Monday, August 14, 2006

A Little Blonde Rat

Evil Eve crosses the room as John comes into Tek's office. Super sleuth is on the job for Bo. He tells Tek there isn't any way Bo will get Hope back unless John can do some slick undercover work. He thinks one of the officers was responsible for tampering with the evidence.

Eve makes a call, "Detective Brady is still investigating. I need more cash." The hand holds his cell phone and listens.

John calls Tek over to watch Eve, "We have to shut down whoever tampered with the evidence."

Bo seethes as he walks in on Hope and Patrick. Hope tells him this isn't his house any more. Bo looks at Patrick and snorts, "By the way, boy scout, she is still married." He holds up a wad of papers, "Here is my official response to the divorce papers." Bo is lucky Patrick doesn't wad him up like the papers.

Hope tells him she's moving on. "You're not moving on with him," says Bo.

Stephanie is in the pub talking on the phone with EJ. She tells him she is flattered by his offer but not sure. She wants to remain loyal to her sponsor, but her contract is almost up. Lucas comes in and listens as he sits down at Stephanie's booth. EJ pushes her to come over to their side. Stephanie says she hates to bail on people, but agrees this could be the perfect opportunity for her. EJ turns on the charm, "If you work with us, you will leave Max Brady in your dust."

Stephanie caves in, "OK... If you can figure out a deal that makes everybody happy." She hangs up and turns to see Lucas.

Lucas says, "Stephanie, you take that deal and you are crazy."

EJ suggests putting champagne on ice. He says she hasn't completely decided yet, but he thinks Stephanie will accept their offer. Sami comes in and tells Austin to put the work away because they have to plan for the McWedding. They have to make door-to-door invitations. Austin says he is taking the day off. Kate says the business meeting is more important, but EJ backs Austin up. Sami pushes Austin out the door, "It's going to be the wedding of my dreams," squeals Sami.

"It's going to be the wedding of my nightmares," snorts Kate, "This wedding can't happen and you may be the only one who can stop it." EJ stares.

Lucas counsels Stephanie. She's at the start of a big career. ARC has no history and isn't established like big bad Titan. Stephanie reminds Lucas he already has a top driver – Max Brady. Lucas says, "With the turbo we have we'll set racing on its ass."

Stephanie says, "Kate's got Basic Black backing her and EJ wells is the best."

"Driver yes," says Lucas, "Businessman no."

Stephanie reminds him, "He graduated form Oxford."

"I'll take experience over brains any day of the week," says Lucas, "That's how I've lived my life. Except for the experience part. If you ask me, EJ's company is going to go under. They should change their name to Chaos, Inc. If they fail, you'd be stuck there. You'd have to fill out the terms of your contract, and by the time you were free, you might not be such a young hotshot any more, you know?"

"The only reason I'm having second thoughts is loyalty to my sponsor, " says Stephanie.

Lucas says, "Let me tell you something about Kate Roberts, all right? She's a monster."

"You're her son," says Stephanie, "I don't really have that disadvantage."

"She's my mother," says Lucas, "The woman gave me life. I have to give her that, but she's done some disappointing things morally speaking. EJ may have a heavy foot and a pretty face but how well do you know this guy, huh?"

Kate says, "It's the truth. Sami is wrong for Austin." EJ says Austin is capable of choosing a life partner. Kate reminds him about Austin's thing for Carrie.

"Well," says EJ, "In case you haven't noticed, she's very taken. Taken with Austin, that is."

"I've noticed," says Kate.

"Surely you won't want Austin to covet his brother's wife?"

"I want him to move on with someone who doesn't poison everything she touches," says Kate.

"You don't believe Sami has changed," says EJ.

"Only a fool would believe that," says Kate, "That's why Austin believes it. I don't know what Sami has over him. Maybe she's studied the Kamasutra in detail."

"There is something to be said for physical compatibility," says EJ.

Kate says, "I've noticed some compatibility with you and Sami. If you are interested this is your last chance. Take that champagne to her tonight and maybe you'll get lucky."

