Thursday, August 10, 2006

It Was My Last Wedgie

John and Marlena kiss. Marlena tells him she loves him, but the kiss isn't going to change her mind. The separation has nothing to do with John. He says he won't pressure her. He applies more pressure and overdoes the heavy breathing, "I just want to show you how much I love you."

Marlena says, "I know how much you..." His passionate lips seal her mouth shut. Too bad it's not his lips that are sealed.

Jennifer comes in with lunch for Jack so he can fortify himself for the remainder of his miracle recovery. He takes a bite and puts it down. Jennifer asks if he is feeling OK. Jack wants to talk about something besides his health. He suggests she take JJ to the park. Jennifer don' wanna. She hears Frankie at the door and goes to answer it. Frankie hands her a huge bouquet of white and pink roses, "For you, beautiful." Kiss. Jack watches the show and wrinkles his brow.

Abby reads about EJ as Max comes in. She asks him for the job. Max huffs and looks away.

Belle tells Shawn she never meant to cause so much tension between him and Mimi. She tells him her mom and dad are back. They made her realize she and Shawn can't be together just because she is having his baby. Shawn says his life is with Mimi. Belle says it's hard to say goodbye. Shawn thinks maybe they don't have to. Mimi listens outside and stares.

John... Marlena... Afterglow... They love being together. Europe was a lot of fun but there is no place like home.

"I'm not sure what home is," drones Marlena, "That's what I have to focus on. I won't be any good to anybody until I do that."

"I think you did Belle a lot of good," says John.

"She has to decide what she wants and then we will stand by her," says Marlena.

"I always stand by my women," says John.

Marlena assures him, "The separation has nothing to do with you."

"I don't see why you can't find yourself with us under the same roof."

"You said you wouldn't pressure me," says Marlena.

"Can't blame a guy for trying," says John, "You're right, no pressure. If you need to strike out on your own, I'll just take a room at the inn, near to Kate's apartment."

Shawn says they have to say goodbye to their past, not each other. If they can convince Mimi and Phillip their relationship is over they can be a part of each other's lives. Shawn says he married Mimi because he loves her. Now all he has to do is convince Mimi. Now the fact they are having a child makes things harder. Shawn promises they will get through it. Belle tells him a part of her will always love him. She accepts they can't be together. For the moment.

Abby gives Max her verbal resume. Max doesn't know if this is the place for Abby. Abby says she can organize and clean up the place. Max agrees, but asks what about her dad. He wonders if she doesn't want to spend time with him. Abby says she will have evenings and weekends with him. It's just a matter of time before things get back to normal.

"What do you mean by normal," says Max.

"My mom and dad back together," says Abby.

Jack appreciates what Frankie has done for him. Frankie says Jack getting better is all the thanks he needs. Frankie goes into the kitchen for his sandwich.

Jack tells Jennifer if he doesn't make it Frankie will make one heck of a husband. Otherwise she will have two hecks of a husband.

Jennifer says she thinks it might be a good idea to take JJ to the aquarium. Jennifer and Jack laugh about their last trip there. Jack's pants got stuck on the iron gate, "It was my last wedgie." They laugh as Frankie listens.

John calls Joelle and books a suite at the Salem Inn, "Indefinitely... Just me... Dr. Evans will be staying at the penthouse."

Marlena creeps toward her office door. She unlocks it and goes in. Oh, the memories! Or not. She sees her plant has died. She leaves it in place knowing everything in Salem comes back to life at some point. She looks at pictures. Roman comes in and says, "Feels good to be back, huh?"

Max says there is a possibility Jack and Jennifer won't get back together, "We don't know how this will turn out and it's not our call."

"You're right," says Abby, "The three of them will have to figure it out."

Max makes it official. She's hired. She figures now is as good a time to start as any. He asks her to organize his appointment book. He knows he had an appointment today but can't remember who it was. She tells him about EJ coming by earlier. Max forgot. Abby offers to call and reschedule. She's HAPPY to do it. Max leaves and Abby the dedicated employee goes back to the magazine article.

Belle says she hasn't been much of a best friend to Mimi lately. She hopes Mimi will forgive her. Belle thinks when they were growing up together Mimi may have been jealous because her family had money, but more jealous because Shawn was her boyfriend. Shawn wishes he would have known how much Mimi cared about him back then.

Belle asks, "How could we both be so clueless."

"I ask myself that all the time," says Shawn.

They talk about Shawn kissing Mimi in Paris. Back then Belle thought they would be together forever. And now she is jealous of Mimi.

"We all know what that feels like," says Shawn, "When I got home from Jan Quentin with you and Phillip together, that was a shock I thought I would never get over."

"But you did," says Belle.

"I had to pick up the pieces and move on." Mimi continues to listen.

Belle thinks it's good for her to face reality. She gives him a jewel bag, "Its' something you gave me a long time ago."

Shawn looks inside and asks, "Where did this come from?"

"The prop room," says Belle.

Frankie comes in as Jack and Jennifer reminisce. Frankie's phone beeps. He looks at it and says he has to go see Max. Jennifer thanks him for the flowers as he leaves. Outside he turns and looks at the happy scene through the window.

Jack doesn't want to finish his sandwich. "Well then, no pie for you," says the pie nazi. Abby walks in and completes the happy scene. She's exhausted from the five minutes of work she did at the garage.

Marlena and Roman have a joyous reunion. Marlena learned so much about herself in the seminars. "This is so interesting," lies Roman, "Tell me more about it." Marlena wants to use her experiences to help other women. She will start a self-empowerment group at the hospital. Roman thinks that is an incredible thing to do. He fills Marlena in on things. Carrie and Lucas got married. She isn't pregnant, "Just between you and me I don't think she was ready to walk down the aisle with Lucas. I think she still has feelings for Austin, but he is engaged to Sami. And I guess you heard about the IVF SNAFU. I'm sure you will help Belle get through that."

