Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cheech And Shawn

Hope fluffs a blanket and notices family pictures on the mantle. She looks at a picture as Caroline and Bo come to the door. Caroline just wants to talk. Hope doesn't. Caroline says the came to ask a favor.

Belle leaves a message for Phillip to call. She and Mimi wonder where the boys are. Mimi asks if Belle thinks this is her fault. Belle says what Mimi proposed was unreasonable. She thinks Phillip is becoming as paranoid as Belle, "You and Phillip are both being ridiculous."

"If those two are together right now that can mean big trouble," says Meems.

Phillip tells Shawn they have unfinished business. He wants to settle things. He won't let Shawn use the baby to get closer to Belle. If Shawn wants to go at it, Phillip is ready. Shawn says he's busy right now. Phillip insists the problem won't go away, "We are taking care of it tonight." Phillip wants him away from Belle. Shawn doesn't think that is possible. Phillip has a suggestion. He thinks Shawn and Mimi should live outside Salem, "As far away as possible."

Abby comes to the brat's door. She wants to hear about the big secret. The brat tells her the file showed a certain baby's father wasn't the father after all, "The real father will be blown away when he finds the truth."

Phillip repeats what he said – that Shawn and Mimi should move out of Salem. Shawn insists he won't leave his kid. He continues to order drinks and gets goofier, if that is possible. Phillip tells him to slow down as Shawn orders another. Phillip decides to join in.

"Wait," says Phillip, "I have a better idea." Phillip holds up a bag of wacky tobaccy, "You want to go out back?"

"Is that what I think it is," asks Shawn.

"Just call me Cheech," says Phillip

Belle is worried Shawn and Phillip might run into each other. Mimi suggests they might fight over her and Belle would like that. Belle says she never wanted this to happen and they have to figure out how to deal with it. They argue about which husband loves whom.

Belle asks, "So you think this baby means Shawn and I have to get back together? Let me remind you I also have a child with Phillip." Claire cries and Belle and Mimi fuss over her.

"She really does adore Phillip, doesn't she," asks Mimi.

"He's her daddy," says Belle, "Thank God there never will be any confusion about that."

Abby doesn't know what the brat is talking about. A few more details ooze out. Abby asks who the men are. The brat doesn't think she should say, "The woman is in love with the baby's real father."

Abby thinks it would be wrong for the brat not to speak up. The brat doesn't want to play her trump card. She wants to wait until she can use it to her advantage. Abby tells her to do the right thing. Billie comes up and asks what they are talking about.

Bo stammers around. He wonders if Hope will go to the McWedding with him. He brought his mommy to help him fight his battle. Hope says she isn't family any more. The sooner people accept that the better. Showing up at the wedding just postpones the inevitable.

Caroline becomes uncomfortable and starts to leave. She begs Hope to reconsider, "It would do OMB and I so much good. Please do us this one last favor."

Caroline leaves. Hope tells Bo that was low. She beats up on him as Bo tries to defend himself. He's outclassed. Bo insists he will prove his innocence. He reminds her Chelsea altered the emails. Hope says he can't put all this on Chelsea, "Thanks to you there are never any consequences for her."

Bo promises, "Chelsea and I are going to have it out. She will regret what she did. I will make things right. I will get you back." Bo storms out. Hope stares and smirks.

Chelsea tells Billie they were talking about her community service. Billie buys it and goes to make tea. Abby says she has to get back to the garage. She's working late to catch up. Billie leaves and Abby rips into the brat for sucking her into her lies all the time.

The brat isn't ready to spill the details yet. Abby encourages her to do something for someone else without thinking about what's in it for her.

Cheech and Shawn head out back. "You wanna get high," asks Cheech.

"Does Howdy Doody have a wooden leg," asks Shawn.

"Him and me both," says Cheech.

Phillip says he will call the attorney's and work out a custody agreement. Shawn says he won't agree to the terms. Phillip reminds him he has to go by the judge's decision. "So do you," slurs Shawn. Phillip giggles and insists Gene Briscoe will come through for him because he always comes through for the Kiriakis family. Shawn reminds him he is a Kiriakis, too. Phillip is trying to forget that.

Phillip finds a radio out there and turns it on. It just happens to be playing Shawn and Belle's last dance song. "Whatever I do I can't get away from Shawn and Belle's greatest hits," says Phillip.

Mimi calls around to locate Shawn. Belle remembers what happened the last time Phillip stormed out. She goes to give Claire a bath. Belle says being a mom is a full time job. She can't imagine having two kids. She hopes she doesn't get depressed again. She talks about how much Shawn has dreamed about having children of his own. She begs Mimi not to take that dream away from him. She assures Mimi the baby will not ruin Mimi and Shawn's marriage, "There is only one person who can do that and that is you."