Sami and Austin kiss. They have been to Kayla's. Kayla can come to the McWedding and will invite Stephanie. Sami is soooo happy. Nothing is going to stop her this time.

Outside the hospital, the brat is on the phone telling Abby what a drag community service is. Lexie walks out and listens. The brat hangs up. She turns to Lexie and says, "That was Abby – sometimes life can be tragic."

Lexie unloads, "You mean like little Zack getting run over by his big sister? The unusual view from the moral high ground frightens Lexie. "And let me remind you cell phones are not allowed in the hospital."

"I'm not inside, she sasses.

Lexie gives her both barrels, "This isn't a scheduled break. Get back to filing."

The brat assures Lexie she will make up for the lost time. She walks back inside and overhears Sami talking about moving the McWedding to tomorrow. "What about your bridesmaid," she asks, "Were you not planning on telling me?"

Bo chucks the divorce papers into the wastebasket. Hope tells him she is going through with the divorce. Bo insists he was set up. Patrick steps in and asks Hope if Bo is upsetting her. Hope tells Patrick it's OK. "Get the hell out," shouts Bo.

Patrick turns to Hope, "I'll be down at headquarters."

Bo goes apoplectic, "HEADQUARTERS?"

"He wants to be a cop," says Hope.

"Over my dead body," says Bo. That could be arranged in about two seconds.

John opens a file. It's the duty roster for 6/29/06. He reads through it, "Who's this?"

"She's new," says Tek, "Her record is clean. She's ambitious."

"In my experience," says the super spy, "When you find corruption, ambition is lurking in the background. Let's run a test. I'm going to set a little trap and see if we can catch a little blonde rat."

Bo wants to know how Patrick thinks he can be a cop, "The ISA sealed his file for Billie, but he worked for the DiMeras." Bo says he will personally take his application to the academy and put it in the trash with the divorce papers.

Hope swears she won't let Bo blacklist Patrick. Bo says he won't have to do anything. The background check will disqualify him. Hope says if she weren't pregnant she would volunteer to be Patrick's partner.

Stephanie knows ARC is competition for Titan, but she has to look out for her own interests. Lucas says Titan has access to Shawn's turbo engine. Stephanie says, "In my movie, I kick Max Brady's butt." She starts to leave.

Lucas tells her he is happy she is back in town. He tells her about tomorrow's McWedding and says he is sure Austin and Sami will invite her. Stephanie didn't know the McWedding was tomorrow. She wonders what the big hurry is.

Kate walks up behind her and says, "Sami wants to get married before Austin changes his mind."

Patrick says he is as entitled as anyone else to be a cop. If Bo tries to stop him he will see him in court. Patrick leaves.

Bo says, "He's a criminal and you're backing him up. It's... How could you sleep with him when you knew I loved you and wanted you back?"

"I decided I didn't like the terms. In your email you made it clear if I spoke out against your daughter, our marriage was over."

"I didn't say that."

"How can you say that," asks Hope, "You are lying."

"I am not lying," insists Bo.

"If it wasn't you, then who," says Hope.

"That's a good question," says Bo.

The brat can't believe Sami moved the McWedding without telling her. She wonders if her bridesmaids dress will be ready. Sami tells her it's all taken care of, "Besides, I am the bride. No one will be looking at you."

The brat says, "I am younger and prettier, and delusional."

"There is no way you are going to upstage me on my McWedding day," says Sami, "Why do you think I asked you to be in my bridal party?"

"Uh, 'cause everyone else said no," asks the brat.

Austin becomes increasingly uncomfortable. He suggests they get going. The brat asks Sami, "By the way, do you have money in the pool? The odds are against you to make it though the 'I do's.' So if you bet on yourself and you actually do make it through... Austin you could be marrying a really rich lady."

"You're jokes aren't funny," says Sami.

"I'm not joking," says the brat, "Rita in accounting is running it."

"Look at this," says Sami, "You're exhausted. You must be killing yourself giving back to the community."

The brat turns to Austin, "And you're actually going to marry her?"