Marlena is distant. Roman asks, "Is something wrong?"

Marlena says, "No, no, no... John and I are separating."

Mimi bumps into Phillip as she comes back to the apartment. He thinks she looks great. She says she has stopped trying to be a victim and take charge of her life. Mimi tells him about talking to a lawyer, "I want to make sure our children are protected... from us."

Shawn looks at the claddagh ring he gave Belle long ago, "I don't get it... you gave it back to me." Belle tells him she swiped it when he was with Jan. Maybe because she thought he would give it to Jan. She was clinging to anything that would give her hope they would get back to each other.

"That's what I wanted when I gave it to you," says Shawn.

"Now I think Mimi should have it," says Belle.

"I wanted to give it to her. I just didn't know where I put it," says Shawn.

"What I have been doing lately is so not great," says Belle.

"Yeah," says Shawn, "On top of everything else, you're a jewel thief. I just want you to be happy."

Belle says she has to leave, but Shawn asks her to stay and continue this tedious scene.

Mimi says, "I want to protect myself and you, too, Phillip. I don't want Shawn hanging around Belle for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Phillip doesn't like that it's come to this. He says he is going to sue Dr. Jaynes but he's starting to wonder, "I think it wasn't an accident."

Mimi asks, "What?"

Phillip says, "I think someone did this to us on purpose."


Roman is confused. He wonders how this came out of the blue. Marlena tells him, "John and I are more in love than ever, but I need space."

"You already have plenty of that in your head," says Roman.

"I want to find myself," says Marlena, "I'm not just John's wife."

"So this is temporary," he asks.

"Oh," says Marlena, "I hope so. With all I've been through it's always been you or John rescuing me, or one of my other husbands. I've lost track of their names. You did so much for me in the castle. You saved my life among other things." Roman says there is no doubt she will succeed in getting her life back on track.

Frankie rushes into the garage. Max tells him he's hired Abby. Frankie thinks that's great. Max wonders how Frankie is doing as a part of the JJF three-way. Frankie says they are dealing with it. He's still getting along with Jack, "Jennifer couldn't handle losing Jack again."

"Where does that leave you," asks Max.

"We're just dealing with it one day at a time," says Frankie, "I don't want to lose her."

Abby thinks this is great. Just like old times. She tells them about her job. She's off to tell the brat her good news.

Jennifer grabs Jack's half eaten sandwich as they share a longing look.

John looks at a picture of him Marlena and Belle as he prepares to leave. He grabs his bag, sets the security, looks around and goes. Pan to a picture of him and Marlena.

Roman says it's good to see Marlena like this, "I can see that old spark in your eyes."

"Get used to the new me," says Marlena, "I have a whole new outlook."

Max asks Frankie what if Jack goes into remission. "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it," says Frankie.

"I hope you have better luck crossing the bridge than Jack did," says Max.

Jennifer pulls away and heads into the kitchen with the sandwich. She stops at the door, considers things, and heads back to Jack.

Mimi doesn't know why they never thought of this before. Phillip doesn't think it was Belle or Shawn who made the switch. Phillip says the more they investigate the more it looks like Dr. Jaynes did not make a mistake.

Shawn thanks Belle for being a part of his life. He's glad they talked. Belle joins the mutual admiration society. But they can never be anything more than friends, "Goodbye Shawn."

"Goodbye." He chases her as she leaves, but stops and stares. FF.


Hope says, "It's time for me to move on with my life and focus on taking care of myself and this baby. Our baby." Patrick looks on.

Bo mumbles, "Hope has served me with a summons to divorce court." Kayla says, "It's not over yet, Bo." Bo flashes his teeth, "You're darn right it's not."

Max and Stephanie are poised to kiss. The brat smiles and says, "I'm not interrupting anything am I?"

Austin says, "In 24 hours we'll be husband and wife." Sami whispers, "Finally." The hand stalks at apartment #32.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So princess belle stole the ring. If Mimi would have done that they would have her back in jail I'll bet.

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So first you nearly did me in with the "dedicated employee going back to the magazine article line". Just got over choking on my toast and run into how exhausted said employee is from five minutes of work and the tea almost hit the screen. You topped it off with Marlena's empty space in her head. I needed a good laugh this morning and you delivered as per usual!
Guess Princess Belle comes by her self-centeredness honestly. Marlena interrupting Roman's ramblings about her children to talk about herself.
Sad, just sad.

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Salemfairy said...

ROFLMAO! "JAn Quentin"... "Jewel Theif"
Oh god I love you Prevuze, I couldn't start my day without you!

7:09 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I couldn't get to Prevuze until later this morning - torture!!

I totally agree with the above comments about PB (Princess Belle). If she did switch the embryos (which I think she might've) everyone will just say "Oh, poor Belle. She loves Shawn and her hormones made her do it." If Sami did the same thing they'd have her back on death row.

I LOL over the picture of Phil's one brain cell trying to figure out the petrie dishes. HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze and pictures - worth the wait today!!!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

"I'm here to say goodbye to Shawn....until I get back from the store." AHHHH hahahah ha ha hahaha OMG. Priceless.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Fantastic. Just got off a 13 hour airplane flight (got caught in the Heathrow/London mess) and Prevuze was just the thing to perk me up. Thank you, thank you Prevuze.

Sorry, but my brain is too fried to make an intelligent comment.

7:04 PM  

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