Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Here We Go Again!

John comes downstairs and practically dances around the penthouse, "Let's see... I got the coffee, croissants and fresh fruit..." Marlena comes in the front door. John runs over to her. Huge kiss. Well, someone's glad to see her back on the show, anyway. John says he has been missing her like crazy; however, it's only been a couple days. Low tolerance. Marlena tells him the seminars she attended had a big impact. She learned a lot about herself. The time she spent with him in Europe and at Green Mountain was great. She apologizes for what she put him through. Belle walks in. She's glad Marlena is home, too. Yuck.

Abby comes into the garage to see Shawn. They talk about Jack's improving condition. Abby says she needs a job. Office work. "I make great coffee and I type 60 wpm." She could never do Prevuze if she's that slow.

Mimi comes in. Abby leaves them alone. Mimi says she woke up and Shawn was gone. He starts to say something but she interrupts him with a kiss.

Sami and Austin are working. Sami insinuates some papers are missing because Lucas and Carrie are living there. Sami says the problem is more about the fact Austin invited them to live there without consulting her. She says she would have said yes if he had asked. Lucas and Carrie overhear. They come into the living room and tell Sami and Austin not to worry. They are moving out. EJ eavesdrops. No glove though.

Austin tells them they don't have to leave. Lucas thinks it's for the best. He doesn't know where they will go but they will find someplace. Austin and Sami try to convince them they are not getting on their nerves. EJ knocks. He says he overheard the conversation, "I have a proposal – One I think you might like."

Group hug at the penthouse. Marlena tells Belle she is doing better. Belle says a lot has changed since they have been gone. "I'm still nutty as a fruitcake, Phillip is fine now that they got him scraped off the wall at the racetrack, and I'm pregnant. Phillip isn't the father. Shawn is."

Shawn and Mimi kiss. Shawn has to call it off. He has a lot of paperwork to do for the patent. Mimi takes a rain check. Shawn apologizes about what happened at the hospital. He says he is totally committed to her. Mimi says commitment doesn't mean anything if there is no love.

Shawn insists he loves her. Mimi says she knows that but she's afraid he loves Belle more. Shawn says he wouldn't have married her if that were the case. Mimi trusts Shawn, but does not trust Belle, "Next time she throws herself at you what are you going to do?"

"You know," says Shawn, "In the hospital, Phillip wasn't there for her and she was all emotional."

Mimi is shocked, "Belle? Emotional? I can't imagine."

"You are spontaneous and fun," says Shawn, "You inspire me. I want you to be secure in our relationship. I would do anything to make you feel more secure about us... our future."

Mimi says, "Actually there is something you can do."


John serves coffee as Belle explains the baby kerfuffle. Marlena can't figure how this happened. Belle tells them Phillip claims this might not be an accident. He even asked Belle and the surrogate to have an abortion. Belle refused and Phillip went for a drive into a wall.

"Does Phillip think you want this baby," asks John.

"He does," says Belle, "I am happy things turned out this way. Phillip and I are trying to make our marriage work, but I still love Shawn. I really think this is a sign Shawn and I are meant to be together."

EJ suggests helping with the renovation. He has some experience at that kind of thing. Sami encourages them to take him up on his offer. Lucas and Carrie agree. The three of them go to check out the apartment.

Sami is happy they will be out of their hair. She asks Austin if he is disappointed Carrie and Lucas are leaving. Austin stares.

Mimi says she is having a hard time with Belle being pregnant with Shawn's baby. Shawn says they have to make the best of it. Mimi wants to do more than that. She wants a court to decide in advance what the custody arrangements will be.

Marlena can understand how Belle might think this is a sign, but she says it's not. She reminds Belle of the pesky little detail that Shawn is married. John jumps in and supports Marlena, "Shawn's life is with Mimi." Belle threatens to hold her breath. Marlena tells her she has to move on with Phillip. Marlena tries to comfort her but there is no getting through the concrete block into Belle's sub-atomic mind.

Belle snivels and whines. The world will stop turning if she doesn't get her way, "How can I move on when I am pregnant with Shawn's baby?"

EJ thinks things in the apartment aren't too bad. He thinks they can have them back in the apartment by tonight.

Lucas goes to get some work done. Carrie asks EJ why he is really doing this.

Austin says, "No, I am not disappointed by them moving out. I get more time with my fiancée." Kiss. Sami thanks him for last night. She asks if they are really going to get married this time. Austin says he thinks they should do it now, "I think we should get married as soon as possible." Sami squeals and throws herself into his arms.

Marlena tells Belle she needs a time out. The baby wasn't created out of an act of love. She needs to concentrate on saving her marriage. Belle thanks her for talking this through. She knows what she needs to do. Hugs. Belle leaves.

John is exasperated. Marlena feels sorry for Belle. John hopes they helped her, "She takes after her mother whom I love so much."

Marlena is distant. "I know you," says John, "This is about us, isn't it?"