"Yep," says Austin as he hugs her.

"Come on, Austin," says Sami, "I'm tired and need a good night's sleep before the McWedding tomorrow."

"I can help with that."

Sami shoots him down, "One of us has to sleep somewhere else."

EJ comes up behind them, "Samantha, You're welcome to sleep with me." Austin gives him a look. "I see you misinterpreted that," says EJ, "You may sleep in my bed and I will sleep on the sofa." EJ tells them he came down because Sami left the list of McWedding stuff in his apartment. Austin turns down his offer and suggests Sami stay with Carrie and Lucas. Sami don' wanna. They argue about who should stay with whom. Sami decides she can stay with her grandparents at the pub, but reneges when she figures out she, Stephanie and Kayla would be sharing a bathroom before the McWedding.

"This isn't a good idea," says Austin.

"It's not that big a deal," says Sami. Austin relents.

Lexie calls the brat over and wonders why she isn't working. "Be careful," says Sami, "you won't like Lexie when she's angry."

John goes outside and finds Patrick filling out his application. He offers to be a reference to Patrick after all he did to help save Marlena on the island. Patrick tells John the legend of the jilted husband trying to keep the rookie cop off the force.

Bo remembers his email. He didn't say those things. He says he said he would do anything to have a future with Hope. Hope remembers the email saying he couldn't wait to end the marriage.

"All this time that's what you thought," says Bo, "Someone changed the email and I know who did it – It was Chelsea."

Kate wants a private conversation with Lucas. Stephanie leaves. Kate reminds Lucas if she hadn't drugged Brandon he would be married to Sami right now. Lucas plays darts while Kate throw verbal darts. Lucas says he's happy he's married to Carrie. Kate swears the McWedding will implode tomorrow. Kate asks if Lucas even cares that Austin will be ruining his life. Frankly, Lucas doesn't give a damn.

Kate gets a page from the police station. Lucas wants to know what's up with that. Kate says she's on a steering committee for a charity for the PD, "Don't you know my good works never end?"

Lexie tells the brat to get back to work. She asks for time off tomorrow to be in the McWedding. Lexie says she has to take it up with administration.

The brat leaves. Lexie points out most weddings that are this rushed are done so because of an "emergency." Sami assures Lexie this isn't a shotgun McWedding. Lexie wonders if Austin doesn't want to reconsider, "Being married can be such a challenge. It really gets in the way of slumming." Austin invites Lexie to come to the ceremony. Sami stews.

Lexie can't believe it. Austin thinks this could be a new start for both her and Sami. Lexie says she has some important business to attend to and can't make it. Austin speculates Lexie will be doing some research. Lexie says, "Research can lead to some explosive discoveries."

John finishes with Patrick. Tek gives Eve a duty roster to file. She drops it. John bends down to pick it up. "Allow me," says Mr. Smoothie, "I couldn’t help but notice you don't have a gold band on your finger. Are you available later?"

Eve stares at the billionaire. She has never been more available. John gives her his card, "I'll be in touch."

"I hope so," says evil Eve. Kate watches the show. As Eve leaves, she goes up to John and accuses him of hitting on Eve. John says, "Marlena and I are separated." Kate smiles.


Hope says, "Chelsea has damaged our lives so much. I can't believe you suspect her."

"I've always known she was selfish," says Bo, "She wanted us apart to gain my support. But she had that. If she did this malicious, spiteful thing I will never forgive her. Fancy Face, if she did this... will you forget about this divorce?"

Hope says, "You keep saying you couldn't choose you daughter over your family, but you have already done that. What if this is just another lie? Until you can prove you didn't tamper with the evidence, I can't do it. 'I love my daughter and my wife...' you can't have it both ways any more. Bottom line is I am going through with this divorce."

Bo begs her to think about it. The hurt and anger she felt was based on a lie. He tells her to think of what would have happened if she had read what he wrote. For one thing, she would never have slept with Patrick. Hope tells him he has to face the fact that it is over. She is moving on with the divorce, "I'll see you in court." Bo stares and works his jaw.