Shawn and Phillip, higher and higher. Phillip accuses Shawn of being wasted. Shawn says he can hold his own against Phillip any day.

Shawn takes a pull and exhales, "Aaaahhhhh, mmaann, what is this stuff, Maui Wowie?"

"Yeah," says Cheech, "But it's got some Labrador in it."

"What's Labrador," says the increasingly inquisitive Shawn.

Cheech tries to focus, "Well, I had my stash on the table and the dog ate it. Then I had to follow him around with a little baggie for three days, man, before I got it back. That dog was higher than Belle on hormones, ya know?"

Shawn is shocked, "You mean we're smokin'..."

"Yeah," says Cheech, "I told ya it was some good s***."

Phillip stumbles. Shawn tries to help Phillip us but falls himself. The guys get the giggles.

Mimi is tired of waiting around. She leaves to find Shawn. Belle decides to go find Phillip.

Doorbell at Billie's. Bo barges in and asks to talk to the brat. Bo is berserk, "She schemed and plotted to ruin my marriage. She is sick and twisted!" Bo tells Billie how the brat changed the emails. Bo is furious. Billie doesn't believe it. Bo elaborates. Billie asks if he is sure. Bo is sure. Billie buys it. She's shook. The brat comes out and asks what's wrong.

"You are," screams Bo, "Everything about you!"

The brat cowers, "What are you talking about?"

Bo yells, "I found out what you did. It's time to pay up."

Hope walks by the docks. Mimi finds her. Mimi tells her she's looking for Shawn. Hope hasn't seen him. She came down here to catch a breeze and say goodbye to Bo and to the past. Mimi says she's sorry about the divorce, but she is looking forward to being an aunt to Patrick's baby. "Everything is a mess," sighs Mimi. Hope tells her she has faith the clueless quad will work it out. Mimi confides she's afraid the baby will come between her and Shawn. She's worried about where Shawn is.

Shawn and Phillip giggle. Shawn gets the munchies. Cheech starts to doze a little and Shawn breaks into song, "Don't Bogart that joint, my friend..."

Shawn starts to tell Phillip something but loses his train of thought. It's a short train. "Oh, yeah," he mumbles, "You have financial security. I work in a garage. You have everything. You have..."

Phillip interrupts, "You were going to say, 'most of all you have Belle.'"

"She is committed to you," says Shawn, "She told me. Tonight."

"She said that to you?"

"Why are you so surprised," slurs Shawn, "Don't blow it, maann, 'cause you got like everything a man could ever want."


"Except for one thing," says Phillip.



Belle comes to the garage looking for Phillip. She wanted to make sure he didn't go for another drive. Abby tells her neither Phillip nor Shawn have been there. She asks if there is a problem, "It seems like you're caring more about Shawn than Phillip."

Shawn and Phillip continue their drug induced high.

A Salem cop sees the stoners and comes back to investigate. "Narcs," says Cheech, "Hide the doob." Shawn swallows the roach as the cop approaches.

"How long have you boys been back here," asks the cop.

Sucking it in, they both speak in unison. "A week," says Shawn. "A day," says Cheech.

"Well, what is it," asks the cop, "A week or a day?"

Shawn sucks it in and giggles, "A weekday."

The cop asks, "Say, you're Phillip Kiriakis, aren't you."

"Yeah," says Phillip, "But you can call me Cheech."

"Be careful, Cheech," says the cop, "There's been a lot of drug activity back here. If you had been John Black, I'd be runnin' your butt in right now." The cop leaves.

Lisa the bar wench comes out and finds the boys higher than a kite. They decide they have to get home. Lisa says, "You're in no condition to drive. I'm calling you a cab."

"I've been called worse," says Shawn. The laughter is uncontrollable.

Hope can only imagine how difficult this is for Mimi but understands why Mimi wants things settled. Hope thinks this situation could bring Shawn and Belle closer. That's what Mimi is afraid of. Hope tells Mimi, "Shawn loves you. He tells me all the time what you mean to him... that he trusts you more than anyone in the world. Except for me of course."

The brat claims innocence. Bo pounces. He tells her he knows about the emails, "What? You didn't think I would find out about it? YOU TOOK MY SON AND WIFE!"

Billie pulls him back. She tells the brat she is disappointed in her. Bo tells the brat she belongs in jail. He screams, "You haven't learned a damn thing. You don't think about anyone but yourself. This makes me sick I ever stood up for you. I lied to protect you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I believed in you over and over again, but no more. Until you can prove to me you can be decent, you are on your own. I wash my hands of you!" The brat storms out as Bo seethes.