EJ says, "I'm helping you because I'm your friend. That, and the fact that Home Depot is my new racing sponsor." He assures Carrie he will never tell about her little peccadillo. Carrie goes downstairs to meet the contractor.

Lucas comes out. He thanks EJ for the help. EJ asks if Lucas and Austin are close. Lucas says their relationship is rough around the edges, mainly because of Sami. Poor Lucas assures EJ he is happy with Carrie.

Sami is beside herself. She's ready to head for the altar. She has to start planning, "If there is anyone who can plan a wedding in 24 hours or less – I guess I've had a lot of practice. Oh, Austin, I know we are going to be happy for all the Days Of Our Lives." Kiss.

Sami starts making plans. Austin tells her to calm down. Sami wants to tell Carrie and Lucas and make sure they are available for whatever date she and Austin pick.

Now that the work on the apartment has actually started, EJ says he has to go to Max' garage. EJ leaves and Carrie tells Lucas she's glad to get away from Sami and Austin's apartment, "It's difficult being around Austin 24-7, but it does have it's advantages." Lucas says as soon as they finish the apartment it will be Carrie, him and their honeymoon.

Sami and Austin rush into the apartment and give them the wedding news.

Shawn agrees to talk to Mickey about custody, which will assure making a bad situation worse. Mimi is afraid Belle will use the baby as an excuse to worm her way into Shawn's bed. She insists on setting ground rules. Belle walks in and demands to know what is going on, "How dare you have a conversation without me! "

Marlena tells John he is right – this is about them. When she was away she had a lot of time to think. She realizes she isn't the same strong woman she thought she was. Alex abused her. She let that happen. Then there was the whole Stefano/Tony thing. She always turned to John to rescue her. She leaned too much on him. She has to stand on her own two feet. John asks, "So what are you getting at?"

Marlena says, "I need us to separate." John goes catatonic. He staggers backwards, stumbles to the medicine cabinet and grabs his bag-o-pills.

Sami says they can use the date Carrie and Lucas originally requested. Eric can't be there but Sami understands. "So there is no treason for us to wait after all," says Austin as he looks at Carrie.

Abby reads about EJ in a magazine as EJ walks in. He says he is there to discuss the Salem GP. Abby tells him Max and Shawn are unavailable.

"Well, this gives us a chance to get to know each other," says EJ.

Belle can't believe Shawn and Mimi are plotting behind her back. She thinks the four of them should discuss this together. Mimi says they will but she doesn't trust Belle any more. Belle assures her it won't happen again, "I've come to say goodbye to Shawn."

John gasps, "You want to separate? You move pretty fast seeing as how we're not even legally married." Marlena says she loves him with her whole heart. She just needs time and space. John thinks she doesn't need to do something this drastic, "I have lost my center lately. My little act in the church put you and Belle in danger and could have gotten me the death penalty."

Marlena won't change her mind. John asks if she is sure and drops a passionate kiss on her.

EJ tells Abby about running out of gas at Monte Carlo. He hopped out and pushed his car to the finish. Fernando Alfonso was bend him, roaring up on him at 180mph, but EJ got his car across the finish line 1/10th of a second ahead of him.

"So you won," says Abby.

"Technically, no," says EJ, "You have to be in the car to win."

Abby says, "I'm turning into a huge fan."

EJ says, "Actually I have a job for you."

Abby asks, "Really? I just asked my cousin Shawn for a job but he is going to have to ask Max."

"If you ever change your mind, the offer is open." EJ has to leave. He holds her wrist and asks her to tell Shawn he was there. Abby melts as EJ walks out the door.

Carrie agrees there is no reason to wait. Lucas congratulates them. Carrie stares.

Mimi tells Belle she is full of it. She could never say goodbye to Shawn. Belle says it's time to end things between Shawn and her, especially since they have both been married quite a while. She asks for a few moments with Shawn.

Mimi rolls her eyes, "Here we go again!" Mimi leaves, but listens outside the door.

Shawn tells Belle she will be a lot happier with this decision. Belle says it was a hard decision. "Is this really goodbye," asks Shawn. Belle stares. FF.


Roman asks, "Is something wrong?" Marlena says, "No, no, no... John and I are separating."

Frankie hands Jennifer a huge bouquet of white and pink roses, "For you, beautiful." Kiss.

Phillip says, "I certainly think it wasn't an accident." Mimi asks, "What?" Phillip says, "I think someone did this to us on purpose."

Shawn asks, "Where did this come from?" Belle stares.


Blogger Bulldog said...

Yup, one episode and I'm already tired of Marlena trying to "find herself". She and Patch should form a club.

I had to laugh at the image of Belle threatening to hold her breath and needing a time-out. (I think she's just nutty enough to have had the eggs switched.)

And, of course, I got a chuckle out of any references to Squints and his bag-o-pills. HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze today, I enjoyed the racing references. :D

7:48 AM  

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