluctantly announces the engagement of her son, Austin Reed, to Ms. Sami Brady and requests you to drop everything in order to attend the instant wedding ceremony tomorrow. Disastrous reception to follow. RSVP.

EJ suggests he can help with the music for the McWedding. He knows the lead singer of Blue October. Sami is delighted. Austin thinks they are great. Thanks all around. It's EJ's McWedding gift to them.

Sami asks, "You mean we don't get presents?" They all give Sami a look that could kill. "Just kidding."

EJ says he has had something on his mind he wants to talk to the three of them about. Stares.

Hope didn't mean to lose it, but she's having a hard time today. She just talked to Frankie and asked him to file the divorce papers. She doesn't need Bo's consent or cooperation, "This marriage has been over for a while." Patrick asks if she is sure she wants to do this. Hope tells him maybe she can forgive Bo for lying, but not for stealing the evidence, "It's time for me to move on with my life and focus on taking care of myself and this baby. Our baby."

Bo starts to leave in order to give Patch and Kayla some time. Caroline interrupts and announces the chowdah is on its way. Chowdah sounds good to Patch. Caroline reminds Bo and Patch how they used to play darts at the pub. Kayla picks up on it and tells them how heated their games used to be. They both claim they kicked each other's butts. The gauntlet has been thrown! They agree to a match.

"I'll keep my eyes on you," says Bo.

"I'll keep my eye on the board," says Patch.

EJ thinks they should use the celebrity shots and his notoriety to do marketing. He thinks they should go bigger. The three of them should go into business as equal partners.

Max, Stephanie, closer... closer... she says she was kidding about the plans. The brat walks in, "I'm not interrupting anything am I?"

Hope drones, "I thought Bo and I would be together for all the Days Of Our Lives. He is... will always be... the love of my life. I am at peace with the fact this is the only decision I can make. I have to start planning for the future."

Patrick says, "I hope it will include me."

"Of course," says Hope, "You will be a big part of the baby's life." Patrick starts to say something but backs off. Hope tells him she wants them to be able to say anything. Patrick says he wants a relationship, "I want us to be together." Hope stares.

Patch makes a bull's-eye, "And I don't have any depth perception, dude!"

"Or depth, or perception," says Bo as he gets belligerent. They banter around as Bo makes a bull's-eye himself. Billie comes up and compliments the shot and then introduces herself to Patch.

"'Welcome back from the dead.' Is that what you were going to say," asks Patch.

"Something like that," says Billie.

Bo invites Billie to play. Kayla suggests the ladies against the gentlemen. Patch warns her, this is war. He claims he can trace a body with darts, and suggests she should stand against the wall so he can demonstrate. She objects. "Don't worry, Sweetness," says Patch, "I never miss." Dead silence. "What did I do," asks Patch.

EJ lays out the plan. They should build a racecar and sponsor a driver on the national tour. Kate is skeptical but it could be great exposure. Kate wonders if EJ is the driver. EJ says he would rather work behind the scenes, but he has another driver in mind. He says they all have unique skills and would make an excellent team.

Austin and Kate go off to talk it over. They decide to do it. "Who is the driver," asks Kate.

"Somebody you actually know," says EJ.

Max tells the brat Stephanie came by to work on the car. Stephanie suggests Max and the brat could go out and enjoy the beautiful day. The brat pouts and says she can't. She has dreadful community service work to do.

"Oh, that's all. Cool," says Max.

"What do you mean, 'that's all' – Why do you think I said no," asks the brat.

Max says he was surprised when she said she couldn't go. He's glad she got signed up for service just in time. She wishes she could get out of it today. Max insists she got off easy. The brat says Max sounds like her mom.

Stephanie pipes in and tells the brat she used to be a candy striper.

"I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN," says the little snot, "My mom acts like this is a career opportunity. Like I want to be a file clerk."

Max points out, "It's only 200 hours."

"It's 200 hours I don't get to spend with you," whines the brat. EJ arrives at the garage and butts in. He says Max is right. Max points out EJ does a lot of community service work.

"It's a good thing there are people like EJ in the world," says the sarcastic little snot.

EJ says he came to see Stephanie. He has a proposal for her. He wants to go talk in private.