Belle insists she is worried about both Shawn and Phillip. Abby thinks Claire is adorable, "You and Phillip are really lucky."

"I do know Claire is what keeps Phillip and me together," says Belle, "If it wasn't for her my life would be very different." She realizes that didn't sound good and backpedals, "I wouldn't be carrying this heavy diaper bag for one thing." Belle goes to change Claire. Abby stares.

Mimi goes into their apartment yelling for Shawn. She hears singing. The stoners come in hugging each other, singing and laughing.

Shawn puts on a goofy smile, "Hhhhiiii, hhoonneeyy!"

"Don't you 'hi honey' me," screams Meems, "Do you have any idea of what you have put us through?"

Phillip decides he has to go explain things to bell, "I don' know yet what I'm gonna susplain, but I'll some up with comething. Guffaw."

Mimi helps Shawn into the apartment. She wishes Shawn would have had the decency to call her. Shawn wants a kiss.

Mimi yells, "OK, just one little kiss, but if you think you are going to get anything else..." Shawn has passed out. Mimi huffs. She tries to wake him up. No response. Mimi yells, "You're not asleep! You're unconscious! Shawn!"

Billie tells Bo he can't wash his hands of Chelsea. Bo tells her the brat has to grow up, "Until she can prove she's changed, she's out of my life."

The brat comes into the garage bawling and asks Abby if she has a minute, "My dad just basically disowned me. I did something really bad – again. I did it a while ago but he just found out about it. He abandoned me! My own father!"

"It's called tough love," says Abby, "Maybe it's what you need. Your father will forgive you. You just have to tell him you're sorry."

The brat slobbers, "He will never believe anything I say or do again."

"Actions speak louder than words," says Abby.

Belle comes out with the baby.

The brat gets an idea, "Maybe this is my chance to do the right thing." FF.



The brat asks Belle, "What would you say if I told you I could give you that miracle?"

Hope and Bo hug. Hope says, "I can't lose another child, Bo, I just can't." Bo says, "No."

Max asks, "Does it have to do with your dad?" Abby says, "Yeah, he got stabbed in the back by your brother." Frankie raises his eyebrows.

Shawn lies unconscious in a hospital bed. Mimi says, "I care so much for you. I promise... and I really mean it this time... that I will tell you everything."

Cheech tokes up and says, "Hey, Shawn, you ever been to East LA?"

"No," says Shawn, "But I've been to the Des Moines Airport. Stay away from there."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how Mimi will wiggle out of telling the truth this time.

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No no no--she MEANS it this time! LOL!

Wow-- just reading this episode makes me think the tide has finally turned! The storylines may still be hokey, but I'm still loving the character interaction and creative dialog...

But Prevuze creative dialog is the BEST, of course!!

5:51 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Our outside auditors are working right outside my office and they must think I'm crazy. The more I read the "Cheech & Shawn" Prevuze-style, the harder I laughed. (If we don't get a clean audit, I know who to blame.)

Anonymous is right though, even the actual show got to be pretty funny with Phil's missing left leg and the waitress calling Shawn a cab. HAHAHAHA

Looking forward to the Chelsea/Bo confrontation.

I do have a question for Bulldog - Is that John or one of those dolls made out of dried-apples? LOLOLOL

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So were they really smoking pot or was it implied that they were smoking pot? Or were they just drinking?

8:16 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

HAHAHAHAHA....Applecheeks - I hadn't thought of that. He DOES look like a dried apple! And as I read today's I thought I had no idea how well my "Stoned Squints" pic was going to fit in with today's theme.

I also agree with you and anonymous that the new writers must be in effect by now. Not only is it more zippy but Belle is actually getting a clue that she also has a child with Phil and Bo is getting a clue or two about the brat.

I LOL over Howdy Doody and all of the great druggie dialogue. Great Prevuze today!!!

8:17 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"So were they really smoking pot or was it implied that they were smoking pot? Or were they just drinking?"

Well, after all, this is Prevuze. If you carefully go through your Prevuze manual, you will find that anything in italics is, uh, well, 'fake' is such a harsh word, but for lack of a better term... uh, fabricated. Yeah, that's it... fabricated. The boys were plastered, but it was from booze, not pot.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very funny....
we have a comedian in our midst..LOL...
well done!

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG!! I have to say this once again was great. I have to admit, the best part is the Previewsfrom the next episode,
Shawn warning to stay away from Des Moines. I am ROTFLMAO!

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG my sides are hurting so much from the Des Moines comment. LOVED today's prevuze!!! Good job!!

3:09 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Da*m! This was a great Prevuze! I might even have to watch the real thing tonight. Wish I had time to read it this morning, it would've really put me in a better mood!!!

5:08 PM  

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