Kate assumed John would stay with Marlena after he rescued her. He tells Kate he's just having a drink with Eve – nothing more. Kate tells him as she leaves, "Don't have too much fun, OK?"

Kate goes to talk to Evil Eve. She says no one is on to them yet. John could blow them out of the water. He can't find out Eve knows Kate.

Chelsea drops a load of files on the counter. She tells Lexie she has talked to administration and can have the day off tomorrow, "Watching Sami's McWedding could be like watching the Titanic go down."

"That could be an understatement," says Lexie. Sami watches and worries that Lexie has something on her.

EJ asks Sami if she will be staying with him. Sami says yes. EJ says, "If this is your last night as a single woman, we have to make it special, especially if you are spending it with me." Wide-eyed Austin looks on. FF.


Stephanie tells Patch, "I race cars for a living. Mom was about to go to a war zone to practice medicine. We can handle danger. What we could never handle would be losing you again."

Nekkid EJ opens the door. Nekkid Sami says, "Austin!" Austin stands there feeling like a fool because he is fully dressed.

Patrick says, "We are really stuck to each other now. Hope asks, "What are you talking about?"

Evil Eve says, "I'm gonna call it a night." John says, "I was hoping to get to know you better... much better."


Anonymous Gina said...

Am I the only one that wondered why Austin couldn't stay with EJ?

5:57 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Oh Gina, Gina....that would be the logical thing to do. This is DAZE! HAHAHAHA

What I'm wondering is why they haven't had one scene between Sami & Marlena since Doc got her memory back!!? Sami was about the only one who really seemed devastated the various times Marlena "died" in the past couple of years. Everyone else was too self-absorbed - Belle and her dramas, John with Kate, etc.

Yet, Marlena's back and John/Belle are the only two she's had scenes with.

I know, it's DAZE.

7:20 AM  
Blogger BIM said...

Here in Barbados Hope is still dead and Bo and Victor Kuriakis are vying for Doctor Carly Manning's love. I'm afraid I'm just too far behind in the game for this site.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"Here in Barbados Hope is still dead and Bo and Victor Kuriakis are vying for Doctor Carly Manning's love. I'm afraid I'm just too far behind in the game for this site."

WHOA!!!!! Waaaayyy too far behind... You're watching Daze when the storylines actually had a Plot to them!!!!

7:59 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I think both Eve and the brat are safe considering it's Bo who is investigating the switched e-mails and surveillance tape.

Adding to what Applecheeks said about Marlena/Sami, I was surprised she actually had a picture of Sami (next to the big one of Marlena with Belle). But none of Eric, Brady or Carrie. And she was willing to discuss Belle with Roman but when he brought up Sami/Austin she pretty much changed the subject.

I LOL over the picture of Patch staying in the background and Lexie being alarmed at the moral high ground. HAHAHAHA Excellent Monday morning Prevuze!!

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAAAAT?! Wait, wait, wait...

"Everyone else was too self-absorbed - Belle and her dramas, John with Kate, etc."

And Sami is the pillar of SELFLESSNESS???!!

I don't get it...

The only time she "cried over" or supported her mother was when she was dead. When Marlena was alive she was "a whore" "a home wrecker" "a liar" "a cheater" and yet, STILL ONLY good enough for Roman, not John.

Ohhh, you're being sarcastic? OR is it loosing something in the translation? Should I have "been there"?

I got bets going that the first thing Sami says when she hears about J&M spliting up is, "This is your chance dad (mom)! Now you and mom (dad) can get back together and we can be a real family again." Did I miss a word? It has to be word for word. The closest one wins!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least Sami thinks about other people sometimes. Belle thinks only about herself.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

AAHHHHH!!! Sometimes these storylines just make me want to scream. Yes, why couldn't AUSTIN STAY WITH EJ?

LOL over Patrick telling John about the "legend of the jilted husband trying to keep the rookie cop off the force."

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
At least Sami thinks about other people sometimes. Belle thinks only about herself.

Well you'd have to if you want to stab them in the back...

4:51 PM  

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