Hope is shocked. Patrick backpedals. He isn't asking for a serious commitment. Just spending time together. Hope says she would like that, too. Patrick is looking forward to being a great father and sharing a future with the baby's mother. Hope doesn’t know what to say. He kisses her.

Kayla gasps, "You called me Sweetness!"

Patch is clueless, "Did I offend you?"

"No," says Kayla, "I was just surprised. You called me that way back when. Maybe this is the start of a breakthrough."

A stranger interrupts and asks for Bo Brady. "That would be me," says the unsuspecting chump.

The guy slaps Bo's chest with documents and says, "Consider yourself served," as he makes a quick exit.

Bo opens the envelope and says, "Hope has served me with a summons to divorce court."

Kayla says, "It's not over yet, Bo."

Bo flashes his teeth, "You're darn right it's not." Bo tears up the papers and storms out.

Stephanie is curious about the proposal. She says they can talk there because they are among friends, and the brat. EJ tells her about the new company and asks to sponsor her.

The brat jumps for joy, "YES!" Then she backs off, "I mean... what a great opportunity."

EJ turns on the sales pitch. Stephanie wonders why her. Because with a driver of her talents and their deep pockets she will win in a male dominated sport. Stephanie says she is flattered, and will give it some thought. EJ pushes. He offers to take her to the training facilities. She agrees.

Stephanie tells Max she will talk to him later. The brat congratulates her as she leaves. She asks Max how he likes this. He says it's exciting but hopes she's not getting in over her head.

"She's right where she wants to be – playing with the big boys," says the brat, "Just not my boytoy. The day turned out better than I thought."

Billie can't believe Hope is going through with the divorce, "She is making a big mistake letting him go." She picks up her chowdah-to-go and leaves.

As Billie leaves Patch tells her, "I'll be around." Kayla asks if he means that. He says he is committed to getting his life back and everything that went with it.

"I'm sure that will happen," says Kayla, "You called me 'Sweetness.'"

Hope acts like she's never been kissed before. Patrick apologizes. He says he just came by to check in and get advice about an idea. He thinks he should get a real job instead of acting in a crummy soap opera. He's considering becoming a cop. Hope thinks he should go for it. He's a natural born cop, and he really doesn't care for doing a lot of work, so he'll fit right in at the Salem PD. Patrick doesn't even know if he could pass the background check. He touches her tummy and tells her what a big difference the kid will make in his life. Hope is grateful too. The Incredible Hulk busts in as they hug.

PrevuzeSami talks about getting rich. Austin tells her it will be a lot of work. Sami shifts the conversation to the McWedding. It's all set. Austin says, "In 24 hours we'll be husband and wife." Sami sighs and whispers that it's finally happening. The hand stalks at apartment #32. FF.



Hope lectures Bo, "'I love my daughter and my wife...' you can't have it both ways any more. Bottom line is I am going through with this divorce."

John says, "Marlena and I are separated." Kate's eyes twinkle.

PrevuzeLucas says, "Let me tell you something about Kate Roberts, all right? She's a monster."

EJ tells Sami, "If this is your last night as a single woman, we have to make it special, especially if you are spending it with me." Wide-eyed Austin looks on.


Anonymous Marci said...

OMG! If Chelse is a file clerk at the hospital she for sure will find out about Clair's paternity.

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:38 AM  
Anonymous billyjill said...

Love the Frankie caption, another great Prevuze!

6:39 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Question: wouldn't Kate going into a venture like that with a supposedly competing company require her to at least check with her boss first? TLT.

I hope Patrick does become a cop. Then maybe the next time the Hulk busts in Patrick can just shoot him.

I LOL over McWedding and Chowdah. HAHAHAHAHA Great Prevuze!! :D

7:44 AM  
Anonymous GBB said...

I'm sorry. I know this is a place of snark, but ...


I'm goo.

You may now return to your regular snark. :)

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must be goo too, since when I read the title, I was a goner.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Patrick becoming a cop? Good Lord, that's sooo ridiculous, considering the Brady's "run" the damn department. Then again, just about everyone else has been a cop or doctor at least once on this show.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

ROFLMAO with the Abby picture - a typical Salem job indeed. And Bulldog's pic of Bo freaking over working an actual 8 hour day was inspired.

Can't wait to see this episode. Have been having Patch/Kayla withdrawal.

7:24 PM  

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